The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Raelin.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a gorgious hardback on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Raelin' scribed in brilliant orange ink.

Author:    Raelin         
Date:      Sun Dec 28 02:45:39 2008
Subject     Knife of Dracart: Archmage Raelin Starblade of the Red

Two red robed magi stood in a silent courtyard, the wind chilling their
bones. They paid the freezing cold no heed, for they had far more important
things on their minds. A shiny blade with a curved handle lay stationary on
the palm of a disembodied hand floating strangely in between the two magi.

One of the wizards ventured to speak. "This is the Knife of Dracart,
Archmage Leodas, the weapon that I have procured from the possession of the
dark monk. I have heard of Lelthas' retirement from the Conclave and his
relinquishment of the Order's leadership, thus I have turned to you for
guidance in this trying time. There have been many legends regarding this
blade, and none of them have dared take the power of the Knife lightly. It
is a dangerous weapon."

The archmage nodded briefly in agreement but did not speak. His brows
furrowing in intense thought. The two wizards both knew what had to be done
with the weapon, but neither wanted to enunciate his intention. A weapon
such as this could be used to maintain balance in the world, but no single
mage could possibly control it. Much has been heard about the knife's
ability to cause dissension and chaos. It must be kept out of the; public
eye until a method was concocted to restrain and subdue the knife's whims.
No one else must know about it. The magi did not speak, but they knew what
the other was thinking.

So together, they cast a magical portal to realms unknown, past where even
the most seasoned adventurer could seek. In the heights of the eastern
Khalkist mountains and in the depths of a desolate cave, the red robed
master and archmage erected a magical sanctuary and threw the knife far into
it. Such was the strength of the incantation that without the concurrence of
either of the two mages, the seal to the cave could not be opened except
through death. Then they left, comforted in the knowledge that the Knife was
safe, at least for now.


It has been three days since the council to the Order of Lunitari first
convened in the Hall of Mages to determine the new High Archmage of the Red.
Still, there was no resolution but only endless bickering amongst the
power-hungry magi.

I have felt the power of the Knife in my hands and I must contain it.
Already, the Knife seeks to plant a creature of ambition into the leadership
of my Order -- one who would indubitably lead us into oblivion. There
appears to be only one person I can trust.

I stood up amongst the crowd of magi and hoped that the adrenaline-induced
courage would not suddenly leave me. "I vote aye for Archmage Leodas to be
the next High Archmage." I inhaled a quick breath even as the magi turned
their gazes upon me. "And I am claiming the position of Archmage." 

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