The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Rodin.

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The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a tattered paperback on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Rodin' scribed in green ink.

Author:    Rodin          
Date:      Thu Feb 22 13:41:53 2007
Subject     Path of Martial Artist Part  I

Rodin was born in to a small Kagonesti community living in Solace. He was a
pretty normal child in many ways, he loved to play and fight and wrestle with
other small children of his age. He loved also running and all manner of games
that strained him physically. From young age he idolized warriors that
performed amazing moves in carnivals. But even more he idolized martial
artists that had superior control over their minds and bodies.

Many times after carnivals he went to visit these wandering martial artists
and asked them to teach him something. Some did, but many didnt they just told
him to train his physical fitness and learn how to control his own mind and
body first. Rodin was frustrated he didnt want that, he wanted to be able to
do sommersaults and superior kicks and throws. But soon he realized that if he
really wanted learn he should obey these masters, of course he didnt know that
those man that performed in carnivals were just showmen with not much of a
skill at all, if he would want to learn something And then he trained and
always when carnival showed up in Solace Rodin was there to ask advices. And
many of the showmen taught him all kinds of fancy kicks and throws But as his
skills grew he also came more aggressive against others and Rodin and some
bigger boys in the gang started bullying other kids and cause all sort of
disorder around Solace. They got many times in trouble with the town watch and
sometimes some of them got arrested.

When Rodin go arrested for first time his parents went mad, there was a big
fight which led to Rodin leaving his home and starting life in the streets. He
drank a lot and was arrested many times. His life had no direction until one
day one of the leaders of local criminal gang asked Rodin to work for him. He
promised easy jobs and great rewards so Rodin accepted. They told him that he
had been recruited because the gang had heard of his great fighting skills and
physical fitness. At this time the young elf was in bad shape from some years
of drinking, but when he started training in the ranks of thieves his fitness
went up quickly and his martial skills grew his days were full of training
because in this profession one mistake could lead to death. His job was
simple, as the skills of trapping and ambushing had been taught to him as a
child so it was his job to plan and organize ambushes in the roads near
solace. With his fighting skills he could always help if it looked the mission
didnt go as planned.

Author:    Rodin          
Date:      Fri Feb 23 04:38:08 2007
Subject     Path of Martial Artist  II

Rodins life continued inside the gang. They ambushed people traveling to
solace, but Rodin was glad about. But sometimes they needed to fight and
sometimes the fights didnt go as planned. Once they ambushed a lone man and
his wife which they had gotten false information that they were rich. It
happened that the man was a knight of Solamnia and put up a good fight. The
knight killed some of them and the fight ended by Rodin sneaking up behind the
knight and stabbing him to back. It was first ever kill of Rodin and he was
terrified by it, he began thinking things on a new way, had he really went
this down. But Rodin was afraid to leave the gang and he still had a pretty
nice life inside it so he decided not to do anything, but he also tried to
avoid ambushes where they would have to fight and kill. But it seemed that now
people traveling to solace had started hiring mercenaries to protect them and
the gang needed to fight more often. Once Rodin was really near losing his
life when they ambushed a man that wore very expensive clothes and was
traveling alone. They didnt see anything strange in that, just thought man was
a little reckless. They never thought that the man could be a mage. It only
came to Rodins thoughts when a fireball exploded next to him almost killing
him. It was the most tough experience of his entire life. He was in bed for
almost two months, too weak to get up. When he was strong enough to get up he
started training harder that he had ever before He had been so close to death
that he would never want to be again he was just an young elf only 80 years
old and he had entire life in front of him. Then some two years after this
when they were in their normal ambush point near solace an old human man
walked in the road near the place of ambush. The highest ranking thief, a
hobgoblin, decided they could have some fun with this man. The hobgoblin
officer stepped to road in front of the old man, lazily swinging with his huge
sword. I would like you to give us all your items of value the hobgoblin
started talking. The man made no sign of hearing the words or even seeing the
hobgoblin and just continued his walk on the road. The hobgoblin raised his
sword if you will not stop old timer I will cut your head from your shoulders.
Still the man just continued his walk. The hobgoblin swung a strike that would
have cut the man in half if the man had still been there. Incredibly quick the
man rolled under the sword and hit the hobgoblin with a punch that seemed to
be powerless. But powerless it wasnt, the thief dropped to ground, dead.
Seeing how easily their leader had been won many of the thieves fled. But some
stayed to fight, the old timer won them easily. In the end only Rodin stood
against the man:  so young elf do I need to beat you too . No! Rodin called
out, I saw how easily you won those man, when I was young I idolized martial
arts and unarmed combat, I want to leave this life I dont want to kill
anymore, I want to become your student. Rodin watched the man waiting to hear
to word ,NO, he was sure to hear, but the man just watched him and then slowly
And Rodins new life began.

