The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Misto.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a pulp magazine on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Misto' scribed in grey ink.

Author:    Misto          
Date:      Thu Apr 24 16:55:34 2008
Subject     The Chronicles of Misto

In the distance a voice called out to Misto, "Excuse me sir, but you
can't sleep here."

Misto blinked as he opened his eyes in confusion to the sight above
him. From what he could see as he looked about, it appeared that he
was in some kind of temple.

The voice that had spoken to him, called him once more, "Sir are you
ok?" it asked as it moved closer to his left side.

Misto moaned as he sat up and looked over to his left to see a young
man in white robes. He nodded to the young priest as he rubbed his
right shoulder trying to work out some new found soreness in it.
Misto's eyes continue to take in the temple while still managing to
track the young priest,

"Other then being a litlle sore and confuse, I'm ok." Misto slowly
stated as he pulled himself up the altar. Misto looked at the young
priest questioningly, "Where am I?"

A startled looked appeared on the young priest face as if he were
being joked with, "You mean to tell me you don't recognize the Temple
of Solinari?"

Misto glanced down at the Altar for a moment as he rubbled his
temples, then looked back up at the young priest, "The Temple of

The question came out with a touch of confusion. "Sir are you sure,
your ok?" A note of concern could clearly be heard as the priest
stepped a few feet closer.

Misto sighed and lean back on the Altar for support. "There was an
accident with my portal, I don't think I was suppose to come here."

Worry creased the young priest face, "Where exactly are you from?" He
asked as he shuffled slightly from foot to foot.

Misto looked up at the concerned young priest, "A city called Airu, I
need to get to the Tower of Sorcery and get the rest of the mages."

The young priest eyes narrowed slightly, "Are you a member of the
Conclave?" Misto's eyes narrowed as well at the question, "Are they a
part of the Order?"

The young priest gasped in disbelief, "How can you know of the Tower
of Sorcery and not know about the Conclave of Mages?"

Misto exhaled softly as he study the young priest he quickly said, "I
think there was a surge of magical energy when I opened my portal. It
may have caused some short term memory loss."

The young priest seem to accept the explanation as he stopped and took
a good look at Misto for the first time, taking in his long white
hair, streaked with silver. The young priest study Misto face noting
his elvish features and hazel eyes as he continue to exam the elf from
his dirty brown traveling cloak down to his mud covered black boots.

Once satisfied the young priest turned his attention back to Misto
hazel eyes, "That might explain it, would you like me to get you a

The elf sighed but waived the offer away. "What I really need is a map
showing me how to get to the Tower of High Sorcery. You wouldn't
happen to have one I could borrow for a while, would you?"

The young priest tapped his chin thoughtfully then nodded. "Yes I can
provide you with a map, but fair warning, if your a mage and not part
of the Conclave of Mages, you'll be consider a renegade."

To prevent any more questions being asked, Misto merely nodded to the
priest that he understood.

The young priest satisfied with the simple nod turn and walked over to
a nearby table and rummaged through papers on it until he found the
one he wanted, he then returned to Misto holding out the map, "Here
you go and might I suggest you stop at the University and gain a
better understanding of things until your memory returns."

Misto nodded once more as he took the map, knowin full well his memory
was fine, "I'll do that."

Without saying another world silver haired elf turned and walked out
of the temple as he study the map for a moment, noted the location of
the University and made his way there.

While at the University, Misto spent nearly two fortnights reading all
the books he could find on the history of Krynn and the Conclave of
Mages. He had found a few connections to his home but for the most
part nothing that would get him back. So as he continue to read he
finally came to understand that the only way he might be able to get
back home and save his friends, city, and world was if he joined the
Conclave of Mages. And if not at least he might be able to stop the
same fate from befalling upon Krynn.

Author:    Misto          
Date:      Thu Jun 19 16:16:01 2008
Subject     Strangers in the World

Misto sighs softly as he completed laying a fireproof spell upon two of
the items he was told to gather by the High Archmage. As he put them back
into their glass jars and placed them into his pack, Misto's eyes wonder
across the Bay of Branchala, his thoughts returning to his conversation with
Jendaron whom had told him how renagades had no respect for magic and were
causing the rift. A small smiled crossed the silvered white hair elf's face
at how similar the words were to his former Master Linados who had once told
him that all magic must be kept in check and that gods had placed such trust
in the High Tower, that they saw no reason to limit the mages of the world
in how much they used. But sadly his former Master Linados and the High
Tower he knew were not of this world and more then likely no longer existed.
The elf exhaled slowly as he allowed his mind to wonder for a few more
minutes over the past. It kept amazing him how similar the two worlds were
and how different as well. As the wind blew Misto long silver white hair
behind him, the elf looked up at the moons in the sky. Amazed at seeing such
a thing his eyes lingered upon them. 

Misto chuckled softly and pulled his hood up over his head, then reached
down and picked up his pack. The elf turn his back on the water, closing his
eyes as he utter a few short words that would allow him to see other people
and places. The lower left corner of his mouth twitched up in a slight smile
as he opened his eyes, he had found his target in the Sea Caves of Zeboim,
just as the High Archmaged said he would. Misto spoke softly into the wind,
"A fire sentinel..." He looked about to ensure noone was nearby then spoke
another short phrase causing a portal to rotate open before him. The elf
tugged his pack up a little more on his back and then stepped through the
portal. Once upon the other side without even thinking about it, Misto
allowed the portal to snap shut. His hazel eyes were locked on to the caves
in front of him and what he was to retrieve from within. 

