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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Lykou.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Lykou' scribed in dull purple ink.

Author:    Lykou          
Date:      Thu Nov 28 15:57:45 2013
Subject     The Ghost

A small Dragonarmy slave train rolls through a forested region on its way back to Neraka. It consists of a two squads of soliders, one on front and back of a wagon that is basically a cage on wheels and a driver seat. They laughed and joked with each other, until the ground falls out from under the group in the front and they fall into a pit full of spikes. Simultaneously a log swings down an takes out the rear guard. The wagon driver panics and tries to take off, but an arrow flies from the trees and nails the drivers hand to the side of the wagon. The driver screams and grips at the arrow protuding from his hand when a figure appears next to him, delievering a stout blow to his rib cage before the driver even realizes he's there. Gasping for air, the driver is then lifted off the ground and pinnd against the wagon. The assailiant wore loose fitting black clothing with snug leather armor. He has a thin slightly curved sword on his back, its hilt formed with wolves. He wears a featureless black metal mask and his eyes are the color of a wolf's. No skin or hair is visible. The driver tries to fight back but the assailiant punches him hard again in the guy. "Stop." He growls from behind the mask. "You will live if you listen to me closely." He says forcing the driver to calm down. "You will return to your commanders. Tell them that one man did all of this. You will tell them that there will be more." His voice his deep and hallow. "Tell your Emperor that i am comming for him and nothing in the Abyss will save him!" He says and rips the arrow from his hand and releases him. "Now run, you filth. Run!" The driver doesnt think twce about turning and running as fast as he can. The man slowly draws his sword as he walks toward the back of the cage. He slides his blade between the padlock and breaks the cage open. "Come and get your people, then run. you are not safe here." He says loudly as he sheathes his blade, and a couple of poorly armed peasents emerge from the trees. The man watches the Dragonarmy soldier run, until he is out of sight, before vanishing into the trees himself.

Author: Lykou Date: Sun Dec 1 00:21:43 2013 Subject Let it Burn.

The cool night breeze stirs the fire of a Dragonarmy camp fire. A detachment of soldiers sat around it, laughing and drinking. Surrounding them are five wagons from Neraka containing food, bandages, weapons, and other supplies. Their horses, that were picketed not far away, seemed to grow restless and the elder soldiers send a young, green soldier to calm them. Stumbling through he darkess, the soldier curses under his breath. Just as he realizes the horses picket lines were cut, a wolf howls from what seems like right next to him, making him jump and fall to the ground and the horses panic and scatter. The soldiers start shouting and chasing after the horses. After they are all gone from around the fire, a shadow drops down from under one of the wagons and rolls to its feet. The man, dressed in all black, with a featurless metal mask, quickly begins his work. Digging into a wagon, he grabs a container of lantern oil, chuckling under his mask as he uncorks it. Some time later, the soldiers return with no horses. They couldnt catch any of them and they grumbled sourly about it. As they new the slightly smaller fire, they see a figure, clad in black sitting by it. As the soldiers near the fire, their weapons now drawn, the man stands up, holding his hands up with a torch grasped in one. "Easy boys." The masked figure says, carefully backing away from the fire. " Im not here to fight. You all are going to deliever a message for me." He points across the fire with his torch. "You will live this time. Next time, no one will. I will kill you all even if i have to do it one at a time!" He ends in a shout, throwing the torch at the ground, which erupts into flame, which spreads along lines he made to all the wagons and all around the area, forcing the soldiers to jump back, out of the way. His crazed laugher fades into the darkness, as the soldiers curse and can do nothing but let it burn....and from above the fire looks like a five headed dragon.

Author: Lykou Date: Mon Dec 9 15:35:44 2013 Subject I am Brak'kta!

"I am Brak'kta!" A masked figure who stands atop a raised platform shouts to the gathered crowd. "I am the true Emporer of the Dragonarmies! I am the right hand of the Dark Queen!" The figure drones on about the impudent Saige and his underlings, but Lykou stops listening. He moves through the crowd, every so often lifting his voice to agree with the masked man, making the ignorante peasants agree as well. There were two men, clad in blue dragonarmy uniforms, each bound and gagged on the stage as well. As the man recites his speech, stirring the crowd of peasents to the point of shouting and waving what few weapons they had in the air, he turns and slits the throat of one of the men, then kicks the bleeding soldier into the fire, making the crowd roar with excitement. "But this one! We will let this one go, to warn that drunkard, as our Queen commands." He says kicking the other man soundly in the gut. Shaking his head, Lykou walks away from the fire and the crowd. From this point, the peasants would be puppets to him. He had planned four other outtings like this one planned tonight, each with their own puppets and he had to be sure they all went off without a problem. Puppets for the fire. It was amazing, the things you could make a man do when you held their families hostage. Grinning, he remembers this particlar puppet's wife, the mere thought of her screams gave him goosebumps. With a content sigh, he vanishes into the night.

