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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Malar.

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Author:    Malar          
Date:      Thu Jan 28 04:56:55 2010
Subject     Malar's Background

Malar's life on land has always been strange. Dargonesti's are rarely
seen outside of their deep sea lives and villages. However, due to the
strange calling that brought him to Palanthas and live amongst the land
mortal races, he had to adapt.

Malar's childhood was a normal Dargonesti life. Learning to read movements
of the waves and currents. Being taught to fear Zeboim, but respect her.
Being born in Her domain, all the sea elves revere her if not respect her. 

However, this was not Malar's path. No, this sea elf would be destined to
hear another's call. Swimming amongst the lower trenches, a voice called to
him. He moved with the current, almost guiding him to continue swimming. He
noticed a bright light shine in front of him, dim at first, but continued to
grow and grow. He broke the surface just enough to view the shore. Two
figures stood, engaged in combat against each other. One in incredibly
brilliant light and another wrapped and shrouded in darkness.

Both figures seemed evenly matched. One blasted the other with miraculous
feats! Lightning blasted from the sky, being torn around the body of the
other just at the last moment. Darkness flew from the finger tips towards
the shining figure and would disperse before making contact. 

Malar watched this battle for what seemed to be ages. A whisper in his ear
kept stating to watch and wait. After some time, the battle gloriously ended
with a brilliant flash of light from the hands of the shining figure. It
shot out quick and pierced the form of the one shrouded in darkness. The
body crumpled and collapsed on the sandy shore.

The figure in light kneeled and made some motions over the body. The voice
pushed Malar to move forward, despite his fear. The bright figure noticed
his approach and nodded to him. 

(to be continued)

Author:    Malar          
Date:      Thu Jan 28 05:01:34 2010
Subject     Malar's Background Cont

"I felt your presence during the battle. I hope you do not approach with
evil intentions," the figure stated. The masculine voice was melodic, but
firm. He pulled back the white hood and the kind face of an elderly man
looked back at him.

Malar, not understanding the speech, tried to respond in Dargonesti. With a
quick prayer, the elderly man stated a prayer and Malar was able to
understand him. Malar discussed his life under the sea and the elder man
listened intently. Hours went by as the elder man spoke about his life, what
he believed in, and what he was doing in the area. Malar hung on every

As the sun dipped, the elder man looked towards the sea and back towards a
small hut on the beach. "I need to turn in for the night. Do not worry, " he
stated noticing Malar's concern, "I will be staying here for some time. The
Platinum Dragon is not done with me here yet."

Over the weeks, Malar kept coming to the surface discussed philosophy,
religion, and the ways of the surface world, to the concern of those in his
village. Unaware to Malar or the elderly man, Zeboim was surface world, to
the concern of those in his village. Unaware to Malar or the elderly man,
Zeboim was a vision to the high priestess of Malar's village. It showed
great destruction if they did not stop Malar from returning to the surface.
When Malar returned from that evening's lessons, he was confronted by the
village elders and warriors. The elder stated, "You are forbidden to leave
the village to visit the surface ever again. If you do so, a great evil will
be visited upon us all! Please, for the sake of the village, do not go
against the elder's wishes."

Malar went to his hut and thought about this. A few days went by and he
really did want to speak with the elderly man on the shore once more. At
least to tell him that he would not be visiting anymore! He the elderly man
on the shore once more. At least to tell him that he would not be visiting
anymore! He 

He left in the middle of the night and swam to the elderly man's hut. He
knocked lightly on the wooden door and it was answered by the man.
Instantly, the elderly man stated, "You must not be here! I know why you
have come, " interrupted the man to Malar's protests, "But I have seen what
is to occur! You must return quickly before the Sea Witch notices you are
(to be cont)

Author:    Malar          
Date:      Thu Jan 28 05:03:56 2010
Subject     Malar's Background Cont Cont

Malar started back towards the village as fast as he could! When he
reached the edges of the village in view, he noticed that craters littered
the area where the village once was. Above the village was a sea dragon,
flowing around, awaiting something. He was too late! Zeboim noticed his
absence and took out her revenge. Angry, upset, and not knowing where else
to go, he returned to the surface.