Author:    Rodin          
Date:      Mon Feb 26 06:52:24 2007
Subject     Path Martial Artist III

Rodin began his studies with his new master and he was happier than ever, but
the training with the old man was tough.  Still it made Rodin remember why had
he always idolized fitness and skill in unarmed combat.  Along with combat
skills the old man taught Rodin about Majere, the patron of martial artists,
and Rodin learned to respect this god.  Together they traveled around Ansalon,
not staying long anywhere.  Sometimes they took jobs and quests to benefit
good cause.  Not many were willing to recruit the old man but after seeing his
fighting skills they were more than willing.  But then came the one day when
the old mans life needed to end.  With the last powers of his the man took the
amulet of Majere he had worn and gave it to Rodin: Keep it well, and remember
always to respect your opponent whoever it might be, then the old man died. 
This happened when Rodin was at age of 90.

After that Rodin wandered around Ansalon trying to learn as much as he could
from different masters and teachers.  Also he continued to help those who
needed help and promote cause of good.  He also continually tested his
physical and mental skills, by entering fighting tournaments.  He didnt lose
often.  But even this day he continues his travels around Ansalon trying to
learn even more and honoring martial arts.  

Author:    Rodin          
Date:      Sun May  6 12:55:41 2007
Subject     home

Rodin looked at the simple stone building.A monastery of some sort.
He had a strange feeling that he should visit the building, 
and as he had always did, he trusted his insticts.
Rodin arrived at the wooden gate and knocked.
Slowly the gate opened, without a sound and somewhere above Rodin a voice spoke:
"Wellcome Rodin Greenleaf, Welcome home".

"What? Where am I? How do you know  my name?"

"You are in monastery of Majere" said a grey robed man who was walking down from
stairs above the gate "And I know your name Rodin, because you have been looking
for us".

"But no I haven't," Rodin resisted "I haven't been searching for you"

"Haven't you?" The man smiled "Haven't you been looking for a place to call
home, for a place to hone your combat skills within, for a place where you can
meditate and work for greater good of Majere".

"Yes but..," Rodin answered, then he looked all around him seeing monks in their
doing their daily jobs or practicing marial skills. And he saw the beautiful
garden and the simple plain buildings, and as he looked around he realized that
if he would have a place called home this would be ideal. The feeling of peace
and harmony surrounded the monastery.

"I am Grendich, abbot of this monastery and a priest of Majere our god, Wellcome
home Rodin"

And from that moment Rodin knew he had found a home and there he started his new
life as an Acolyte of Majere

Author:    Rodin          
Date:      Wed Jun 13 13:20:28 2007
Subject     Dreams and Decissions

Beautiful forest where magnificent trees arise to the heavens, and where
birds sing and animals roam free.  A beautiful city which mighty white
marble towers rise beyond eyesight.  Clean streets and temples dedicated to
gods of good.  

That was the vision Rodin had seen many times in his mind when meditating,
and he knew what place it was, even he had never been there.  It was
Qualinost, the ancient city of the elves.  

And as always the vision changed, legions of evil intruded the forest,
burning and destroying.  It seemed that no one stood in their way.  But
then, as always, the evil creatures began to fall to ground, impaled by
arrows.  And like out from the thin air and green grass appeared the army of
the elves, once again driving back the intruders.  A great desire to fight
besides those elven warriors almost overtook Rodin and once again the vision
was gone.  

Slowly waking from the meditation trance Rodin thought of what he had seen
again.  He had desired to visit Qualinost for a long time, but his duties
had kept him elsewhere.  But now he was full member of the Order.  And he
was a wanderer like he had always been.  He thought it for a long time,
hours passed and then he was ready with his decision.  Rodin would travel to

He began to plan his trip.  What he would take with him, which road would he
use and that sort of basic things.  But then he smiled, he had been to long
off from the road, Rodin had never planned any trips he had made, so why
should he do it now.  Only things he took with him were his bow, quiver of
arrows and a simple backpack.  Money he took none.  And the road he would
use, he would choose when he had to.  

