The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Meriele.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a small book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Meriele' scribed in faded red ink.

Author:    Meriele        
Date:      Sun May 24 10:35:30 2009
Subject     Mid-days study

She walks into the small home that she shares with her sister. Her sister was now out hunting for there dinner.
Slowly she worked her way back to the back room of the house where her laboratory is. Carefully she utters a single word and the lock slides free and the door sways open.
She hated that she had to keep it so, yet her sister with her childish pranks might break something in there. Softly and with gracefulness she works her way along the component's in jars.
 she moves over to an empty vial and begins to work with liquids and other items from the jars lays out before her. She scans back and forth from a tome off to the side of the table.
Slowly she begins to stir the mixtures in the vial gently holding it over a candle  heating the components slightly. " Solinari Please guide my hand as i brew this potion. Give me insight to understand."
 she close her eyes as she moved the potion from the heat and pours it into two smaller vials. She opens her eyes with a bit of surprise that the potion didn't explode like the last one and two small vials acutely look like they should.
Quickly she puts a cork in each one . with one last look she adds it to the shelf holding other potions she has brewed properly and blows out the candles and close the lab up for the day. 
Soon her sister will be home and much work was to be done in there garden.

Author:    Meriele        
Date:      Sun May 24 23:08:11 2009
Subject     Awaiting

Meriele begins her work in the small garden behind the home she share's with her younger sister. A basket tide around her waist holds vegetables she has picked. A small pouch holds the herbs she harvested.
 Slowly she moved though the plants talking in a soft tone to the plants like she did every day. Her eyes glace sky ward as birds flew though the air in a display of color. A smile plays along her lips as she watches them pass.
She walks to the tree in front of the house where her sister always hanged out. Untying the bask she lays it to rest on the one side of the house and shet rested her self near it.
" ahh i wonder what she is going to bring home this time a duck, rabbit , or maybe she found a boar that would be nice for once would go well with the potato's i harvest i do hope she comes home soon." she says out loud.
Slowly she pushes her self back up and grabs the basket to take in side. she lays it near the table and walks back out side to draw water up. She takes a cup near the well and fill's it from the bucket and takes a deep drink.
Water trickles from the side of her lip as she allows the cool water to quinces her thirst. Once the glass is drained she fills up a large pitcher and walks back inside. 
Laying down the pitcher on the table she walks over to her tome. With great care she lifts the book in her hands and returns to the tree to read and await her sisters return.

Author:    Meriele        
Date:      Fri Jun 19 21:26:53 2009
Subject     meriele Viola'vata's histroy life and boring stuff.

Meriele was born in qualinost. Her father a member of the Elven army
known as Wildrunner, her mother a simple herbalist. Four years afther her
birth she was blessed with a younger sister Shizuru who became a handful
from birth. There child hood was filled with joy and happiness. There mother
showed them many wanders with herbs to heal almost any illness, and to cause
a few to make people get off their butts when they got melancholy. Years
passed as Meriele begin to study Alchemy as well as magic. Where shizuru
spent time with there father in the woods learning woods lore. When she
reached adult hood her mother was struck with a sickness that came from no
whereas. she laid suffering in bed, with none of meriele's herbs working.
she finally passed after four days of fighting the sickness. The family felt
the pain of there lose with meriele looking at her sister as someone who she
will make sure stayed well no matter what it took from her. The next few
years she took to studying and awaiting for the summoning to the tower.
where she will learn how to keep this any harm from her sister. 

Author:    Meriele        
Date:      Sun Jun 21 01:03:03 2009
Subject     first night

Slowly Meriele walked back and forth in the small room she was given at
the tower. Her mind raced from thoughts of how she left to what was ahead of
her in the tower. She forced her to slow down and slowly stoped in the
middle of the room. eyes fall from the desk and chair to the bed. 

" Oh sparrow if you was here it would be much easier, or would i be more
worried that you wouldn't wait for me to finish here." 

She said out loud to no one but her self. Softly she moved to the bed and
layed down on it. This was the first time she had to do anything on her own,
Ever since her sister birth she had been there right along side here, ready
to do things with her. Tears start to grace her soft face as her thought of
her sister looking for her and for leaving while she sent her sister to

" your probably walking around yelling sis where are you I'm hungry, I
should of told you and taut you how to cook. You better be ok when i get
home or I'll kill you my self!" she yelled into her pillow.

Softly the sobs came till she fell asleep in this strange room in the tower.

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