The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Platanium.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a heavy platinum-covered book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Platanium' scribed in light red ink.

Author:    Platanium      
Date:      Tue Sep  7 22:50:19 2010
Subject     Reborn?

5 A.M. in the morning. I awaked in cold sweat after hearing strange
voices in my head, as every night. A name that meant nothing to me at all is
all I could hear in the far distance of my sleep. That persons name was,

Something inside me told me to follow a path ive never seen, a path so dark
at night that not even the eyes of an elven could see in it, and in the day
light so bright, that no shade would exist. 

I felt lost on my journey, abandoned and alone. No one whom to speak to, nor
no one to find. Even though I was alone, deep inside I was full of energy
and life, but the question was, how did I get this life and what is this

I had no idea where I came from. I never met my family or none of my kind.
The only thing I knew was my name and because it was quilted in my robe. To
find out I must continue searching what I was feeling deep down in my
thoughts and heart, and follow the path that will lead me to these awnsers.
Will I ever reach the end of this everlasting trail, or will I fall dead
before reaching my knowledge... 

The only way to find out is to continue on this journey to seek the awnsers
of my life. 

(To be continued) 

Author:    Platanium      
Date:      Thu Sep 16 22:51:11 2010
Subject     Reborn? - End of the Trail (Part 2)

The trailed continued threw the thick fog. I found myself in a dark trail
searching for the exit, but seemed like I was going in circles day after
day. Tall black trees surrounded me with horrific sounds coming from each
side of the forest. I held hard my spellbook as I wasn't sure what I could
approach. In a sudden rush, I heard a large scream not to farther up the
trail I was walking myself. I had only three options. One was to turn back
and head to where I came from, which in that moment of thought I suddenly
shaked my head in my own disagreement... My other option was to leave the
trail and head through the dark forest and, who knows what I could find out
there... And my last option of course, was to continue ahead. Thats when I
said to myself "Whatever doesn't kill me, will make me stronger... But...
what if it does kill me...." I paused for serveral seconds without blinking,
looking towards the scream and muttered to myself "I didn't come this far to
turn back now, so if I must die then let it be." 

As I continued straight I could feel something or someone observing me
inbetween the trees and noises could be heard from behind me. As I turned
around an evil appereance showed up dressed in black with a hood on only
letting you see, his red eyes. It peered into my eyes not letting me look
away. My head started to ache and horrible images passed through my mind. I
began to scream outloud as if someone were to hear me... All the sudden, the
pain stopped. I could feel my blood rush through my body as my heart began
to beat quicker and quicker. My sight was blurry but I could hear footsteps
getting closer to me. A voice said, "You must be the one I was waiting for
young lady. Do not move, let me heal those wounds of yours." I started to
feel a nice warmth feeling going through my body as my vision began to come
clear and my pain started to dissappeare. I glanced up to see who was the
one who had saved me. He was a mage. I could tell by his red robe and his
bright staff he was holding. I stood up and took a deep breath. "Who are
you, and what was that thing?" He looked back shaking his head while he
turned with a smile on his face. "I'm your new master and that young lady,
was your first test." I squeezed my fist tightly and starting griding my
teeth. "You are insane!!! What were you thinking?!?! I could have been
killed!" He started to chuckle but quickly became serious. "Young lady, you
are before the tower of all the greatest mages ever known. We would never
let one of our own be injured. We've been watching you since you began your
journey to find the awnsers of to whom you are." He smiles at me and puts
his hand on my shoulder. "I was once lost just like you but a wise man
opened my eyes and helped me become who I am now." I started to become
confused, but at the same time I felt intrigued to what he was talking
about. "And what did this wise man tell you?" He then stated "It is not
important who you were, whats important, is who you are now and who you will
become." After having that said made me change the aspects of the way I was
thinking. He was right. I can now choose my future and how I want to live in
it. I can choose what I want to become and how I want the people to remember
me as. 

