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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Mystic.

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Author:  Mystic
Date    Tue May  7 19:57:16 2002

Subject  The history of Eternal Mage

The  young  mage leaned back into his chair, and sighed. A moment had  passed,
 and  in  that moment Hedonis had gained the knowledge he needed  to  complete
 his  destiny.  He looked down at his lap where a scroll  sat,  a  dark, night
blue silk tie, holding it closed. Knowing what  it  contained,  Hedonis 
cradled it in his hands with the utmost care, and stood. He took a few careful
steps and set it upon the stone table in the center of the mage's laboratory.
A thin smile crossed his lips, Nuitari had done the job Takhisis said he
would. Hedonis removed a  spellbook  with deep red runes on his spine, and set
it before him, opening  it to the first blank page. He focused for a moment
and undid the  tie  around  the scroll, revealing spells enscribed by the god
of the  black  robes himself. Hedonis took a pen from one of the numerous
pockets  in  his  robe and began to write, catching each detail of the
writings  on  the  scroll  and  transferring them verbatum to the soft pages
of the red rune bound spellbook.

Hedonis  wiped  the  sleep from his eyes, and awake from his deep sleep.  He
had slaved over the spell book deep into the night, working diligently  to 
copy  each  spell  Nuitari  had given him. Accessing a memory  of a time long
ago, Mystic the Eternal Mage that inhabited the body  of  Hedonis,  remembered
 Takhisis  words  to him. "Mystic, most powerful  of  all  the mages of Krynn,
in this life you will no longer serve  yourself.  You  will serve me. You are
mine. If you refuse, you will  die.  I  will  take  your  soul  and  make it
mine. What say you Mystic?"  He  had  no  choice,  his future became
Takhisis', and so he plotted.  Taking  the  body  of  a  young  mage,  Mystic
made his plan possible.  He had duped a god, the god of magic. Nuitari, in
believing that  Hedonis  was  a  loyal servant had turned over the most
powerful spells  on Krynn, spells that no man had ever seen since the Heresy
of Igraine.  Now,  Hedonis  had  all  the power he needed to complete his
circle  of  power. He had stolen Mystic's ancient spell books from the heart
of the tower. Hedonis was ready to absorb the power of the great mage, 
finally  becoming  what  Mystic  always  knew he would. Hedonis leaned  back 
into his chair again to await his goddess' call. Soon he would have all the
power he wanted.

Stepping onto the dirt floor, Hedonis walked from the temple into the  heart 
of  the  mass  of  men  and women standing in disarray. He whispered  a  word 
of  magic to himself and he began to float, rising high above the crown. The
eyes of the men and women below rose to look at  the  floating mage, an aura
of power eminating from him. Applified by  his magic Hedonis spoke, "Knights
of Takhisis, a change has come."

Reaching  into  his robes, he pulled out a golden crown, and placed it upon 
his  head.  "This,  is  the  crown  of  power, and I am now your leader." 
With  the final word Hedonis placed the crown upon his head, and  sent  a 
shockwave  of  fear  and  anger  through the mob of grey knights.  Hedonis 
sighed  quietly  to  himself.  He had expected this response,  but  he  had 
hoped for better. Slowly, he raised his right hand  and  with  words  of 
magic  sent lightening to scorch the earth before  the  mob.  "Be  silent!" 
he shouted, commanding them with the strength  of  Takhisis behind him. "Be
still each of you and look into your  hearts,  there  you  will  see  the 
vision  of  your  goddess."

Tentatively,  each  man  and  woman bowed their heads and closed their eyes.

Takhisis spoke.

>>> to be continued <<<

Author:  Mystic
Date    Tue May  7 19:59:52 2002

Subject  The history of Eternal Mage - the 2nd part.

Takhisis spoke.

"Hedonis,  master  of past and present, master of magic, has been chosen  to 
lead  you  all to the greatness you have been promised. He will  give  you 
the  strength,  the  power, then vision, to spread my greatness  throughout 
the  land.  Follow  him,  and you all will find strength.  Follow  him and be
favored by me." The words faded from the minds  of  the  army as each raised
their head to look at the powerful man  floating  above  them.  Each quieted
their anger and walked away, leaving only a few behind to stare in wonder at
the man floating above. He was accepted -- for now.

