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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Maire.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Maire' scribed in green ink.

Author:  Maire
Date    Wed Apr  4 15:23:39 2001

To      conclave
Subject  My History

My name is Maire, no last name being that slaves where not allowed one. I know
nothing of my family or background.

I was a slave to the Silvanesti, as far as I know ever since I was born. I was
made to work in the local inn, constantly under the lash.

When night would fall I would sneak away into the forest and pray to the dark
lord for my freedom. I knew it was only a matter of time before I was able to
be free, I waited for the day.

One evening while in deep prayer my captors caught me and bound my wrists, I
was dragged through the town behing a horse to there prye.

As the fires where being started, my friend Shiol rode up on his horse and cut
the bindings that held me there. We rode out of the town only to be followed.

The bow was struck, the arrow plunge through Shiol's throat. I managed to run
and get away where I hid in a nearby cave till the next morn.

I knew I had the gift, and I remebered hearing the mages story's of the
conclave when they came to the inn.

So from then on it was my passion to seek it out.

Maire The Dark

Author:  Maire
Date    Sun Apr 25 16:23:26 2004

Subject  a beginning...

Her eyes grazed the low burning fire in the fireplace.

She sat alone in the tower, Noric had gone out to replenish the spell
componets they both needed.

Her gloved finger ran gently over the rim of her glass, she stopped and looked
at it.

Slowly she pulled her gloves off and looked at her claws "I remember when all
I had to fight with where these" she murmured.

She closed her eyes with a deep sigh, and rested her head back on the chair.
"So long ago that was, I was so young..." she whisphered.

Slowly the sounds of people yelling, and the smell of smoke filled her mind.

A young Maire stood behind a large boulder, hideing from the sight of the

Watching as they raided a human village. She saw the humans being tied up,
there belongings raided and being taken away in chests. Fine clothing ran
through the fingers of her fellow Rakshasa mates.

She watched the males yelling there victory to each other, raiseing there
weapons in the air. Proud fighters they where. With disgust she saw that no
females where involved in the hunt. She spit on the ground with a slight
growl. She eyed the humans being put into carts and licked her small fangs.
There was to be a fine feast this night, one that her tribe had not seen in

A hand grabbed her neck and tossed her to the ground, she felt a swift kick to
her side.

"Maire! What are you doing here!" she heard from above her. She gasped for air
and looked above her. Morath stood glareing down at her. He was one of the
tribes best hunters. Before she could speak he lifted her from the ground and
dragged her to a cart. She tried to claw at him to get away. "What will your
father say this time Maire? You know you are not allowed here!"

He quickly pushed her down into the cart. Then began his way to the village
they lived in........

She limped slightly as she set the table for the feast they where about to
have. She looked down trying to hide the swollen side of her face. She took
the beating from her father well. His words still ringing in her ears. "You
will know your place Maire!" he said as his fists hit her over and over again.
"You are female nothing more, you will serve! You will bear children!" he
yelled. He then left her telling her to rise, to help her mother with there
duties. She thought of all of this as she set things down on the table.

As she set the plates down, she whisphered "My place father... we shall see
what my place is..." she grinned darkly.

Author:  Maire
Date    Sun Apr 25 16:58:59 2004

Subject  a beginning....part 2

Maire grew to the average height of six and half feet tall. A height rare for
the females of the tribe. She pretended to conform to there female outlook.
She did the things that where expected of the females in her tribe.

At night, in hideing from other eyes was a another story...

By the firelight in a cave she practiced fighting like the males in her tribe
Even going as far to steal a human or two to practice her hunting skill.

Stolen weapons filed along the wall of the cave, she was self taught in all of

Some nights she would sit in a tree above the hut of the village shaman. She
watched him till the early morning hours. She was awed by him, angered that
being a female kept her from the magical use of the males.

The day came that the shaman had to join the males in a week long hunt. This
pleased Maire. That night she went to the shamans darkened hut, she entered
and looked around.

A few nights ago she had seen him cast a spell, a spell that made a gate of
some sort.

She had watched him enter it and vanish.

He had used a scroll, she had heard the words he had recited. She said those
words over and over to never forget them.

She looked around the room, seeing some scrolls her face smiled a dark smile.
She took them.

Quickly she grabbed a few more things from the hut and ran into the darkness.

She made preperations, keeping the magic well hidden. She did not know where
the gate would take her. She only knew that she had to take the chance. She
had to be rid of this place.

She made up a pack, her most valuable things in it.

Then her last task was at hand....

She entered the room of her parents late that night. Her mother lieing
peacefully around her father. Her father growling slightly in his sleep. She
walked up to the fur lined blankets they slept upon. "Good bye father." she
spit on his face. His eyes opened just as Maire's claws ripped out his throat.

