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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Oisin.

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Astinus gently places a private journal on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Oisin' scribed in faded purple ink.

Author:    Oisin          
Date:      Wed Nov 14 03:30:06 2007
Subject     The History of Oisin

A young man steps up to the doorway of the Smiling Mug, after days of
traveling he looked forward to having a brief moment of rest before
the completion of his journey. Scanning his surrounding he gently
pushes the door forward, allowing the rooms light to flood the
darkened roadway. With a brief sigh he steps through the door and
walks up to the bar.
'A bottle of Rum please Sir.'

'Sorry son but we dont serve that here, alls we got is ale or you
can have some of this piss water.'

'Ill just have the pint of ale then if you dont mind.'

The bartender turns around, an aging man he wipes the sweat off his
forehead and places his red handkerchief into his back pocket.
Reaching up he pulls on the tap filling the glass to the brim before
handing it over to Oisin.

'Thatll be 24 coppers.'

Oisin reaches into his coinpurse and pulls out a gold coin which he
tosses onto the counter.

'For the next one also.'

The bartender nods and sweeps the coin off the table. 'So where you
from sailor?'

'I am no sailor Sir, though I do hail from Caergoth.'

'Ah thatd be the smell of the sea on yea then. I knew I smelt
something, for a second there I thought Id be losing my touch. What
brings you to hereabouts then?'

'I come seeking entrance into the Knights of Solamnia sir.'

'A Knight? Our bard will be wanting to talk to ye then! He hasn't
been to active of late, but he loves to hear some good stories of
adventures if you have any.'

'No sir I am not a Knight ye...' Before Oisin can complete his
sentence the bartender bellows out for the bard. From around the
corner a smilling man walks out laughing to himself.

'What you want? whats the yelling for? I was busy entertaining some

'Tybalt! This young man here is a Knight, I thought you might like
to hear from him some tales he comes all the way from Caergoth and
that young Missus you were entertaining will be more than willing to
come back another day.'

'A knight you say? I may just want to hear from you, please wont you
join me for a talk over here?' Turning around the bard Tybalt walks
over to an empty table and pulls out a chair sitting down upon it.
Oisin looks and gives a quick shrug, grabbing his pint of ale he walks
to the table and pulls another chair across from the bard.

'Sure I guess I can have a chat with you...Sir Tybalt.'

'Tybalt would be just fine young man. And what is your name?'

'Oisin, Oisin uth Detrian of Caergoth.'

'Well Oisin you certainly seem young to be a Knight, a squire
perhaps but a Knight? Things have certainly...'

'Excuse me Sir but I am not a Knight, nor a squire of the
Knighthood. The bartender was quick to hear but not as quick to
understand. What I tried to tell him was that I came to Palanthas to
seek entrance into the Knighthood.'

'Ah I see, he does that sometimes. Its a selective hearing thing, he
turns it off and on automatically when he pleases.'
Oisin smiles in acknowledgement before the bard continues his speech.

'Well your from Caergoth, anything recent going on's over there? Its
been a long time since weve had any travelers pass by from that

'No Sir not much has happened of recent in Caergoth, besides the
usual activities.' The bard thinks to himself and sighs.

'So then Oisin have you any stories at all? Your father a Knight?

'No Sir my father was not a Knight, he is one of the Merchant Nobles
of Caergoth, he has holdings in several businesses as well as several
acres of land. My family has not been a member of the Knighthood since
the Great Destruction. With the death of my forefathers Detrian
TwoBlades and his brother Pellidas.'

'Is that so? Please Oisin continue.'

'Excuse me Sir? Continue what?'

'Tell me about your ancestor Detrian. Certainly he must be of great
importance for you seeing as you carry his name, do you not?'