The elderly man already knew what had occurred by the site in Malar's eyes.
"I am sorry for your loss. I have meditated on this possible event. The
Platinum Dragon will except you if you need a place, " stated the elderly

Years flew passed since that awful day. Malar was continually trained by the
elderly man, teaching him the ways of the Platinum Dragon, the ways around
weapons and armor, and how to channel divine powers from the deity. "I
understand that you have learned a lot and we soon must part. Please do
powers from the deity. "I understand that you have learned a lot and we soon
must part. Please do not think that I want you to leave, but I am not long
for this world. I shall be meeting with our great Lord and be in peace, "
stated the elderly man, "You must travel long and far to the city of
Palanthas. There, you will be able to fulfill your next steps to your
destiny, whatever that may be."

After getting packs of dried food and a brief amount of weapons and armor,
they made their parting goodbyes. Leaving the only family he had, Malar made
his way to Palanthas and his next steps in this wide and strange world. 

Author:    Malar          
Date:      Sat Feb 13 05:38:37 2010
Subject     Palanthas Nights

Malar has spent weeks getting used to the streets of Palanthas and the
stares if it's citizens. Many people usually moved out of his way as his
passing through the streets. Most stared and a few sneered towards his
presence. He did not let these affect him at all. His path was set and he
needed to follow. After being inducted into the Holy Order as his mentor had
requested him, he had spent time learning the words of Mishakal and the
blade he picked up. 

While he was within the central Imperial Square, a small smelly figure
cloaked from head to toe bumped into him. Such a strange thing, not like
anyone else he had seen within the walls of the city. Malar's gaze followed
the figure for a while and lost it in the crowds. Thinking nothing more of
the oddity, he continued to move towards a small stall of beads. 

Looking over the beads and jewels, Malar started to think of his home under
the sea. Distracted by fond and painful memories, he blocked out the scream
coming from behind him. He turned just in time to see a flash of a blade and
a big toothy grin coming at him. The blade pierced his cloak and into his
arm. Taken aback from the attack, he fumbled for his sword. Unsheathing it,
he blocked the next blow from the quick darting creature. 

Turning the blade to the side, Malar's shoulder caught the creature across
the face (which would have hit a normal sized creature in the chest). This
threw the creature back and hit the hard sun parched stones hard. Catching
his breath, he looked back to the spot and the creature was missing!
Searching frantically, he found the creature charging him from behind again.
He dodged this attack and attempt to catch him with his shoulder again. This
was a mistake! 

Something started to blur his vision. Using this to it's advantage, the
creature slipped out of the way of Malar's rush. Malar tumbled into a group
of pedestrians watching the fight. The creature took advantage of this and
fought Malar from an vantage point. Trying to block the creature's advances
proved fruitless at this angle and with the poison coursing through his
veins. Soon, he blacked out from his wounds. Malar woke up in the infirmary
an unknown time later. Dazed and confused, his blood boiled with rage. A
rage he had never felt before in his existence. He tore the bandages from
his body and threw the blankets covering him to the floor. At the protest of
the attending clerics, he barged out the door. 

(To continue)

Author:    Malar          
Date:      Sat Feb 13 05:43:33 2010
Subject     Palanthas Nights (2)


Multiple hours definitely had passed, as the sun was near setting at this
time. Malar made his way towards the square, moving with a purpose. His
vision was still blurred and the anger coursed through him. He pushed
citizens out of his way. This gathered curses and oaths from those he

A commotion was occurring near the Imperial square again. Moving through the
crowds, he pushed and forced his way to the front and into the temple. He
found the creature again! This time, scuffling with another trying to defend
itself. Malar charged forth and knocked the other combatant out of the way!
The creature was definitely caught off guard by both the added adversary and
the onslaught of Malar's blade.

Two strikes and the creature slumped to the ground of the temple, a pool of
warm blood flowing from opened wounds. From it's limp hand, a medallion
tumbled to the ground. Malar reached up to his throat and noticed his
medallion missing. He snatched it quick and heard the tweets of guard
whistles coming through the crowds. 