Hedonis of Neraka, Supreme Dragon Highlord....

...   but it was only a beginning ...

Author:  Mystic
Date    Sun Jun 30 17:31:07 2002

Subject  [ true story ] Mystic

The  tale  of  Hedonis... or should I say, Mystic? Lots of people talk about 
the  great  archmage Fistandantilus, but none dare talk of his great and dark
master...Mystic. Now the tale is being told...

Long ago, before the cataclysm, a man called 'Mystic' lived on what we call
Krynn. No mage likes to talk about him, for he was the greatest wizard ever 
to  live.  More  powerful  then  Fistandantilus,  more  powerful then Raistlin
Majere, more powerful then even the great Magius himself. He alone knew the
secrets of time travel, he alone could step through dimensions and be 
anywhere  he wanted to be, he alone held that key. He taught some of it to 
his apprentice , but only some. For Mystic knew what Fistandantilus was up to,
and Mystic would not let him grow too powerful.

"Fist,  get  me that book..." "Yes master." Fistandantilus quickly did his
masters bidding and retrieved the midnight blue spellbook off the table across
 the  room.  "Thank you." Mystic took the book and imiaditly started writing 
in it. "Hell, If I add this to the spell...yes.. thats good.. that will  do 
exactly what I want it to." Fist peered intently at his master as he  wrote 
new spells in his spellbook, spells even the most powerful mages alive couldnt

"Master...May  I ask what you are creating today?" Fist asked the dark Mystic.
"A new spell my apprentice..a spell that, if it works how I want it to,  will
let me "jump" in a sense, to other WORLDS..." Fist cringed back."

Other  Worlds?!?  I  do not understand master..I thought Krynn was the only

"You  are  still young yet Fist, and only an apprentice. Of course you think 
Krynn  is  the only world...But I have SEEN THEM...In my orb...Other worlds, 
other  races. Power beyond your understanding......Leave me now, I must 
finish  this  spell"  Fistandantilus bowed to his master and left the room,
returning to his quarters.

"Now,  time to try this new spell out" Mystic uttered the words to the spell 
he  has just finished writing. The spell that he has been working on for  so 
long.  Much  to  his  surprise...IT WORKED. A dark swirling portal appeared 
before  him  in  the  room, notes, scrolls, books flew across the room  
swirling   with   the  mist.  Lightning  crackled,  thunder  roared,
Fistandantilus  ran  from  his  room  to Mystic's laboratory banging on the
door.  "Master!"  he  screamed "Master are you all right?!?!" He tried with
all  his strength and knowledge of magic to open the sealed door, but to no
avail. All he could do was sit, and wait for it all to end.

Meanwhile  in the laboratory, Mystic stared, pleased with his work. He looked 
to  the dark portal and gathered a few spell books he thought might come  in 
handy  in  wherever  this  led to. After gathering his things, he entered  the
 portal.  Dark  mists  swept  around Mystic, mysterious things swirled  all 
around  him. He looked at all without fear, staring in wonder and excitement
of what he has found, and then it all stopped, the blackness faded  to light,
and he was not in his Laboratory anymore. But in a forest, one he has never
seen before.

He  wandered  around,  looking for a way out. A young, by the looks of it, 
creature  appeared  before  Mystic  as  he walked through this strange forest.
 Mystic peered at it, examining it, for he had never seen the likes of it
before in all his existence. The creature stood about 4 ft tall, hand long 
golden hair, sparkling silver eyes, it.s ear.s were pointed like that of 
elves,  its  bodily  build  was  small,  but  looked to suit the little
creatures  height.

"Who are you?" demanded Mystic.

                                to be continued...

Author:  Mystic
Date    Sun Jun 30 17:34:57 2002

Subject  [ true story ] Mystic (2nd part)

"Who are you?" demanded Mystic.