'Well yes Sir, well...he, Detrian that is was born to Sheryl Di
Caela and Cyril TwoBlades. Sheryl Di Caela of the very same family
line that provided many great Knights to the Order. And Cyril
TwoBlades, so called because of the dual sword style he used, himself
being a Commander within the armies of Istar. Detrian and Pellidas
were born soldiers and quickly rose in rank among the Knights of
Solamnia. When the Cataclysm struck and the world was torn assunder so
blessed were these two men that their familys were spared and no harm
came to their homes. It is this that caused their death. All around
them within the village that they were stationed not one home was
spared. Each family lost at least one person that they had cared for.
When they saw how the two brothers had lost nothing they were shocked.
Eventually this shock turned into anger and then it turned into rage.
The people blamed the brothers for not saving their family's as well
and gathering together marches to the lands of the TwoBlades and
struck out. With sword and fire they began their revolt striking down
servants and soldiers alike. Though they did not want to hurt the
villagers the brothers had no choice, to get their family out safely
they cut a path through the revolting villagers making a way through
which their family could escape. Pellidas was the first to fall,
taking a cut to the neck. His family and that of my forefather Detrian
were able to make it to the boats. After they were loaded Detrian
turned around to seek the body of his fallen brother, though his wife
Halie called out for him to return, Detrian's love for his brother and
his family did not allow him to bear the dishonor of leaving without
either. He never did return, they later found out that both brothers
were found killed, left out to be eaten by the crows like criminals.
So it is Sir without the sacrifice of Detrian I would not be alive
this day. I wish to honor that sacrifice by joining the Knighthood
that he held such great esteem for.'

Sitting up straight once more Tybalt smiles brightly.

'What a great sacrifice and what a sad story. If you dont mind Oisin
I would like to write a ballad about your forefather.'

'It would be a great honor for my family if you would retell his
story Sir Tybalt. I thank thee, but it is soon getting late and I must
find a place to bed for the night before my journey comes to an end
tomorrow.' Standing up he places his chair back under the table and
bows to Tybalt.

'Until I meet you again Sir Tybalt, thank you for the company.'

'You as well Oisin, and may great deeds be in your future so that I
may have more tales to speak of.'

Author:    Oisin          
Date:      Tue Jan 15 09:35:47 2008
Subject     On Dragon's Wings

Oisn lifted up the visor from his helm, wiping the sweat dripping from
his brow. The sun beat down unmercifully this day and only the thought that
soon they would be relieved kept the Knights steadfast at their duty. A
group of them were assigned to guard the Southeastern Gate leading into the
city. Oisin scoffed at the term, "Guard", no person in their right mind
would dare attack such a Stronghold. Nonetheless it was their duty and he
meant to see it thru, but oh how he wished he could have been assigned to
patrol the streets of Palanthas instead of remaining a sentinel. At least
among the streets you had the opportunity to meet more people, visit the
shops and usually if one was lucky enough they would be called to break up a
fight. Its not that he looked forward to fights, but they certainly did
something to break up the monotony of the day. Oisin cast a glance over at
the next group of people making their way through the gates, at most he
would probably only be called on to fix a broken axle.

'Hey Oisin take a gander at these two lovely ladies heading our way.' The
Knight next to him wispered.

Averting his gaze from the gates he turned to see two young women making
their way up the trail. From afar he could tell that one of the women was
well endowed. As they got closer and he could make out their faces he had to
agree with his companion. Lovely indeed they were, but not beautiful. These
women would enter into the city and be lost among all the other lovely women
that resided in Palanthas, hoping to catch the eye of one of the many noble
men that called the city their home.

'Lovely indeed' Oisin said in reply.

Now a beautiful woman, they were one in a million. He had seen many eye
catchers but none that could capture his attention for too long. No, infact
the only thing he could think about at this moment was when he would be
assigned to the Drakus Kharas. He remembered distincly his meeting with the
Lord High Warrior and his promise that one day he would be given the
opportunity to ride atop one of the majestic beasts. Now that would be a
true adventure, and indeed it would be a glorious one for it was well known
that the Dragon Riders from the past and present have always made an impact
on any of the battles that the Knights of Solamnia had fought. Certainly the
Lord High Warrior would not have forgotten about his agreement. Nay, Oisin
tried his best to remove the thought from his mind. The Lord High Warrior
was just a busy man, and with the influx of new Squires he must be hard
pressed sorting things out. Soon Oisin would be given his opportunity, or so
he desperatly hoped at least. Oisin was startled when he felt a tapping upon
the side of his spaulder. Turning quickly his hand reached out for the hilt
of his sword and just as quickly the same arm snapped up in a salute as he
spotted the man who had startled him so abruptly.

