The Great Library of Palanthas

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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Raevin.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Raevin' scribed in light yellow ink.

Author:    Raevin         
Date:      Sat Aug  7 15:39:52 2010
Subject     Raevin uth Darumnus, Beginnings.

Knighthood is an institution of nobility and bloodlines, of birthright
and prestige. The life of the child Raevin was to be no exception to these
rules. He was born to a Knight of the Crown known as Darumnus, in a noble
house, the son of a line of nobles and knights. As with the male children of
most Knights, Raevin was set on his path from a young age, trained in the
ways of the nobility and the blade. He spent his mornings in studies and his
afternoons in training. 

He showed himself to be a gifted pupil and he excelled well in both his
studies and his training. He favored the sword and shield, much as his
father before him. As he grew older and he started to develop as a young
man, his father gifted him a sword and shield that had been handed down to
the firstborn males in the family. He wore this gift with pride, the
slightly battered shield with his family's crest upon it, and the sword that
had been reworked to keep its edge and pommel maintained. 

The day of his 17th birthday a great banquet was held in his family's keep,
in honor of his preparing to join the Solamnic Order. His father toasted to
the great honor of having his son follow the bloodlines of Knighthood, and a
prayer to the triumvarate was said over Raevin for them to watch over him.
After the gathering died down, and Raevin was walking through the halls, he
saw his father in the halls looking at a set of paintings of past family
that had served in the Knighthood. 

His father spoke softly without turning, "You know I've waited a very long
time for this day...the day when my son would follow in my footsteps. It
brings pride to our family to see you do this my son."{. He turned to Raevin
smiling. "I know the road will be hard, and you will serve your time as a
squire well. But remember that the perservearance you've shown to this point
will serve you well in the road to come."{. 

Raevin nodded. "I'm honored to be able to do this father. I have dreamed of
this since I was a child. I will not disappoint you."{. He turned towards the
paintings his father had been looking at. "This is what I was born for. I
will be a Knight father. It is my destiny. I will do our family proud."{. He
turned back to his father who was beaming a smile from behind his neatly
trimmed mustaches. {. 

Darumnus placed a hand on his son's shoulder. "I know my son. But all in
good time. Tonight you will spend the night in prayer in the temple, and
tomorrow you leave to become a squire in the Knighthood. There is much to do
before then.{. He led his son through the corridors in silence, escorting him
to the keep's temple dedicated to the gods of the Triumvarate. "Tonight you
pray. I will see to your escort and transportation for the morning. May
Paladine watch over you my son."{. With that said, he embraced Raevin and
walked away. 

Raevin watched him walk away quietly, then made his way to the altar in the
front of the temple. He gazed up the stone carvings of a Pheonix, a Bison,
and a Dragon that were etched in the walls of the temple, and closed his
eyes. He fell to his knees and opened his heart in prayer for guidance. In
his heart he prayed, in his mind he prepared. It was going to be a long
road. But he would be a knight. 

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