The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Reinhart.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a metal bound tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Reinhart' scribed in faded brown ink.

Author:  Reinhart
Date    Wed Jul 31 23:53:04 2002

Subject  An Unknown Paladin's History

There sat Reinhart at the fire, the flames flickering slightly as the
wood cracked against the heat. The day had been long. The sky was clear and
Solinari was visible against the blackness of the sky. Mishakal's
constellation twinkled brightly in the sky.

"Perhaps, this wasn't the best idea..." he thought to himself as he stared
at the sky, thinking his travel to the great City of Palanthas might be a
bad idea. His parents had raised him as a fighter and he had been under the
best tutor in his village, but his ambition was not met. He had left in order
to fullfil his dreams of becoming a paladin to his beloved Mishakal. A
defender of the good. That was his dream.

He had always looked up to the paladins and priests of the Light Bringer
that had strolled through the village, caring for those in need and helping
less fortunate people.

"What if I can not find one by whom can teach me the ways of the Order under
the Light Bringer. I will be known as a failure to my friends. I
would never be able to return..." His mind raced with thoughts like this one
wondering whether he should just abandon a foolish dream and just vanish from
everyone's life.

But, something inside told him to pursue, somewhere within, he felt

power driving him to his goal. He knew he would succeed, even if it meant
never returning to those he loved back home.

That morning, he gathered his things, made a slight equipment check and
continued his voyage to the great City. The road was worn and well travelled
as the gates appeared on the horizon. The air was humid and the sun shined
brightly in the sky. Sweat started to form on his brow, showing some of the
fatigue that was plaguing his every step.

Approaching the gate, he looked through to see the hustle and bustle within
the city, just like he imagined. Buildings rose over the walls and merchants
had their wares lined all down the streets.

His task was clear, to find a paladin or priest of Mishakal who might
prove to be of some help in showing him the ways of the Light Bringer.
With that thought in mind, he entered the gates to where his new life would

Author:  Reinhart
Date    Sun Aug  4 13:52:28 2002

Subject  A Day In Palanthas, The City Of Light

The day had been long and hard. So far, Reinhart's stay in the City of Light
had been a The day had been long and hard. So far, Reinhart's stay in the City
of Light had been a pleasant one, compared to his voyage there. He was
comforted by the feel of a bed in the local inn. That night, he had also had
one of the best meals he's had in a long time, far

The next morning, he set out on his goal in search of a priest or, preferably,
a paladin of Mishakal who might advance his knowledge in the ways of Mishakal
and the life she brings to her followers. After packing his things and having
a nice breakfast, he left the inn and wandered into the main part of town.

The roads were filled with the civilians of the town doing their shopping for
the day in the market square. The market contained a wide variety of things
from food to general items to weapons and armor. The markets did catch his
attention, but they did not distract him enough from his goal to waste time.

Continuing down the road he wandered into a large temple that appeared to be
the Palanthas Town Hall area. The temple was large and was built nicely with
stain-glass windows and perfectly placed columns. At the far end was a
pedastal where the local announcements were probably declared, and behind the
pedastal was a large pit filled with unused belongings and discarded items. A
stairs with a sign leading up to the Mayors office was placed next to that.

Reinhart stared around for awhile, noticing the citizens gathering for the
local prayer.

Something didn't feel right however. The city of light seemed to have a dark
cloud lingering over it, although Reinhart couldn't put his finger on it. With
a sudden discomfort filling the room, Reinhart left and walk towards the
Imperial Square, just outside the temple.

There, he spotted a large building with a large banner posted outside. The
banner read "Holy Order of the Stars". He looked at it for a bit then stopped
a local passerby.

"Excuse me, but what is that building there?"

"That? That is the Clan Hall of the Holy Order of the Stars. Clerics,
Templar, and some Paladins travel from all around seeking it to pursue their
faith." With that, the local walked off to continue his chores.

He thought for a moment then realized the Holy Order could be exactly what he
was looking for. A place to improve upon his faith. With that, he opened the
doors, stepped into the halls and looked around for someone.

Not entering more than an inch, a dark, deep voice rang out, "So you're
wishing to join the Holy Order of the Stars, are you?" Reinhart jumped back,
not expecting it. A man walked out of the shadows. He was a medium sized man
dressed in full black robes. His facial features were hidden rather well, but
he sensed that within this man was an unholy, tainted spirit.

"Yes, that I am. Can you guide me someone who can help?"

"You have found him. My name is Larukon." The man said stepping into the
light a bit to show where he was. Reinhart paused again not sure what to say.

"I wish to enter the ranks of the Holy Order of the Stars."

"Ahh. So you do wish to join us..." Larukon paused for a moment, looked at
the young Paladin, then said "You worship my former goddess.....I will show
you to your quarters..."

Reinhart stared for a moment at the man then followed him, making note that
the last words were puzzling to him.

"This is the Order of the Light's area. You can stay here. Welcome to the
Order..." With that, he walked off and left Reinhart alone.

worship Mishakal. Therefore your place lies with us in the Light Area." He

"Come. I will show you around."

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