As Misto started to walk towards the caves something caught his eye. He
paused and looked down at the ground. His forehead creased as a look of
concern came over his face, the elf knelt down to take a closer look at two
set of tracks. One set appeared to be small enough to be that of a child and
the other the size of a full grown man and both headed towards the cave.
Misto stood up slowly and cast his gaze about the area as he sought the
return tracks that would show him that both people came back out. His frown
only incressed as he moved about the area and came across only the larger
set coming out in a disorderly pattern. 

The elf's eyes tracked the larger pair to a spot where they vanished. His
features at this point became bleak and serious at what his eyes were
showing, "A another mage has been here and they brought someone with them,
whom they left behind." A deep throaty growl escaped Misto's lips as he
threw back his hood and turned a deadly gaze towards the cave, "Dam it, I'm
not suppose to be on a rescue misson. If I find out who this is, his dead
for leaving a child in there." 

Author:    Misto          
Date:      Thu Jun 19 17:18:43 2008
Subject     Strangers in the World PT II

As Misto started walking towards the cave, large dangerous looking clouds
rolled in off the sea and released down pour upon the mage. The elf didn't
even seem to care as his hair started to cling his head, his mind was lost
in the past and on whom ever was left behind in the caves, "If this is
another sacrifice to some old demon, that mage isn't only going to die. But
I'll ensure it's slow painful." Misto growled as he stepped into the cave. 

Misto stopped just inside the cave and closed his eyes in order to calm
himself. The agiated mage spoke softly to himself, "Just remember, this
isn't AI. Who ever is in there isn't Shelia." Hearing the words out loud his
own words out loud seem to calm the enraged mage some. Once certain of
himself, Misto exhaled slowly and closed his eyes once more and utter an all
too fimilar phrase. The drenched elf then opened his hazel eyes and nodded
to himself, "Good, it's still here." 

The elf paused and looked down at the floor of the cave and notice the
similar tracks of before, two going in and a staggering single pair coming
back out. He sighed and shook his head in disgust and started preparing
himself by placing several different spells of protection upon himself to
conceal and hide him. Once Misto was satisifed with his work, he carefully
followed the tracks deeper into the caves. 

Misto movements was slow and steady as he followed the tracks deeper into
the cave. He stopped at the same places where the tracks seem to halt and
would rest. He didn't bother with a fire on these shorts stops due to how
warm it was inside. And nor did he bother with brining any food along with
him since he was capable of providing for himself through means of magic.
Which shorten his stops by several hours. He only allowed himself enough
time to rest and eat. 

As the days passed following the tracks, fear took root in Misto's heart and
mind as he wonder what exactly happened. It didn't appear that the smaller
one was forced to go with the bigger one. From the way the tracks would
trade spots it made Misto think that whom ever the smaller tracks belonged
to trusted their much larger traveling partner. 

At his next stop following the tracks, Misto scryed for fire sentinel once
more. His as took on a far away look as he sought his target again and once
found the mage nodded to himself set down to rest and think about how he
would get the fire salts. Misto reached inside of his robes into a pocket
and pulled out a leather cord and tied back his long silver white hair as he
mentally prepared himself for the task at hand. His eyes would occasionally
return to the tracks and so would his fear. He knew that the fire sentinel
wasn't too far away so he utter a short prayer, "Gonn if you can still hear
me, let the child who belong to these tracks still live." Misto sighed
softly and stood up giving the tracks one last look. 

Knowing what he was about to face, Misto place an iceshield about himself
along with serval other spells that might see him safely through this
ordeal. His thoughts briefly cast back to his lost home, then return to the
present as he steps into the next cavern reading a few spells to ward off or
stop the fire sentinel. 

Author:    Misto          
Date:      Thu Jun 19 18:45:59 2008
Subject     Strangers in the World PT III

As Misto steps into the cavern, the silver white haired mage carefully
scans the room for the fire sentinel. Reflections of fire light catches his
eyes coming from the back of the cavern leading into another. As he steps a
little farther into the cavern, the mage can smell sulphur mixed sea water,
causing his nose to wrinkle. Misto eyes flicker down to the tracks once
more, checking to see where they lead off to. But shortly return to the glow
of the fire. 

The mage quietly makes his way towards the glow, being careful not to make
any noise as he moves. Misto glances back at the tracks one last time to
enusre their place then turns and heads into the next cavern. Misto's eyes
continue to constantly search the room for the fire sentinel and at the same
time for the tell tale tracks with the fire salts in them. As he moves about
the cavern, the silver white hair mage eyes fall upon a set of fire salt

Quietly making his way over to the foot print, Misto shrugs off his pack and
removes three small jars from his pack and quickly opens them. He then
reaches into various pouchs inside of his robes and gets a couple of tools,
looking them over carefully to ensure that they will do the job that is at
hand. Once satisifed with his tools, Misto began chiseling off the precious
salt into the different jars, while all along looking for fire sentinel who
had place them there. 

Working with agile fingers and the knowledge of several years behind him,
the mage quickly had all three of his jars filled with rare fire salts. Once
finished, Misto replaced everything from wince it came and hoisted his pack
up on to his back once more and quietly made his way back into the other
carven and the tracks of the two prior travelers. 

Upon reaching the tracks, Misto continued his search for where they ended
and soon came upon a wither corpse in dark corner of the cavern. The mage
scowled at the sight and kneeled down next to the small body and passed his
right hand over it as he utter another phrase. The body briefly glowed a
soft white color revealing what had happened to it. Recoginizing the spell
Misto gasped and fell backwards on to his butt as he cursed, "Dam it,
someone drained the life right out of this body." 

