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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Savael.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Savael' scribed in light red ink.

Author:    Savael         
Date:      Sat Sep 26 19:16:08 2015
Subject     A New Face in Town

It is about mid-afternoon, with the sun just coasting past the zenith and casting its warmth down on both buildings and flora alike, when the tell-tale sound of footfalls comes padding down the dirt road leading into the magnificent city of Palanthas. The steps belong to one dusty-looking kender and to the massive horse plodding along at his shoulder. The former has the latter by the reigns, but it's clear from the loose grip that this is only out of some flavor of courtesy to the other travelers on the road. One can only imagine the conversation he had with that one fellow who decided to confront him about the matter. But any arguments are long behind him now, and the kender's face is lit up with a proper (if rather unbrushed) smile as he takes in the sight of the city before him. Several years of living out in the wild and generally avoiding civilization is plenty of time for the brain to disregard any worries about the mortal flaws of greed and spite and general meanness, and so the city that Savael Litnere first lays eyes on looks to him to be brimming over with life and possibility. This place here. Yes, this place promises adventure. Savael thinks this to himself as carries his dirt-ridden self on down the cobbled road, attracting his fair share of critical glances from passersby and caring not a single wink about it. The buildings and people all tower over him, but he really couldn't be happier. He drops Lad's (as he has come to call his faithful companion) reigns in favor of scampering ahead down the road, springing over a stray dog but nearly careening into a sanitation worker. The dwarf, caught off-guard, lets out a belch of a giggle, turns and almost steps into Lad's side with an extra little snicker. Lad gives the fellow an indignant snort as she trots past. The town is quite a jungle in its own right, but Savael, savvy to the tangled roads of Kendermore, finds it easy enough to figure out. He works his way toward the Imperial Square with Lad trotting majestically along some paces behind. The juxtaposition of the two is that of a prince's squire and a chimney sweep, a shining chip of platinum next to a worn bit of copper, a towering elm submitting to a lowly dandelion... But still she follows him, and together the two of them scope out the streets. There's a pit-stop at the dragon fountain to drink and to slash some water on his face (layer one of grime: partially removed); a second stop to chat with the map merchant, who points at the bakery across the street; and the inevitable stop at said bakery to haggle for a taste of city food. The haggling session takes no less than a full hour before Savael walks away, beaming over a pot pie and a mysteriously-acquired pocketful of change. The Kender-horse duo swiftly retreats to a side street to delve into their prize. As they eat, a dog and a few stray cats join them. They get their fair share of the meal, of course. And all this time that he's been in the city, the dusty wanderer has never once stopped smiling. It annoyed the baker to no small degree, but Savael doesn't mind. He has finally emerged from his adventures in the wilderness and now walks the roads of the city. Who knows what all has changed while he was gone? He can't wait to find out.

Author: Savael Date: Fri Oct 2 22:51:05 2015 Subject A Trip Cut Short

Waking up is a thing that is unpleasant enough on its own, but add to that the gradual flood of pain and the smell of a horse's breath in your face, and it's a right-dreadful task indeed. Nevertheless, Savael manages it. He cracks his eyes open and looks upward to stare straight up into the nostrils of his faithful companion. Lad offers a swish of the tail and a ready snort right on cue. Savael coughs a laugh at the horse-snot that flecks his face, but then cringes. "Ahh..ouch! Somethin' nasty's happened, Lad. nnff..." He hauls himself up onto an elbow and pauses to stare in wonder at the blood coating his sleeve. The sight of it only brings the pain into sharper focus, and he bites his lip as he drags himself up against Lad's legs. "Hh--Ow. I put up--put up a mighty good fff-fight though, don'tcha'think? Ouch! --Wha's'that in my back? I 'mm..." We're not thinking about that anymore, no. Savael shivers and pats at his shoulder with weak pulses of white light. It doesn't cure much, but it at least dulls the pain a bit. He takes another glance at his hand. Dried blood and dirt don't make for a very pretty combination, even to his uncultured eyes. He nudges Lad's leg with his elbow, even though she's already staring down at him. "Think y'could make it t'Caergoth, Lad? 've got-- ow.." He winces, but then chuckles dryly. "Th-think I could use a rest-up. Yeah. D-down. Down, girl." Lad hops her weight from one to the other to the other of her hooves before folding her knees and lowering herself down to the ground. The bloodied road, the spots of red leading all the way down to the square, gets a disapproving look from her, even though she has scarcely a few scratches on her. She turns her head around to watch as the kender pulls himself further upright and then drags himself up onto her back. From the way he slumps there, she knows that galloping is clearly out of the question: she would lose him at the first bound. Probably trotting as well. A pat on the side of the neck gives her the cue to stand, and she does so as carefully as she can manage. Another swish of the tail, and she starts off down the lane at a steady plod. " 'went easy on 'em," Savael croaks from over her shoulder. "Ff-five, six bandits're no match f'r a kender, y'know. Bet yer...Bet on it...Yeah." He nods and wraps his arms loosely around her neck. It was definitely seven bandits. Probably eight. And a dragon. And some zombies. Yes.

