The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Nakaros.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a worn book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Nakaros' scribed in unearthly yellow ink.

Author:    Nakaros        
Date:      Tue Aug  3 23:07:21 2010
Subject     Nakaros Background

Growing up with the dargonesti was very peaceful for Nakaros who it was
discovered at an early age he had a talent for the arcane. The speaker of
the moons upon learning of this decided to take a personal interest in the
boys magical training teaching him to control the magic that seemed to have
blessed him. He spent his days with the speaking in training and at night
returned home to his parents and two older brothers until that terrible
night before his 90th birthday when he tried to cast a spell that the
speaker had forbidden as being far too dangerous for him. Nakaros beleiving
the speaker was just being overly cautious decided to cast the spell in his
room and show the speaker he was more capable than he he was given credit.
But Nakaros was wrong the spell went awry and as he screamed in pain and
fear his parents rushed into his room only to be consumed by a blast of
magical energy killing them both. Nakaros awoke a week later in the speakers
home looking up he saw the dissapointed face of his master gazing down at
him. He was then told that the council known as the speaker of the blood had
decided he should be put to death the speaker however decided that as
punishment for his foolish pride Nakaros should be banished sending him to
live on the land with his shame and to ensure he learned to respect the
power he was gifted with and to learn the patience needed to control it he
contacted a friend who lived in Palanthas to take the boy under his wing.
His brother being less forgiving followed him onto land and continue to hunt
him seeking revenge on the one who killed their parents. 

Author:    Nakaros        
Date:      Wed Aug  4 03:28:48 2010
Subject     Finding the path

Upon arriving in Palanthas Nakaros began his search for the one the
speaker mentioned with little luck. After wandering around Palanthas for
some time he decided to stop in a small bar and have a drink. The sign over
the door displays a red moon identifying the tavern as the Witching Light
Lounge. As Nakaros walks over to the bar and orders a glass of wine he is
approached by a hooded figure wearing a luminous red robe. As the figure
sits on the stool next to him she removes the hood to reveal a beautiful
woman with fire red hair. She says her name is Luni and asks him what he is
looking for in Palanthas. He looks at her over the rim of his glass
introducing himself as Nakaros and says he is looking for someone to teach
him to control the magic that flows through him but that he has not had much
luck. She smiles as she looks into her own glass and asks for what purpose
does he want to become a mage. He says he has always had a certain affinity
for magic but that he needs to learn the patience and discipline to properly
master it. She looks up from her glass to gaze into his eyes seemingly
searching for something soon she smiles again and says she can help him. She
motions for the bartender to bring them both another glass and hands one to
Nakaros she raises her glass in a toast. As the wine passes his lips Nakaros
begins to feel drowsy he looks up just in time to see the woman smiling and
hears her say sweet dreams. He awakens after midnight outside the gates of
Palanthas. He staggers to his feet looking around he sees the red moon of
Lunitari and for a moment thinks he sees it wink at him but he decides its
just his imagination. A woman in white robes appears before him in a flash
of light looking around she says you must be Nakaros. 

Author:    Nakaros        
Date:      Wed Aug 25 13:48:07 2010
Subject     Return to the Sea

Nakaros was sitting in his room at the tower of wayreth looking at the
sea in his scrying mirror. Suddenly he heard a voice say "You miss it dont
you?" turning around he saw his master standing in the doorway. Walking into
the room his master said "I did not mean to disturb you but you missed your
lesson." Nakaros looks up from his mirror sighing and says "I can't help it
I just cant seem to focus lately." Sitting down in a chair across from
Nakaros his master smiles and says "I understand the sea will always be your
home, I have a friend in Palanthas he recently finished the building of a
ship called the Tempest, perhaps you should go and spend some time at sea
again ." Nakaros looks at his master with a shocked look on his face saying
"But what about my studies master?" Handing Nakaros a small blue spellbook
he says "This was the spellbook I used when I first started just follow it
and you will be fine, just return to see me every 6 months so I can see how
you are progressing." Hugging his master Nakaros begins to pack his things
for the journey to Palanthas. 

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