Misto recovered quickly and inspected the body closely noticing that it was
once female, "You poor thing, you didn't even notice it untill it was too
late did you?" The mage's voice wavered between sorrow and anger. His eyes
looked down at the tiny body as he continue to talk to it, "I'm sorry for
what has been done to you, but I can't break the rules this time and bring
you back." From the pain in his voice it would have been clear if anyone had
heard it that he would have attempted it in heart beat. Misto knelt there a
while longer and continued to talk to the now dead girl, "You have to
understand, if I bring you I could unleash the darkness here. And magic
would surely die." Tears flowed freely as he patted the wither corpse arm,
his hand moved down to her right hand where it stopped and gave a gentle
squeeze. While doing so the mage notice the girl was holding something. He
frowned as he reached for the item in her hand. And removed a small pouch,
Misto's scowl deepend as he opened it and seareched it's contents, coming
upon a letter written from the High Archmage to Alexandros. 

The mage stood up and screamed out his reach, letting it echo throughout the
caverns and then looked down once more at the girl and dropped the pouch on
her body. He then inhaled deeply and as he exhaled he loosened a fire breat
spell on the corpse. As the body took flame and burned to ashes, Misto
turned around quickly stormed from the caves. Not stopping to rest, the mage
was out by sunset and within seconds gated back to the Tower. 

Once back to the tower, Misto removed the items from his pack and shoved at
another white robe apprentice and growled, "Give these to the High Archmage
and tell him..." He stopped in the middle of what he was saying and wave the
other apprentice away, who was only too grateful to be away from his glare.
Misto sighed and shook his head as he watch the young white robe flee from
him, "I truly thought I left all this behind, but if not. I guess one more
death will hardly matter." He spoke softly to no one as he pulled the letter
out of one his pockets and looked at the name it was address to, "You're
dead Alexandros..." He then made his way off to the white tower to make his

Author:    Misto          
Date:      Sat Jun 21 01:52:20 2008
Subject     A world lost pt 1

A globe the size of a ball of light sits here on a pedestal slowly
rotating through the spectrum of colors As you look at it, the speed of
colors shifts ever more quickly until they all join together and pour forth
from the globe to form the imagine of a elf with long silvery white hair
that comes down just below his shoulders. The elf blinks and looks about the
area taking everything in, then turns a hazel gaze in your direction and
inclines his head towards you while giving you a warm smile, "Greetings,
what you see before you is not real. But rather the image of a mage know as
Misto." The image of Misto looks down at the globe fondly then back up at
you, "This device setting here is something made up by Misto to store his
memories." The ghostly figure flickers briefly as he speach contiunes, "This
device as deem by Misto, the Memory Orb was based upon a mix of a sending
gem and dragon orb." 

The ghostly imagine pauses briefly and looks down at the Memory Orb in awe
for a second then returns his attention to you, "The basic ideal behind the
Memory Orb is simply this to share ones memories with another and since you
found it, I shall share them with you." Misto's imagine fades away as it
voice echoes softly, "Have no worries you will not be harmed by this
experience, but nor can you change the events you are about to witness.
Altering the past is dangerous and forbidden by most." 

The room is quickly engulfed by darkness as the voice continues on softly,
"From this point on you shall find your self in another world altogether and
while the people and places may seem real, you will not be able to interact
with them." You find yourself quickly caught up in the spectrum of colors as
they shift rapidly around you and then with a sudden jolt they stop and you
find yourself inside of a shop with several fine pieces ranging from weapons
made of silver to various other items made from silver as well. The voice
returns once more just barely audiable, "From here out, you shall hear very
little from me. But do not fear, I will be watching over you through
everything that is to come." 

With that the voice is gone and from the back of the shop mirthful laughter
can be heard and following it are two elves with a smile in their eyes as
each carries into the shop a couple of finely made silver candle sticks. One
of the elves had dark hair with silver streaks in it and about his hazel
eyes one could see age refined by wisdom, laughter, and a love for life. The
other clearly appeared much younger had blond hair traced with silver as
well. And his eyes though more youthful shine just as brightly with laughter
and love. As the two set down the candle sticks the younger one looked over
at the older one questioningly, "Father, I was wonder if I could go to the
High Tower of Sorcery?" 

The elder elf look at the younger one slightly askew as he set aside his own
candle sticks, "Now Calis Silverbinder, after the way you goofed off all day
yesterday. You except me to allow you to run off at the age of thirty to
become a mage?" Calis groaned and rolled his eyes at his father then grin at
his elder, "Me goofing off, you were the one who shut down the shop for the
festival yesterday and wouldn't quit raiding mothers pies." At that the two
Sliverbinder elves shared a hearty laugh. Master Silverbinder with a twinkle
in his eyes chuckled and nodded to his son, "Maybe, but you were suppose to
be watching my back instead of chasing after the girls." At this Calis threw
his hands over his heart and faked dying as he slid down a nearby shelf and
gave his father a mock look of sympathy as he spoke in a wounded tone, "You
told me you could take care of mother all on your own." His voice broke into
a chuckle half way through. 

Calis father smiles mirthfully and offers the elf a hand, which Calis except
gratefully, "Well, I did have a talk with High Archmage Linados when he was
last in here and he said that your magic crafting is rather impressive and
that he would be allow you to join this year if you like." The young elf
looks warily at his father, "You're kidding right, I can go?The hope and
expectation can clearly be heard in Calis voice as he father grins and nods,
"Yes son, you may go and you'll be leaving in the morning, so go get
packed." The silver tinted blond head elf chortle gleefully and head out the
shop towards home, while his father smile thoughtfully then sighed as he
reached into his pocket and pull out a small blue gem and whispered into it,
"Linados, it's me Balamar. Calis will be headed out in the morning please
take good care of him for me." A voice from replies from the blue gem,
"Don't worry my old friend, I'll take good care of him. I know his still too
young to be leaving home, but it's for the betterment of AI. We need all the
magical talent we can find." At this point the ghostly voice returns, "Calis
was once the name Misto held with pride and honor. Now don't get me wrong
over the next sixty years he study hard and advance inside of the High Tower
and even gained the ranked of Spellmaster himself. And was among one of the
best and loyal mages, he helped were needed and put the interest of others
before his own needs. But that would all change too soon." 
To be continued.