The daze in his head continued, the blood still raged, but he knew that he
must leave before getting into serious trouble. Stumbling and forcing his
way through the crowds, he made his way to the western gate. After passing
the suspicious looks of the guards, he made it to a grassy field. Malar
stumbled to the ground and looked at his hands. Malar's rage did not ebb at
this victory. His blood still boiled. The wound from the creature still
throbbed and gave him pain. He stood up and started to stumble towards the

(obviously this is where Toma's story starts)

Author:    Malar          
Date:      Wed May 19 00:01:57 2010
Subject     Ill Tidings

Malar was infuriated! How dare the Dragon Army put one of the Holy Order
into custody, especially the Light order!? Storming and brooding, he ignored
the obvious signs of his goddess. The sky loomed dark and gray, like his

He took to the nearest harbor he could and made his way into Neraka. The
city reeked of evil. His light aura did little to push back the darkness.
All sorts of creatures and ilk sneered at his passing. He did not care. He
was on a mission.

Once he reached a very well maintained barracks, he yelled out, "I seek the
one named Kevril!" After a few moments, a human clad within war priest
vestments exited, sneering.

"What do you want?" he spat out.

"You hold one of our members. I am here to challenge you for his release."
Kevril just laughed loudly at this and shrugged, "If that is what you wish."
Malar waited for the first attack, as chants started from the cleric. He
charged him fully, turning the clerics mace to the left and right and
slicing him whenever the opportunity posed itself. With a grimace, one of
his dark rites finished and Malar's mind dulled and grew blurry. This made
the fight difficult, unable to keep up the fury he had in the beginning.
Beseeching his Goddess, he continue pressing forward. The fight continued on
until a sharp pain errupted from his back! Turning, his vision still
blurred, he saw the sneering, snaggled toothed grin of a goblin. Unable to
keep both at bay without taking multiple hits, he kept backing up and up.

Another sharp pain occurred in his side and the lack of blood started to
affect his ability to stand. He slumped, sliding down the side of a black
stoned building. Darkness took.

Hours, days, Malar did not know how much time it had been, but he gained
consciousness. His equipment stripped, he was chained to the wall of what
appeared to be a holding cell. Wincing, he bowed his head praying to his
goddess, but not feeling the normal warmth she normally would bestow. His
fate in the hand of his captures. 

(Sorry for the shortness, it had to be done quick :P)

Author:    Malar          
Date:      Wed Sep 29 19:09:17 2010
Subject     'War' or 'How I learned to love the sword.'

Life within the halls of the temple had been quaint. Assigning duties,
keeping the guard's roster and schedules set, training the clerics in the
arts of combat (and preventing them from taking off their own limbs) had
become Malar's duties.

With the recent events and rumbling sounds of war made that life seem like a
dream. Hell, even the last few years upon the shore seemed like a dream.
Now, they march through out the wilds to stop the ever growing aggression of
their enemies. Malar was used to combat. It was difficult to travel across
the face of Krynn to even find the temple to Mishakal. Half the people he
had run into tried to deceive or steal from him. However, this type of
combat is altogether new. 

The recruited young soldiers followed his orders. They were eager, even
willing, to fight for him. They saw the power of his Goddess in him.
However, they were unaware of their leader's inexperience of mass combat.
During the long march and boat rides from the Isle of Sancrist, he had been
studying with the Knights of Solamnia. They knew mass combat. They've seen
it before and will probably see it many times again.

Things like keeping troops in line, what to do about low morale, keeping
supply lines open, helping the local populace of recently liberated or
occupied cities were just some of the few things he was taught for outside
the battle. What really gathered his attention was the actual in field
tactics: how to flank an enemy, how to use the enemy's fears against them,
how to corner an enemy, how to route an enemy, keeping your soldiers in line
and formation.

After they hit land again, Malar started (with the help of his Solamnic
allies) to train his recruits into an actual fighting force. On top of the
march, this was incredibly exhausting for both commander and troops.

Hopefully, the strength of his Goddess and the power of the Light would
protect them and bring them victory and honor to each of their battles! 

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