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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Minak.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a large book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Minak' scribed in rich brown ink.

Author:  Minak
Date    Wed Dec 25 23:12:34 2002

Subject  Gully giggle, him make funny man fall over!

Minak and Malen, them good clanners together, not want fight each other, them

Them talk in hall, theiwar ask gully if him want food, gully want food, it
good, him make Flubig REAL jealous too!  Malen say gully need do work, get
food that way, gully not mind work, him stronger Flubig, anyways, no worries! 
Where gully was?  OH!  Malen say stinkos steal stuff from theiwar clan, them
not good, them fight Minak lots, too!

him say Thez is name, him stinko knight, wear tin armor, him bad bad man. 
Minak no like man, Thez kick gully in butt before, gully need revenge!  Him
bigger than stinko!

Him think maybe him not, but him kick in crotch at least!  Malen say gully
help him beat up Knight, take back stuffs taken from Malen, beat up any helper
him take along, too.  Minak strong, him not scared!  Well, maybe him is, but
he not want show in front of theiwar!  Malen prepare wordies, say lotsa big
confusing things, gully not know, him just scratch ass and wait.  Soon big red
portal flop up from ground in hall, gully look in, him see food!  Big food! 
Him need catch though, gully leap through portal land face first in dirt, it
scratch gully face, him no mind, him hungry.  Soon Malen step through portal,
too.  Him look around, say 'them be close, him sense em' and that stuff. 
Minak show hylar biggies him stronger than Flubig, too!  Malen walk on, tell
gully follow quick behind, Minak do that, him not want make theiwar mad,
theiwar slap gully and lock him in closet, gully no like closet, it boring! 
Malen follow behind Malen real close-like, them sneak up, see big group, them
all wear shiny tin suits, look like them not notice.  Malen tell gully him
need go, get closer.  Gully see BIG huge trashpile on side of deck, them by
water now afterall.  Him look through it for stuff, then him realise... him on
important mission, not want fail Malen!  Minak get HUGE fish from pile, it
stink... mean gully like!  Him play with it for a minute then him remember
again... MAlen be mad!  Him walk back over Malen with fish.  'what me do
Malen?'.  Malen look at gully with an eyebrow raised.  Him say gully need
get Thez chase him into Malen, so big fight start.  Big fight Malen need win! 
Minak put arm to head, scratch for minute, then come up with plan 'ME
KNOW!', him go look at group again, him PELT big fish, throw far as can, try
land on Thez, him really no like, big rotten fish, make tin smelly, rot too,
that good, me think... but who know me is only a gully.  So me throw fish! It
fly in air, flop around, lotsa maggots fall on ground, make icky smell come
big.  Fish not land on target, though, gully in lots trouble!  It land on
stinko cleric named Saige, it make Saige angry, group come look for gully. 
Gully hide in trash pile real quick.  Him throw rotten apple at Malen, show
him that they come for gully.  Malen come quick and big fight start.  Minak
not so dumb, him see place him be able do damage, help Malen real gooder!  Him
jump out with weird weapon-things, him attack Thez!  Thez not even know what
hit him, but must hurt pretty good, gully think, Thez ran away, him not come
back, gully feel proud, him make Flubig jealous when see again, if him
remember.  Saige and Malen, they fight big battle, too.  Lotsa magicks, then
Saige throw blurry on gully, it hurt like bad stuffs happening!  Gully scream,
him not feel like fighting, but him need help Malen, Malen throw him in
closet!  Minak leaped on Saige, and dug into cleric's leg with teeth, bite
hard as gully can, disrupt Saige magicks, it give Malen plenty time do what
needed be done.  Saige fall eventually, him not able take Malen without
spellers Malen and Minak gooder!  Thez stinko, him run.  Saige fall over, him
no able fight.

Malen point at Saige on ground, say food on him, gully leap on man, start
going through all stuffs, seen shiny weapon, too, him take with food, Malen
and gully go back home through gate, them not know where Thez fast feet take
him.  Gully get REAL Me continue, story longer

Author:  Minak
Date    Wed Dec 25 23:12:58 2002

Subject  Teehee, GULLY POWER!

confused later on though, big shiny him take from Saige, it fall apart not
long after gully took, gully sad.... but him still gooder than Flubig, him

Author:  Minak
Date    Sat Jan 11 07:29:32 2003

Subject  Gully find Stinky

  Gully walking through trash one day, then him come across stinky, big man
have trashy armor, look like Knight of Tunkhisis, me think him stink worse
than Flubig ever THAT BAD STINK!  He find gully soon enough, say bad words
gully, say 'go eat cow paddy and die'  Gully not want die, gully eat cow
paddy though... sometimes. Gully tell him 'me got gully powers!'.... but
him no believe gully, say 'Minak trash' Minak get mad, him rush at mage,
make mage fall over then beat him over head with broken board, him pass out,
not know what hit him, Sidholt me think name was.

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