Author:    Misto          
Date:      Mon Jun 23 01:00:27 2008
Subject     Trouble with mages

 Alexandros turns the pages slowly, looking over diagrams of a dragon's
body, the internal organs.

Alexandros sighs and rubbs his eyes. He's been in this room for hours,
preparing for the latest task given to him by his Master, Jendaron.
Alexandros jerks his head sideways as he thinks he hears a noise, but sees
nothing. Shaking his head slowly as if to clear it, he looks back towards
the book and his notepad. 

Misto walks into the room and pulls an apprentice to the side, "I heard
Alexandros is here, show him to me." The elf hisses at the apprentince who
points a shaky hand at Alenandros, Misto shoves aside the apprentice and
storms over to Alexandros. 

Alexandros now definitly heard something. He looks around in concern as to
who would be making such a noise here in the Observatory.

The elf stops in front of the desk and tosses the not down on at as he
speaks in a heated tone, "Care to tell me where I found this?" If looks
could kill, Misto's would have slaugthered Alexandros. Alexandros casually
looks up into the eyes of the enranged white-robe. He has no idea what this
is about, but the behaviour is very strange for one of the often-timid

Alexandros holds the elf's gaze for a few moments before glancing down at
the piece of paper on the table. Alexandros lifts the note and reads it
carefully. Misto leans down into Alexandros face and repeats heatedly, "Do
you know where I found it?" It comes out in a hiss. 

Alexandros sneers at being pushed around like this. "I haven't a clue where
you got my mail from, elf. Maybe you should be more careful about who's
letters you are reading though." The silver white haired elf leans in close
to Alexandros, "Or you mean I should stay away from little girls in caves?"
Misto pauses to see the mage's reaction. 

Alexandros pushes off from the floor quickly and stands up. His face is
slightly paler and his voice soft, with a slight trembor - anger or pain, it
is hard to tell. Alexandros says "You have no idea of what you speak. I
suggest you turn and leave now." 

Misto stands up straight and frowns at Alexandros, "Or what, you'll drain
away my life energies too?" His voice comes out in almost rasp like hiss.

Alexandros clenches his right hand in anger. "I'm not warning you again,
elf. You have no idea what happened here, and I have no need to explain
myself to you or any other. If you continue on this course any longer, I
will make sure it is the end of you." 

Misto growls at Alexandros, "Tell me, what did she do. Try to show you how
to cut your meat and you decide it just punishment for trying to help you!"

Alexandros smiles sadly. "We were both going to die in there. She gave
herself willingly." 

Misto scowls softens slightly at Alexandros words, "I find it hard to
believe that a mage going into those caves couldn't protect himself and one
little girl. I think you better start talking." The threat could clearly be

Alexandros's hand unconciously drops to his right wrist. He playfully spins
a bracelet of brilliant green and red crystals. Suddenly, notcing what he is
going, he pulls his hand away and lets his rob sleeve fall down covering his
hands. Alexandros says 'I was sent into those caves far before I was ready
to protect myself, let alone another. I met creatures then that I doubt I
could challenge even today. There was no hope for us... only hope for me.' 

Misto's right hand starts clenching and unclenching at Alexandros words. The
silver white haird elf took a step back, "And yet you allowed her to follow
you in knowing, you could well die in there?"

Alexandros laughs softly at his words, though the sound is cold and hollow.
"I repeat - I explain myself to no one. If you are so simple-minded that you
feel you must take issue with that which you do not understand there is
little I can do for you." 

Misto's eyes narrow and seem to take on a reddish glow as he stares at
Alexandros, "Things I don't understand!?" He growls as raises his right hand
at the other mage, "You've not a clue about what I do or do not understand!"
Misto gaze becomes almost death like, "Yes, I think I actually would." His
right hand still raised start crackling with energy as he stares down the
other mage he seems to contemplate the situation then sighs as he realease
the energy back to from wince it came. And growls, "If I didn't have more
important issues at the moment I would gladly slay you in a heart beat. You
child murder." 

Alexandros laughs, this time for real. "As I thought. I also have real
matters to attend to, so you musn't mind if I take my leave." He pulls his
hood over his head and calmly begins to walk around the elf. As Alexandros
walks by Misto, the silver white hair elf grabs the mage and utters a few
words (Fear). Then hisses at Alexandros, "You ever leave this tower and I'll
be right behind you." 

Alexandros face filled with rage at being handled spins to face the elf. But
halfway through, his face falls into a paniked expression. Alexandros
smacking Misto's hand off his robe, he turns translucent and passes through
the floor in a rush. 

Misto frown as the black robe phase through the floor then growled as he
head out the door, "Just leave the tower, I dare you." The silver white hair
elf made his way back to his room in the White Tower where he sat about
planning his next move. 
  To be continue.

Author:    Misto          
Date:      Thu Jun 26 07:33:53 2008
Subject     A world lost pt II

The image of the shop fades away and in it's place A soaring gleaming
white Tower appears. The image zooms in close to the top of Tower and then
inside of it to large plush looking office where a man in grey robes sit at
a large oak desk. A knock can be heard coming from a set of large doors
gilded in gold with the image of the Tower upon them. The grey robed mage
sighs as he looks up towards the door, "Enter." He then returns to a report
in front of him. 