Author: Savael Date: Wed Oct 7 21:55:54 2015 Subject Wonderful, a Kender (Part 1)

(This log is from Teague's screen, so any reference to You outside of spoken text is referring to him. It's a pain to edit out all the 'you's.) Teague reached out to Sirene, offering to help her up atop the horse he'd prepped for her. She needed some fresh air and so did he, but -she- wasn't as ready to be on her feet yet. He was going stir crazy indoors however, and the medicine had been helping much more than he expected. Of course, he pulled his abaya up and around his face, not wanting to give anything left or -get- the damned thing again.He planned on taking them to the Green Quarter, two Red Watch waiting patiently to accompany them. He thought it might be best, considering. It was neither scant nor overcrowded, though many places were closed and boarded in fear of the illness. The people were afraid...And growing angry. It was good that the Conclave made such an easy and plausibly true scapegoat. Teague thought so at least. People would still be out and about. Life went on even when it was ending all around them. Savael and Lad make their way into town at the pace of a steady plod. He still slumps forward onto Lad's neck, his bloodied shirt having dried stiffly over his back as he looks around at the town. He sees the windows boarded up, vaguely notices people about, but, above all else, he smells food. Good, glorious food. He carefully pats his companion's mane. "Think y'could go in 'n pay, yeah?" She's a horse, Sav. "I'mean...once we find th'place 'n stuff, yeah." Once he got her settled in, he took them through the marketplace and down the snaking roads, cloaked Red Watch to their flanks and a third had joined in behind as they left the stable. Teague held the reins and murmured on the recent preparations for both the illness and their coming trip to Sanction. He was alert, armored up and taking it with an easy pace, not intending to outdo himself this early into his recovery. But he did look much better, what one could see from under that wrap and visor or by bearing alone. "I have a surprise for you when we get there as well." He says as if he assumes she will be ready when he is. He may have seemed at ease here on the streets, certainly nothing to do with the amount of time he spent here when he was but a soldier. The Green Quarter, even as it was now, was a welcome and familiar sight to the Red Highlord. By habit alone, he wandered towards the tavern, probably noticing that...Kender. What in the hell was -wrong- with it? Zeke had been out drinking for, gods, he couldn't even remember at this point, if he could just get these crazy people away from the temple, it would be so much easier, he couldn't even remember the last time he had gotten more than an hour of consecutive sleep. He ended up fairly far outside the city this time, way further than normal.. it wasn't normal for him to forget this much but...He checked himself...He did still have his blades and bow, so he hadn't screwed up that bad. He could see one of the roads coming into town from here and...By the gods, was that...Was that a kender? Habbakuk's balls, he was going to get eaten alive in there, also, why was there a kender.. too many questions, and not enough booze to get him through it, at least right now. Lets tail this little bugger, something odd is bound to happen, and besides, this place was no good for someone like him, he might have to step in. By the time the kender comes to a stop, Zeke had been trailing him for some time now, more than he cared in the state he was in at any rate, and then he saw the two of them, "Habbakuk's balls, this is going to be a downright mess.." Zeke mutters to himself as he reaches the kender, slumped over his horse, and taps him on the shoulder, "Hey their friend, rough place for someone like you.." Sirene isn't doing -great-, but she's doing a whole lot better than yesterday. She is balancing on this horse just fine, see! She looks to Teague with interest as he mentions a surprise, and gives a nod. "Alright." And now looking at what is here and happening. Her -instinct- is to get off her horse and go over to the hurt thing, but it would help nobody to be falling off her horse right now. She does lead her horse forwards though. "Zeke? Is...He alright?" Savael gives a start as Lad pulls an abrupt left turn and chuffs a snort at the human. What could he possibly want with her master? But Savael, blinking and wincing, and props himself up to peer at the man with a decided frown. "'there, friend," he says. "Rough place-- Rough place'er some'n like YOU, y'know. Y'know, there's bandits about 'n-- 'n stuff." Yeah. He nods.

Author: Savael Date: Wed Oct 7 22:07:42 2015 Subject Wonderful, a Kender (Part 2)

Teague saw Zeke before he really focused back on the Kender, but her answer drew his attention upwards as he slowly plotted their path towards Zeke and Kender. He felt like his two companions had just found a bird fallen from a nest and were about to ask if they could keep it. "Absolutely not. It's own kind will never take it back once it smells like Zeke." Probably loud enough to be heard since they were drawing closer by the moment, Draconian in their wake. Teague was -not- adopting any more strange pets. He could hardly feed the ones he had. Much less housebreak them. Zeke. Zeke noticed -something- was wrong, but didn't figure it out until he had gotten closer, the alcohol and sleep deprivation weren't doing wonders for his eyesight right now. "Ah, hells buddy, you look all kinds of messed up, what in Krynn happened to you?" He shook his head, trying to clear it some, it didn't work very well. But he did open he satchel and start digging through for something to help. Sirene looks to Teague with a frown, then back to the Kender and Zeke. And... Ok, ok. She's upright, she can be out and about, but getting worked up and back and forth looking about... She sways a moment before catching her balance. Fine, fine, she's just... just here. Still approaching to be near Zeke and the Kender, but slower, calmer. Lad the dashing warhorse twitches an ear and then the rest of her head toward the approaching set of voices, watching them as alertly as a guard dog as Savael carries on his conversation. And carry on he does. Savael eyes the open satchel from his mount, considering it carefully through his haze. He clears his throat. "Got j-jumped, y'shoulda seen it. There were-- There were twelve bandits, and a dragon, 'n they all leaped outta--outta-- oww...ouch. Ah--Outta nowhere, I w's saying. They leaped outta--" He clips off as Lad rears her head up and back, nearly dismounting him. A fistful of her mane, and he resumes, "S'that in yer bag there?" Teague kept a slanted eye on the priestess as he closed with them, the three Draconian drawing in to set up a small perimeter right around them. He let his grip on the reigns loosen and reached up to push the visor back up out of his eyes. How he saw through it so well was anyone's guess because it was solid. The Kender got a brief once-over, but Zeke got the majority of his attention. "Are you sick as well, now? You look like shit, friend." He held a somewhat wry smirk in place as he let the man do whatever he was doing with the topknotted urchin. The end of the Kender's story came with only one question from Teague, "Are you bringing in strays now?" Zeke does a minor double-take when he glances at.. whatever.. is following behind Teague, he must be drunker than he thought, but as for the task at hand, "Alright buddy, we're going to do a couple things, don't let your horse kick me in the head for one, i'm too drunk for that, and other thing is.." Zeke whips out his knife "Gonna cut that shirt off you buddy, dooon't let your horse kick me in the head, I'm downright serious about that. I hate getting kicked in the head" He drags the knife up the back of the kenders shirt, exposing the kender's back, "Third, is i'm going to light this guy here.." He pulls a joint from his bag, suddenly glad he had decided to roll this earlier, and he uses a flint to light it after only a few tries, did he see dragon men, gods be damned he was going insane..."Secondly we're going to rub some awful smelling shit into those wounds, and its going to suck for you, so.." He coughs after taking a drag, good gods what was happening right now, "You should probably smoke some of this, cause im going to rub this garbage into your wounds, then tie some bandages around you tighter than Takhsisis--" Shouldnt finish that joke Zeke, that one gets you in trouble, "-and its probably gonna hurt, this little herb here will calm you down some, so you might want a hit." Sirene is -right here- now, Zeke...She's brought her horse close. But since she may or may not fall over if she gets off this horse, and he seems to have a handle on this, she watches his work. She's not even hiding that she's coughing into her fist though. Dual purpose of -hey, she's actually sick-, and maybe a saying hello. You never know.

