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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Pirouenne.

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Author:    Pirouenne      
Date:      Sat Feb 10 14:30:42 2007
Subject     Pirouenne's Holy Crusade Part I

Pirouenne, his father and other Kagonesti Elves were captured by a group
of humans who came from a town just on the outskirts of the forest the elves
came from.  The town was a fairly large town and had everything a town
needed to survive.  Many farms surronded it providing it with its food and
many stores that shipped their products to other places and also selling
things to the town.  This group of humans didn't actually come from the town
but was a traveling party of slavers.  Going all over Ansalon capturing
anyone and buying children to sell to other towns and groups of people for
more money than they had bought them.  The leader of the group was Sigamon
Wolf who was actually a half-ogre.  The other members of the group were
Boromond Mirckflori who is the swordsman of the group and second in command.
A minotaur Haab Es-Koraf and also a cleric of Sargonas.  Honsi Mickflori
wife of Boromond and a black robed mage.  Yoralyn Falden the axewoman of the
group and the guard of the slaves.  Calik Esteros a bowman and with the help
of Kreiss Beran, a ranger, guarded the back of the cart the group used. 
Thwait Stonchwald and Rutger were both the dealers of the group, the ones
who sold the slaves.  

Sigamon's slavers party easily snuck up on the elves for the mages of the
group had scryied the group and used their magic to sneak up on the elves
and cast a spell of sleeping on them.  Killing few elves they headed back to
the town just after not waiting for anymore elves to come along.  When they
got back they tried to sell the elves to people in town but got very
frustrated when they only sold one.  So they left going to other towns to
buy and sell slaves and capture anymore that they could.  The they sold was
Pirouenne for quite a bit of money.  The person they sold him to was the
master blacksmite of the town and had bought him for he had no apprentice
and more or less bought him to set him free of slavery.  Olven Ironweaver
was a old man and very adept in the ways of a blacksmith and had once been a
Royal blacksmith.  But had left for he thought the goverment he was working
with was very corrupted and was against many things they had done.  In time
Pirouenne and Olven became great friends and Pirouenne willing learned
everything that the old man had taught him about blacksmithing.  When Olven
began to trust him even more he started to teach Pirouenne the ways of the
Paladin as well.  Teaching him to heal people by calling upon the help of
the gods but also teaching him the fighting styles of the paladin.  From
this man Pirouenne was taught the ways of Paladine and of being magnanimous
and caring.  He had become very adept in all of these ways after the many
years of training.  30 year had past and Olven was very old and could not
teach or work anymore.  So Pirouenne decided to take on his own apprentice,
Garibanus Ruven.  Not much time has past since Pirouenne had taken his own
apprentice that Olven had died.  Pirouenne knew he could leave anytime for
he had been free from his slavery and he wouldn't feel bad for leaving the
old man.  But he had grown accustomed to Garibanus and the town.  So he
decided he would train Garibanus for 5 more years before he would leave.  

Author:    Pirouenne      
Date:      Sat Feb 10 18:00:49 2007
Subject     Pirouenne's Holy Crusade Part II: The Dream

The years passed and Pirouenne continued training Garibanus, he learnt
quickly just lke he did and was a very good student.  5 years came around
and Pirouenne decided that he had trained Garibanus enough that he could now
leave on his journey.  A few months before he had made plans to leave he
starting making armour for himself.  The best work he had ever done, making
it very comforable but also with beauty.  Actually making engraving, laying
jewels and using dye to make pictures that looked exactly like the many
tribal tattoos that are all over his body in the exactly same places as the
tattoos that he has on his body.  As well he got the seamstress to make him
a robe of pure white cotton that he would wear when he didn't wear his
armour.  Once he was done all of his armour he made a katana.  In which he
laid many different rubies and sapphires.  Then exactly a month just before
he was going to leave he bought a huge while stallion that was very strong
and was quick.  Pirouenne taught himself a lot and when he had trouble he
had Garibanus help him who knew how to ride a horse.  Pirouenne decided to
call him Anineysi for the Ergothian word for Scout.  Ever since he had first
wanted to go on a journey he was never sure where he was going to go but he
had felt that Paladine was going to lead to where he must go.  But he
decided anyway he would make plans to what to do first.  Pirouenne decided
he would go after the group of slavers and free the slaves they have.  But
then another thought came to him maybe he would go to to find his father and
free him..  If he was still alive.  Then the night before he was going to
leave he had a dream...  

In the dream everything seemed peaceful, everything seemed to glow brightly
while purity and holyness.  But had an odd shine to it and reflected all
light which made it very hard to see.  Pirouenne could see one thing very
well though, a huge tower.  The tower was strange but was very beautiful. 
At first the surface seemed to be kept clean but after awhile the surface
began to darken in places, like the owner had tried to kept it clean but
things had happened that he could not control in what happened to it.  Then
a huge figure which had an overwhelming holy aura.  The figure pointed to
the huge tower and smiled down at Pirouenne...  

Pirouenne awoke suddenly as he knew what he must first do and where he must

Author:    Pirouenne      
Date:      Sun Feb 11 12:10:46 2007
Subject     Pirouenne's Holy Crusade Part III: The Companion

That morning Pirouenne had slept in late for he felt he needed lots of
rest and he didn't want to leave until mid afternoon.  He had packed the
night before and only had to do a few things to get ready.  First he break
fasted eating a huge meal for he was eating around the time he would usually
take a break to eat lunch and he didn't want to stop later to eat.  Then he
saddled up his horse and pack everything on it.  He packs food for a month,
clothes he might need, and his robe.  He took half the gold he had made over
the years and split it in half giving one half to Garibanus and keeping the
rest for himself just incase he needed money along the way.  Pirouenne left
when he had planned to start his journey.  He rode quickly to the east
towards the coast of South Ergoth.  Just before he left he put his armour
on, clipped his sword belt on and slung his bow around his shoulder.  The
bow was from his father, he had gotten it just before his father was taken
away.  This bow was special it was infused with magic that let the user pull
back with greater strength and for the arrows to fly true.  