"I  am  Taran.  Who  are you?" The little creature looked up at Mystic full 
of awe. "I am known as Mystic. Take me from here Taran, I wish to see more  of
 this  place.  But  I  want to be rid of this damn forest." Mystic stared 
down  at Taran. The little creature simply nodded its had gleefully and 
started  to  lead  the  way  out of the forest. Taran led Mystic to an opening
in the forest where houses of extreme beauty could be seen. Made of marble,
gold, silver, diamonds and crystal could be seen, each with its own
differently  shaped  symbol  on the doors. Mystic pondered this and thought
that this must be how they distinguish their families.

"Do  you have magic users about?" Mystic asked Taran.

"Magic  users? Of course.. We have many magic users, mostly good. But, there 
are  also  evil magic users" he pointed to the mountains where smoke could  be
 seen  raising  up.  "Up there, be careful you do not wander near them,  or 
they will attack you and try to steal your body from your soul."

Mystic  looked  down at him curiously. "Steal my body? And how do you think
they  can  achieve  this?"  "Oh,  they  have  ways. They send their soul to
another  plane,  another  dimension,  and  they  wait  for unprepared young
victims  and  they steal the young ones body. They enter it with their soul
and  send  the  other.s  soul  to  the  dimension that they were previously
residing in."

"Interesting"  Mystic  commented  at what the little creature has just said. 
"I  will  take  a  look around if you do not mind." Taran smiled and shook 
his head "Be our guest" Mystic walked through the beautiful town and many  saw
 him  and  stared,  others  simply  smiled  at  the  new face and continued 
working.  When night had fallen, Mystic left the city and headed toward where
the "evil mages", as Taran had called them, resided.

It wasnt long before Mystic reached their camp. He examined it closely before
entering. After he was done, he walked into the camp and many of the "evil
ones" jumped to their feet, ready for battle. Mystic gestured to them to 
halt,  and  said  to them "I do not wish to fight you, I am "evil" like
yourselves. I heard of how you can steal one's body from their soul. I wish to
learn how to do this." One of the evil creatures stepped forward, Mystic
assuming  this their leader by the way the others parted for him. "You want to
 learn  OUR  magic?  Why  should  we teach you? What can you do for us?"

Mystic  now  was wearing an evil grin. "Anything you wish. I could help you
enslave  that  city  down there. They obviously prove a threat to you." The
leader  of  the  evil creatures turned to the rest of them, and talked with
them  about  his proposition. "Very well... But, You must first face one of
our  most  powerful  warlocks  in  a fight to the death. If you survive, we
shall teach you." Mystic nodded his head. "Let us begin." The creature sent
forth  one  of  the  men. Not being able to sense how powerful the creature
was, Mystic thought he would have an easy task ahead of him.

The  battle  begun.  The  creature  took  Mystic  by  surprise when he
launched  a  fireball  at  him,  but  being  as  powerful as he was, Mystic
countered  and  easily evaded the spell. The creatures all seemed at awe of
how  easily the spell was countered, even the spellcaster. Taking advantage of
 this,  Mystic  cast  a  spell  of  his own, lightning crackled from his
fingertips, and when the smoke cleared, his opponent was nothing but ashes.

The  leader  stepped forth, shaking, " have of our  shall  teach  you." Pleased with himself, Mystic smiled
and  went  into  the  camp following the leader.

                                to be continued ...

Author:  Mystic
Date    Sun Jun 30 17:38:17 2002

Subject  [ true story ] Mystic (3rd part)

Months  went  by, and Mystic finally had the spell down right. "There, we 
have  taught  you our spell of stealing one's body from their soul, now you
keep your part of the bargain." Mystic laughed mercilessly at this, and the 
leader,  red with anger, snapped at him. "You made a deal with us! Now keep 
your  part!"  "Very  well. I shall." Mystic started chanting words of magic.
Strong winds starting swirling, the clouds grew dark and blotted out the sun,
the fires in the camp blinked out, and all grew cold.

"I  shall  keep my part of the bargain, your enemies will be no more!"

He  uttered  a  few  more  words  of  magic, and the winds shook the trees,
lightning  streamed out of the sky setting fire to all they hit. Trees were
uprooted,  hail  flung  from  the clouds with tremendous speed damaging all
they  hit.  The  winds  grew stronger and stronger, the storm got worse and
worse.  And  laughing, Mystic stood untouched by it all. The creatures were
dieing at a quick rate, the leader badly hurt, blood coming from his mouth,
said  to Mystic. "" Mystic shook his hooded head.