Whistling he left the temple of Majere and began his trip, at first towards
to High Clerist tower to south.  

Author:    Rodin          
Date:      Sat Jun 16 20:25:26 2007
Subject     Qualinost - Finally

"At last" Rodin thought "I am in Qualinost."  He looked around him in
awe, the city, in reality, was even more beautiful than he had ever
imagined.  And in the middle of the city rose the mighty Tower of Sun.  The
streets were clean and high elves roamed around the city, doing their daily
chores.  Sometimes a noble elves in white silk clothing inside a carriage
made their way through the street and commoners cheered.  Rodin had thought
that when he would arrive in Qualinest everything would come clear.  He had
thought that he would quickly find out someone to train him and probably
quickly figure how his parents were doing at the moment.  Rodin had always
thought that here more than anywhere he would feel home, but still now that
he was here Rodin just felt like he wouldn't belong here among all these
fine qualinesti elves.  

Some days later Rodin had yet figured out nothing.  When he tried to talk to
the Qualinesti they usually looked at Rodin like a pile of - well you know
what and turned away from him.  One elder Qualinesti even angrily told him
to keep out of the city and go to forest where "Rodin's kind" lived.  At
last, frustrated, he decided to take up the elder qualinesti's words and
headed to forest.  

Rodin was really suprised how quickly things began to happen after he had
entered the forest again.  In matter of hours he was approached by a silent
Kagonesti patrol who only said one word "Follow" And Rodin followed, because
he had a feeling he had no other choice.  He felt that he was being watched
even the ones that followed him were unseen and unheard.  He was lead a long
way until the patrol stopped in a small clearing "Wait here" the patrol said
and disappeared to the forest.  

Rodin had to wait for some time until an elderly kagonesti entered the
clearing.  He opened his mouth to ask some questions but the elder raised
his hand to shut him up.  "Your Questions shall be answered Rodin Greenleaf,
but not now " "We have seen you mean no harm to this forest or the living
beings within it, And we know why you are here."  The elf continues "Now you
must wait here until your trainer arrives and he will start to teach you
what being a kagonesti soldier is all about" 

The elder kagonesti turns to leave and Rodin opens his mouth to ask how did
the kagonesti know him.  "Say nothing" The elder whispers, then he turns and
shows Rodin the amulet he wears on his neck, same kind of amulet than Rodin
on his own.  "I am a priest too" the kagonesti whispers and after that he is

Author:    Rodin          
Date:      Sun Jul  1 11:02:43 2007
Subject     To Home

It was a beautiful morning.  It was also the day Rodin had finished his
training among his brethren, the Kagonesti.  It was also time for goodbyes,
time for Rodin to leave his newfound home.  The second place he now knew he
could call home.  Robisart the eld It was a beautiful morning.  It was also
the day Rodin had finished his training among his brethren, the Kagonesti. 
It was also time for goodbyes, time for Rodin to leave his newfound home. 
The second place he now knew he could call home.  Robisart the eld It was a
beautiful morning.  It was also the day Rodin had finished his training
among his brethren, the Kagonesti.  It was also time for goodbyes, time for
Rodin to leave his newfound home.  The second place he now knew he could
call home.  Robisart the elder cleric of Majere who had welcomed him among
the Kagonesti with few other wild elves had accompanied him to borders of
the Qualinost forest.  Not many words were transferred between Rodin and his
accompaniers.  Both knew that it was time for Rodin to go home.  When the
goodbyes were transferred Rodin turned and left the forest without turning
to look back.  He thought of all he had learned.  Rodin had learned what had
happened to his parents.  They were both dead.  Killed in goblin raid, that
was what Rodin had been told.  And he had changed too in time he had spent
among other elves.  He had only thought that he knew how to fight, but the
elves had thought him so much more.  His was now even more agile cunning and
stronger than he had been when he had left the temple of Majere.  Rodin had
left the simple hunting bow he had used behind.  The elves had taught him to
use a real weapon.  Rodins hands slowly fondled the hornbow he had been
given by Robisart.  It had Majeres blessing on it, Rodin could feel it. 
Sighing Rodin returns the bow to its place on his back.  It was not the time
to think the past.  The future was all that mattered.  Changing from the
slow walk to run Rodin began his trip back to Home.  

Author:    Rodin          
Date:      Mon Jul 30 09:19:39 2007
Subject     My task

OK This is story of my task that i received like more than a month ago. 

