The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Raina.

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The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a manilla folder on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Raina' scribed in light grey ink.

Author:            Raina
Date    Mon Nov  7 18:51:56 2005
Subject  Goblins in Qualinost 

 "Why the extra coins Raina, do you wish for me to wrap a loaf of bread 
for you to take with you?"  Said the fiery bar maid.  Then looking to seet 
coins were not golden but steel her mouth agape and eyes widened a confused 
look crossed her face.   
Smiling she shakes her head in response.  "I just wanted you to have some 
coins so you may replace your...  Clothes with something a little more 
becoming for you to wear.  I have noticed a certain, handsome man that 
visits the Inn often and seems to be quite fond of you.  Correct me if I am 
wrong, but you seem to be fond of him too do you not?  I merely thought you 
would like to have a new gown to wear in his presence showing him your 
more...  Feminine side."  Tika blushes deeply but clears her throat as she 
glances over at the big warrior.  With nervous excitement in her voice she 
says "Thank you kindly Raina, I will show you my gown once I have it."  
"Allow me to gather you some food and drink from the kitchen to take on your 
travels, it is the least I can do Raina."   
"I am well equipped with rations and such, I thank you for the offer dear 
girl, but maybe next time."   
With a bow and a slight giggle as she glances over to the large man and back 
to Tika Raina waves good-bye to the still blushing bar maid and walks to the 
exit smiling.   
Approaching the door Raina feels eyes upon her and a tingle runs down her 
spine.  She scans the room and notices a dark figure sitting alone, close by 
the fire and thinks for a moment he was looking at her just before he 
lowered his hooded face.  By his size she assumes he is a male, but the dark 
robes he wears have no runes embroidered on them that would mark him as a 
Mage.  Studying the figure briefly she thinks she would like to speak with 
him, but then thinks of her men are gathering at this Deciding to question 
Tika later of the curious man, she leaves the Inn, bouncing down the 
spiraling steps, to onlookers it would seem she danced down the stairs, or 
floated.  Walking up to her pet, she gives him a moment to finish off the 
boar he had just slain for dinner then mounts her gryphon.   
The smell of damp soil filling her nose and feeling a cool breeze blowing in 
from the North East, she knows they will soon meet the rains since she is 
flying in that particular direction for their meeting.  "Well, my friend, we 
must be off quickly, in hopes to avoid the brunt of the storm massing."  She 
urges her gryphon on to the North, knowing he well knows the way to their 
destination she relaxes and gazes over the dancing tree tops and listens to 
the peaceful winds blowing.   
Suddenly, the pellets of rain begin to bite her skin, causing her to wrap 
her cloak about her more tightly and lower her head from the stinging rain.  
The drumming pound of the rain causes her to hear nothing, not even the 
steady wing beats of her mount, alarming Raina that this is no ordinary 
storm to come about so suddenly and so brutally.  Trusting her mount to find 
their way and worrying about her men also having made the flight she grows 
agitated.  After a few more moments, her mount starts to slow, signaling 
they must be close.  A loud steady blow from a horn alerts her instantly, 
then the unmistakable war cries from her fellow Wildrunners and the sound of 
steel on steel send her into a hot rage as she orders her pet to land and 
leaps from his back.   
As a lioness, stalking her prey with stealth and silence she slithers into 
the area to see several goblins in hand to hand combat with her men.  
Sneaking up behind one unfortunate ugly goblin, she stabs him in the back 
and no sounds escape his lips, then she lays his corpse down quietly, going 
on to the next one.  Seeing a beam of light to her left and hearing a scream 
from one of her men, she knows that magic is involved in this battle, but 
how?  Still sneaking up to the nearest goblin she takes him out quickly, and 
goes to join Narrel, her clan mate, seeing he is flanked by one goblin and 
another in front of him.  Standing back to back with Narrel, they spin and 
turn together in a deadly, graceful dance.   