Author: Savael Date: Wed Oct 7 22:23:00 2015 Subject Wonderful, a Kender (Part 3)

Savael grunts disapprovingly at having the back of his shirt cut open, and both he and Lad turn their heads around to try to get a glimpse of what the human is doing. Lad gives a snort and raises a hoof, but Savael pats her on the neck, saying, "C'n handle whate'r y'throw at me, friend. I've been through a dragon's fire b'fore, y'know. Lots'f ss-sparks, 'n stuff. Real pretty." He reaches for the joint anyway, lifting it to his mouth. "Wouldn' want y't'hurt yourself. Yeah..." He trails off as he finally he trails off as he finally discovers the group that Lad has been watching for some time now. "...Aw, d'I have to start my story all over again..." A thin frown pressed into Teague's lips as he was ignored for the poor injured creature. Injured here was just asking to catch the illness and these little creatures were, in this case, as dangerous as fleas. How were they to keep an infected Kender down? He reached up to put a steading hand on Sirene's leg and handed her reigns to one of the lizard men. He came around to Zeke's side, heavy of foot but holding his weight well enough. He crossed his arms and cleared his throat behind his abaya wrap, "Are you seriously expecting that poor wretch to survive? He's likely to carry the illness from here to Palanthas..." And there it goes on about dragons. "Listen to it. It could already be sick." Zeke continues wrapping the Kender, muttering under his breath the whole time, he didn't need this shit, all he wanted was to drink until he couldn't stand anymore and then pass out in a nice field somewhere, but no, now he has dragon-people-things.. what in the gods were those? Teague bitching know what...Zeke takes his dagger he had been using to cut the wraps and points the end at Teague's chest, dangerously close for the level of intoxication Zeke was operating at right now 'shutup Teague, or for the love of the gods, ill put this damned thing through you' Zeke was too drunk and high for this, was there really a kender here? Gods what was even happening right now. He turned back to the task at hand, finishing the salves and herbs on the Kender and covering about half the creature with bandaging. "Habbakuk keep us both, buddy, lets hope I did this right, and that he's feeling particularly generous right now. Cause I haven't slept very much, and good gods, are those fucking dragons?" He points at the draconian before shaking his head and stepping back from the kender a bit, muttering under his breath, Zeke really was hoping that Habbakuk was watching out for him on this one, this was harder than he remembered. Sirene turns to Teague more slowly now, to firmly frown at him. "What is -wrong- with you?" Seriously. We just see this person right now, Zeke is bandaging him, and what are you even... And slowly turning back to Zeke, "Need help with that?" She can try. And yes. The draconian are terrifying. Savael gnaws on the end of the joint that he had been given, biting back winces and groans at the handywork of his drunken medic. "Y'did a bang-up job, can tell y'that. I-- hmm...ouch. Y'know--" He's suddenly turning to squint at Teague, as if only now realizing something. "Y'shouldn't call peep-- people wretches, y'know. He's doin what'e can practicin his medicine. Gotta be, mm... s'portive 'n stuff while th-they're learning. Yeah." Teague sighed into a weary smile, rolling his eyes as he lifted a hand to keep those "dragons" from putting their pikes through his lovable idiot. "Hold." He was getting far to used too this. One day the man was going to land one in his chest. "Relax, Zeke. Your sense of humor's clearly suffered as much as you have." Offering his hands up to Sirene, he gestured to the tavern on the way in, "Of course they aren't dragons, Zeke...Do they look like dragons?" He snorted in response to the little one's response, though. Teague couldn't fault him -too much- if he was throwing jabs at Zeke, after all. He sighed and gave in a -little-. "If you must deal with the creature, you could at least do it somewhere with whiskey." Perhaps he had alternative goals when he suggested they get some air...Perhaps he didn't. He would never tell. Zeke snagged the joint from the kender's hand, he was ruining it and he wasn't messed up enough yet. He holsters his dagger "Alright buddy, my name is Zeke, lets get you inside and get some food into you, you need help down, need me to saddle this horse.. he wont kick me, will it?" Zeke gives a glare at Teague as he heads into the bar, "Thanks, Sirene, nice to know im not the only sane one." He gives a grin, drunkenly, "And I, need a drink." I'm not nearly drunk enough yet. Sirene hmms at Teague... not perfect, but acceptable. For now. She takes Teague's hands and help. But then a smile to Zeke, and looking to the Kender, "And my name is Sirene. What is your name?" Savael wiggles his fingers as the joint is snatched away, a vague sort of befuddlement that is quick to return to the conversation at hand. "Nah, Lad 'ere wouldn't hurt a fly." She'd obliterate it. "She'll bh--be good, yeah. C'n I--" He turns himself sidesaddle and bounces a foot in Zeke's direction. "Watchyer rump. I'm comin' down." He scoots himself down to the ground and slumps right over to lean against Lad's side. He can't see over his companion's back, but one blood-crusted hand lofts a wave. "S-Savael. M'Savael. This'ere's Lad. Food sounds real-- real good, yeah. We'll take some'f that." The Highlord gives Zeke a thin frown in response to the evil eye he's getting and lifts Sirene down from the horse. He offers his arm to her with a sigh, "I'm only being practical and you know it." But he's not stopping them, instead allowing them to play good samaritan. He tended to have a soft spot for the creatures, to be honest, but there was nothing to be gained by keeping it. Thankfully, Teague was not finding much to be gained by refusing them either. Let them have their fun...At least until it died. He caught that first hoof lift and half expected Zeke to get a good whallop by the end of this anyways. He could be satisfied with slow karma. These people required their whims be tolerated and he was willing. To a point. Now he would be urging Sirene towards the tavern already though, by the time the Kender got off the beast it was on. "How are you feeling?" Leave this mess to Zeke for the moment, he wanted to get the girl sitting down, "Your scarf." Let's not infect the rest of these people...