Calis walks into the room, holding a orb of some type and smiles, "We did it
Linados." He states cheerfully as he places the orb on the desk in front of
the High Archmage, the grey robe looks at it oddly then up at Calis, "Did
anyone get hurt durning it's creation?" Linados ask with a touch of concern
in his voice. Calis shakes his head, "No, but I wouldn't count on the other
mages or apprentice being of any use for at least a week." Linados nods as
he looks at the orb," So finally after twenty years of research and using
nearly every last one of my mages over the last fourty eight hours you
manage to create a Memory Orb." The grey orb looks up at Calis

"You didn't harm yourself in the process did you Calis?" Linados asks as
Calis picks the orb back up and places it inside of his robe, "No as far as
I can tell, I've not been affected in any fashion. But only time will tell."
The young mage states as he pulls another a pouch off his belt and places it
in front of the High Archmage, "And I manage to get the other mages to help
me finish these before we started our work on the orb." Linados looks
expectedly at the sack, "The badges are ready for then to be sent to the
Citadel?"The grey robe asks as he pulls one out and looks it over closely,
he utters a few words and the badge lights up briefly. He nods appearing to
be satisfied with it and replaces it. 

"Good, you feel up to a trip to Airu to take those to the Captain of the
Watch?" Calis nods as he picks the pouch up and ties it back off to his
belt," I can do it, but my magic won't be back for a few days, so I'll have
to travel by foot." Linados leans back in his chair and looks thoughtfully
at Calis, "Then perhaps you should wait till then, don't want you being
completely defenseless out there." Calis smiles at Linados, "I'm glad for
your concern, but it's only a week by foot." 

Linados smirks and shakes his head, "Fine Calis, be off then and report back
once you've dropped those off. We still have a lot of work to do." With
that, the High Archmage goes back to reading his report. Clearly dismissing
the mage. Calis turns and leaves the office behind, he pauses just out side
the door and picks up his pack that he had prepaird for the journey and
smiles to himself as he makes his way out of the Tower and the silent grove
that sits around it. Calis stops on the second evening of his travel and
after readying camp and starting cooking his dinner on a fire, the elf pulls
out the Memory Orb from it's resting place and smiles thoughtfully at it, as
it slowly changes colors. 

He then replaces back inside of his robe and finishes cooking his dinner and
turns in for the night leaving the fire burning. A few hours later, Calis
awoke startled by something. As he looked around, he could barely see by the
dying light of the embers from his fire. With a soft sigh he whispered, Go
back to sleep Calis, there's nothing there." As he started to lay back down,
something slammed into him from behind. Knocking him down to the ground
effectively pinning his arms under him. As he tried to scream a hand covered
his mouth and he felt a sharp pain in his neck as something bite down
viscous growl. His eyes widen in panic as he realized what was happening he
try to fail about to free himself. The fangs losing their grip and a harsh
voice whispered in his ear, "Sleep." And with out the ability to currently
cast any type of protective spell, Calis found himself fading off into
darkness as the fangs sang back into his neck. 

Dark images pranced through Calis's mind as he suddenly awoke with fright.
He looked about the camp site to find himself alone and his neck hurting
something terrible, the elf looked up at the sky noticing it was just pass
sunset and swore, "By Gonn, what am I going to do now. I'm going to be in a
world of trouble if I don't find that filthy creature and kill it soon." He
quickly got up and gather his things together. At this point the ghostly
voice returns, "Sad to say my master Misto would not find the vampyre who
had done this for several years to come, nor would he know what plans that a
group of vampyre known as the Kendred had in store for him and a few other
mages who faced the same fate." The image fades away as the ghostly voice
continues, "Calis over the next several months had a difficult time
adjusting to what had been force upon him. Some would call it a gift to be
vampyre while others would call it a curse. And at the current time on the
world of AI. Most had a great fear of the vampyre due to the Kendred, whom
were trying to force their rule upon the people. So Calis faded out sight
for as long as he could and managed to stay hidden very well until he made
the mistake of actually going to the Citadel of Airu." 
To be continue.

Author:    Misto          
Date:      Wed Jul  2 13:41:05 2008
Subject     A day at the lake

 IC *A portal opens close to Leela and out steps Misto, who pauses and
looks over at her and smiles at her," Greetings Leela, how did you sleep
last night?" 

Leela ICs in Common '*she does not open her eyes* Sleep... in underrated.'

Tyrolan ICs in Common '*walks around the outside of Palanthas walls, slowly
walking through the trees*' 

Misto chuckles and walks over and sits down on the ground next to Leela, "I
know you may not want to talk about it, but I would like to know how long
you've been using magic." 

Leela ICs in Common '*she opens her eyes and turns to Misto*' 

Leela ICs in Common 'I do not use magic Misto. I am just simple soul.'

Tyrolan ICs in Common '*correction - is walking around the outskirts of

Leela ICs in Common '*she turns her head towards the sound of someone
walking* I do belive we have a visitor.' 

Tyrolan ICs in Common '*stops upbruptly, noticing the two figures*' 

Leela ICs in Common 'Hullo stranger! *she waves*' 

Misto tilts his head slightly to the left and looks curiously at Leela, then
up towards the appoarching noise," Then mind explaining why you freaked out
last night." His never leaving the person appoarching them. 

Leela ICs in Common '*out of the corner of her lips* Freaked out? I did

Tyrolan ICs in Common '*a large smirk shows upon his face* What is this we
have here...?' 

Leela ICs in Common '*she jumps to her feet* I am Leela... this is my home
*points over to the log house*' 

Misto frowns as Tyrolan appoarches," Leela, that's a newly arrived mage at
the Tower..." 

