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Author:    Maccus         
Date:      Thu Aug 29 00:04:44 2013
Subject     The Coming of Maccus uth Mahcphi.

An old man with long greying hair walks with his grandson down a path to Stormguard Keep. His silver mustaches, long as ever and his leather armour with a metal crest bearing the Kingfisher, Crown, Sword, and Rose upon it, gives him away as an ancient Solamnic. As the two draw near, the old man kneels slightly, and puts his hand on the boys shoulder. "Noo Maccus og, this'll be yer new hame fro' noo, ken?" the old man says with a sad kindness in his eyes. The young boy looks up and responds quietly "Ay grandpa, I understand." "Yer a guid lad, ay? But wi' yer da' and uncails livin' wi' oor great Laird Paladine, an' mah ain age gettin' the best o' me, ye'll hae a be'er life wi' mah auld friends. Laird Tristan Stormguard, o' the same clan as mah dear auld friends Dirketh and Denbrook, has agreed tae foster ye here. They'll be takin' ya as a page, a squire, an' a braither. Ye dae as yer bid, an' they'll make ye wan o' tha fines' knichts oor Order has e'er had. Dae ye promise me, ye'll obey Dargonet as ye woold yer ain da'?" the old man spoke on. "Ay Grandpa MacFie, I promise to do so." replies the boy dutifully, tears welling up in his eyes. With a tender embrace, the once proud warrior bids the lad to his future. "Ye gae tae the keep by yersel' noo. Nae mire wirds. Be yer ain man, hae faith in oor Lairds Paladine, Kiri-Jolith, and Habbakuk always, an' ye'll dae me prood lad." After returning the embrace, the boy turns and walks the rest of the way to the entrance of the keep. Already awaiting him is the steely-eyed Lord Dargonet. "Well boy, it looks as if you'll be a part of our Household now. My servant here will lead you up to your room to drop of your belonging. After that go meet my sargeant-at-arms. He'll start you on the finer points of taking care of weapons and armour, you'll have your work cut out for you then. In the next few weeks you'll be in the routine of training and studying. Welcome young man." (Cont...)

Author: Maccus Date: Thu Aug 29 00:12:28 2013 Subject The Coming of Maccus uth Mahcphi. Part Deux.

10 years later... Maccus, come here." orders the Head of the Stormguard House. "Ay Lord, I am here. responds the young man in military fashion. Dargonet looks over him with an appraising eye, and sighs. "Well young man, it seems you've learned all from my household that you can at this time. In 24 hours, I want you to be packed and ready to leave. You'll be heading to the Solamnic Keep in Solanthus. Meet up with one of the knights there. Tell them that you are Maccus uth Mahcphi, and that you've come from Stormguard Keep to follow in the path of your fathers. I am sure if you meet their Measure, they'll Squire you off to a worthy knight quickly. Bid him as you have bidden me, and I am sure you'll be an upstanding member of our Order in good time." "Yes my Lord, I will make my preperations and take my leave tomorrow." says the young man quickly, having been taken by surprise. "And my Lord? Thank you for your fosterage and training all these years. I will do you proud." Giving a slight nod, Lord Tristan turns and walks away knowing it will be the last time he sees this young man in a good long time. At the keep... Riding upon a quick pony provided to him from the stables of Stormguard Keep, Maccus arrives at the Solamnic Keep. Quickly, he spots an on duty guard, and enquiries him "Are any of the Lords of the Keep here Sir, I wish to petition the Knighthood." The guard gives him a once quick over glance, and tells him where to go. Upon entering the hall, Maccus is met by Lord Progane. "My Lord, my name is Maccus uth Mahcphi, hailing from Stormguard Keep. I have come to petition the Solamnic Order of Knights. I bring a letter from Lord Tristan Stormguard veryfing who I am and my lineage. I hope you will take my measure." The Lord Knight silently takes the letter, reading it and confirming it is the hand of Lord Tristan. "Well lad, I believe your lineage helps you to measure up just fine. Speak with one of the men-at-arms, they will show you to the Squires Barracks. For the time being, work with some of the Knights and Squires here, and hone your skills. I will consider who will take on the task of squiring you. Not many weeks after being in at the Keep, the young man receives summons from Lord Progane to meet with Squire Glenn in Common Room of the Solamnic Keep. Upon arriving there, in polished uniform, he briefly banters with Glenn. From the direction of the chapel, Lord Progane's booming voice can be heard, "Maccus, bring forth Glenn into the chapel." Nodding to Glenn, Maccus guides him by the arm into the Chapel of the Keep. Under the watchful eyes of the Triumverate, Lord Prograne tells Glenn of his Measure, bids him to one knee. Tapping him on the shoulder with a worthy blade, he bids him rise Sir Glenn, Knight of the Crown. After the due congratulations are given to Sir Glenn, Lord Progane calls Glenn and Maccus over to him. "Well Maccus, you've been training well and I've put some thought into who might take you on as their task. Sir Glenn, as your first task as a Solamnic Knight, I bid you to take on Maccus as your squire, and make him a knight in the same fashion you have so recently done yourself. Do you agree?" "Yes my Lord, I will teach him all that I can and prepare him for the ordeals of Knighthood." Nodding to Maccus, they walk out of the chapel to begin a new story... Fin.