It was a dull morning when Rodin set off to complete his task.  He knew not
much of what he was supposed to do.  His task was to find something
called...  Funguses?...  From dwarven warrens, but he had no idea where the
Warrens were.  At first Rodin decided to travel to Palanthas, as he thought
that in that big city there had to be someone who knew where the warrens
were.  But in Palanthas it seemed that no one knew of the dwarven warrens,
though A hylar mapmaker did give him a very strange look before, probably
lying, told him that he had no idea of such place, when Rodin asked about
the warrens whereabouts.  But then one night, when he had almost given up
hope he heard some drunken theiwar talking in the table next to him.  They
were talking about something called eastern warrens!  After questioning the
theiwar a bit it became obvious to Rodin that his task would not be one of
the easisest ones.  "Hic!  Yeah In Thorba..  Hic!...  Din In Daeforge. 
Hic!..  But you Don't want to go there..  "At this point the theiwar had
gone a bit more serious "The Valley Of Thanes...  "He had murmured.  

Still Rodin had gone, His trip had been hard ever before he reached Tarsis,
but he was a Kagonesti and an experienced traveller and Majere was with him.
But in Tarsis he got in to a fight with an Aurak, having no other choice
Rodin had killed the Aurak, which in it's death had destroyed some buildings
and killed two Dark Knights.  A warrant was given and a bounty given for
Rodin's head.  So he had to make a quick escape from Tarsis to Plains Of
Dust from where he would continue to Southgate.  

The Plains of Dust had been a very hard place to get through and only power
of will kept Rodin alive untill he reached Southgate.  When he reached
Southgate he noticed that he wasn't the most welcome visitor in there.  Most
Dwarves do not like elves and these were not different.  An Innkeeper
refused to give him a room and he had to sleep outside in thunderstorm.  The
following day he travelled through southgate and in to Thorbadin.  But in
Thorbadin he faced a problem, he had just thought how to get there, but he
had no idea where, inside that mighty mountain did the warrens and daeforge

After few days of desperate searching he was led to entrance to place called
Valley of Thanes by a friendly hylar, who kept warning him not to go there. 
Rodin didn't listen the Hylar's warnings but at the moment he set his foot
in the Valley of Thanes he hoped he would have.  In there he fought the
undead bravely, but couldn't hold his own for long, as a last desperate
action he called Majere.  Before passing out Rodin could feel a warmth of
his own blood bleeding from his wounds, but also warmth of Greater Good
protecting him.  

When Rodin woke up he was somewhere else.  Once again Majere had reached to
the world and helped his loyal follower.  After some searching and questions
Rodin found that he was indeed in Daeforge, not far away from Eastern

When the Kagonesti reached the Warrens and began searching for fungus.  He
found a lot of the plant called fungus and got a mage to identify those for
him.  Sending a quick letter back to Holy Order he began wondering how would
he get back home.  Rodin knew that he could not go through Valley Of Thanes
anymore.  So he prayed for Majere to transport him home.  "My Son.  "soft
voice said in his mind"You are not a cleric of mine and cannot call for me
to aid with a transportation spell, but you have always been a loyal
follower of mine and I can send you back home.  But it has Price" Rodin
listened as his lord told him what it would cost for him.  It was high
price, but Rodin accepted.  

Rodin was sent home, back to the Temple of Majere and in there Rodin began
to look at his new form.  To give up His youth.  It was the price Rodin had
accepted.  He knew it as a price of Cowardy.  Cowardy of that he could not
force himself to go through the horrid Valley once again.  But Majere was
mercifull.  One day when Rodin would be ready he could return to Valley of
Thanes and no being there could stand against him.  Then could he regain
some of the youth he had lost.  That was what Majere had told him.  The he
could prove that he was Loyal.  That he was worthy to serve Majere.  That he
was not a coward.  And then Rodin took the Oath, that one day he would be so
good and so strong in in faith that no dark being could stand against him. 
He would be the Best!  

