The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Rederick.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a bluish black leather-bound book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Rederick' scribed in burnt orange ink.

Author:  Rederick
Date    Sat Jun  1 13:23:15 2002

Subject  Rederick's Life

I, Rederick Swiftblade, am going to inform you on the life of a troubled young

I used to live in a village that was of warrior blood, and descended from a
long line of true Takhisis warriors.

During the War of the Lance, though, a few of my ancestors betrayed the Queen
and went to live in peace.  Their idol, was a powerful sword, which they
worshipped and prayed to everyday and everynight.

But one night a bunch of white robed men with shining white armor came and
their leader took the ancient sword off the idol and wielded it.

He then started to destroy the town.  I took up my sword and felt a surge of
power run through my veins.  I charged their leader and our swords clashed.

He yelled to his men,"Stay BACK!  I will handle this neusince."

With that we began.  He and I were locked in fierce combat.  We were both
twirling, slashing, stabbing, and blocking.

Then I saw a weak point, there was a dent in his armor from a battle earlier
that week. So I stabbed downward on him  as he went up to block my slash I
pulled my sword away at the last minute and stabbed it right into the
weakpoint in his armor.

My sword succesfully pierced through and struck his heart killing him

Author:  Rederick
Date    Sat Jun  1 13:42:17 2002

Subject  Rederick's Life Part II

I tugged and tugged until I pulled my sword out of the dead man's chest.  I
leaned upon the sword to rest for I felt I had saved my town and it's idol.

But as I reached down and grabbed the sword I felt a presence behind me and I
rolled to the side.  At that moment a sword struck the ground where I was not
a second ago.

I rolled and stood up with a sword in each hand.  I felt unstoppable.  I felt
that intense surge again, the surge of my great ancestorial warriors, then I
began to dance.

No one could withstand my dancing the blades were twirling and slashing and
stabbing in a blaze of movement.

I felt the warrior's blood rise up within me.  I was slaughtering the
remaining 25 Rose Knights like nothing.  As I stabbed the last one in the
bacfk I looked up to see the mayor.

He stepped forward and souted at me, "Look at this mess you've created."

I said, "But I got the idol back."

I don't care about the idol, that idol has gotten our town destroyed and now
you've brought dishonor to our peaceful lives."


With that I charged the old fool while I was in my blood rage.  At the last
moment I stood up straight and said, "I will challenge you to a duel of
swords, then we willl see who has dishonor."

"Then so be it."  He pulled out his sword and I lifted my two.  We charged
each other and I swung both swords at his feet as I crouched down read to
spring. At the last moment he jumped and slashed downward creating a scar
below my right eye about an inch long at a diagonal angle..

I staggered around for a second and regained my balance.  Then I charged him
again and this time I swung one sword up and one down.

There was no escape for this mayor.

Author:  Rederick
Date    Sat Jun  1 14:14:09 2002

Subject  Rederick's Life Part III

As I stood up I wiped the blood from under my eye.  I then wiped the blood off
of my swords on his clothes.

I then stalked off back to my house.  As I entered the house I slammed the
door to mute the screams from outside.

The door creaked and I stepped to one side as the door crashed to the ground.

My father came running into the room and stopped then looked at me.  Then he
said, "What have you done son?  It was your mother and I, the two greatest
warriors in this town, that have taught you all that you know.

We taught it to you so that you would use it for good, not evil."

"But father I just saved the town."


"But it was a fair duel...."

With that I turned around to see the whole town at our door frame.  Realizing
that it wasn't my father that had said it I turned back to him.

My father said, "I'm sorry son but you must leave this town.  DOn't ever come
back."  Then I was chased out of town.

And I have run since then, run to my Queen and her army hoping that she will
accept me.  I have come here in hopes to be accepted so that I may once again
serve my Queen.

And so that I can once again feel that surge of power and glory.  I hope that
you will accept me into your ranks as a Lily of KoT.

Rederick Swiftblade

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