Author: Maccus Date: Fri Sep 1 10:05:59 2017 Subject War and the High Clerist Tower

Shortly after dark, a man arrives at the northern gate of the High Clerist Tower. From the heavy breathing oh his horse, it not hard to sumrise that he came as fast as possible from Palanthas. "Halt! Who goes there?" yells Sir Esmund, wearily keeping watch on the soon to change shift. "It is Sir Maccus, good sir. I seek replenishment and quarters for the evening." responds Maccus, tired, thirsty, hungry and dirty. The two exchange some question and answering to confirm that Maccus, new to the knighthood, is who he claims he is. After passing the trials, Sir Esmund orders the gates open and grants Maccus a room and refreshment. After thanking the squires who had to provide the late night meal, Maccus heads to his room. Tired and worn out, he lights a candle and sets it on the rooms desk. From his bags he pulls out several pieces of parchement and sits down. Using the quill and ink left at the desk, he begins writing and will continue into the wee hours of the morning. About a half an hour before morning revely, suddenly there is heard loud pounding of nail into wood. First at the door to the temple of Kiri-Jolith, then(much to the annoyance of now waking soldiers) on the barracks' doors. As one of the knights walks by, he takes note of the letter nailed to his barracks door - Sons and Daughters of Paladine, we face a grave foe who go by the name of the "Dragonarmy". Now is the time to offer up your services to the Triumverate by volunteering for the Schallsee brigade. Come for honour, come for glory, come to protect that which is still precious and in the world. Join us now, every moment matters! - signed Sir Maccus. Knowing that he must proceed past the High Clerist Tower today, but needing to accomplish his mission there first, he goes to the mess hall and awaits the newly awakened knights, clerics, and soldiers. "Hail Brothers and Sisters of the Triumverate!" expresses Maccus, portraying more energy then he really has. "The knighthood, the country, the gods themselves seek your aid! An invasion has begun of territories we have sword to protect. We urgently ask for volunteers to arise and follow the path to Schallsea. The enemy comes, not just for our lands, but for our lives, our way of life, and even our Gods themselves. Arise, arise worthy followers of the Triumverate! Now is the day, and now is the hour to stop this plague from spreading further. Volunteer with the army at Schallsea, and realise the honours and glories of a just war!" Finishing his speech, the young knight heads from the mess hall and to his renew horse and heads off for a much, much longer trip, to recruit for this righteous crusade.

Author: Maccus Date: Mon Sep 11 20:05:53 2017 Subject A trip to Thelgaard

"Two horses down, and I'm only half-way between the High Clerist Tower and Thelgaard. Damned I hate punishing these animals this way but speed is of the utmost importance. Run, run run horse!" said Sir Maccus to himself, deep in thought...about the only thing you can do while waiting for time and distance to traverse. Miles and miles later, the knight is too exhausted to continue. He slides off his horse heavily to the ground. "Just a couple of hours, and I'll get on the move again" he tells himself. After getting a small, smokeless fire going, he begins to remove his heavy armour for the night. Just as he is taking off his chainmail he hears the sound of a twig breaking. Before he can finish removing his chain two men in Dragon Army uniforms step out of the woods, aiming their bows directly at him. "Freeze Solamnic scum, you're are prisoner now." For two long days he is imprisoned in a Dragon Army camp. On the third day, the guards had let their watch down, and the young knight took off with one of their horses. "I must continue to Thelgaard at all costs" he thinks wearily. At least the two days had given him some rest. Half a day later he arrives at the gates of Thelgaard. "Halt, who comes there?" yells one of the guards. "It is Sir Maccus Mar'Mahcphi, with urgent business for Lord Garnen!" replies the knight. "A knight? Where is your armour? Where is your sword?" another guard taunted. "Please Brothers, I am willing to be tried and tried again, but my business for Lord Garnen is of the utmost importance" pleaded Maccus. "You, open the gates and you, go seek out Lord Garnen and tell him there is a need for his presence at the gate" barked the sergeant of the guard. Only minutes go by after entering the outer gate of Thelgaard before Lord Garnen arrives. Recognising the young knight from formal events in the past, he tells the guard that they may put down there guard. "Sir Maccus, why are you here, and where is your arms and armour?" say the lord gruffly. "As to my arms and armour, that is a story for later my lord. I have come seeking reinforcements. I have been sent by Lord Sdresk, High Justice to recall a favour you owe him. Schalsea lies in immenent danger and needs all the troops you can muster!" returns the knight very quickly. "My boy, you haven't heard. Schalsea has fallen. If only you had been here two days earlier we could have helped." the lord says in a rather gentle way. He continues, "But the good news is that my men have mobolised, and you have received instructions to lead them to Caergoth as soon as possible! Come to my diner, eat and drink, and my men will find you some proper equipment for you...while you tell me the story of what happened to the rest." A meal and a story later, the knight is armed and armoured again. He thanks Lord Garnen, and rallies the troops. "Tally ho my men, we are off to Caergoth to show these Dragon Army bastards how Solamnic men fight! Hurrah! Est Sularus Oth Mithas!" And with that, the reenforcements for Caergoth start off on their long trip.

