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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Seclor.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Seclor' scribed in dull purple ink.

Author:  Seclor
Date    Mon Apr  1 18:35:16 2002

Subject  Seclor's Travels

A few mages gather in the hall of mages to discuss the most recent

A red robe is the first to speak I have recently descovered some distressing
news. The black robe interups We all know about Asmodeous.

The red robe continues This is something else... Seclor has desided to go
for a walk around Krynn. The white robe with a worried look speaks up Why
didn't someone stop him? You know what he is capable of and you let him go..
on his own!?

The black robe says with a underlying anger Where was the gardian to watch
over him? The red robe interups This note Seclor left explains it all.

Dear Conclave, I have gotten board just sitting around here.

So, I have desided to wander about Krynn for a while.

I had some trouble with my guardian so I desided to send him home.

Don't worry your selves about me i'll be alright.


After all read the note the black robe stands and leaves saying He better
stay out of the affairs of the black robes.

The white robe turns to the red robe saying I well see to it that the white
robes keep an eye out for him. The red robe and the white robe leave the

The white robe turnst to the red robe saying I will see to it that the white
robes keep  an eye out for him. The red and white robe leave the hall.

*Elsewhere in Krynn*

Didn't I tell you not to sneak up on my like that!?! Seclor beats the
boulder with his staff then backs about 10 feet away from the boulder.

That will teach ya! Turns around and starts heading down the path coming
to a fork in the path. Excuse me good sir. Do you know where these two paths

The small tree doesn't answer, So Seclor walks up closer to the tree and
knocks on it saying Hello? Well, how rude! Seclor walks back to the fork
in the road and sits on a small rock. What to do, what to do...

Soon Seclor like usual soon falls a sleep and starts snoring.

*A couple hours later* Seclor wakes up to someone shaking his shoulder.
Huh?... Who?... What?... O hello youngone and how are you? A young women
smiles at him and says Sorry for waking you but if you sould go to solace if
you want to sleep.

Seclor quickly replies I wasn't sleeping! I was a... resting my eyes... ya
thats it I was resting my eyes. The young women humors him. I see, well if
you want to rest your eyes you sould still go to Solace. Its just right down
that path.

 If you would like I can walk back with you to Solace? I'm headed that way
too. Seclor replies Well that would be grand.

The young women says to Seclor My name is Sasha Pleased to meet you
Sasha Seclor replies smiling as he bows to her. Unfortantly he bows a little
to far and falls down head first. Sasha lets out a giggle and helps Seclor
back up.

Thank you my dear. Now where were we, o yes names. Lets see my name is...
Ah... Seclor scratches his head trying to remember.

Seclor! Thats my name, I knew I knew it. Sasha giggles again as they both
head toward Solace.

Author:  Seclor
Date    Wed Apr 24 01:03:14 2002

Subject  Seclor's Travels

Mid-morning shines down on Solace. All are awake, all except...

Seclor is woken by a knock at the door. "I'll be right... WOE!!..." There
is a loud thud, as Seclor falls out of bed. "There." He finishes saying.

"Are you alright in there?" Asks a female voice from the other side of the

More thuds can be heard from Seclor's room. "I'm fine, just putting on

"Don't rush yourself, its just me. Sasha." Seclor finely getting his
cloths on. He opens the door and greets Sasha like he haven't seen her in

"Sasha! How are you?" Sasha giggles out an answer "I am good. Seclor,
did you know your robe is on backwards?" Seclor looks down. "Oops, I
thought it felt a little tight around the neck.

Chuckling, Seclor pulls in his arms and turns his robe around then slips his
arms back through. "There, much better. So, What brings you here? Would ya
like to come in?"

"Yes, thank you." Sasha walks into the room and sits on a near by chair.

"I have have some a... Business in Palanthas and was wondering, if you would
willing to accompany me there?"

Seclor looks at her with a childlike eagerness and says. "Really? That would
be grand. I haven't been there in..." Seclor starts counting to him self but
unfortunately he losses count. "A long time."

Sasha smiles "Good, we can leave today. Everything is ready all ya have to
do is pack your things and we can be on our way."

Seclor packs the few things he has and turns to Sasha as he heads for the
door. "I'm ready, Lets go." He says cheerfuly as he walks into the side of
the doorway because he wasn't looking where he was going.

"Seclor!? Are you alright?!" "I'm fine. Come on, lets go! He says with a
smile as he rubs his head. Sasha says to her self with a sigh "Yes, the
sooner we can get there. The quicker I can get you help."

Seclor and Sasha head to Zaradene to take a ship to Palanthas....

Author:  Seclor
Date    Sat Aug  3 00:30:05 2002

Subject  The End of Krynn: Preludes

Gizbit walks into a inn at Kalaman asking about a grey gem but is kicked
around like an annoying kender.

After a while Gizbit looses hope of finding any information on his life quest.
So he sits at a table orders a drink and begins to sulk.

A little while passes before a kender comes at the table Gizbit is sitting at.

"Hello, my name is Knipanob. I'm looking for a silly old man who wears red
robes and he uses magic? I was suppost to meet him but he must have gotten

Gizbit looks at the kender
"Sorry,Ihaven'tseensuchaperson.IwillletyouknowifIdoseehimthough." Knipanob
looks at Gizbit a bit. "Is everthing alright you seem kinda sad?"