Author: Savael Date: Wed Oct 7 22:29:00 2015 Subject Wonderful, a Kender (Part 4)

Zeke glances around, and just grabs a dragonarmy sergeant at random, "Hey, you, do you know who that is?" He points at Teague, "I'm sure you do, I mean, even if you don't, how many people do you see with gods-be-damned dragons guarding them? Anyway, take this here mule, and put it up over there." He points at a nearby stable "Get it some food and water, and you know, horse.. stuff.. He fishes a coin out of his satchel and presses it into the soldiers hand, "Alright, now you.." Zeke gently leads the kender into the bar behind Teague and Sirene "Lets get you a table and some food friend Savael, maybe find out how in the gods names you ended up here, and hopefully keep you from bleeding to death. Friend Sirene should be able to help make sure I didn't scrye anything up." Sirene gives Savael a small bow, then puts her scarf up over her face and gives a shrug. She's definitely using Teague to stay standing, but not overly pulling him. "Better than yesterday." Which tells him exactly nothing. And apparently Teague wants to go -this way- now. Fine, fine, she's going... Others following. Ok. Savael does not budge an inch, his eyes widening as a healthy dose of confusion washes over his expression. Lad side-steps and snorts at the sergeant, while her master tries to cling to her mane --as much to keep himself upright as to keep her from going away. "W'oy-- Wh-why's she-- whoa, Lad, whoa-- ouch-- Why's she gotta go o'er there? She c'd use some eats t-too." Teague knows you and your not-answers, woman. She gets a vaguely annoyed eyeing as he pushes the door open, the two Draconian in Zeke and Savael's wake. He went for a corner table out of the way and near the kitchen, where they would be less likely to be bothered. There weren't many people here anyways, considering the city's state. He made an attempt to pull the chair out and get Sirene to settle down, asking her what she would like. He kept his opinions to himself for the moment, instead calling for refreshments for his...Companions. The Sergent could either handle a horse, or he needed to find a new way to make his living. Perhaps he would be fortunate and Zeke's bleeding heart would help him. Teague was in a mood. Clearly. Zeke is too drunk for this, "Alright, Savael, right? these soldiers are going to feed and water your horse here, and I promise you, if this soldier doesn't take good care of the horse, I'm going to track him down and cut off his stupid head, so, why don't you let him take your horse to the stable." Gods, Zeke needed a drink right now, he might end up sobering up soon, Nd we'll get you inside, and get you some food, and get me some wine, because gods know we both need it." Ryna looks slightly irritated by the time she finds the inn and the scene outside. She blinks at the scene and looks over each there. Savael, Zeke, The sargent, and Lad get an arched brow before Ryna puts away her map. Bloody cities are far to easy to get lost in. Buildings look far too alike. She moves to the guard holding the Sirene's horse. Asking if Lord Vaughn was inside. Sirene learned from -you-, Teague. You should be proud. She just wants some stew here, yeah. Looking to the door briefly, with all the commotion outside... back to Teague. "Alright... I'm doing alright. A little dizzy if I turn too fast. I'm taking it slow." Teague could smell the fresh bread and venison stew wafting from the back. They would definitely be having some of that. Mead, too. Hot water for the priestess' tea and whatever else she liked. He settled with his back to the wall so that he could take the place and it's entrances in. The Sivak set themselves between the table and the rest of the tavern, glowering disapprovingly at anyone who so much as looked their way for too long. The hubbub outside was certainly not beyond Teague's senses, but there were no sounds of combat. He offered her a wry smile, "Perhaps you will feel better once you eat." The look that followed was just for her and clearly probed at her reactions, "I've fouled your mood." More an observation than a question, but he made a habit of requesting her thoughts this way often enough, his mildly disgruntled gaze picking at her while outside...