Author: Maccus Date: Mon Sep 18 21:49:18 2017 Subject A battle lost, a mission won. prt 1

With a salute and "Est Sularus Oth Mithas!", Sir Maccus left the room of Lord di Tanke. This wasn't the first time he'd faced impossible odds, and it would be the last. Harder than putting himself in danger, was selecting fifteen knights, brothers, to go into this fray by his side, knowing that most won't come back. Some would be easier to pick than others, for sure. The first in mind was Sir Dorman Tallbow. At 6'3, he was an impressivly sized man. Unfortunately he was also in his mid-60s. Yet still he chose to be in combat. There was no doubt in Maccus' mind that this knight wished to die in combat. An easy pick. The next on his list to gather would be Rogar Stoutbody. A childhood friend, who despite his name, was one of the leanest knights Maccus had ever known. He had two brothers who also served, and could be spared. The next in line was Dame Dell uth Donner. They had known each other late in the squirehood, and knew she was up to any challenge. The next was a knight he didn't care for at all, Sir Pirvan Mar'Kraas. For all that he didn't like about Pirvan's personality, he was a Sword Knight, and had proven himself on the field. If this was going to be a fight to the end, it had better be a damned well good one. The last Maccus would pick on his own was Utgar Lorbaird. A jovial, likeable knight, but unfortunately for him, from a minor family who would lament his loss, but survive. Calling these five together, he shared the mission. Hold out at the southwall as long as possible, giving the citizens and the rest of the defenses a chance to retreat. After the mission was expounded, he set each of them to a mission. Find two other knights who would share in this glorious mission. Sir Pirvan easily named two other Sword Knights who would join in the frey. The rest took awhile longer, but each made their minds up in turn. The pages and squires were sent to gather the rest, and the wait was on. Less than five minutes later the pages and squires had proven their effeciency, as this band of 16 knights mobilised quickly. Explaining the mission one more time, Sir Maccus turned his horse, and led the trot to the enemy, with the yell "For honour and glory!". The knights arrived at the southwall to see that it had already been breached. A small group of a score-and-a-half goblins and hobgoblins had broken through. Sparing no time for either side to think, Maccus gave the order to charge. These goblins had not been prepared for such a charge, and were dispatched without incident. As it would turn out the goblins were not the only ones lacking in preparedness. As the column reached the wall, they saw a terrible sight: landed were goblins, hobgoblins, ogres, lizard-like men, and traitorous humans. Shock aside, the order to charge was given. Sir Maccus led the point of the charge, figuring an arrowhead of heavy calvary would do more damage than a straight wall against these brutes. Lances pointed and aimed, a crash of broken lances and heavy mounted, armoured steeds broke out, killing dozens in the first charge. Taking his battle axe out, Maccus slashed down two more. Looking around he could see that Sir Rogar did not make the initial charge. "Damned! I never should have brought him here". Two more of the chosen fell shortly after, dragged from their horses. Seeing that they would need to regroup, the aged Sir Dorman Tallbow charged further into the fray. Settling his own fate, he managed to cause a seperation between the two forces. As Maccus watched he saw a hobgoblin shoot an arrow and hit Sir Dorman straight in this face-plate. He heard Sir Dorman in midboast as a second arrow went clean through his eye slit, ending the old knights life. (continued...)

Author: Maccus Date: Mon Sep 18 21:49:43 2017 Subject A battle lost, a mission won. pt 2

Getting to the regroup site, Sir Maccus took stalk. Only five others made it with him. In the midst of battle was Sir Parvin and another Sword Knight. The latter brother swiftly dispatched two of the enemy before being cut down. Sir Pirvan put up an even better fight. Being dismounted didn't seem to slow him down. But as he was about to strike down a particularly nasty hobgoblin, he was stabbed in the back by a goblin. Maccus made a mental note to repay the goblins for that one. Looking forward, he saw that he had been outmanuevered. He and his five remaining knights would make no second charge. Their damage has been done, and the enemy had been distracted. Red in the face, Maccus called the retreat.

Author: Maccus Date: Fri Sep 22 23:52:23 2017 Subject Stuck in Schallsea

*Thud**Thud**Thud**Thud**Thud**Thud* Six arrows, to take out three goblins. Quick, quiet, but definitely not very knightly. Neither was rushing out into the street, retrieving the arrows, and hiding the bodies. But unarmoured, shooting from the dark, avoiding sight was the way of life for the six survivors of the last stand of Schallsea. Sir Maccus, Dame Dell, Sir Utgar, Sir Jaymus, Sir Estaban, Sir Rath...the last remaining, and stranded defenders. "How in the Abyss do we plan to get out of here?" murmered Dell. No matter where they turned the enemy was aplenty. "For now we hold tight. A friendly ship is bound to come to port one of these days. And we can finally get back to fighting like knights." responded Maccus. "Now, let us see if we can scrap together a bit to eat and figure out how best to monitor the comings and goings of the port."

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