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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Pallek.

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Author:           Pallek
Date    Mon Jul 31 20:13:15 2006
Subject  Origins part 1

How could he have been so blind...

Pallek thundered through the thick brush, the branches slapping him as he ran
with all his might.  The crowd behind him was growing softer as he gained
distance.  There cries of blood still far too close for comfort he ran with
every ounce of strength his ogre muscle could produce.  His brain reeled for
understanding.  The past events happened so fast he hadnt quite had the time
to connect them together himself.  There was no time like the present however,
since he knew the chasing ogres wouldnt stop following him anytime soon.  As
he continued to run he let the pain be drowned out as he recalled why he had
to escape in the first place.

Why didnt he see it coming...

Pallek had been an ogre mage in a small raiding party for well forever.  His
father was a mage his mother a mage it was only natural for there sun to take
up the reigns of magic.  He learned simple spells at a young age and had a
rather pleasant childhood.  Running with the raiding parties and finishing off
the young, old and weak; playing club tag with the other youth; the normal
things a growing ogre should be doing.  His childhood was over faster than he
would imagine when his father was killed on a raid as a teenager, his dad
never saw the bastard in the trees that shot him but Pallek made sure that he
paid for it.  The raiding party was impressed with the ashes that remained
when Pallek had finished and asked him to take his fathers place among the
ranks on the spot.  Pallek agreed and was introduced to his fathers friends
and closest companions and that were he met Throget.

Did it really happen...

His fathers death was forgotten and Throget and he became friends rather fast
working together in tandem to pull off some of the most daring feats the
raiding party had seen in a long time.  It wasnt long before his mother took
ill and passed away.  Most said it was from heart break, others just said she
was sick.  Pallek always suspected something else, but never said anything,
life was good, why ruin it.  The party continued to raid and Pallek continued
to grow and learn, he became quite fierce many of the other fighters looking
up to him.  Some were even saying that if he kept it up he may even be a
commander before he was 30.  Sadly that wasnt to be.

How could he do such a thing

In the recent months more ogres fell ill.  It seemed to be a common occurrence
for random people to just not wake up in the morning.  Whats worse the bodies
started to disappear.  One moment they were awaiting their last rights, the
next they were no where to be seen.  The whole village was on edge and
suspicion started to fall on the magic users.  Throget assured Pallek this was
normal.  People didnt understand them; they saw their power and were
frightened.  It seemed natural.  After all, with a wave of his hand or certain
movements of his finger he could hurt or kill from a distance. Suspicion
should only be a natural thing.  Then just today in fact.  He saw Throget lead
the chieftain to his hut after the morning raid.  The chieftain walked out and
immediately the village started to seem rather active. Pallek snuck into his
own tent and there was Throget smiling sitting in among things that had not
been placed there by Pallek.  There was an altar to Chemosh and many bones. 
Chewed clean all arranged neatly in sacrifice. Throget smiled and called for
the guard.  Pallek did the only thing he could in such a situation he ran.

He must pay..

Pallek kept running and the rage built up inside him.  Throget set him up. He
set him up as a follower of the corpse god.  He set him up as a cannibal. The
more Pallek thought about it the more he knew what he must do.  Next week He
would visit his old village.  One by one he would show them the light.  If
they thought him a cannibal if they thought him a follower of Chemosh perhaps
he shouldnt disappoint them.  After all there are worse things in life and
everyone must pay some day for what they have done.  If they thought him
guilty, perhaps he should make them correct.  Next week, they would all pay
for his betrayal.  The more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea as
a new kind of smile twisted itself across his large face.  This would be the
start of something beautiful 


Author:           Pallek
Date    Wed Aug  2 23:13:07 2006
Subject  Origins 2

Pallek smiled to himself as he snuck the best he could around the edge of the
encampment.  Today's raid was apparently very plentiful and none seemed to
notice the slightly altered taste of the ale cart they had found abandoned. 
Most thought it was abandoned when they saw the group running towards them. 
Only Pallek knew they had been killed hours before hand and the ale had been
laced with a long lasting dose of tranquilizer.  As the last of the lights in
the village went out Pallek started to walk towards the center.

Could it really be this easy...

Pallek walked first the tents he knew there were children.  They would have to
be killed first since they would not have drunk as much as the adults. Quietly
he worked, smothering one here, slashing anothers throat there.  The last he
smiled and allowed to wake and scream to the drugged adults what was happening
before he savagely beat its head in with a rock.  He piled the bodies in the
center of town and went from youngest to oldest slaughtering his old tribe
till only one remained.

Can it be this satisfying...

Pallek walked into the tent of his old friend.  He looked down on him and
smiled, seeing the glimmer he had hoped for.  Carefully he reached down and
plucked the holy symbol of Chemosh off if his neck and slipped it around his
own.  Cracking his fingers he went to work quickly tying him to the bed with
tight leather straps.  He sat in a chair and waited patiently for the sleeping
drugs to wear off.  A smile, like none he had ever smiled before, spread
across his face and turned the corners of his lips.

Can it be this...  Fun?

His friend woke in a cold sweat, his dreams obviously not pleasant to see
Pallek looking down on him.  His mind raced quickly as he noticed his tent
torn down and all his possessions moved to show a view of the entire towns
populace dead and desecrated, piled up in the center of the encampment.  His
friends gaze went again to Pallek as he saw the glint around his neck and
recognized his own medallion.  Pallek simply smiled and held a large ogre
finger to his lips and bent over to whisper in his ear.

Sw "Hush my friend, and remember this is what you made me.  I thought it a
shame for you to go to all of that trouble of setting me up as a cannibal and
your story have no truth.  Be still and may your soul go with my god.."

Throget looked up in horror as Pallek took his first bite out of his shoulder.
 His twisted curved smile showing all the while as the blood dripped over the
amulet to the god of the dead.  For once, it almost seemed as if the metal
moved in a smile as blackness slowly overcame the large tied down ogre and
Pallek finished his first truly excellent meal.  Who would have thought ogres
could be sosweet.

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