The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Pares.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a pulp magazine on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Pares' scribed in faded yellow ink.

Author:            Pares
Date    Tue Apr 11 14:45:47 2006
Subject  Dreams and Dungeons

Davan had been missing for months.  Pares prayed daily for his friend
and searched everywhere he could, but the best he could find out was
that Davan was taken by the Nerakans.  The knight had to do something,
and do it fast. He knew Davan was only human and could die, and they
needed more good knights.  Time was running out, as the date to leave
for the dawrf mountain drew closer and closer.

Exhausted, Pares finally slumped into a restless sleep.  Like every
other night he dreaded closing his eyes, for the nightmares that took
him were horrifying.  Instantly he was ripped from the mortal world into
the dark plains.  Terror washed over him and he sobs - he was only human
- from the tension and closed his eyes.

Then, a scream rings out and his eyes snap open.  The plain was gone, a
dungeon was now in place.  A Prison.  He recognised the guards as
Nerakans and such.  And the place...  He'd seen this before.  Where was
it?  The scream rings out again, with the crack of a whip and he turns,
the screaming voice familiar and he stares at the prisoner being


Pares bolts forwards, but finds himself unable to help.  "Its a dream...
 A nightmare."  He rasps, shaking his head as he looks all about, unable
to watch as they torture his friend, face pained "Hold on Davan...  Dont
gve in.  I will come for you."  He vows, then it clicks.  He knew where
this was!  He had been there once in the past, when it was held by the
Knights of Solamnia, three hundred years ago.

Wake up!  Wake up!  He turned and left, quickly.

And sat bolt upright in bed with a cry of surprise.  Staring at the
wall, his heart raced before he climbed out, grabbing his trousers and
slipping into them "Page!  To me now!"

The page appears, sleepy "Roust the unit of men.  I know where Davan is.
We're going to bring him home.

Author:            Pares
Date    Tue Apr 11 14:55:47 2006
Subject  He aint heavy, He's my brother

Less than a few days after Pares' dream, the knights were moving through
the bush on their horses.  Many were not sure about this...  Pares had
them paint their armor dark colors, camoflage and wear hoods and such,
hiding their identification.  Such thing surely were testing the
Measures' limitations no?  From a different Age, Pares had no qualms
about hiding and deceiving like this as they pass for Nerakan knights in
their black armor and robes, heading towards the fortress.

But it was there that its' realized they werent Nerakans at all, and the
gates were beginning to close "Charge!  Charge!"  Pares shouts as the
knights bolt forwards as one unit, intending to take the fort, and those
within.  Horsehooves rumble over the ground and blades drawn, glittering
and glowing.  There's a sound, then a crackle of lightning as the mage
Pares had brought along warmed his spells up, and the cleric-warriors
themselves, the paladins, cast their own holy magics about as they met
the enemy.  Taking a fortress on was perhaps foolishness, but Pares was
driven and seemed to care not, his squire at his side as his horse leaps
onto the raising gangplank and through the closing doors inside.

His blade dripped red as the man running the mechanications of the gate
slumped, the drawbridge slamming open and allowing the besiegers in.  A
flash of armor catches Pares' eye and he turns that way, fully intending
to charge the newest arrival down as his horse rears up, frothing at the
mouth and the knight only barely held him back from a charge at the
familiar armor.  "DAVAN!"  He shouts, and dismounts quickly, ducking
between a fighting Solamnic and nerakan soldier towards his friend,
embracing Davan there on the battlefield in releif and glee.  "We've
come for you...  But we have a fight to finish now..."  Pares grins a
bit, looking almost wild eyed as his hands glow blue, the last of
Davan's wounds healed, before together, they turned to finish the enemy
off.  Friends stick together.  Solamnic brothers would die for each

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