Author: Savael Date: Thu Oct 8 00:36:14 2015 Subject Wonderful, a Kender (Part 5)

Outside, there was a Kender. That rarely meant anything but trouble. If they brought that horse anywhere near inside, Teague was putting his foot down. He was being generous enough as it was. As for Ryna...The Highlord had been expecting her report, therefore the Draconian was much more likely to send her towards the tavern than put his pike to use on her. Vicious at it may be, Teague had given his order and they would be followed. Providing she had the proper papers. The only fault she brought to their situation was that she was interrupting his capacity to truly enjoy the ridiculous plight to the childling and the ranger. Zeke ughhhhs, he didnt know how to deal with this right now 'alright, horses can't go inside the inn, man, I don't even' gods, why did this have to be so hard, who knows if the damn kender was even patched up right, he wanted the priestess to take a look at him, but the damn thing wouldnt let his horse be stabled. If he was more lucid, this event might shed some profound light on his life, "So, you can either trust that your horse will be safe in the stable, with the other horses, or you cant go in either, no horses allowed, and there is a whole lot of food and wine in there.." Zeke runs his hands through his hair, exasperated, "Gods, man, if it makes you feel better, if you let me get a bottle of wine from that inn, ill go to the stable with your horse, sleep next to the creature if I have to.. so long as it doesn't kick me in the head, I hate that." Sirene shrugs. "You know me..." Another not-answer. This one slightly more telling than the last. "Something about this just...doesn't sit right, that's all." There, a compromise. She gave you a tiny bit of information. "You feeling alright?" Ryna nods her thanks to the guard. She takes a deep breath so as to not show any being unnerved by the guard. She smirks a bit at the scene and moves to head in. Of course she has the papers. She wouldn't track all over the place almost getting lost without them. She moves for the table making sure to get the pages with the days report out. Number of new cases seen that day as well as condition reports of those they have been treating all accounted for. "She," Savael mumbles, exchanging a glance with Lad. "Sh-she, not it. If...'n yeah. Keep'er good comp'ny then, y-yeah? Keep real good comp'ny, like, 'n I'll be back out quick, 'kay, Lad?" The horse gives another toss of the mane and a nicker that speak of equine disapproval, but she lowers her head in the fashion of a begrudging teenager. Fiiine. He nods and nearly topples over as she starts to trot away, catching himself and wobbling back upright with a series of winces and dignified squaring of the shoulders. "Y'll be good comp'ny, yeah? Tell'er all 'bout when you raided the bandit den an' stuff." Zeke helps the kender into the bar, sitting him at the table, and grabbing an unopened bottle of wine off of it "Teague, you do something nasty to Savael here, I'll cut off your gods be damned head. Now, I'm going to go sleep in a stable." He mumbles something about horses and leaves the bar. Teague does know Sirene, yes. He sighed and watched the Sivak look at Zeke and then each other. He ignored the man's ranting seemingly as the two guards were suddenly distracted by a barmaid. They did let her through after a moment's uncomfortable inspection. Bread, mead and water for the tea and a block of cheese. He was tolerating this circus, lost in the thoughts of days to come. He had far more on his mind than badgering a Kender. Such as giving a once-over the collection for poison before giving Sirene the go ahead. Ryna is let through as well, once the barmaid has returned to her other duties. Reaching for his drink, he offered Ryna a patient smile as he answered Sirene, "I have been much worse. I'll be better when the stew arrives. Doctor, I hope you have good news." Sirene hmms, and gives a nod to Teague. Fair enough. She pours some of the water into her cup and digs out a small pouch from her bag, adding that to the water to steep. It's not the medicine Ryna gave, not time for that yet, but tea and mint. Letting that steep, she rips off a chunk of the bread, and lowers her scarf to eat some. Ryna moves to set the report down on the table before steping back moving to look in her pouch. {p"Making progress. More were sick though we have yet to stop the spread, but the numbers seem slightly lower then yesterday. Tomorrows report will see if people are actually listening to washing their hands and the coughing in a cloth idea and if it works to lower the number of new cases. How are you two feeling...?" She looks to the food and smiles a little bit. Food should help his condition. The report having been given, he was pleased to hear of -some- progress. He considered a moment before adding, "I will have to come and have a look at the clinic tomorrow." To be sure things were indeed getting under control. Teague knew the people were edgy and the moment could make or break them, depending on how it was handled. He didn't have too many high hopes for the people when it came to remaining terribly clean. It wasn't an easy task for the common man in these sort of environments. Not that the city was filthy, but it was much smaller and enclosed than Sanction. He considered himself and, though he was tired as hell, he assessed aloud that he was, indeed, feeling much stronger. He frowned at Sirene, however, not certain of her progress. He was still ill but he was more than capable of killing a man if he needed to. That was a fair way, to him, to judge. Speaking of judging, he was studying this damned Kender. "Perhaps you should take a break from the illness and take a look at my companions' whims." The Highlord probably means Savael, since he's gesturing at him with that. Sirene umms... then puts her piece of bread down, covering her mouth again. "Little bit dizzy if I move too fast, but the cough is down a lot." And another frown for Teague. "Maybe you should give an answer to the doctor you hired..." She is swaying slightly. Looking to Ryna. "The fatigue has been better and worse. I think it's hitting one of the worse points right now. I... Is it alright if I head back to the temple for now?" Another look at Teague, no emotion but tired.

Author: Savael Date: Thu Oct 8 00:46:38 2015 Subject Wonderful, a Kender (Part 6)

