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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Sardis.

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Author:  Sardis
Date    Mon Aug 19 22:05:46 2002

Subject  The Capture of Rivin

I stood from the altar at the Temple of Chemosh as a dark aura fell over
me, the time was at hand, It was time to go and capture the one known as
Rivin.  As I left the temple I ran my hand down the neck of Grenlev my Green
Dragon that has been loyal, since my days as the Dragon Emperor.  I knew the
task at hand would be difficult even with Chemosh's blessing.  And Grenlev
sensed the task's difficulty and nodded to me as I mounted her and took to

As Grenlev landed at the gates of Xak Tsaroth I dismounted her and run my
hand down her neck one last time as I told her to take back to the sky circle
and wait for my return....if I was to return.

I proceeded to make my way
down into the depths of Xak Tsaroth walking past gully dwarves and broken
buildings.  As I kept walking I heard the sounds of heavy breathing and
scraping of claws on coblestone.  As I turned the corner I saw a bozak
draconian, one of the fiendish creatures of the Dark Bitch, I drew my
sword and fell the beast quickly and as his body hit the ground I ran as
quickly as I could towards the chamber of Onyx 

As I neared the chamber, I
edged my way around the sleeping Black Dragon and out the door at the back
of the chamber.  I continued into the chamber beyond Onyx to meet the target
that held the key to my masters return. 

I entered the chamber to find
Rivin sitting on a throne he rose and charged me with his swords drawn.  I
drew my weapons and quickly side stepped the charging enemy.  As he passed me
I placed the edge of my sword into his shoulder and kept spinning and took my
stance again. He took one step and spun to face me again, and reached around
and grabbed his shoulder and wiped the blood from his shoulder.

He charged me again, and the battle ensued for almost an hours time, blows
were exchanged and I took a few strikes and in time I finally out powered
Rivin, and he fell unconcious to my sword.  I threw his body over my shoulder
and slowly limp ped my way back out of the catacombs.  I came back to the top
and called Grenlev down and tossed the fallen body over the saddle and climbed
on and took to the sky.

Author:  Sardis
Date    Mon Aug  2 14:18:26 2004

Subject  The "Dragonman" rides once again.

As the Lords of Doom approached, Sardis patted the dragon on the neck, Well
old friend it seems time to seek out some of the elder dragons for the Dark
Bitches service once again.   Dismounting the green wyrm, he breathed in the
smell of burning stone and sulfur.  Its been a long time since I've been to
these lands, well time for me to go speak with a few old "friends" .  With
that said he stepped through the massive doors of the temple and down its
hallways the people around him turning and backing away in recognition and
respect.  He walked to a set of heavy steel doors that glowed lightly from the
heat behind them, grabbing the magically cooled blackened platinum handles he
pulled the door open letting the heat from the forge.  Bear down on him for a
moment.  In a loud voice he bellowed into the forge.  Harkiel, your services
are once more required, the Knighthood needs you and the other dragons, seek
out Tombfyre, Ember, and Rampage.  As well seek out those under there
services, the younger ones.  I go now to find Sarim, Tzsarot, Murder, and the
others from days gone by, This is the Dark Queens command.   As he choked
out the last few words as they bitterly rolled off his tongue he turned
letting the doors close behind him he heard the Adult red respond.  Very
well Dragon Emperor, Sardis.  I'll seek those out, and leave a few younger to
continue the forge The Queens will be done in your travels.   Seconds later
the beating of wings could be heard and the final blast of heat came through
the doors as they shut behind the old knight, as he walked out of the temple
to continue his assignment.

Author:  Sardis
Date    Tue Nov 23 23:27:24 2004

Subject  A new job...

He sat at his desk, a stack of papers in front of him, the thoughts running
through his head of what to say and who to select for the task at hand.  He'd
been promised a great sum of money if he could pull off this task, but he
couldn't do it alone, and as such would need assistance, but why did his mind
keep going back to those three people.  He took a piece of paper from a stack
and wrote out the invitation to those that he knew would be needed.  When he
finished writing the pertinent information in each invitation he sealed it
with a wax stamp and handed it off to a page.

'Make sure these make it to the proper people and stay sealed, odds are two
of them can probably be found at the Tower of Wayreth.  The other can be found
at Storms Keep, I'm sure, so give it to one of the messengers of the Dark
Knighthood, be sure to mention its not to be opened.  ' The page nods and
travels out of through the well lit hallways to deliver his packages.

If this works I'll be a very wealthy minotaur, if this fails who knows maybe
they'll kill each other he muttered to himself before standing from the desk
and blowing out the candle on his desk for the night.

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