Author:    Rodin          
Date:      Wed Nov 19 12:12:49 2008
Subject     Memories

It had been a long time, Rodin remembered, long time since he had...Yes a
long time since he had done what? Rodin looked around him, he could
recognize the place, though he did not know why. He knew he was in a forest
near the City of Solace. The elf looked at himself and gasped. He was old,
but he did not remember aging. Only thing Rodin remembered was Majere, and
his teachings. And as he tried to remember more, everything he could
remember was horror. Somehow he knew he had been young elf, not too long
ago. But that young elf was dead, in body and in spirit as well. But still
he was the same elf, hundreds of years older though. He did not know what
had happened, but he was sure that Majere had saved him from certain death
and most likely the price of that had been his youth. Rodin did not know the
details, actually he did not remember almost anything from his past, but he
didn't mind. He knew that one day Majere might let him know what had
happened to him, when the god decided he was ready, but that was not certain
either. Rodin took few staggering steps towards Solace-the first steps he
had taken on plane of Krynn in ten years. 

(OOC: For those of you that might remember me, or had some activity with
before I disappeared, I just wanted to say: hi! and I am back again. 

Author:    Rodin          
Date:      Fri Dec 12 21:58:51 2008
Subject     Knife of Dracart: A Vision

From the journal of Rodin Greenleaf, A Kagonesti monk of Majere:

I sit here in my room of the Smiling Mug, researching a tool of evil. It's
been given a form of dagger, but inside it everything I can feel is pure
evil. All the time it tries to seize control of my mind. I feel it urging me
to violence. Even I, a monk with years of mental and physical training, find
it hard restrain myself. Without my faith in Majere I would most likely go
mad, but my lord, although humble, is great and he protects me 

I will now write how this item of pure evil found it's way into my
possession, to store it for generations yet to come, or if what I am going
to attempt will fail. To anyone who might find this journal.

It was two days ago, while I was meditating in the monastery, that I
received a vision from Majere. In my vision was only this knife. And even in
the vision I could feel the unholy power radiating from the item. I believe
this was sign for me to find this evil item and bring it back to monastery
for safekeeping. Though, I must admit, I can not be sure if this was the
meaning of the vision. Majere is a quiet god and speaks to his followers
through visions, not words. story edit And behold, as I woke up from my
meditating trance, I found a single praying mantis buzzing close to me. This
was not an ordinary mantis though, for it was three times the size of a
normal, and color of purest silver. It also moved very swiftly. Without a
second thought I began to follow the mantis. And with great haste it led me
to great city of Palanthas. When we were closing in towards the gates at the
time of noon the mantis disappeared in puff of silver smoke. And from this
sign I believe that I understood the meaning of my vision the way I was
supposed to. 

For hours I searched, and just an hour ago, though it feels like days. I
almost gave up. In my desperation I looked up in to sky and fell to my knees
praying my gaze focused on the constellation of Majere. For the night had
come as I searched and I had not even noticed. But today it seemed that
Majere himself reached his hand to help his servant and I once again heard
the familiar buzz of praying mantis. I followed the sound into a dark alley
near the harbor. As soon as I entered the alley, I could feel the evil. It
was not hard to find the dagger, but making myself grasp it was. Praying for
protection I finally grasped the dagger. It burned my hands, but I have been
trained to deal with pain. I quickly placed it inside a backpack. Then I
quickly made haste to the Smiling mug Tavern and rented a room. The battle
in my mind against the dagger was so hard, that when renting a room, I think
I gave quite a shock to the barkeep. Yelling at him from the bottom of my
lungs in all my tension. Luckily he still gave me a room after my

; Now as I already wrote, I sit here, researching the dagger. The evil of it
much greater than I could ever guess. So there has been a change in my
plans. I will not take this item back to monastery for safekeeping. It is
too dangerous. Now it is my plan to get rid of this tool of evil. Place it
somewhere, where none will ever find and use it. Tomorrow I will board a
ship towards the blood sea of Istar. I will try to make my way to the middle
of it and cast this knife in to the Vortex. I will set traps into doors and
windows, just in case that the evil of this item will try to lure someone to
steal it from me. I believe it has mind of it's own and it knows that I am
going to displace it for ever. 

(OOC ok as the knife is now in my posession, feel free to rob it from me in
stories if you want, but If I am on, you can freely challenge me to RP or
Dice fight for it)  

Author:    Rodin          
Date:      Sun Dec 14 09:07:05 2008
Subject     Knife of Dracart

From the journal of Rodin Greenleaf, Kagonest monk of Majere:

I sit here, In the same room from where I wrote my last entry. A day or a
bit more has passed in between these entries and much has happened during
that time. Terrifying things have happened during that time. Terrifying
things that I fear can down the world into eternal darkness.