Author: Lykou Date: Tue Dec 10 10:22:34 2013 Subject Puppets for the Fire.

Lykou lounges on a thick branch high up in a tree over looking one of the five villages that his puppets were in. They were almost in random from bloten to neraka. It had been days since his puppets had procliamed themselves Brak'kta, each wearing an outfit similar to the one he had taken to wearing. By now each village was making crude fortifactions, and arming themselves with the poorly made weapons that he had supplied. Idly he shifts the black lakrak root in his mouth and spits a thick black substance the lakrak produces. One habit he hadnt been able to break. He watches the peasants work on erecting a log wall while others dig a trench around the outside of the wall. Once completed they would line that in wooden spikes. He hoped the other villages were moving this smoothly. It didnt matter if the fortifications were completed when the Dragonarmies came, just the fact they were started will be enough. Thi village and the other ones would burn, of that he was sure, but the how is what he wanted to know. From all that he could find out, the red army was still in peices, the white was near non exsistant and the green and black were small at best. He was sure it would be one of those two armies that would come. Saige wouldnt break off his main force of blues for this. Between knowing his enemy and having just obscene amounts of coin at his disposial, due to years of pay but never speding it, this was the most fun he had in years. Now to just sit back with his black lakrak, enjoy the show, and plot the next move.

Author: Lykou Date: Fri Dec 13 16:34:27 2013 Subject Queen's Shield.

Slowly winding his way through Queen's Shield, Lykou spits the thick black substance produced from the shredded black lakrak root he had stuffed under his lip. He had come into the town to buy more black Lakrak and to spread the word about hiring mercenaries near the lands of Khur, amoung more...devious things. Finding the merchant, he exchanges some coin for his goods, while a couple of his men spread the word around town. Putting in a fresh pinch of the lakrak, he wonders around the city, down toward the harbor. Humming an old marching tune, he looks out at the ships in the harbor. The four flying the banners of the Dragonarmy are the only ones he is worried about. One of them is in the process of of shoving off, but the other three look near deserted, with crews that must of been ashore. Nodding to the men that gathered behind him, they grin wolfishly and then disappear. Leaning back against a building, Lykou continues to hum his song. The ship that was setting sail had made it away from the shore, but was still in sight. After a short while he can see his men, climbing over the rail of each of the three remaining Dragonarmy vessels and then they disappear below deck. After what seems like hours, a man bursts out of the lower deck, followed by large plum of black smoke. The man is followed by a large bosun, shouting an alarm. Lykous man leaps from the ship and disappears into the water. On the second ship, his man seems to have been killed by the captain, before he could complete th arson and while the third ship is in flames, his man never comes out. Chuckling softly he pushes off the building and makes toward the inn he had left his horse. Two of three in flames is good enough for him and two of the witnesses are already dead. When he reaches his horse he waits. After an hour, his man comes through the door, closing it behind him. "Its done" His man says but Lykou spins, his sword flashing from its sheath and the mans head goes sailing across the room. "Now it is." Lykou says with a chuckle, before mounting his horse and leaving the city, putting a fresh pinch of the lakrak in as he rides.

Author: Lykou Date: Wed Dec 18 16:57:41 2013 Subject Burn it all.

Sighing into his mask, Lykou turns away from the group of men that were busy nailing one of his puppets to a stake. The mans screams echo in the darkness. It would be the Black Dragonarmy...and a small group at that. They didnt have the numbers he thought they might, but they merely walked into the first village they found. He knew he couldnt count on these ignorant villagers to do anything, and of course the Dragonarmy would spare the villagers if they didnt resist. Snorting he looks around at the choas that surrounded him. Houses were burning, men dressed in fake Blue Dragonarmy uniforms chased people, killing and buring everyone they could. His men were doing the same to the other villages. All this white haired Dragonarmy spook would find would be burned villages, with his puppets on stakes in the middle of each village. His men would do this, in the name of Saige and his Dragonarmies, to show what happens to those who rebel. Grinning he draws his sword and walks through the village, disabling more than he killed. Let them burn in the fires of their homes. This would be funner than he thought.

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