Author:            Raina
Date    Mon Nov  7 19:02:28 2005
Subject  Goblins in Qualinost part 2

 Raina scans around to see where the magic user may be but then a 
blinding light fills her eyes, causing her to grab Narrel and steady 
herself.  Hearing her men shout in triumph and in pain she has no idea how 
many goblins are left standing, or where the mage is or how he got the 
goblins into Qualinost in the first place.  Still swinging her sword when 
she hears a guttural sound in front of her and slicing down with her dagger, 
she is able to defend herself.  Suddenly, the gryphons attack sending the 
goblins fleeing, but the mage is no where to be seen she is told.   
Raina, can you see?  It is I, Narrel, I managed to take a prisoner and I 
think we should return to our Clan Hall at once and imprison him and get 
some answers from him."  Narrel takes Raina's arm and leads her to the hall 
slowly, still scanning for the magic user.  "Did you see the mage?  Did he 
disappear?  How was he able to sneak the goblin scouts into our forest 
unnoticed and unhindered?  We have much to discuss as soon as we are all 
healed and our men are regrouped, we lost Terril and I am very saddened for 
that, he was trying to defend me while he took the lightning bolt meant for 
me that blinded me.   
Raina puts her hands over her face and sobs uncontrollably, knowing her men 
can't see her weakness she clears her throat, wipes her face roughly with 
the hem of her cloak and sighs with a weary smile.  "We will avenge his 
death my men, and fill the abyss with the vile creatures of evil once we are 
done with the goblins."   

Author:    Raina          
Date:      Fri Jan  5 09:49:58 2007
Subject     The Past Awaits

 Emerging from her tent to investigate the thunderous sound of flapping
gryphon wings, Raina greets the messenger after he dismounts and bows to
her.  The messenger, Talon, waits for an invitation to speak and then nods
to her as she ushers him inside her tent, then quickly, he begins to relay
his message.  

Raina is informed that between Qualinost, and Thorbardin, a relative of the
Uth Matar family had been found dead.  The details were annoyingly vague,
and left more questions than answers.  Presently, there were informants
being placed to learn all that was possible of this unexpected death.  What
was a Thorn Knight doing this close to home, and alone?  Raina knew that if
there was information to be had, they would soon have it.  

Dismissing the messenger, Raina sinks into thoughts of the past with a sad
smile upon her face...  

Having been a young orphan, Raina was forced into slavery by her parents'
murderer, an evil thief named Krat.  She was immediately sold to the Uth
Matar's and was moved into the Manor, in a room near their daughter.  As a
child, Ayasana was crippled and Raina was a play mate and slave to her,
although she never considered herself a slave.  She was treated fairly and
in time, even felt as though she were part of the family.  Becoming as close
to Ayasanna as even a sister could, she was comfortable and happy there in
those years.  

Recalling, with a pang of hurt and loss, when the Dark Queen had healed her
best friend Ayasana, she had felt unneeded and ignored.  Ayasana had many
duties keeping them apart and so, in deep sadness, Raina left the Manor and
her life there one evening to find her own way.  Soon after leaving, she met
the Half-Elf Snefru, and immediately found her calling and her new home with
the Wildrunners.  With a sad smile Raina shakes her head, shaking out the
memories.  She stands slowly and some time later finds herself pacing the
tent in discontent and deep thought.  Coming to a sudden halt, she once
again steps out of her tent and sees a Soldier, Sanzo, nearby.  Calling him
to her with a movement of her head, he arrives and salutes her.  

"I must tend to a very personal matter and will be absent from the clan for
a few days, maybe more." , She says as he nods to her expressing

"Please see to it that Zyphar is doubly fed and made ready to fly at dusk,
and that there are supplies to make camp readied as well."  She says softly
to the Soldier.  