He laid there bleeding to death, blood was splattered across Maire's face.

Her mother woke at the sound of her husabands gurgles. She began to shriek out
Maires name. She leaned close to her mothers face, placeing her finger on her
mouth. "Shhh mother..."

Maire said. "You will be with him soon enough, you pitiful excuse for a

Maire's hand plunged into her mothers chest, she ripped out her heart. As her
mother breathed her last breath, Maire ate her heart...

Author:  Maire
Date    Sun Apr 25 17:18:15 2004

Subject  a beginning....part 3

She stood in the circle of trees. Her body shakeing in excitment.

She gripped the scroll in one hand, and the component of the spell in another.

"I will not be afraid" she whisphered. She crouched down to the ground and
drew a circle in the dirt. She then placed a black stone in the middle of it.
She smiled knowing somehow she would never see this accursed place again.

"I will be free" she whisphered.

She raised her hands to the night sky, quietly saying the words to the spell.

Louder and louder she grew until she was almost screaming into the sky.

The circle on the ground began to glow a faint blue. Growing brighter each
time she said the verse. She growled in glee as the portal rose from the
ground, so bright she had to shield her face.

She took one last look around then entered the portal, she was falling, and

Maire jumped slightly from her chair and looked around.

The room was dark, the fire died long ago. "I fell asleep." she murmured. Then
was quiet as she thought about how she came to Krynn. Remembering when she
thought she would never go back home. "I was right..I am stuck here now' she
muttered slightly.

She leaned back in her chair, bringing her folded hands to her lips. She
smiled darkly, "What a fine place to be stuck at" she laughed slightly.

The End

Author:  Maire
Date    Wed Apr 28 22:41:13 2004

Subject  Sanathos

She sits in her room at the tower, looking into a bowl. "Mmmm Sanathos... you
are interesting."

She looks closely at him writeing in his journal. "I shall mold you in the
palm of my hand."

'You will grow strong, wearing the dark armour of the mighty Queen herself."

"My Queen will be most pleased in time....she will smile down at us. We will
have power!" she hisses into the bowl.

She waves her hand across the bowl, it fades and grows black. "Tommorrow
Sanathos..we shall begin" she says with a grin.

She stands and quietly leaves her room.

Author:  Maire
Date    Sun May  2 17:30:04 2004

Subject  Death to love.

She sat stareing at the candlelight. Her red eyes flickered angerly along with
the flame.

"How could I let him get to me. I should have known better then that!" she

Her gloved hand slowly ran over the letter that Elidar had sent to her.

"Lover." she spit on the floor.

She sat there wishing that he had not remembered. For years she tried to

She tried to forget how her heart lied with him.

Her master, his student.

She closed her eyes and thought of the many nights she shared with him.

Of how they left the Conclave, of the many things they accomplished.

She thought last of how he walked out, turning his back.

His cold grey eyes, giveing no remorse, only death.

She leaned back in her chair and sighed "But now Galaphale, you walk with
death. Are you happy? Was it everything you had wanted?" she spoke to herself.

She placed the letter over the flame, watching it burn. She then laid it on
the table, blowing the ashes into the air.

"Alas Elidar, we are in the wind. Long blown away with no trace." she

"I have no heart anymore, you saw to that. The happiness I could have given.

You let it slip past your grasp." she said quietly.

She opened her book and began her nightly studies until the sunrise.

Author:  Maire
Date    Sat Aug  6 01:55:54 2005
Stamp   1123311354
Subject  The boat.

Maire walked the length of  the dock, her eyes looking at the boats lined up
along the water. Her form changed under the spell of illusion, her hair now
blonde flowing freely about her shoulders. Her ears pointed , her  clothing
the leather garments of a ranger. "Something I can do fer ya lady?" a
toothless old man yelled. She looked up at the old man on the dock of the
boat. "I am looking for passage on a ship." "Where would a lady such as
yourself be heading to?" he asked. She looked to the sky thinking for a moment
"To anywhere but here" she answered. "It will cost you some steel, being such
short notice and all" he said. "The cost is not a problem, when will you be
leaveing?" He looked her up and down then gave her a disgusting grin "We leave
at sunrise tommorrow." "I will be here then." she said as she turned. Feeling
his eyes along her backside. "Im not sure if you will be tho old man." she
said as her eyes glowed a deep red.