"Please, take me with you and show me all you know." He again smiled and
began walking towards the entrance of the tower. I followed behind having to
walk quickly as he floated towards the entrance. A tall tower stood in front
of me with an enormous door blocking its entrance. The mage casted a special
spell that I could not understand to open the door. "You will soon learn
them all." he stated as he entered the tower. From inside I could here him
slowly state to me "Your new journey begins here my apprentice." I then
followed into the tower having the doors close in from behind... 

Let the learning begin... 

Author:    Platanium      
Date:      Mon Oct  4 15:02:54 2010
Subject     The Learning - Basics (Part 1)

Several weeks after my encounter with my new master I was sent to been
inside this tower without any communication with the outside world. I was to
accomplish the tasks that were set for me as a newly member of the mage's
family to show them my loyalty and the best place to do it was inside of
their own walls. You surely knew that nobody or nothing could possibly
penetrate the magical fortress as it stood strong against anything or anyone
who tried to confont it. Thanks to my hard work, effort and the help of the
other higher mages I was learning quickly about myself and my surroundings.

I still remember the first day like if it was yesterday.... 

"Platanium, we now pronounce you apprentice of this great mage!" stated the
highest ranked mage of the tower with much enthusiasm while he lowered down
his staff. 

I stood up with alot more confidence then what I had before entering the
tower and I felt so grateful because I was accepted like one of them. These
were going to be my new family.. my only family... "Thank you all so very
much for inviting me in joining you all, I would like to say that -" I
suddenly cut off as I choked in emotion.

"We are also grateful on having you with us, young lady. Lets forget now
about the gratitudes and begin right away with your training. You will obey
your masters demands which will guide you in your journey on learning the
essentials of magic and also the world which surrounds you. Pay much
attention to each detail and you will become one of the greatest. You are
both dismissed." stated the highest ranked mage pointing at my master to
have him begin my learning. 

We turned around leaving behind us the high ranked mages as they watched us
leave. The tall stirdy door opened in front of us without having to use our
hands On our way out it closed from behind and seeled shut. Heading down the
towers hallways we ended up in a treasure room. Here my master began to take
out nice and shiny equipment for me to wear. "Here, put this on... and
this... and that... hmmm, this to!" he stated while he threw out of the
closets and chests the equipment I was suppose to wear. I put them on
quickly and was read again to continue. 

Again we headed back out the room and back down the towers hallways. At the
end of the hall there was a room with a different type of door then the
other rooms I`ve seen before. This door in paticular was made out of steel
and had a symbol on its door. "Liam, is what it means" said my master. "And
who is Liam?" I replied raising an eyebrow. "He is a prepared fighter to
help your training be easier. We also just call him the "dummy"." I began to
laugh as he opened the door and walked inside. "Here is where you will be
passing much of your time right now young mage. You can begin your new
training. Start practing your spells to become stronger and wiser. I will
let you know when you shall begin your next test, but keep me updated on
your learning skills. We will speak again..." He then floated away like a
ghost and shut the door. I was there again on my own in front of the dummy
Lian preparing myself to begin my learning. I got my staff and stood in a
fighting position beginning to mutter words as I casted a spell that when
directly to Liams face... "Now this is my kind of stuff!" 

Author:    Platanium      
Date:      Wed Oct 13 14:41:23 2010
Subject     The Learning - Outskirts (Part 2)

