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Author:  Rhianna
Date    Sat Aug 31 08:00:39 2002

Subject  Rhianna's Return

*A Page From A Journal* I find myself returning to Solace after so many
years of travel. So much has changed and yet so little. I see few faces I
recognize, though they do not notice me as I sit in the corner, my face
shadowed by my hood.

As I sit here, in the Inn, the memories wash over me, almost to painful to
bear. Thoughts of my beloved sister Lonna and the others of my Wildrunner
family, though not blood still a part of my heart.

I wonder how they have fared, and my thoughts turn to Zhan, the beloved forest
of my soul. Has the forest returned to its former glory following the dreadful
war with the Knights of Takhisis?

Finally, my thoughts turn to my son, Anatole, and the pain becomes almost
unbearable. I remember the last time I saw him, here, in this Inn.

The pain and anger in his face as I refused, once again, to leave my beloved
forest and my Wildrunner family to rejoin him in the service of Morgion.

How could he understand? How can he ever understand? I have seen so much
darkness, death, disease and decay.

I dread the meeting between us. Aye, my heart knows there will be a meeting.
He will know of my return.

I reach for the symbol of Zivilyn I wear always around my neck with a shaking
hand, silently praying for the courage to withstand the meeting.

My soul longs only to return to Zhan, where I might once again find peace and
serenity in the worship of my God Zivilyn.

*Here the writing ends*

Author:  Rhianna
Date    Mon Sep  2 09:56:26 2002

Subject  Rhianna's Return..continued

*The journal continues* 2:45, Day of Boreadai. 5th the Month of Bran I sit
here, lost in thought as I sip a glass of elven wine. What events have
occurred in Zhan? I look around, seeing a few of the Wildrunner, but none whom
I know.

What ha happened to my friends and family? I do not sense their presence
anywhere. Are they all gone, lost to me forever?

They look so young, those runners I glimpse as I sit here in the Inn,
observing the comings and goings of the people of Solace.

Are there any who can give me news of my family? And what of my son Anatole? I
have not seen him nor felt his presence in my mi9nd in so long now.

I would see my son again, though I dread his hatred and sorrow. On the morrow
I will pack my belongings and head for the one place outside of Zhan I have
ever found rest and comfort in this world.

The beautiful waterfalls outside of this lovely town. There I will stay until
I find myself ready, mentally and physically, to make the journey to Zhan and
implore those runners I find there to allow me to rejoin them and live in the
forest of Zhan *The writing ends*

Author:  Rhianna
Date    Fri Sep  6 08:10:29 2002

Subject  Rhianna's Return Part 3

*The Final Page of the Journal* As I sit looking out over the waterfall
outside of Solace, I admire the beauty of the Gods creation and utter a prayer
to Zivilyn, a thanksgiving for all that he has created.

I lean back against the tree, meditating, at last at rest following the months
of training and practice of my skills as a Templar. The days have been long
but well worth it as I finally feel myself ready to rejoin the Wildrunners.

I wonder however, what these new runners are like. Will they permit me to join
them? And what shall I do if they don't? I need to be in the forest of Zhan.

It is like an emptiness in my soul. I have travelled so far away from the
place where I first came to know Zivilyn as my God. I wish to return to Zhan
where I felt the closest to Him.

If I am unable to rejoin the Wildrunners, I know not what I will do or where I
will go. I can only continue my prayers to Zivilyn, hoping he will answer them
and allow me to return to my beloved forest.

*Here the writing and the book reach an end*

Author:  Rhianna
Date    Wed Sep 11 08:41:55 2002

Subject  My Vigil

*A Page From A Journal* I was sitting by the waterfall this morn when I was
approached by a young runner. I fear I must be getting old as I never sensed
his presence.

I was told to venture forth to Zhan, there to assume my vigil, to await the
decision of the Wildrunners as to whether I am allowed to join them again.

I packed my things, uttering a prayer to Zivilyn, thanksgiving that I am to be
allowed to gaze once more on that most beautiful of places.

I followed the runner, my heart beating joyfully, all the while praying to
Zivilyn that I be found worthy by these Runners to stay in Zhan. Now I sit, in
the forest, reflecting on my life and awaiting their decision.

Author:  Rhianna
Date    Fri Sep 13 12:58:38 2002

Subject  My Return Continued

*The Next Page Of The Journal* My soul felt the presense today of one I
haven't felt for some time. I know Anatole draws nearer to me. A mother can
always sense her child. I fear that meeting.

Will he come here, of all places in search of me? Is it possible he would have
the daring to enter this beloved forest? And why would he come in search of

Does he seek vengeance on me, the woman of his birth? Has he forgiven me for
what he feels was my abandonment of, perhaps even betrayal of him?

How can I look into his eyes, those all seeing eyes. I fear he will see the
darkness of my human side, the side I fight daily with the elven part of me.

I have finally been allowed into the sanctuary of Zhan, where my elven half
can be at peace, to dent that which is human to return to the darkness I have
left behind.

And still, the dark creature inside of me longs, in the darkest part of the
night to return to the power I felt when I was a practicer of the dark healing

And above all people in this world, Anatole can see into the depths of my
soul. Has always been able to see the darkness, delights in it.

He is, in that respect, much like the father who scorns him, calling the
dearest creation to me an ABOMINATION!

How I despise Anu for that. Anatole is more dear to me than anyone or anything

*Tears blot the rest of the page*

Author:  Rhianna
Date    Sat Sep 14 06:59:21 2002

Subject  Rhianna's Return The Final Chapter

*A Page From A Journal* Many weeks have I spent here in Zhan, a time of
reflection and meditation, coming to terms with a past I regret, a time spent
with many prayers to Zivilyn as I am filled with self doubt.

I have come to know Zhan once again and have met many of the Wildrunners as
they go about the task of guarding this beautiful forest against invaders.

And at last I have received word that I am to be allowed to stay in Zhan, to
become once again a Wildrunner.My heart sings with joy as I gaze around this
forest, the most beloved place to Zivilyn and Chislev.

My earlier doubts and fears disappear as I know that as long as I abide in
Zhan, the darkness which is my human half is banished and my soul is at peace.

*here the journal ends, complete as Rhianna begins the next stage of her

Author:  Rhianna
Date    Wed Sep 25 08:58:49 2002

Subject  Anatole

Rhianna is sitting beside a bubbling creek, deep in meditation when a small
voice echoes inside of her mind, the voice of the son she jasnt seen in so

Faintly his words come to her and she lets out a small cry. "Anatole" she
moans softly as a vision of him, collapsed and dying comes to her.

She rises, intent on finding her son and granting him his request to talk. She
wanders for hours as she searches the dense underbrush for the son of her
heart, though some might call him an abomination.

Muttering an oath to herself as her robes catch on a tree limb, she silently
swears not to rest until she finds her son.

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