Tyrolan ICs in Common '*looks over the building and back to the two figures*
Ah...interesting....*looks at Misto* Yes, but I wouldn't compare me to the
others in the towers...' 

Misto stands up and scowls at Tyrolan, "What is an initiate doing so far
from the Tower?" 

Leela ICs in Common 'Whoa...what is going on? *holds her hand up*' 

Tyrolan ICs in Common '*flippantly looks back and forth between the two,
obviously bored* What I need to do....' 

Leela ICs in Common '*she holds out her hand to Tyronlan* You are?' 

Tyrolan ICs in Common '*takes it and bows* I am Tyrolan, Tyrolan Malas.' 

Misto steps in front of Leela, blocking the hand, "Explain yourself before I
take you back as a runaway." 

Leela ICs in Common '*she eyes Misto oddly* ' 

Tyrolan ICs in Common '*looks up at the white robe* No one told me that I
couldn't leave....besides *he looks back across the town* I'm here for a gather some components....' 

Leela ICs in Common 'Misto... what is your problem? This is my home... I
allow who I want here.' 

Leela ICs in Common 'Are you his keeper Misto? Then I could understand.. if
you are not then his choices are his own.' 

Tyrolan ICs in Common '*grins at this*' 

Misto frowns and steps back and glances at Leela, "I find it odd an initiate
is allowed out by himself." 

Leela ICs in Common 'It is his choice, if he get into trouble it his trouble
to get into. ' 

Tyrolan ICs in Common 'From what I understand, however, you white robes stay
in doors more than any of the other orders....*turns and looks about the

Leela ICs in Common 'Now I see... you are from a different... order?' 

Misto sighs and looks at Tyrolan, "Orders have nothing to do with this. But
it's hide if his caught out." 

Tyrolan ICs in Common 'Oh yes....I don't..... blatantly wear my order on my

Tyrolan ICs in Common 'Yes....mostly.... *walks up to a rock and sits upon

Misto shakes his head and takes another step back, "Herbs..." 

Leela ICs in Common 'Well I don't know all of your mage mumbo jumbo.' 

Tyrolan ICs in Common 'Relax...there is little I could do against you,
sir...*he states with a bit of venom*' 

Leela ICs in Common 'I use herbs to eat ... not to make fires and stuff. She
walks over to a small pot hanging over a unlit fire.' 

Leela ICs in Common 'I have to get some water..*she walks towards the

Leela ICs in Common '*she grumbles* All if a sudden I have multitudes of
mages at my door.' 

Tyrolan ICs in Common 'I'll leave you for now...I must continue to
search...but I may stop by again...*he stands, bows, and starts to walk

Misto shakes his head and glances at Tyrolan, "You, need to be careful.
Don't get caught out here by yourself." 

Leela ICs in Common '*she sings a tune as she gets the water from the

With that Misto turns and walks after Leela, catching up to her rather
quickly, "Can I talk to you for a minute about what you said to me and
Kiyohime about being a mage?" 

Leela ICs in Common '*as she washes her hands* You can ask me anything..' 

Leela ICs in Common '*she washes her feet and arms* Just depends if I will
answer it or not.' 

Misto kneels down next Leela, "Then why mention that much, if you say you
can not use magic?" 

Leela ICs in Common '*she looks to Misto* What are you trying to get at

Misto flicks a finger in the water and looks curiously at Leela, "I'm just
trying to understand why you would admit to such things yesterday and then
deny them today." 

Leela ICs in Common 'I admitted nothing that had to do with magic. As I have
said I was a solider. ' 

Leela ICs in Common '*she stands, jerking the bucket up hard* No more, no

Leela ICs in Common '*she walks back to her home*' 

Misto stands up and looks curiously after Leela, "Leela, wait please.
Explain it to me then." He says as he rushes to catch up to her, "If you're
a soldier then what kind of soldier would say something like that?" 

Leela ICs in Common '*she turns to him quickly* Say what?' 

Leela ICs in Common 'What did I say to make you all ansty?' 

Misto sighs and rolls his eyes and looks at Leela, "Ok, let me ask you why
you get so nervous when magic is mentioned?" 

Leela ICs in Common 'Magic makes me nervous. I fight with my hands.. my
feet... my whip. Magic can backfire...magic can take out things that are

Leela ICs in Common 'Magic to me in unatural. There are you satisfied!' 

Leela ICs in Common '*she turns and stomps towards her home*' 
To be continue

Author:    Misto          
Date:      Wed Jul  2 14:28:00 2008
Subject     A day at the lake PT II

 Leela ICs in Common '*she slams her bucket down on the ground, and
begins to start a fire* I do not care that you are a mage. You do what you
choose to do.' 

Misto sighs and races up behind Leela and grabs her by the arm gently,
"Leela, I didn't mean to upset you." 

Leela ICs in Common 'We have the right of choice.' 

Leela ICs in Common '*she turns to him* I am not upset. ' 

Leela ICs in Common 'You say things are going bad, I do not like that.' 

Leela ICs in Common 'THAT is what upsets me.' 

Leela ICs in Common '*she puts a finger to his chest* You standing here
telling me things might go bad, makes me wonder. ' 

Leela ICs in Common '*she turuns again and lights the fire*' 

Misto nods slowly and looks with concern at Leela, "Forgive me, it was a
warning to Kiyohime, if you have no connection to magic. Then you're safe
for the time being." 

Leela ICs in Common 'No one is safe when is concerns the ways of magic and
mages.. I have seen to much to now that is the case.' 

Leela ICs in Common '*she pours the water into the pot over the fire*' 

Misto glances down at the fire and nods, "True, magic connects every thing
together. Those that are blessed with gifts as well as mages." 