The last night, for me, was a night of horrors. I did not sleep a minute,
for all my strength and concentration was focused on grasping control of
myself. The dagger did all it could in order to lure me into using it. It
offered power, chances of being the greatest fighter in the world, one of my
life long dreams. And when it noticed that offers of power did not have the
desired effect, it tortured me with the most dreadful memories of my past.
As the morning sun rose, the room felt like it would be too small for me and
the dagger. It seemed to me that the whole Krynn was too small for both me
and the dagger. Still hardly controlling myself I left for the docks, where
I would board a ship to get rid of this tool of Evil for good. This is where
the darkest thing of this entry happens. I was betrayed by one of my own. By
one I could call brother. The evil knife possessed Derkylos, a fellow monk
of the Holy Order and in the shadows of the Great Arena of Palanthas, he
assaulted me. We traded blows, but In the end I fell from his blow and
drifted in to darkness.

As I woke up in the shadows of the arena I found, just as I suspected, the
knife gone. Instead of anger, I felt sorrow. Sorrow that poor Derkylos had
been possessed by the knife. Of course I also felt relief that he had not
killed me, for that indicates that in some part of his mind he still is my
old friend. And of course I am not that eager to leave Krynn again. I must
also deem that I was lucky, for my small amount of golden coins had not been

Now I have returned to the Smiling Mug Tavern, where I used my last few
coins to rent this room. It is time to make decisions. In my mind I am going
through all those things Derkylos has ever said, and from there I am trying
to find a hint where he could go with the dagger. 

(A bit later entry)

I am disappointed, I have not been able to figure any place where Derkylos
might go with the dagger. As I remember he has not talked a lot about his
past, or places important to him. If I am going to try and find him, it will
be a desperate search. So my decision is this, I will travel around
Solamnia, trying to figure where he might be headed. If I will catch him,
maybe I can save both the dagger and the man himself.

(Yet a later entry)

Thank you Lord. Wandering in Palanthas surrounds, I found two farmers who
had witnessed a man fitting to description of Derkylos leaving south towards
Solamnic Plains along the Knight's High Road. As I have travelled south I
have found more witnesses that have seen someone looking like Derkylos. I
have also witnessed the horrors of this dagger. Today as I entered a
village, I found out that at about same time that Derkylos had passed, two
men, before best friends, had killed each other. Also from a merchant
travelling towards Palanthas I heard an alarming rumor. According to this
merchant, somewhere south in the Solamnic plains a mob led by a wizard had
attacked a lonely monk. Now I must make haste. I will pray the Derkylos is
still alive, but for now this is not my main concern. The dagger is more

Author:    Rodin          
Date:      Tue Dec 23 20:46:01 2008
Subject     Knife of Dracart: The hunt continues

From the journal of Rodin Greenleaf, Kagonesti monk of Majere

It has been some days since my last entry. I haven't had time to write,
actually I would not have time to write now either, but a lot has happened
today and I need to dissolve this tangle of problems in my mind. And the
easiest way to do this for me is writing. At first I must quickly sum up
what I have done in past few days so the events of this day would make sense
to anyone who might ever read this. 

Since the last entry I wrote I have been desperately hunting down Derkylos,
but he seemed to always be a step ahead of me. The further south I
travelled, more rumors about mob attacking lonely monk came to my
consciousness. I also heard rumors of mage with a dagger. Even then I had to
make a hard decision if I should track down this mage or Derkylos. I chose
to track down Derkylos. Now It seems that I was wrong, maybe I would have
been able to find mage before he disappeared, maybe not. But that brings me
to what happened today.

It was this morning just a hour after dawn that I finally found Derkylos. He
lay on the Solamnic Plains covered in his own blood, unconscious. It took
all my skill with herbs and little help from Majere to bring him back to
state of consciousness. Of course I first searched his body and surroundings
to see if he still had the dagger. But as I assumed the dagger was long
gone. As the Half-Elven monk came back around he first had no Idea where he
was. I feared he might have lost his memory for good and could not tell me
anything about the dagger. Luckily the events quickly became back to his
head. He told to me how he had lost the dagger to a mage and how he later
had been knocked out. Actually he told me everything that had happened after
he had got the dagger into his possession. Having heard what I wanted I left
Derkylos, I know it was not a right thing to do, but I do want to take the
risk that he would betray me again. 

