The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Raeszor.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a small volume on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Raeszor' scribed in faded red ink.

Author:    Raeszor        
Date:      Mon Nov  3 07:32:33 2008
Subject     The Lord of Gateway (Part 1)

The sun was hanging high in the sky just barely past it's zenith as the
onyx skinned half-elf threw the last piece of rubble into the lake. He had
been working hard for hours and it showed upon his glistening skin as
rivulets of sweat flowed unheadingly down his bare chest. Looking towards
the sun as he wipes his brow with the back of his large hands he groans over
the early hour. He quickly washes the dust and grime from his skin in the
cool, clear waters of the lake. After washing thouroughly he sets out to
return to the hideout he had been brought to after joining Caius's mercenary

As he enters the gateway leading into the now rubble free courtyard of the
hideout, he couldn't help but notice the human mercenary who had given him a
home walking into a small rundown building off to the rear of the courtyard.
A small bundle of papers were tucked under the human's arms and as he
disappears through the doorway he cast the dark man a quick glance. 

Taking the glance as a motion of summons from the leader of the band,
Raeszor decided to follow the human into the deteriorating building. As he
crossed the threshhold of the door Raeszor couldn't help but catch a quick
glance of a large, white feathered blur fly suddenly from the shadows of the
courtyard where Caius had recently been. Once inside the cramped
single-roomed stone house a strong scent of musty papers and old blood
assaulted the tall pointy-earred man's senses. A vision of this palce being
used as a makeshift infirmary at one time flitted through Raeszor's mind
quickly and passed just as fast. He came back to the present as he noticed
Caius watching him patiently from behind a small rickety desk loaded with
parchments and piles of coins. 

"Just who I was hoping to see.", Caius saod as he leaned back in his wooden

"The clearing of the courtyard is complete and we should have the hideout
liveable shortly.", I replied.

"Good. Good. I have need of your talents on another job Raeszor.", the human
stated as he pulled a rolled parchment from below the desk. "This was just
recently brought to my attention earlier today. A township not to far from
here has contracted me to aid them in a problem they are having with their

Handing the parchment to his waiting subordinate Caius continued, "The
details of the town's issues are written within. Your mission will be to
'handle' this lord quietly and without notice." Reaching into a wooden box
on the desk the human withdrew a stark white feather slightly over eight
inches long. "You are to turn the feather red with his blood and return this
to me."

Taking the feather with his free hand Raeszor spoke confidently, "It will be
done." Placing the scroll and feather in seperate pockets within his pack he
turned and left to return to his chambers to prepare for the journey. 
(To Be Continued...)

Author:    Raeszor        
Date:      Fri Nov  7 20:59:00 2008
Subject     The Lord of Gateway Part 2a

It had taken three days to prganize everything for the contract. A full
day was spent on gathering supplies that would be needed and two more days
to secure a front as cover for the mission. Luckily a caravan of Mountain
Dwarf merchants has recently arrived in Solace and were headed towards
Gateway. The caravan was looking to hire on a bodyguard due to the reults of
their previous visit to the Vallenwood hamlet. I had heard rumors floating
about the town of Mountain Dwarf caravans being attacked by a band of
dwarven bandits. I had just found one of their victims in this caravan
looking to hire. The Caravan Master explained to me how his last trip ended
in the loss of most of his companions and all of their merchandise. I signed
on immediately. 

Travelling in midsummer is never pleasant, but there was a nice cool breeze
blowing through the Vallenwoods on the morning we departed Solace. Taking
the main highway we made good time and covered many miles without any major
occurances, til dusk on the first day. 

As the sun began to descend below the canopy of trees the road was cast in
fleeting shadow and the sounds of the creatures of the night filled the air.
Suddenly everything became quiet and the muscular dwarven ponies pulling the
wagons began to winny and prance about nervously. Instictively I reached for
the large battle knives strapped to my back. As the blades cleared their
sheathes a resounding crash and deep howls of bloodlust erupted from the
brush on both sides of the road. 

As several dwarves rushed onto the road, I counted nine in total, I began to
bellow orders to the caravan I guarded. The attackers wore hardened leather
armor and each carried twin handaxes. The leader of the attackers stood back
as his men began to surround the wagons and my clients. With two quick
strides I was in the midst of the attackers my blades blurring in lines of
silver and crimson. Before long I had cut down half of the ambushers, thier
bodies bloody messes upon the dirt road. 

The remaining bandits began to weave around me cautiously, the caravan
forgotten in the face of the danger I represented. In a dance of blades and
foot two more bandits dropped dead and another lost an arm. The remained
assailant was rewarded with a blinding gash across both eyes and a broken
nose from a follow up smash from my elbow. Noticing his troop was severely
at a disadvantage against a large and skilled opponent he sounded a retreat
and fled into the cover of the trees. His living followers followed suit, if
not much more slowly and clumsily. 

It only took a few minutes to clear the road of the carnage I had wrought
upon those that would have liked to have done the same to us. We were all
ready to leave the scene as quickly as possible, there was no telling who
would come along and ask questions.

The last days of the trip went by in a lull of uneventfulness and we arrived
in Gateway just shy of three days from our departure from Solace. The
Caravan Master handed me a pouch of steel coins, much heavier then that that
had been agreed upon. He told me it was a reward for my valiant efforts to
protect his people and wares. We parted ways at the gates, they turned
towards the Market Place as I turned to head out in search of an Inn located
close to the Lord's Manor. 
(To Be Continued...)

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