"No.  I  did  not  lie  about anything, look, your enemies village is being
destroyed!  Hahahahaha. But you never said anything about not killing you!"

Mystic  then  disappeared and a ball of hail struck the leader in the head,
killing him.

Now in a cave safe from the devastation going on outside, Mystic began
chanting  the words to the spell that would take him home. After some time, a
portal opened before him, and he stepped through, returning once again to his

"Hahahahaha..   What  fools!"  With  this,  he  left  the  laboratory, calling
 for  his  apprentice.  "Fistandantilus!"  Startled  at hearing his master's
voice, one he hadnt heard in months, Fistandantilus quickly ran to his 
master.  "I  have returned, and I am weakened. I will be resting for a while 
now.  Make  certain  NO  ONE disturbs me. Understood?" Sneering from under 
his hood he replies "Yes master. As you wish." Mystic then went into his  room
and laid in his bed to rest. When Mystic was finally full rested, he  took  to
 teaching  his  apprentice  once again. Months went by, Mystic teaching  
Fistandantilus   much.   As   Mystic   grew  in  power,  so  did
Fistandantilus.  He finally decided he would teach Fistandantilus the spell
that  would  allow him to avoid death by going to another plain and waiting
for  a new host to take the body from. He taught him most of the spell, but
did not teach him the last of it.

That  night, Mystic was sleeping, and Fistandantilus entered his room.

A  gleam  was  in his eye as he drew a dagger. He crept over to his masters
bed  and  raised  his  dagger,  but  right before doing so, he saw Mystic's
spellbook.  A smile arose upon his face. "The spell must be in there!" With
much  enthusiasm he began looking for the spell. He found it. Examining the
spell  he  found  the  missing  piece and quickly wrote it down in his own.

Then,  he placed the spellbook back where it was and resumed to his master.

The  dagger  flashed as Fistandantilus thrust it toward Mystic's chest. The
moment  before  it  pierced  his body, Mystic awoke, he quickly chanted the
words  to the spell that would take his soul to another plain, and then the
dagger  pierced  his  heart.  Mystic's  body  lay  limp,  no  breathing, no
heartbeat. His body was dead. But the spell had worked!

                        to be continued ... 

Author:  Mystic
Date    Sun Jun 30 17:42:31 2002

Subject  [ true story ] Mystic (4th part)

His soul was on a dimension he had never seen before. And one he could not 
escape  without a suitable host. He waited. He searched long and hard, and, 
after  centuries,  he found one. A young magi by the name of Hedonis.

Waiting  for  the  right  moment  to  strike,  Mystic  took  Hedonis' body.

Switching  souls  with  him,  leaving  the young magi's soul on the distant
plain.  The time for Hedonis' test of the conclave was near. Mystic knew he
would  pass  it with ease. He was a very powerful magi in his time, and was
even  more  powerful  in  this  young  body.  The test came, and Mystic, or
Hedonis, passed it with ease. Living his life with the conclave as Hedonis,
never  letting  on that he was Mystic, he was able to learn new things from
them,  and  learn  their weaknesses. Time passed, Hedonis grew stronger. He
eventually  had  no  more  need  for the Conclave, and showed them his true

The  mages,  all  knowing the history of Mystic, and the extent of his power, 
knew immediately who this was. The mages all fought against Mystic, and 
Mystic, though outnumbered, reduced the Conclave's numbers dreadfully.

He  was not, however, powerful enough to defeat them and fled. He turned to
his Dark Queen for assistance...

Hedonis,  or  should  I  say  Mystic? Is one of the most powerful magi alive,
and is smiled upon by his queen.

The story of Hedonis has finally been retold, though many may tell the story, 
this  is  the  only true version, this is what really happened. Not many have
known that Mystic consumed the body of Hedonis, for the mages who did know
wished to keep it secret as to not send others into a panic.

... but Mystic managed to leave the body of Hedonis later on, but this is just
another story to be told...

Mystic or should I say... Hedonis? Anyway, the Eternal Mage

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