This writing has cleared my thoughts a bit, and I have decided what will be
my next destination. I assume that the mage has left for Tower of High
Sorcery in Wayreth and this is where I will be headed too. I know that it
may be impossible for me to get in, but I will try. I can not risk that the
dagger would be used by a mage. Their training might keep them away from the
temptations of the dagger, but if it would notI can not imagine what the
dagger could be used for in the hands of a powerful mage. 

Author:    Rodin          
Date:      Fri Jan  2 16:36:52 2009
Subject     Knife of Dracart

"Just a glass of water please" Rodin said to the waitress as he took a
glance around the common room of the Cracked Mug Inn near the outskirts of
Wayreth Forest. Or rather near what would be outskirts of the Forest,
because the Forest was nowhere to be seen. The off tune singing of the bard
kept annoying Rodin, but it seemed that the few other people in the inn were
enjoying it. Nodding to the waitress Rodin threw few of his last coppers on
to the table as she brought him the water he had ordered. In reality the old
elf hardly noticed the waitress, he was here on a mission. Rodin let his
gaze wander around the inn looking for a suitable person. The inn was so
close to Wayreth that some day a mage or an apprentice would pass through
it. It was critical that he could deliver this message to the Tower. Once
again he opened the small letter and read it to himself: 

To wizards and mages of High Sorcery. It has come to our attention that one
of your mages has stolen a very powerful evil artifact from one of the monks
of the Holy Order of Stars. If you know what artifact I am talking about, I
request that we will meet or that at least a spokesman of the Conclave will
be sent to hear what I have to say about this artifact. Fear not, for I am
not going to demand you to return the artifact, but I have information about
this artifact that you might not have and it is crucial that you hear what I
have to say. I wish that meeting could be arranged as soon as possible,
because I believe that you have no idea of how dangerous this artifact is. I
am currently staying at Cracked Mug Inn. 

Rodin Greenleaf, Holy Order Light, Order of Majere, The protector of
Majere's monastery. 

As he slipped the letter back to his pocket Rodin noticed a person that
might fit his plans entering the common room. A man clad in red robes walked
towards the table next to the fireplace and took a seat. As soon as the man
took a seat Rodin arose and walked to his table. Without asking permission
he took a seat for himself. "Who the hell?" the mages voice faltered as he
felt knife pressed against his stomach under the table. "Now listen" Rodin
hissed "I don't like doing this, but I must make sure that there are no
misunderstanding between us. I will give you a letter to deliver to whoever
leads the conclave, It can only be opened with mages from all three orders.
Don't even bother trying to open this, because the sign has been blessed by
a god. Deliver this or you will risk the wrath of all clerical orders of
Ansalon. Do you understand!" he spoke quickly and as he heard the faltering
"Yes" from the mage he was already leaving. Now everything he could hope for
that the scared the mage enough to deliver the letter. 

Author:    Rodin          
Date:      Tue Jan 20 11:17:57 2009
Subject     Time to go

Rodin Greenleaf strolled slowly under the branches near Qualinesti. It
had been long time since he had last been here, many many years. But still
this was home. The home he had never had. The decision to come back had not
been a difficult one in the end. Clouds of war were gathering in the skies
of Ansalon, he could feel it. And in the end, his place was here among his
own kin. Not among humans. The old elf sighed. Maybe his decision had
something to do with his failure with retrieving the knife. Then he shook
his head, no it was not that. War was coming and he was needed to defend the
ancient land of his people. He glanced at the Tower of Sun towering in the
distance and shrugged. It was now or never. With a determined stepping the
old monk headed towards the city. 


Rodin glanced at the elf in leather armor, sitting behind the table reading
reports. His name was still remembered and it had not been hard to figure
out who he should speak with about joining the Wildrunners. "Excuse me, Is
this where I can sign up for Wildrunners" he asked. The elf in leather armor
glanced up and looked around, before finally spotting Rodin. "Well yes,
Elder, If you want. Are you a mage or a cleric?" Rodin smiled and shook his
head "I am neither, Rodin Greenleaf, monk of Majere is who I am" Glancing
long and thoughtfully at Rodin the elf behind the table finally nodded "Very
well then, I must consult my superiors about you, but if you will wait here
in the barracks" The armored elf lifted an eyebrow as Rodin shook his head
"No. Tell your superiors that I can be found in temple of Majere. When they
have decided what they will do with me they can send me a message or come to
look me from there" Leaving the armored elf scratching his head in
disbelief, Rodin headed towards the temple. He also was in disbelief, the
youngling had thought him too old to fight. Well he would show that upstart
what elven warriors were made of. 

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