Leela ICs in Common '*she eyes him* So tell me why can't you mages get

Leela ICs in Common 'You about ate the skin off of that one...' 

Misto smirks then grins at Leela, "Why can't two alpha males in a wolf pack
get along?" 

Leela ICs in Common '*she tosses some herbs into the pot, makeing it steam

Leela ICs in Common 'Next thing I will see is you all pissing to mark your
spot on the land! *she stirs the pot*' 

Misto chuckles, "No, we still use a privy. We manage to hold on to that much
of civilization." 

Leela ICs in Common '*she places the spoon down* So how bad is the situation

Misto sighs softly and shakes his head, "I can't be certain, I'm not use to
the magic here. But if it's anything like back home. It's bad, getting ready
to turn worse." 

Leela ICs in Common '*she chuckles softly* Home.... what a funny word.' 

Leela ICs in Common '*she sits down on the log* So what is it you are trying
to do then Misto. Are you even allowed to be speaking of these things?' 

Misto rubs his chin thoughtfully then sits down next to Leela, "No, but like
the trees depend on the sun and water to live, so does much of life depend
on magic. So I'm trying to speak to the different orders here and get their
help with this problem."

Leela ICs in Common 'What are they to do? As far as I could tell the Lady
last night was not a mage.' 

Misto glances at Leela, "No, but she is connect to magic. Even though her's
is recieved as a gift, she still has access to it. And so may be able to
help fix the problem." 

Leela ICs in Common 'You tell me all of this because?' 

Misto smiles warmly at Leela," Because sometimes it's good to have an opion
from someone who is not connected to the problem." 

Leela ICs in Common '*she removes her outter coat, wearing a vest

Misto arches his left brow then chuckles, "Now it's time I pry a little in
your life by asking, who was that died at the hands of magic that it made
you turn from it?" 

Leela ICs in Common '*her arms have multiple tattoos of leaves and birds
across them*' 

Leela ICs in Common '*her face grows dark, she stays silent a moment*' 

Leela ICs in Common '*the muscles in her arms twitch, her hands clentch* ' 

Misto eyes take in the tattoos for a brief second and then return to Leela
face, "I thought as much, I'm sorry for your lost." The sorrow in his voice
could clearly be heard. 

Leela ICs in Common 'There was children.' 

Leela ICs in Common 'Would not be so bad if it was just the adults, we knew
what could happen....' 

Misto nods as he continues to listen, allow Leela to vent. 

Leela ICs in Common 'They came and just set everything on fire *she pulls
down the vest slightly showing him a jagged deep scare* not sure why I
stayed alive..' 

Leela ICs in Common 'I found out that they where paid to do what they did.
We might have made it if the mages didn't hide in the trees to fight! *she
slams her fist into the log*' 

Misto's eyes take in the scar as he continues to listen* 

Leela ICs in Common '*she eyes flare at Misto* If is that a way to fight? To
hide behind your warriors?' 

Misto looks calmly into Leela eyes as he speaks softly, "When two men fight
and one is smaller then the other, do you blame the bigger man. That it's
not fair simple because of his size?" 

Leela ICs in Common '*she calms* That is why I don't care for magic. That is
why I don't even wish to fight. I perfer to be here in my home. By my

Leela ICs in Common 'You asked me I told. ' 

Leela ICs in Common '*she turns to the pot and swears loudly* I forgot about
the tea!' 

Leela ICs in Common '*she jumps up and peers into the pot* Aww. Its burnt

Misto nods and looks out at the lake, "Leela, magic itself is not evil. The
people who wield it make it evil. Just like your whip, you decide to how it
is use. Not the whip itself." 

Leela ICs in Common 'Very true. If it wasn't you would not be sitting here
my friend.' 

Leela ICs in Common 'LIke I said I am not one to tell people how to live. We
all have a choice.' 

Misto reaches inside of his robe and pulls out a robe that swirls with
multiply colors and looks into it thoughtfully, "One day when your ready
Leela, I would like for you to know about my home." He then places the orb
back inside of his robes. 

Leela ICs in Common '*she takes the pot, pouring out the burnt up herbs*
What a waste...' 

Leela ICs in Common 'Home is where you are Misto, not where you come from.'

To Be Continued 

Author:    Misto          
Date:      Wed Jul  2 14:37:07 2008
Subject     A Day at the lake PT III

 Tyrolan ICs in Common 'Yes, Misto, didn't you know that? *chuckles
lightly as he walks back out from the forrest*' 

Leela ICs in Common '*she nods towards Tyrolan* Welcome back.. did you find
what you sought after?' 

Misto chuckles and smiles at Leela, "You're right about that...." Then
blinks and looks up at Tyrolan, "How long have you been there?" 

Tyrolan ICs in Common 'Oh, just long enough to see the pot boil....' 

"Leela, I need to go for a little while. There are a few things I need to do
back at the Tower. But if you're going to be around here later this
afternoon, I'll return." 

Leela ICs in Common 'I have to make a trip to town, I will be back on threes
days time.' 

Tyrolan ICs in Common '*leans up against a tree*' 

Leela ICs in Common 'Until then my friend?' 

Misto nods to Leela, then looks over at Tyrolan, "If you like, I can gate us
both back." 

Tyrolan ICs in Common '*shrugs* Why not? Makes the trip easier.' 

Leela ICs in Common '*she snickers a little* Watch out you might end up in a

"Only if you put a jug of that Ale of yours in it." 

Tyrolan ICs in Common '*raises an eyebrow* ....' 

Leela ICs in Common '*she laughs out loud* Good day mages...*she walks into
her house*' 

Misto chuckles then opens a gate nearby and looks at Tyrolan, "After you." 