'Sir!' 'Oisin uth Detrian you are relieved of duty for the day
please return to the barracks and may your feet aide your wandering
home now that your mind is no longer in monopoly of wandering from
your duty.'

The Knights who followed closely behind his Captain were smiling to
themselves. No one would dare laugh or be reprimanded in return. Oisin
blushed slightly at having been so dealt with in front of his peers.

'Yes Sir! And thank you' Oisin dropped his salute and began to walk past the
man. 'Oh! And by the way Oisin' Stopping in his tracks Oisin spun on his
heel and faced the man once more. 'You will be assigned another week
guarding the western gates starting tomorrow, since you seemed to have done
so well today.' 'Certainly Sir!'

Saluting the Captain once more Oisin turned and left waiting until he was
out of earshot before he let out a loud groan. Another week guarding the
gates and this time the western gate. Nothing at all occured while on duty
there, what a harsh penalty Oisin thought to himself. Trudging along Garnet
Way Oisin tried to distance himself from the Captain.

'Oisin! Hey Oisin! Wait up.'

Oisin glanced behind him to see Gillam; the Knight who had shared duty with
Oisin, now trying to catch up with him. When finally Gillam had matched pace
with Oisin he turned to glare at his friend.

'You could have warned me that the Captain was arriving Gillam!'

'Easy Oisin, had I known he was sneaking up on us I would have given
fair warning but I was just as shocked as you. Im only glad that he
had thought to pick on you first or else it would be me spending the
rest of the week on Gate duty.' A brief chuckle escaped from the man
as he made fun at Oisin.

'Thanks for rubbing it in.'

'I jest Oisin you know that!' A smile on the mans face told Oisin
it was true, 'But come with me man, remember those two women who I
had pointed out to you earlier? Well anyway I had the opportunity to
have a word with one of them while you were lost in thought. I am
going to meet them at "The Smilin' Mug" and you are more than welcome
to join.' 

Oisin continued to walk a bit further before responding. On one hand a
little fling with one of the women would do wonders for his morale right
now, but on the other Oisin was not in the mood to so easily drop his grudge
at the moment making him a sullen companion for the night.

'Nay Gillam but thank you for the offer. My feet are weary and I only look
forward to laying in my bed tonight by myself.' 'Understandable Oisin,
perhaps another time.' 

Author:    Oisin          
Date:      Tue Jan 15 09:45:37 2008
Subject     Cont....On Dragon's Wings

The two continued further on until they came to the crossroads that would
lead Gillam to the Bar, there they said farewells and parted company. Oisin
continued on his way to the barracks, the sun would be setting soon and if
he had any luck headed his way today he would be able to get to the mess
hall before it became too crowded. As soon as Oisin passed through the huge
double doors leading into the courtyard of the Barracks he heard the might
flaps of a Dragon about to land, rushing through quickly he was just in time
to see a Knight of the Sword dismount from the Dragon and as soon as he had
walked through to the barracks the Dragon had just as quickly leapt back
into the air. Its Bronze wings flapping steadily as they fought to gain a
higher altitude. In only a matter of seconds the whole event had come and
gone. Oisin wondered to himself who the Knight must be. With Dragons once
more on his mind Oisin continued to the mess hall, the whole place was abuzz
with mention of the Dragon Rider who had landed. Many were just like Oisin
wondering who the Knight that had landed was, and many just like Oisin were
in awe of the Dragon. It was every childs dream to come face to face with a
Dragon, and it was every Knights dream to gain the friendship of such a
creature. Making his way to the serving line Oisin followed suit with the
others in line and soon sat down at an empty table to eat his dinner in
peace. The baked eel was delicious and the spiced bread helped to add flavor
to the meal, but Oisin could not keep his mind from wandering back to the
Dragon. Just imagine what it would be like to ride such a mount to battle.
Thousands of troops battling beneath you and your mount miles away. The
rumble as the creature readied its breath weapon and let it loose upon the
minnions of the Dark Queen. Like Huma of Eldor and the valiant Heart, he
envisioned himself doing deeds to rival that of the ill-fated lovers. With
his dinner over Oisin left the mess hall and traveled on to his room. When
he finally made it there he spotted the Sword Knight positioned outside his
room. Walking up to the man he gave a crisp salute.

