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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Renan.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Renan' scribed in rich grey ink.

Author:    Renan          
Date:      Thu Jul 23 02:04:28 2009
Subject     Renan a New Journey

It has only been a few weeks yet my life has changed so much, it all
changed since the first day I met her. I met her at the market in Sanction,
her hair black as a raven and her eyes pierced me and aroused my lions. I
felt lust for a woman I had just met. After conversing with her several days
that week i learned she was a servant to a spice merchant, this stired my
heart with anger at her being treated so poorly. I told my parents about
this girl and they told me I was a fool and that they would not lower their
family position by letting me marry a commoner.

Still my heart ached for this raven hair girl. I asked her to run away with
me, to marry me and leave this place. She spoke of fearing her lord that he
would kill her if she tried to flee. Telling me that she would only feel
safe leaving with me if he was dead so that should could love me without
fear. I resigned myself to his death so that I might possess this woman, I
told her he would be dead by morning. With that news she came in close and
touched her body next to mine kissing me with a fire of passion.

I bought a mace with a handle of bone in the market that day and snuck
outside the house where my loves master lived. It was late in the night when
he returned from the taverns and brothels, he was weak with drink and I was
strong with love and desire. With a single blow I crushed his skull in, he
crumpled to the ground. Breaking into the house and taking my love away I
had to stop at my house before I left to gather some supplies for us so we
could make our escape. My parents were still up waiting for me, when they
saw my love with me and the bloodly mace they screamed out and called me a
murder. I quickly silenced them both with the mace, adding their blood to my
hands they died quickly.

Suddely my loved began laughing with a cackle glee, suddely her form changed
to another woman a goddess among women. She told me that I had proved
amusing and would grant me power, to wield her name like a weapon, he name
was Takhisis. She bade me to take what I could and head north to where I
would be one with her, a cleric serving his goddess. That is why my life
ended and my new life began. 

Author:    Renan          
Date:      Thu Aug 20 01:20:18 2009
Subject     Army Life

Travel towards Neraka had been slow on foot. There were occasional
patrols that saw me but just one look at my cold eyes and they let me pass
without incident. Mercenarys heading towards Neraka were common these days
with a call out for soldiers of all types these days. Nearing the city it
smells of power, armies gathering and weapons being forged. After making my
way into the city I signed up at a recruitment office to be a infantry in
the red army. Not wanting to make myself apparent that my queen had blessed
me I wanted to earn my rank on my own merits.

I met with my commmanding officer Ayasana, and I was told that i was under
her command, I then went and gathered equipment from the provision office. A
new suit of black leather armor to go with the mace that my queen had given

The first 2 weeks were brutal, I was not nearly as skilled with weapons as
some of the other troops. I suffered more then my share of injuries but
thanks to my queen I was always able to heal myself before the next day. I
had to practice my spells in secret not wanting to give myself away, it was
difficult learning to channel that power. I focused on protecting myself
first then branching out into elemental spells and spells of power that I
could use to slay my foes w I had to practice my spells in secret not
wanting to give myself away, it was difficult learning to channel that
power. I focused on protecting myself first then branching out into
elemental spells and spells of power that I could use to slay my foes with.
Soon I shall reval myself as a cleric of my queen and I will take my
rightful place in her master plan. 
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Author:    Renan          
Date:      Sun Oct  4 02:44:10 2009
Subject     Emperor is Missing

Most of the army that could be dispatched to search for the emperor had
already been sent. My training had not yet been completed in the temple so I
was not with the rest of the army. Rumors from some of the other troops is
that The solamnics ambused him while he was looking for Berem. I dismissed
that right away since I know the power of the magic he could wield. I prayed
to the dark queen to grant me a vison on where I might find him, knowing
that if he was injured in battle his magic might have taken him to a secure
play away from Neraka. Everyone is worried about their rank and the Emperor
encourages his troops to be agressive for their rank, so he would have
wanted to protect himself and shield his location.

After several hours I waited for a response from my queen, she was distant
searching for this Berem. I wait for a sign from her to choose my next move.

Author:    Renan          
Date:      Wed Oct 21 01:57:18 2009
Subject     Reporting for Duty

Renan had spent three days time in the temple neither eating or sleeping
till the Queen of Darkness anger subsided. Hearing a voice Renan bowed and
said, "Queen I listen and obey command me."

"Luerk has failed me you will retrieve him and bring him back to the temple.
An expedition to bring him back has already left you will join them", Renan
heard in his head.

Nodding and smiling I cast a spell if nourshiment before I set out on my
journey. I must not fail my Queen, Renan considered, if one so mighty as
Luerk can incur her wrath then no one is safe.

Casting a might spell of transportant Renan appears in a small camp in the
desert. Looking around some sentries seem concered that he appeared out of
thin air. I bring out my holy symbol from under my vest, the Cresent Moon
shinning clear in the night with the power of my goddess. I order the senty,

"Take me to commander Ayasana, we have much to discuss", Renan ordered.

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