Author:    Maire          
Date:      Mon Jan 27 13:17:49 2014
Subject     *a letter written in elvish*

Being in the city is harder then I thought. It was so much quieter back home. Everything smells, and there is so many people. Everyone is in a hurry.Everyone here is so different! Knights in armor, right down to people in rags. I have to belive I am doing the right thing, that this is where I need to be. I have joined in with a group of people as a way to get paid for my services. It will help to further my studies, to reach my goal. They are good men, rough around the edges. But I feel safe at least. I pray that I will not be away long, I promise you that I am doing all I can, to return to you. I need to find a cure for our people. I hope this letter finds you well. Maire

Author: Maire Date: Tue Jan 28 13:12:14 2014 Subject Dreams in the night...

She tosses and turns in her bed, sweat forming on her brow. Her eyes flicker back and forth under her sleeping eyelids. She stands in the doorway of her home, she watches them taking the bodies to be buried in the way of her people. She sees the tear streaked faces, she hers the wailing of the mothers who have children. Some just babies not even old enough to walk. There is talk of burning the homes of the dead, they do not know what is making everyone sick. She turns to her mother. Not really her mother, but the one that has raised her. The one who found her. She hands her a small pouch of herbs, begging her to use them for herself. "You have to promise me you will use these, do not give them to the others. I will not go if you will not promise me this." she tells her in a broken voice. Her mother takes her hands, her smile small. "You have to go, I have seen what you can do, you know it is not enough.You might be our only chance." she says quietly. She tightens her grip on her mothers hands. "Please!" she begs. Her mother, bends down taking a large pack from the floor. She helps Maire with it, placing it on her back. "You must go child. " she says calmly, leading her to the door. She looks to her mother, knowing this might be the last time she ever lays eyes on her again. She opens her mouth to speak, her mother places her finger on her mouth. "Go." she says to Maire. Maire jerks awake, her peoples cry still ringing in her ears. She sits on the edge of her bed. Her head in her hands.

Author: Maire Date: Tue Aug 25 10:56:30 2015 Subject A days travels.

"Oh no not again." she mumbles looking down at her flapping boot. She takes her dagger from her belt and begins cutting a vine from a tree. "This is getting ridiculous, maybe there is some work in the next town." she says as she begins twisting the vine around her broken boot. She digs around her pack looking for food, finding nothing she stands. "Going to hold up for me?" she says to her boot as she walks down the path. Her hands turning purple from the berries shes been placing in her small side bag she hears a dragging,snapping sound. Quickly she ducks behind a tree. Standing there with her eyes closed, her stomach growls. "NO! Stop that!." she whisphers softly. She slowly opens her eyes noticing the sound has stopped. Gathering courage, she jumps out from behind the tree mace in hand. "Who goes there!" she yells loudly. Her attack skids to a halt as her eyes take in the sight before her. "Oh, what has happen to you...." she says quietly. Before her lay a deer, her leg a broken mess. Her body exahusted from dragging herself across the forest floor. Maire places her mace back at her side, letting her cloak cover it. Slowly she walks towards the deer, quietly speaking. "Now, now let me see whats wrong....Shhh be at ease." The deer tries to get away at first but the more Maire talks, the more the deer calms. "Now lets have a look." she says, placing her hand on the deers flank. "That is a nasty break Mrs. Deer, quite an adventure you have had." Maire slowly moves her hand up and down the animals leg. Soft words of prayer come from her mouth. After some time has passed the animals leg mends, her breathing eases and she stands. "There you go Mrs. Deer. Good as new." Maire smiles. "Do be careful next time."she calls out as the deer runs off into the woods. Still smileing as her stomach growls Maire opens her bag of berries. "I hear you, I hear you. This will have to do for now. at least until we find the next town. Maybe some work will be there." Maire places her hood over her head and continues down the path.

Author: Maire Date: Wed Oct 21 18:01:24 2015 Subject Another day, another dollar.

She looks around the cold, dark room still not beliving shes here. "What am I doing here?" she mutters. She lays her new cloak on the small bed. Walking around the room she smirks. "A job IS a job I suppose." She places her mace against the wall, then sits on the bed. "These knights can't be all that bad. Maybe I can find some that are not so stuffy." she chuckles. She slowly removes a necklace from her neck, her hands slowly run over it. She feels the wooden symbol, worn over time. Her fingers trace over the picture, a deep sigh escapes her lips. "It not like I have anywhere else to go is there." she says quietly. She kisses the symbol then places it around her neck once more. She removes the few items from her pack, then places them on the table. Lifting a knife to her hair she cuts the matted hair from her head. She lifts a plate to her face, trying to see her new short cut. "Have to look professional don't we?" She falls down into the bed. The first one in a year shes slept in. She looks down at her new boots, a giggle escapes her mouth. "I could get used to this, Yes sir I could!"

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