'Sir!' 'Oisin uth Detrian?' The Knight asked returning the salute as well.
'Yes Sir that would be me, how might I be of assistance?'

The Knight smiled at Oisin and from lifted his hand, in it he held a sealed
scroll which he offered to Oisin. 'Relax Oisin, you have been reassigned. I
bring orders you will begin your training soon to become a Dragon Rider. The
training is hard but if the stories I have heard told of you are true you
will do well.'

Oisin reached out for the scroll, his hand slightly shaking with elation.

'I dont know what to say Sir, it is truly an honor. When will I be leaving?'
'Soon Oisin, this is just advanced warning so you will have an opportunity
to arrange your belongings to be transfered to your new barracks. Training
will begin soon after, another messenger will be along to collect you when
the time comes until then I wish you well.' The Knight raised his hand once
more in salute. 'Thank you Sir, I will be awaiting anxiously for the
messengers return.' Oisin saluted in kind and watched as the Knight turned
away to make his way away from the Dorms. Opening the door to his room he
quickly stepped in, not caring to hide the huge grin on his face. Removing
his armor and placing it to the side of his bed he sat down and clutched
tightly to the scroll he had been given. With these new orders he would
finally be given the opportunity he had been looking forward to the most.
With all this excitment Oisin had trouble falling asleep, but with the
thought that soon he would be leaving to become a Dragon Rider he could not
wait for the night to end even though it would mean that he would be back to
guarding the Western Gate come morning time. 

Author:    Oisin          
Date:      Tue Mar  4 09:17:44 2008
Subject     Diplomacy at its Finest

Reaching up, the young man reached for the clasp securing his cloak and
with a slight tug he made some minor adjustments. With that complete his
hands moved next to his surcoat, attempting to smooth out any noticeable
wrinkles and bumps. Looking once more into the mirror he was fairly pleased
with what he saw. The new armor fit remarkably well and looked amazing, he
had no doubt as well that come time for battle it would hold up as well;
thus being the craftsmanship of the Solamnic Blacksmith. The armor had been
a gift awarded to go along with his new rank. 

'Greetings m'lady, we of Solamnia are honoured by your visit to the city of

Oisin made a sweeping bow to the mirror as he had once been tutored on by
his mother. 

'No, no, that wont do I think...'

Reaching up to his clothing once more he smoothed his surcoat out. Many of
his fellow peers were pleased when they had heard he was to be promoted.
Others outside of his circle however thought that the rise was too quick,
some were shocked and a few sadly were jealous. This isnt what bothered him
however, it was more the fact that he felt uncomfortable in his new role.
His closest friends assured him that it was for the best, but still Oisin
had his doubts. For one he was unsure if he would be able to continue his
training under the Drakus Kharas. As a Lord Knight he would be kept busy
with other duties to attend to concerning the whole of the Order of the

'' Oisin let out a sigh of defeat. 'Why the hell would
they assign me this duty, I am no diplomat'

Turning around he made his way to the bed, reaching for the clasp around his
neck it was the first thing he removed, letting his cloak slide down to the
floor. The Chosen Prophetess would soon arrive to Palanthas, it was assigned
to him to greet the Prophetess and be her escort around the city for the
whole of her visit. Of course he was honoured to recieve the duty, but at
the same time he was concerned that he might offend the Prophetess. He was
not a man born with a silver tongue, he was infact a bit shy when it came to
meeting new people, especially when that person held such great importance.

Regardless, the Chosen Prophetess would be arriving within a few days time,
he must be ready to execute his duty by then. A small escort would be chosen
by himself from willing and outstanding Knights to greet the Prophetess.
Once the prophetess would be greeted at the gate the remainder of the day
would thus depend on what agenda she had. He hoped secretly to himself that
she would not want to explore the city, he understood what it was like to be
on escort duty and did not wish those under him to suffer too long in the

Turning around Oisin faced the mirror once more and performed his best pose.
Smiling to himself he quickly turned away in case someone would happen
through the door and spot him fooling around. Reaching to the floor he
quickly snapped up his fallen cloak and headed to the door. Clasping it
firmly in place he opened the door and stepped through, he still had duties
to attend and escort Knights to choose. The day would be busy, everyday
infact would be busy up until this business regarding the Chosen Prophetess
came to a completion. 

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