Ryna looks over the, likely infected, half dead looking Kender. She sighs considering, briefly, if she is indeed getting paid enough for this. She makes sure her pouch is firmly shut, a random thought at how it may well be entertaining if the kender got ahold of a black thorn.. then discounted the thought. That would be messy and hard to explain. She nods after her hesitation. {p"I could see if something can be done." She looks to Sav. {p"A sneeze and a cough are two very different things. I have yet to see any with sneezes. Would you mind if I looked at your wounds?" Savael is halfway through the piece of bread at this point, with his elbows propped up on the table and his head propped up by the piece of bread. "Well," He considers. "Well, y'can look at'em if y'rr-- Oof-- if y'really want to. They're from b-bandits, yeah? Lad'n I fought a wh-whole lot'f'em, 'n dragons and lot. Not very p-pretty, but it was a good fffight. Yeah." He lifts his chin proudly before burying his wince back in another bite of bread. Glances are tossed Teague's way, curious if nothing else. Teague stood with Sirene, nodding for one of the Sivak to see her outside as he had the keep pack her something. The thick stew they were bringing out would likely be good for her. He checked it, of course, and passed it off before making his way back around the table to his spot where he would inspect the stew. Aware of the Kender's glances, he ignored the creature mostly, or at least seemed to. He did have to give a snort, "See many dragons, do you." His appetite was returning at least. It would not be long before the second Sivak would rejoin them, each of them taking up a place to either side of the Highlord while he tried to enjoy his meal free of the new plague Zeke had left him with. He was fine with this, it was harmless. Teague put his foot down on the thing entering the temple, however. Thankfully no one requested that yet. At least Zeke should be pleased enough to keep his trap shut about it later. He had far more to worry with than a bleeding heart with it's bowstrings in a twist. Ryna sighs again as the kender agrees to the inspection. She takes a deep breath, puts on a smile reserved for dealing with children and moves warily closer. Trying to keep an eye on those long fingers.{p "Dragons... yes... those have quite nasty bites... Mind showing me where it bit you... likely be the worse looking of the wounds..." She says with fake wonderment and interest, eye twitching only slightly. Savael crooks a grin at Teague. "Yeah, we do! See'em all o'er, like. These ones h-had-- they had sparks and fire'n stuff. The bandits came first, but th'dragons put up th'real fight. I grabbed one--one..hh'ouch...--Yeah, th-this. That other guy p-patched it on m'back, I think." Still holding the bread to his face, he slumps the rest of the way forward on the table to expose his back. The shirt has been cut open, new bandages covering the crusted blood. Nibbling at the piece of bread, Savael continues, "'at one came from th'one I got by th'horns. Y'ever gra--grabbed a dragon by th'horns? Yeah, don't do that." Teague is not amused with your story, creature. He gives the Kender a flat critical glance, "I see." Says the only man in here to actually be able to say he's been face to face with one. He draws in one slow breath and then has to actually fight off a wicked urge to let his guard poke the thing a bit...For their amusement and his. Uhg. That -looks- bad when you have a plan like this. It's also not worth the hassle really. Instead, he amuses himself with the thought a moment and then takes good care of his mead. "Just...Be certain it doesn't simply die on us. If it dies -tomorrow- that isn't my problem." See? Teague cares. Ryna looks over the bandages and the clear signs they were over dried blood and her eye twitches and her mouth becomes a thin line. Professional ire getting the better of her as she moves to get ahold of a barmaid to get a large bowl of warm water... and asked them to find some new clothes for the kender. He moves to the exposed back and moves to start trying to get the torn rags of a shirt and the shoddy bandage job out of her way so she can look at the wound proper. Ignoring the fact that in the middle of an inn is not the more proper place to potentially treat it. She would try to clean the area as soon as the water came, if the kender did not try to get away. She ahhs and nods at what seems like appropreate times to seem like she is interested.{p "It get you with it's claws on your chest and gut too at all?" She nods to Teague,{p "That should be manageable." So Long as it doesn't poison itself by eating or messing with things in her pouch. Savael angles his head downward to glance at his chest. "Ah--yy-yup! Got me all o'er r-real good. Breathed a g-good lot 'f fire and dragony magic ssstuff. Was everywhere and real m-messy. Hi'sss--ow... D'ya-- Is sssummat dying? She--" He looks over his shoulder at Ryna. "M-maybe y'should see to that then, yeah? I ain't d-dyin', I don't th-think." Teague was, despite the company, rather enjoying the stew. What of it he could manage to get himself to eat during this wild tale. It did bring a couple of good questions to mind, however. Such as if a Dragon and it's supernal Fear could rattle a Kender...Or if Dragon would eat them. Blaze wasn't likely to appreciate the thought of being part of an experiment, however. At that, he cleared his glass and stood, having had more than enough of this. Whatever -this- was. He gave them both a second glance and then looked to the Red Watch before stepping around them and towards the door. "Have fun, Doctor. I look forward to seeing the clinic and your progress in practice tomorrow." And there he goes, pulling the wrap tighter about his face as he added some extra compensation to the keep's pocket and slipped through the door without pause for further farewells.

Author: Savael Date: Thu Oct 8 00:54:57 2015 Subject Wonderful, a Kender (Part 7)

