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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Rorin.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Rorin' scribed in rich brown ink.

Author:  Rorin
Date    Sat Aug 21 14:24:15 1999

Subject  Sirrion damned sols

Sansagroth, or the creature that was sansagroth had fled the Mariner docks
leaving a mess of bloody, sliced up bodies behind him.  Before the Mariners
had time to recover or begin to lament the dead, A small force of Solamnics
stormed up.  They looked down thier noses at the Mariners, and demanded to
be lead to the Cap'n Sansagroth.  Ignoring the tear stricken faces, the
stormed around the docks until finally Twigpuckle pointed south faintly,
showing the path Sansagroth had taken Rorin, Twigpuckle and Kybo, still
respecting the man Sansagroth once was, and unable to look at the carnage
any longer, snuck off after the Solamnics. They stalked them in the way
that only those whose very lively hood is made by moving around unnoticed. 
Rorin was able to cast a spell of invisiblity over them, which allowed them
to be near enought to hear a few words from the Sols 
"...Beast killed Lord Malin"

"We've orders to.......but a few extra wouldn't hurt..."

following a trail of blood left in the streets, They began to loosen thier
swords in readiness.  The members of the Stier gasped, they realized that
these troops never intended to allow Sansagroth a fair trial.

The three friends ran ahead of the Solamnic Troop, they knew where to find
Sansagroth.  He would have fled to the Rusty Rudder Tavern.  That is if
there was any of the real Sansagroth left in the beast that now had the
Dagger of vengenace.  They found him just outside the enterance.

"Sansagroth..." Rorin said tententivly.

"Aye lad, it is me.....for the moment" he groaned, "The dagger is sated for
the moment.  But i don't know how long i can hold it off"

Twigpuckle began to sob, "Death isn't a good thing, I really think somebody
should do something about it"

Sansagroth rasped out a chuckle, "Its the damn dagger..."

"Can you rid yourself of it Cap'n" Kybo asked.

Sansagroth began to twitch in pain.  "It is coming upon me, quick Kybo...
your sword."

"There they are!, Inprision the traitors and kill the murder!" The Solamnic
troops had finally shown up (a few cute girls had shown some ankle and
momentarly stopped the march).

"Please Kybo, let me die as Sansagroth, not the monster the dagger make me"
Rorin grasped the flame that had recently appeanred on his forehead. 
Speaking a few words the ground began to shake,  suddendly a deep tremor
knocked the sols off thier feet.  "They will not desecrate you or your
death Cap'n" Kybo drew his sword, closed his eyes, and plunged the sword
into Sansagroth "The seas will take me in...." and thus Sansagroth died. 
The three then turned to the Solamnics who had regained thier footing. 
Tear running down eyes enraged with anger over the sols intentions the

(Insert Battle Blah here, We win of course)

Cleaning sword, dagger and staff, the three walked back and gathered up
Sansagroth's body, and brought him out to a special place in the seas, the
burial grounds for the mariners.  Without a word, they let him over the
side.  Silently they watched him sink down into the depths.....

Author:  Rorin
Date    Mon Aug 23 17:35:07 1999

Subject  wheeeeeeeeeee

He should have been mourning the dead.  He should have been wondering what the
solamnics would do when they discovered what he'd done to one of thier troops
He should have at least been brewing some grog, Sargonnas knew the Mariners
needed some.  But instead he found himself staring into a calm pool of water
studying the small flame that had recently appeared on his forehead.  It was
not a ugly tatoo....but it burned him from within.  Ever since Kybo had killed
Sansagroth in pity, he had felt the Tatoo burning him...

"Rorin, come inside you'll catch your death out here" Darrius had pretty
much adopted rorin after Kailf's death.

"Catch my death hrm.....maybe that wouldn't be so bad.  At least i'd be with
all those i miss now.  i wonder if i'd be missed here" Rorin was up to his
neck in self-pity.  "Do you think that they are watching us now Darrius?"

No need to define who "they" were,  every Mariner was heartsick over the loss
of those who died.  "Of course they are, Just as Justavier and Aragon are
watching me now.  We have to believe they are still there with us."

Rorin nodded curtly and followed Darrius inside.  But he could not help but 
wonder why the tatoo began to burn terribly as he left the pool of water.


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