Sanzo nods and quickly turns to see her requests made after she dismisses
him.  Raina immediately re-enters her tent and begins packing the few items
and her equipment needed for the trip she will be making alone.  Penning a
note to Snefru she explains to him that she must leave for a private matter
and will be gone a few days, but she will be safe and will return as soon as
matters are tended to.  Removing a ring from a finger on her right hand, she
dips it into a candle's wax in front of her, and seals the letter to her

"Shimai, it has been too long", she says with a sigh as she sits in
determination and waits for darkness to claim the day, and ultimately, for
her lone journey to begin.  

Author:    Raina          
Date:      Fri May 28 15:00:49 2010
Subject     Something brewing...

It was too small and hidden a place to even have its own place on the
city map, a gathering place for the worst of the city's wretches. There were
many dark characters, thugs, sailors, nobodies, most of which were wanted by
lords or angry families for heinous crimes. Their fears of walking openly
down the more civilized parts of Palanthas would get them arrested were
justified. So, they came here, to a dark hole where they could gather and
find safety in numbers as well. Not to mention the Guild hall was
conveniently located 'near enough' to the Palanthas Docks. 

She knew this place well, but rarely visited these days. Finding herself in
the Elven Army and a high ranking member therin, Raina had left her days of
the Palanthas Thief's Guild behind her. Her days in this dangerous society
were all but done, and then she received word Lynched Geoffrey himself. The
message was brief, of course. There was information involving her and her
little 'pointy eared' friends. "Something is brewing out there.", that was
all he would allow in the message. 

This is the only reason she was here...

(to be continued)

Author:    Raina          
Date:      Tue Mar 27 11:45:08 2012
Subject     Points of Light Part IV

With a sigh, Raina plopped down wearily on the down-stuffed mattress. Exhaling, she relaxed and took note of the room which she had been assigned by King Lorac as her temporary lodging. Elegant paintings, hand woven tapestries, and beautifully hand-carved furniture filled this spacious room. "Enough wealth here alone to feed a simple family", she thought. More at east in the wide open space of the forest, with fresh air and room to move, she felt claustrophobic here. Reflecting on the day's events, she admitted to herself that she had won a small victory in gaining King Lorac's approval to stay, if only for a short while, here in the vast Elven city of Silvanost. The old King was not fond of the Kagonesti, she being one of them, he had openly showed dislike for her race. Raina found him rude, and obnoxious to a point, and his pride in his race and city was tremendous. "If only that were your shield, King Lorac, no force on Krynn could penetrate it.", she said in jest to the cold walls of this four-cornered room. Standing, she decided to leave the building and seek out the others who came with her, her family, if not by blood. The bit of information she gathered from Lorac during their first introduction was to be shared with those she trusted with her life. The Dark Knights, and their new weapon in this war, were too close for comfort. Although King Lorac didn't appear much concerned by the threat, she would not take her enemy lightly. Wrapping her arms around her to ward off the sudden chill she felt, she once again sighed, quietly she spoke. "I have much to do here it seems, and I must begin with Lorac, may the Gods grant me the ability to persuade him." Out of habit she looked up towards the open sky, to only once again see cold stone. Throwing open the heavy door, she hurried out to speak with her people.

Author: Raina Date: Thu Oct 9 11:18:38 2014 Subject New beginnings and old friends

The massive Minotaur standing before her grunted, and nodded his huge, horned head slightly before turning away . Rana, taking that as a dismissal now that their business was done, smiled and gracefully exited Command Witrestde's elaborate and massive tent. Raina had no misconceptions about the might and power of their foes then men and women contracted out through the mercenaries were worth ten dark knights each.. Commander wit had connections to many dangerous people and she only needed the best from him, which she got . Having just received a message on the way to the meeting with Witrestde, she had correspondence waiting on her from her mentor, friend, advisor, he was so many things and very important to her, Snefru had argent information. Dashing to her Griffin who was snapping at a dwarf who was gawking at him, she quickly mounted and was off. guys I did this from my phone so please overlook the typos and stuff

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