Ryna pauses in trying to reassure the kender that no one else is dieing and he wouldn't either as long as he lets her help him... to stare briefly at the fleeing Highlord. Her eye twitching. How in Krynn was SHE the one left with the kender here. Her thoughts turn a little dark as she moves to wash the wounds. {p"Is amazing enough you survived this long after a dragon long as you let me help you, you should be just fine however...Though you are likely to be drinking a good deal of tea." Savael also gives pause to watch the Highlord depart, a slight frown gracing his lips. "He'll miss th'store--ow-- the'story then..." Hrm...He'll just have to tell it again the next time their paths crossed. "W'Lad 'n I, we make a good team. She ss-stomped some bandits too. Dunno 'bout th'tea though. Don't drink a real lot of th'stuff." He makes a face that is as much of a wince of pain as a scrunching of the eyes to underscore his point. Then reaching for another piece of bread, yes. Ryna makes up a cool feeling salve and applies it to the wounds on the back to help those before trying to nudge him into showing him the cuts scrapes and bruises on his chest so she can properly get those treated. She sounds like quite the hero, yes. {p"The tea is to help in case you start feeling sick... Has been a lot of people getting sick. The tea helps the coughs." Savael slowly relaxes as the cooling salve works its magic, peeling himself up from the table to show the front half of his torso. "Ah-- Th'coughs." He nods sagely. "And th'sneezes. It's th'sneezes that get 'nnoying. I startle Lad when I sneeze. Lad nearly th-throws me when she sneezes. It's a mess 'f a time, really. Was a good t-time." Ryna works on cleaning those wounds and eyes the kender concerned. He wasn't near as energetic as kender tend to be, though definitely trying to put a valiant effort into it was clear he was in bad shape. She applies the slave to those as well after tending and cleaning an area that look like it was starting to infect and getting that tended. She nods, {p"You just traveling with Lad, What brings you this far...? to the lands of dragons and bandits..." Savael grins a tired grin as, having finished off the slice of bread, he looks down to poke at the salve coating his wounds. He finds that amusing enough, but the question-- Aye, that's the ticket. "Well, th' dragons 'n bandits, 'f course! We came to see what Sanction 'n all have t'offer, y-yeah? S'a good lot'a 'dventures." Ryna tries to bat the hand away from the salve. {p"The salve is not good if injested will make you throw up. You need to wash your hands." She moves to properly bandage him up, wth fresh, clean bandages, and get the fresh shirt on him. Totally ignoring any looks from others in the inn. {p"Where do you plan on going next?" Savael frowns and peers at his salve-tipped fingers as if weighing the risks of throwing up versus the benefit of knowing what the salve tastes like. At length, he pulls over the cup of tea that Sirene had abanoned and dunks his fingers in it with a little swirl. "Dunno yet! Definitely gotta see th'other cities, though, 'n meet more dragons, 'n get more stuff. 've you--" Savael perks up. "'ve you ever seen a dragon's stash? S'got lotsa cool--c-cool stuff 'n...stuff in it." Ryna nods slightly before shaking her head, {p "I am afraid I have not have the pleasure of such, no. They manage to hurt you anywhere else as bad..?" She makes sure the bandages are well done before stepping back and double checking her pouch contents to see what is missing so she can be sure to get it back before she goes. Savael may have snuck a fair handful supplies into his pocket while she was in range, but his hands are empty (if now dripping with tea) as he pats himself down. "Nope! 'm too fast f'r that, yeah. Not a one'f'em could scratch me more, y'know. I ducked'n dodged a lot, and they lost me a good lot'f times altogether." Ryna nods.{p "Great... now if you would be so kind. might I see what you have found recently. Perhaps I can help a few things be returned properly to their owners, since you have been so kind to find them for them...." Savael brightens right up at that. "Yeah! D'y'know, dragons steal lotsa neat stuff." If a bit tiredly, he begins unloading the contents of his pockets--coins, gems, bread crumbs, medical supplies, a bracelet, a couple rings..."Found these two in a tree-stump stash gar--guarded by ogres. They didn't even see me come'n go. Lad'n I saw'em while we were breaking nn--new ground through th'forest, like," Savael continues. "Lad waited while I snuck up into a tree and cc-climbed right o'er'em. Y'should'a seen it. And -this- stuff was scattered all over in the river. Someone musta t-tripped sssummat awful..." Ryna tries to get back her medical supplies. {p"These look familiar. I should be able to find the owners of these. I was traveling a good deal myself recently." She adds in a few small trinkets. a shiny bit of glass like rock shows up in the pile. A small figurine. She straightens and gets back before she finds she lost much else. {p"Thank you. I wish you luck in finding the other owners... You should get something to drink then rest. I should get going. Make sure no one else is dying." Savael grins brightly, though the weariness is starting to make it to his eyes as he nods. "Yeah! Drink sounds good, yeah." He begins to shovel the trinkets back into his pockets. "And, eh, thanks, doctor. Feeling better already." Ryna nods, {p "You are welcome. Get something to drink. Perhaps some soup... then go to sleep. You should not stay in town that long though. Better you not get sicker." She moves to start to make her escape. So long as he doesn't get a local to stab him the moment she turn her back he should survive the night at least. And usually kender are slippery as eels so he should be fine. Should.

Author: Savael Date: Tue Oct 27 17:34:22 2015 Subject A Kender and a Horse Walk into a Bar... (p.1)

The journey from the plague-ridden city of Neraka was a long one, and over the course of a few days, the rest of Savael's wounds mended up, permitting the kender sit up a little straighter atop the back of his faithful steed. He wove in and out of campsites, regaling other weary travelers with stories of how he fended off dragons and hordes of zombies, how he's crossed the continent one way and back again in a matter of days, and how he spent many tiresome hours in the med-tents helping to cure the sick. Sure, tiredness began to plague his movements, and his persistant throat-clearing turned into a persistant cough, but the Kender refused to let it slow him down. After all, he had come away from Neraka gifted with a treasure map, and he had every intention seeking out the spoils of the hunt-- that he might return them to their rightful owner, of course. And so it is with a brow knit with determination that the Kender finds himself walking down the lanes of Palanthas once more. An inn promises good food and shelter for the night, and it is here that the story finds the Kender on this particular day. The door creaks open, a Kender, stifling a cough with the side of his fist, comes hopping through. The reigns loosely-held in his hand are the precursor to a massive warhorse sticking her nose in after him. She has to duck her head even to see through the doorway. She's halfway through it when the innkeeper drops everything and comes bounding over. "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" says a frantic waving of the hands. "What are you doing? You can't bring a horse in here!" "Aw, c'mon, " Savael pouts. He turns to give his companion a pat on the nose. "She's not gonna mess anything. She's --kahem!-- She's nicer'n a lota the dogs y'got wanderin' about here. --K'hmm!-- D'you know she was raised right up alongs-s-side me, n'all? She's s'Kender as can be." Lad gives a snort and bob of the head as if in confirmation, but this proves to be rather less than reassuring for the innkeeper. "One Kender's enough of you to be having about here, 'n only if he plans to pay more than he takes." A pointed lofting of the brow is lost on the Kender. Savael sighs out another cough and rubs at his nose as he slumps to one side against Lad's shoulder. "Y'do know that we're heroes, yeah? We're --k'hmm!-- We're heroes, th'both of us, we are. Tell y'what. Y'give us both a room and summat to eat, and we'll tell ya all about our adventures." He lightly jogs Lad with his elbow. "She's got some mighty fine stories t'tell, eh Lad?" Lad chuffs a breath and shuffles her front hooves. She has mixed feelings about having her posterior hanging out of the door and is about ready for this to be settled by now. "Look, " the innkeeper says. "I have to maintain a certain standard of bus-- Where are you going? Get-- Get that horse OUT of here! Stop--!"