Pirouenne was on his second day of ridding.  Leaving around mid morning
after eating and putting his armour on.  He made good time on his first day
of riding and he felt a few more days ride and he would make it to the east
coast.  Around lunch time he had by a small patch of woods.  It was not big
but seemed to be very thick and had many trees close together.  Pirouenne
heard a commotion on the other side of the woods of many creatures or
something that was yelling battle cries in a strange language.  Pirouenne
rode around the forest slowly and quietly.  He saw eight odd creatues that
were goblins but he did not know that.  They were all yelling at this figure
that they surronded and they seemed to be getting ready to attack.  The
figure wielded a two handed sword and was clad in very well polish full
plate armour which had a crown engraved on it with very fine detail.  So
Pirouenne decided it would be a good thing to try and save the Knight.  He
knocked his bow and pulled it back, aimed and let the arrow fly.  The arrow
impaled a goblin right through the head.  Just as he did that one of the
goblins lunged at the Knight but he knocked away the attack with his sword
and brought his foot up to kick it in the head, crushing it's skull it falls
to the ground dead.  All the rest of the goblins notice Pirouenne and all
charge at him.  The horse bucks throwing him off of it but when it come down
it crushes one the goblins leaving only five alive.  Those five now surrond
a helpless Pirouenne and are getting ready to attack, but Pirouenne draws
his sword and impales the goblin in one move.  The goblins slides off his
sword dead as he tries to stand up but gets hit in the head by a very heavy
staff wielded by a goblins mage.  Falling to the ground dazed he dropped his
sword and was more helpless then before.  The knight come running over and
lops off the mages head but was to late for he had let fly a fireball aimed
at Pirouenne.  Knocking him out and hurting him badly.  

Pirouenne woke up two days later in quie a bit of pain.  He was bandged in
quite a few places and he tried to sit up but a cleric came over and put a
gentle but strong hand on his chest pushing him back down.  Pirouenne laid
back down and stayed down when an hour later the Knight come in.  He doesn't
wear a helm any longer and he had dark skin just like most of the citizens
did from the town Pirouenne had come from.  The knight introducted himself
as Kane Dunbarth and said that he was a Knight of the Crown and that this a
Solamnic Outpost about one days ride from the east coast.  Kane asked what
Pirouenne was doing and why would an elf be out here.  Pirouenne thought of
the answer for awhile and then said "I am on a quest for Paladine."  

A few days past and the clerics of the outpost quickly healed Pirouenne. 
Kane would sit with Pirouenne telling him many things about the Knights and
answering all of the questions Pirouenne had about them.  And Pirouenne
filled the knight in about what he was doing.  The knight became very
interesting in what Pirouenne was up to and he decided that he would join
Pirouenne.  Pirouenne welcomed him to help for he felt Paladine had meant
for him to meet Kane.  

Author:    Pirouenne      
Date:      Mon Feb 12 15:38:18 2007
Subject     Pirouenne's Holy Crusade Part IV: The Rescue.

A couple of weeks had past and Pirouenne was completely healed and had
movie into his own room inside the outpost.  He was doing daily horse
taining with Kane for he felt that he needed more training with fighting
while on his horse.  Kane easily got permission from his commander to be
able to go with Pirouenne on his journey for Kane was no needed.  Exactly
Three weeks had past when they decided it was decided they would leave for
the east coast.  They left earily in the morning riding slowing for they
felt that there was no need to rush.  Kane and Pirouenne got there in two
days.  They made it to a small fishing village to find anyone who would take
them across the Straits of Algoni.  They had found a young fisher man who
had said he could take them but first needed to finish mending his nets. 
The two men offered to help.  The fishman accepted and he taught them how to
do it.  They worked quickly and well getting it done in half the time as it
would have taken them.  All three of them then left going north in towards
the Straits of Scallsea heading towards the only port the young man knew
which was Crossing, a small port town.  They had gotten there in a weeks
time with smooth sailing all the way and the wind favouring them.  

They made it into Crossing and found a cheep room inside one of there inns
stay there for a night.  Then leaving the next morning and began their
journey again, south to Solace where they would find a trade route into
Qualinost.  They rode fast now for they felt it was time to hurry alittle
bit, pushing their horses all day except for an one hour stop around noon
and continuing until nightfall.  Kane and Pirouenne made it to Solace in
about a week and a half, staying a couple of nights there and planning there
path into Qualinost.  They left and it took them another week to arrive at
Qualinost.  Kane set up camp and Pirouenne went to go look around.  He came
back a few hours later reporting nothing.  For the next for days they
planned what they were going to do and walked around the city to see if they
could find anything.  Then one night when Pirouenne was walking around the
city alone an elf woman walked up to him and introduced herself as Contessa
Starwing.  She said that she had been watching them ever since they had
gotten here.  Contessa explained that she knew what they wanted and that she
was willing to help.  As long as they kill her husband Miral Starwing.  She
continued explaining that Miral was a elf would smuggled in slaves within
Qualinost with the help of Haab Es-Koraf.  Who had once been with the
Slavers group who had orginally captured all the Kagonesti.  She knew
Pirouenne's father quite personally for he was Miral's personal bodyguard. 

The next night she took them to his house and told them Miral's daily
schedual and that the slaves were hidden inside a cave underneath the man
which they could find the entrance on the west wing storage room.  They

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