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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Reno.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Reno' scribed in rich grey ink.

Author:  Reno
Date    Fri Nov  5 10:00:44 2004

Subject  Log from Knight Reno

Today, I was called by lord masters cleric Mykas, but the high position of the
order of the swords. It is not the first time that what I am in its presence,
but is the first time that I am called by him.

Sceptre Knight Reno of Retrevius.

It said when between in its office, adorned with different armors and arms,
that they hung of the walls, and right behind him, its familiar shield.

I have ordered to you to call to assign an important mission.

Continuous he saying, with a great lightening as for me, to the aim would have
the opportunity to do something outside the walls of palanthas.

I yes ask this ready you.

Clear that I am arranged, I thought while she listened to it.

To give the distribution us of the troops in thelgaard.

Yes my Lord, I will start off immediately. I gave average return and I left
the office.

I chose to at night travel to backs of silver dragon that was assigned to me,
a splendid creature.

I decided to take the following route, happening near the following places
while we flew, Yarus, high clerist to tower, Manydell, always bordering
mountains vingaard, to cover our sign.

In order to rest of that night we had completes shutdown in the house of my
family, Castle di Caela.

Day of Nuindai (Majetag, Night's Eye), 15th the Month of Reorxmont.

I slept until very entered the morning, and in the library it reviews the map
of solamia and the planes the Thelgaard, of this form I decided to approach to
me from the Garnet Mountains, happening near Solanthus and leaving the dragon
in Luinstat, from has to walk to thelgaard, a long walk of 19 miles, with
which it would arrive at dusk from morning. Knowing the long long walk of
tomorrow it dedicates to me to prepare the food necessary and to rest.

At night we left from the castle, following the route that had decided, we
arrived at our destiny near average night, where I gave instructions to the
dragon so that it rested and he was pending of my arrival, surely would go of
hunting today.

Day of Soldai (Kirinor, Dead Eye), 16th the Month of Reorxmont.

It is near noon I take but of half of my route, I have had to avoid some
draconianas patrols, have to have much well-taken care of.

I have arrived at Thelgaard, from where I come near using the headwind I have
seen an immense black dragoon, reason why have been able to find out is called
DarkFyre, apparently have let it to erase the sign. It begins to grow dark,
now I will be able to examine better everything.

In my way I have found houses and villas totally destroyed by the Draconians.

From several points near the city I have been able to see force invaders, its
types and conformation, in addition I have let a plane of the updated city to
know in that land we will move.

Sight that to the invaders will be difficult to them to enter the castle, but
will not be impossible.

It is near average night, I have entered the city. The invaders have had
several low thanks to my. Manage to enter using the harvests platform from the
tower. In my way I have been to human soldiers of Blue Watch and black watch,
kapaz, baaz of the dragonarmy black and blue.

One wizard dark robed masters of darkness. I see this:

- To Black Robe sends to fireball into to Solamnic knight.

- The knight is quickly engulfed by flames.

He was painful and I could not less than to go in its aid.

When seeing that he was helped knight black it robs did this:

- A Black Robe has fled!

Of course I followed it, it would not allow that this I generate continued
living, and requesting the aid of my God Kiri, to disper itself badly that.

Also I found in my way to cleric of Takhisis, to Muzzle. But this draconian I
could not approach to me.

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Author:  Reno
Date    Fri Nov  5 10:04:10 2004

Subject  Log from Knight Reno, Part II.

One you see in the castle I could speak with Lord Talgeth, Warder of
Thelgaard, that told its precarious situation me. And one granted hearing
with, Lord Dargeth, Lord of Thelgaard keep, knight to me of the to order of
the rose and Lord Garnen Masters of Swords. To them it comments to them that
it had been sent to Thelgaard by Lord Mykas, to investigate the enemy troops,
and to take news. Once finished to the interview and by means of n horse that
had granted itself to me on the part of lord Dargeth, I left in the direction
of the mountains Garnet Mountains.

Day of Manthus (Misham, Dream Dance), 17th the Month of Reorxmont.

The average night is spent and I have arrived at my mount. By very little I
saw drawee of the patrols of draconians. Now I have requested to him to the
dragon to return but possible and the soon fast thing, to Palanthas.

Noon: squad of black dragons has followed us on the part of passage one, the
cleverness and speed the dragoon has freed to us. I cannot fight with them I
must give news to Lord mykas.

21:00 Finally I have arrived at palanthas, after thanking for my dragon and to
request that it was taken care of to him of the best form in the stables I
direct to give the news ones to Lord Mykas.

Sir Reno of Retrevius, Sceptre Knight.

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