Author: Savael Date: Tue Oct 27 17:44:28 2015 Subject A Kender and a Horse Walk into a Bar... (p.2)

Approximately nobody in the vicinity of the bar offers any help as the towering warhorse hauls herself the rest of the way inside and proceeds to drag her master down the hall toward the rooms. Savael, himself, is slow to pick up on this turn of events, and only manages to keep pace by way of clinging to the reigns. The master of the house is helpless to stop the incursion, hopping from foot to foot and flapping his hands and shouting obscentities as he follows them down the hall. Lad stops at the second door on the right and headbutts it, scraping a hoof over the carpet. Savael clears his throat and points at the door. "We'll take this'un." The innkeeper slumps back against the opposite wall, mopping his brow with one one hand as he shakily retrieves a key from his pocket with the other. "He has to STAY in there, you hear?" "She, " Savael corrects as he takes the key and pops open the door. "Lad's a she. She'll be good, don'tcha worry." He didn't say anything about himself, however. Just a couple hours later finds both Kender and warhorse being the life of the party in the tarvern. Lad nibbles away on bits of bread and daintily inhales mouthfuls of soup from the pot that the chef brought out solely to stop her from drinking out of other customers' bowls. Savael, valiantly pushing through drowsiness and a cough that worsens at the night goes on, knocks back drink after drink fills the ears of any who will or will not listen with stories of adventure and grandeur. The resident bard gives up trying to talk over him and settles instead for quietly plucking at her harp in one corner of the room. Eventually the room empties out, and Lad sets about supporting her thoroughly-drunken companion back to their room. The following day does not see their departure, as the Kender struggles with the double-whammy of hangover and worsening illness. He attempts at breakfast to explain, through a haze, how he had ended up with four coin pouches, two daggers, a bracelet, a single glove, two forks, and a plate in his backpack. After that, the innkeeper orders the Kender to stay either in his room or out in the town, so the Kender spends his day lounging on against the wall outside the inn, coming inside only once it begins to drizzle rain. His return earns several scrowls from those who thought he had already, but he assures them that he'll leave tomorrow, "I promise." He does not keep that promise.

Author: Savael Date: Fri Jan 22 18:45:54 2016 Subject The Journey Continues

Savael, after having had plenty of time to think about it, decided that he didn't much like being sick. It was always sneeze or cough or the chair disappearing from where he had last seen it or the blankets never being warm enough... It was a dreadful thing to have to apologize repeatedly for having sneezed all over some other person's soup, or having -them- sneeze all over -his- soup, because it would appear that the whole inn had decided to follow his lead on the matter of taking ill. Flattered as he was by their mimicry, he had decided that he had had quite enough of it. That is why it was entirely his idea for the innkeeper to finally kick him out. He returned some items that the other guests had lent to him during his stay, returned the candle dish and collection of forks that he had fully intended to bring back after he had had them polished at that one place down the street, and then scooted along on his way with Lad plodding along at his heels. As the door slams shut in their wake, the Kender lifts his chin with a dignified sniff. "Now we've got us some treasure t'find, eh, Lad? S'bout time we got on our wh--whh--waahaay---CHOO!" Rats and children scatter. A woman snatches up her purse with a gasp. A guard slants the Kender a disapproving look. Lad snorts and shakes out her mane at him. ".....Naw, but really, " the Kender continues. "Don't much like it here as much's I thought I would. People never listen t'th'whole story..." He rubs his nose off all down his sleeve before leaning to one side against his faithful companion. He's not tall enough to sling an arm across her back, but he does pat her mane, very casually, because clearly she's the one that needs reassuring here. "S'leh's see...Th'map...Th'map says..." With some effort he shakes the roll of parchment from his satchel and unrolls it just enough to see the lines going every which way. He probably shouldn't have attempted to chart his course while under the influence of drink, sneezings, and the general condiditon of being a Kender, but he'll have to work with what he has. Which isn't very much. As Lad turns her head to look back at him, Savael traces a few lines over the map with his finger, then gives it a decided tap and points off down a street. "So if we go out th'western way, w'can cut down along the mountains. An-an--annn--" He crinkles up his nose, wrinkles up his eyes-- ... Lad snorts at him. ... He shakes his head. "Mm, nah. Nope. Ss--s'we go down this trail'ere, cut through them mountains, 'n Korval's right there, see?" He crooks a grin up at his horse, but she's just staring at him as if she can't believe the gibberish that's leaving his mouth. So he looks back down and keeps talking: "Th'mountains'll be a great place t'find all sorts of adventures! I'll bet we find ogres'n dragons'n tigers'n ff--fffishh-CHOO!" This time Lad -does- give a start, and she hops to one side with a startled stamp of the hoof. "Yeah...yeah. 'm just gonna...Think m-might ride some. Just 'til we get t'th'hills, yeah?" His faithful companion casts him a wary look askance, but kneels down to let the Kender climb aboard. He sniffles and pats at her mane as she straightens up. " 'atta girl. T'adventure...!" With one last swish of the tail as if bidding farewell to the Palanthas street that had served as their home for a number of weeks, Lad clops on down the road leading out of the city. In their wake, a child sneezes, a vendor coughs, and a guard's posture slumps ever-so slightly.

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