Several months later, after I began my learning inside the walls of
magic, I was set out to a new mission. I was in my bedroom resting after
training myself in the art of magic while I heard a knock on the door.
"Apprentice Platanium?" a strongly man voiced said from the other side. "You
may pass." I responded. "I am here to send you out on a new task." Said the
mage looking around at my room trying to figure out something. "And what is
this task I have to accomplish now my master?" I responded raising an
eyebrow at him. "You will be sent outside of these walls again, but now, you
are more prepared to defend yourself from the creatures and the unkown of
the world of Krynn." said my master as he smiled walking in circles with his
hands behind his back. "Today, a new journey will begin in your life. I have
written the details to your mission on this paper. You are only to open in
once your outside of these walls." he said to me as he handed me a folded
piece of paper. "Yes my master, I will prepare myself right away and head
out to begin my task." I responded as I quickly got up from the bed I was
lying on and was about to start to get naked... "Do you mind?" I told my
master with a mean look. "Sorry, I will wait outside, be quick though." he
responded as he left closing the door behind him. I began to dress myself
with the equipment I had been using month after month. As I was ready I
walked out my room door and saw my master while he ordered me to follow. He
took me through the halls up to the entrance I once entered and havent yet
went back out. I was pretty nervous and scared, but this is what I chose...
what I wanted. "OPEN THE DOORS!" yelled my master to the guards as they
huslted to open them. "Alright young one. We will be keeping an eye on you,
but that does not mean we will be there always to help you, so be aware of
all things you might find..." I quickly cut him off, "Yea, yea, dont worry
about me. Im more then ready. I will be back as soon as I have finished my
task, take care!" I quickly left and stood outside the doors as I watched
them close it. I was on my own again, but this time, I was prepared. 

Now that I was in the outside I got the note that was given to me to read my
task. It said "Your task is to explore the world of Krynn and its
surroundings. There are some maps I put in your pocket that you may yet
havent noticed of some citys around. I have also given you a list of weapons
I would like you to find for me. Take care young one". I checked my pockets
and certainly found the maps. I blushed for a second... Now that I knew my
new task I was out to discover the new world. It was easy at first, no
trouble, no worries, no nothing... My first encounter was with a guard that
was walking through the same path as me. "Hault right there young lady!"
Said the guard yelling as he stopped me from walking any further. "And whom
may you be?" He asked while he held his sword to my throat. "I am Platanium,
an apprentice mage. Im not looking for no trouble" I responed as my voice
trebbled. "No trouble huh? Somebody so cute like you shouldnt be walking
alone through these dangerous places. Your going to come with me!" He
responded as he grabbed my arm with strength. "Let go!" I yelled as I began
to mutter words and with a blink of an eye I launched a lightning bolt
straight torwards his chest. The guard then flew back and hit the ground
hard. He slowly got up with pain and started to walk away. I felt so
relieved as I won my first combat, but many were yet to come. 

I spent weeks exploring and finding the weapons that I was told. I
discovered new lands and met peope I had never seen. I made many friends but
at the same time, many enemies. I was heading on my way back to the mages
guild to fully finish my task by the approval of my master. The trail back
was long and exhausting. I finnally arrived in front of the doors I had left
behind a month ago. I muttered some words and the door opened. To my
surprise I was being awaited. "Welcome back, young apprentice. I have been
waiting for you." Said my master as he came towards me to give me a hug. I
hugged him back, "Thank you master. Its been a long time. I am glad on being
home again, and alive." I said while I giggled. "I have wrote my own inform
about my discoveries outside of these walls for you to read." I said as I
gave him a little notebook containing the details of my adventure. "Great
job!" he responded with emphacy as he took the notebook and put it away for
later to read. "For now, you have accomplished your task and are welcome to
relax. I have set up a good meal and a hot tub of water for you, young
lady." he said with a big smile on his face. "Great! Im really starving and
I could use a good bath. Some of the inn's I stayed at were pretty pitifull.
Thank you again master." I responded while I to put a smile on my face. He
showed me to the dinning room as I sat myself to eat my meal. An hour later
I headed back to my room after a good meal and a nice bath to lay back down
on my bead where I had gotten up a month ago to began my second journey. I
lied down as I put my hands behind my head and sighed.... "Ahh... This is
magnificent.." I said with much pleasure. I then closed my eyes and began to
give some thought about my next preparation. "I think im ready for my final
test." I thought to myself as I slowly fell asleep... 

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