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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Oriebir.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Oriebir' scribed in rich maroon ink.

Author:  Oriebir
Date    Tue Dec 24 08:48:49 2002

SubjectOriebir's tormented past

On a dark winter sunny day, when only Nuitari stood high up in the sky and the
flowers were blossoming, Oriebir was cast from his mother's womb into the dark
shadows of the terrifying Neraka!

Both father and mother were fearful inn keepers, their only customers were
Goblins, Orcs and Draconians who would pillage and rape without mercy. Oriebir
was tormented every day with threats of death.

At the age of 5, Oriebir watched his mother being raped by a Draconian who
didn't want to pay the bill. His father was crying while a bunch of orcs
beated him up and all he heard was his wife yelling. Rage consumed Oriebir's
soul forever.

One day a black robed mage, servant of Takhisis, walked in and sat at a table.
He noticed Oriebir and he saw the potential he possessed. So he offered to
train him.

Oriebir accepted and 2 years after he already knew how to cast basic spells.
The dark mage continued teaching him for three more years until he realized
his pupil was learning too fast.

He began to fear Oriebir and decided to end his life, but Oriebir knew it
already and outsmarted him by putting some poison inside his food.

Then he took the mages spell books and began studing them alone in the
darkness of his chamber only lit by a small waving candle.

While he was still young he fell in love with a beautifull girl that lived in
the grocery shop next door. She was afraid of him because he was a mage and
dedicated half his life to the art.

The rest of the time he spent with her. Their love grew but it wasn't for

On a strange night illuminated by Lunitari and Solinari a dreadful goblin
raped her in the street, leaving her naked and twiching in the cold stone
floor filled with piss and vomit from half-dead creatures that had left the
inn to help the goblin

Oriebir cried the night, and the day, and the week... and the last he heard of
the girl was that she was driven mad and wed the creature that had raped her
that night.

From that day on he decided he would not love anyone again, and all his
passion would go to the Art of Magic!

One horrible and decadent day a Draconian started complaining about the food
and was about to start a fight when Oriebir with a suden move casted a
shocking grasp and grabed the Draconian's arm and while screaming in

pain a dagger stabbed the draconian in the groin turning it into stone. All
the customers stared unbelieving. Without a second thought, knowing that his
end would come swift if he stayed a minute longer, he left running,

wearing only a robe and a small fruit-knife. At the gates of Neraka, hidden
amongst the dead trees he heard his parents agonizing scream as they were
mutilated and slaughtered repeatedly until death. Without a tear he

turned his back and left towards Palanthas determined to join the Conclave in
search for knowledge and power to fulfil his twisted revenge.

Author:  Oriebir
Date    Wed Dec 25 16:19:44 2002

Subject  The Test and my Shalafi

I arrived at Palanthas, searching for a Conclave member to help me in my
quest. After a few days a Black Robed mage arrived at the inn I was staying.
After he left, Solinari was already high up in the sky, I followed him in the
dark of the night.

He knew I was there but he didn't do a thing. When sudenly the mage
"accidently" droped an object. I came closer to the object, turning my
attention away from the Dark figure completly. I eyed the object, it was made
of gold, at first glance it

would seem a valuable item, enough to make a man rich for the rest of his
life. But I wasn't just a stupid thief, I kept my eyes in the object and
looked. I casted a few spells trying to figure it out and then i knew what it
was. I had read about

it in old books from my first master, it was a Golden Death, a strange golden
object that killed the person that touched it. Without thinking no longer
magic missiles flew from my finger tips and destroyed the object. Then a voice
next to me said

"Very well young magi". It was the Black Robe I saw at the inn. "Thank you. I
am Oriebir." I said while bowing. "I am Mage Kaiba Duthane, member of the
Black Robes" he answered. "Mage Kaiba, I will go straight to the point... I
wish to join the

Conclave". Kaiba laughed. "I know young one... you are no fool, that little
trick with the Golden Death has always worked untill now".

And so I left with Kaiba, knowing he could kill me if he wished. I had no
choice, this was my only chance to enter the Conclave. A couple of days after
we were at the forest of Wayreth, where the Tower of High Sorcery stood

I was led inside. I didn't suspect of it for a second, I thought my being in
that place was only luck... I was wrong, my test had already begun when I left
the Inn!

I passed the test. I was finaly a member of the Conclave. I took the first
step towards my final vengeance. I had now to be accepted by a fellow Black
Robe that would help me improve quickly in my art, for time was short. I
requested Kaiba

Duthane to be my Shalafi. He accepted knowing I would not fail him.

Author:  Oriebir
Date    Tue Jan  7 13:21:09 2003

Subject  My new Master!

At the Tower of High Sorcery. My request to be Apprentice to Master Arrisk had
been accepted and I was now summoned to his presence to see if he would take
me. I arrived in a beautiful stone hall, Arrisk stood in the middle, looking
at me as I

aproched him. I bowed to him and he asked me:

"Oriebir, are you ready to follow me to the utmost, to obey my commands with
out question?"

"I cannot promise that Taskmaster Arrisk, but i will do my best to do what you

Arrisk narrowed his eyes at me. Growing with fury, already spell words flowing
through his mind ready to destroy me in the most horrible way. But I did not
move, showed no fear although my heart was beating faster than ever. All I
could do was

speak again to explain.

"My porpose in life is me and my magic. I live only to serve them completly. I
will obey your commands without question as long as they don't hold me back in
my pursuit for knowledge and power."

"Your wit has impressed me... a little mageling." said Arrisk with a small
grin. "That is the way of the Black Robes, but displease me or disrespect me
and I will make you suffer. Pain unimaginable will be yours." he spoke calmly.
I knew he was

speaking seriously and that he would do to me the most terrible things that
came to his mind if he ever imagined that I would betray him.

"It is not such my intent to disrespect or displease you." I said bowing to
Arrisk, a slight nervous tone in my voice.

Arrisk took a Onyx-dagger in his hands.

"With this I carve my sign into your left arm, and on the other the runes of a
familiar. The runes will only begun, when you reach Master rank, the runes
with be finished. The same was done to me by my Master, and to him my his
Master." said Arri

while showing his right forearm where a coplete familiar rune was freashly

I bowed. Arrisk lift his dagger and engraved two runes into my arm. I twitched
with pain.

"You are now my Apprentice, Oriebir."

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