Tyrolan ICs in Common '*nods and walks through the gate*' 

Misto looks back towards the house and whispers, "Be safe my new friend."
And then steps through the gateway to the glyph room at the Tower. He looks
back through watching the cabin as he let's gate shut slowly his thoughts
linger on his supposed new warrior friend of the forest. 

Author:    Misto          
Date:      Sat Sep  4 22:36:23 2010

Several days after being raised to the position of High master for the
Whites. Misto had a disturbing vision of death, destruction, darkness. These
dreams haunted him for several nights and days, causing him to awaken in
cold sweats. Every time he would wake, he would think of the home he lost to
almost the exact same evil, if not the very same evil. 

Therefore, two weeks after being installed into his office, Misto packed a
hiking pack, grabbed his staff and opened a portal from his room to a far
off location. He cast it without even thinking about what may be waiting or
the dangers of simply casting such a spell without knowing where it might
open up. However, this was simply too urgent for him to ignore. So great in
fact, he did not even bother to leave a simple message for the others of his
order. With one last look about his room, almost as if saying goodbye Misto
smiled warmly then turns and stepped through the open portal, once he was
safely through on the other side. He allowed the portal to snap shut. 

Misto had stepped onto an abandon beach; the breeze was coming in off the
ocean carrying the smell salt with a mixture of decay. The silver haired elf
wrinkled his nose at the smell and blinked at the setting sun. "Looks like
Ill have to wait till morning." He sighed as he set his pack down on the
sandy beach. He looked around at his surroundings taking in the miles of
empty sand with what looked like drift wood scatter about. Misto gather up
some loose wood and made a fire and eat some of his rations, his thoughts
lingered on the dreams and have times past, when he was still young and
before his world fell to darkness. 

His thoughts returned to the Citadel of Airu where he use to go by the name
of Calis, where at one time he was even a vampyre or vampire depending on
who you ask. His thoughts return to a time of when he made an orb that would
store memories of the bearer. To times of a person, that was no longer he.
That was what he called his time of madness. The time in which the hunger of
a vampire ruled his life and decided his fate. 

That was also when he had made some of his best friends and lovers. People
who helped him fight the urges and regain something close to a normal life.
People who protect him against the Kenderd, a ruling class made entirely of
vampires. The very same people that help separate the demon from him with
the help of the High Tower through a complex summoning and containment
spell. Allowing him to become a simple elf once more and not a vampire. 

Moreover, in doing so caused a void in the balance of life in the world of
AI. Everyone thought they were doing a good thing, even Misto thought it was
a good thing, until the darkness started taking over and destroying all that
they loved and cherished. He was the only survive of that world that he knew
of. Therefore, with those thoughts racing through his mind, Misto laid out
his bedroll and fell asleep with these thoughts plaguing him, that what
happened there might be happing here on Krynn. 

The next morning Misto awoke to a beautiful morning and some sand inside of
his bedroll, the silver elf sighed and shook his head mutter quietly to
himself about camping out. He eat a cold breakfast of bread and some dried
meat from his pack, then put everything away into his pack. Once this was
done, Misto headed out east along the shoreline towards the rising sun and
what look like an approaching storm. 

As he traveled further along the beach and the sun was directly overhead.
The smell of decay soon over power the smell of salt in the air. Misto soon
realized that the smell was coming from the direction of the cloud cover,
which was actually smoke covering the whole horizon. As Misto continues to
travel, the smell of decay became mingled with the smell of smoke. In
addition, pieces of wreckage began to appear more frequently. That night
Misto eat and slept without a fire. In addition, his concern about what lay
ahead increased. 

The next morning was the same and as Misto continued on his travel, the
destruction of ships seemed to increase, along with the smoke cover, which
now blotted out even the sun light. Making the daylight seem like an eternal
dusk and the surroundings gloomy. It stayed like this for the next three
weeks as Misto traveled along the beach, nothing but death and rot
everywhere he looked. By the third week, Misto started finding actual
corpses with equipment and weapons he did not recognize, from the amount of
decay and the parasites that were feeding off the bodies, what ever had
taken place here was several weeks old and yet the smoke still blotted out
the sun the further east he. 

On one of the corpses, he found clutch in its hand a water soaked piece of
parchment, being very careful Misto pried the piece of paper out of the
corpses hand and looked it. It is written in a language he did not recognize
and most of it was beyond legible except for one line. The silver haired elf
sighed, closed his eyes for a second, and utters a single short phrase. He
then opened them again and looked down at the parchment and watch as the
words formed into a script that he could recognize. 

Misto chuckle at the simplicity of the spell and read what he could of the
remaining message. As he read the note, the only words he could make out in
a large block scrawl simply stated. THEY SHOW NO MERCY! The rest of the
letter was unreadable and Misto mutter as he crumple and tossed the note
aside, "No, I guess they dont show mercy do they" With that Misto looked off
towards the smoke filled sky and open another portal, determine to find out
what or who had caused all of this. 

The silver haired elf crossed over the threshold and left the carnage behind
him. As Misto traveled on in this fashion, he found signs of destruction and
war all around. As the months passed, he would find a few survivors here and
there that spoke of an army that showed no mercy and the only way they had
survived was by hiding. No matter where he went the message was the same,
Death has a face and a mean sword arm. Almost a whole year had past and the
silver haired elf seem to be no closer then before to this army. 

He had help as many as he could when he came across them and so finally he
open one more portal, the one that would take him home, the one that would
allow him to warn others of the possible danger that more then likely was
headed their way."Im coming home my broters." And with that he stepped
through the portal back to his rooms at the tower. 

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