"I'monmylifequestbutIcan'tseemtofindwhatI'msupposttostudy." Knipanob gets
an excited look. "Life quest!? I heard about those, so what is your life
quest? Maybe I can help?"

Gizbit perks up a bit.
"Itsforthegreygem.Mylifequestistostudyit.Doyouknowwhereitis? Knipanob
pulls out all his pouch and dumps the contence on the table. "Lets see."
As he goes though all his stuff some of the other patrons of the inn tak take
notice that most of the stuff the kinder dumped out was theirs. "Sorry, I
don't see any grey gem here but perhaps Seclor might know. He was the one I
was suppost to meet and he knows a lot of stuff. That is if you can keep him

When Knipanob finnishes other patrons of the inn go to get there stuff calling
him a thief and the like. Eventually they kick the kender out, also the gnome
for just being with him.

Knipanob takes Gizbit back to his room so that they can talk all about
Gizbit's life quest, and the Befuddled old mage.

Author:  Seclor
Date    Wed Aug 21 18:01:07 2002

Subject  End of the Krynn: Part 1

"Seclor, what are you doing now?" Seclor turns to Sasha and shows her his
new discovery with enthusiasm. "I found this odd looking gem isn't it

"Um.. Ya. That is one nice looking gem." Sasha rolls here eyes "Though
its nice we don't have time to look at it now. We are already a day late,
meeting your friend in Kalaman."

Looking a bit confused "We are? Who were we meeting?" "Yes we are don't
you remember, and you sould know who we are meeting he is your friend. I
forgot his name you said he was a kender.

Seclor thinks to him self for a bit. "A kender I know?... Let me think....
Aw Knipanob its got to be, I haven't seen him in ages. I remember" Sasha

"We really sould get going its still a ways away and we better hurry if we
want to get there by night fall."

Later that night at the inn in Kalaman....

Knipanob and Gizbit finds and sits at a table. "This is where I was suppost
to meet him yesterday.{"
"TheBefuddledoldmageyouweretalkingabout,theothernightright?" "Yes, his
name is Seclor."

"Gotanyideawhyhedidn'tshowupyesterday?" Knipanob laughs at Gizbits
question. "Well he is quite old, some say he isn't all there. I still
haven't figured what that ment, but also he has been called part kender.

I really don't think he is part kender but so many people we have bumped into
say he must be part kender. I have officaly made him an offical unoffical

As Knipanob continues about Seclor, Sasha and Seclor come to the table. Seclor
listens to Knipanob for a bit "Wow, sounds like and intresting guy."

Knipanob spins around happily greets Seclor and some women he doesn't know.
"Hello, My name is Knipanob happy to meet you" He shakes her hand "My
name is Sasha, pleased to meet you too"

Knipanob turns to Gizbit "This is Gizbit" Seclor and Sasha say their
hello's to Gizbit.

Seclor and the rest order some food and drink, and talk as if they were all
long lost friends.

Author:  Seclor
Date    Fri Sep 20 18:18:19 2002

Subject  The end of Krynn: part 2

'Seclor, Gizbit here is on a lifequest to study of the grey gem. Do you know
anything about it?' Seclor thinks a bit 'Sorry I don't know anything about
a grey gem. Exsept for the one I found on the road on the way here.' Seclor
pulls out the grey gem, Gizbit's eyes light up
'That'sitthatiswhati'mlookingfor.' 'Well, I don't have much use for it.
Do you want it?.{' 'Omy,yesIdo.' 'Well here ya go.' 'Hmm, lets see
where did I put it.' Seclor pats him self down looking for the grey gem.
After finding it in one of his pouches he pulls it out.

'Aw, here it is.' Knipanob watchs with the usaual kender excitement. Sasha
watches as well.

Gizbit takes the Gray gem from Seclor, then studys it closely. While looking
at he he pulls out some tools to study the gem.

Some measuring equipment, a small scale to weigh it, some brushes, and a small
rock pick to take some smaller samples.

Gizbit excitement soon turns to frustration. The measurements keep changing in
size, the weight keep changing, and he is unable to chip it to take smaller

'Having trouble Gizbit?'
.' 'Let me see the rock pick.' Gizbit hands over the rock pick. Seclor
begins to chant something and the rock pick begins to glow.

Suddenly the grey gem begins to glow to then a blinding light comes from the
rock pick. 'Well that has never happend before.'
'Owow,thegreygemmustbeaffectedbymagic.' Sasha is doing everything she can
to hold knipanob back.

'Here is your rock pick back, maybe now you can chip it.' Gizbit takes the
rock pick back and readies to strike....

Suddenly a loud noise distracting Gizbit. Sasha chuckels a little. 'It is
late we all should go to bed for the night.' Gizbit looks at the grey gem a
bit then decides that it is a good idea.

Author:    Seclor         
Date:      Thu Aug 13 04:07:26 2009
Subject     An old apple tree and a young Seclor

Waking up under neath an old apple tree, Seclor stands up wondering how
long he has been asleep. Still a bit groggy from his nap he picks a few
apples and heads down the path tripping over a root along the way. Wondering
why his robes seem to be a little to big for him he starts going though his
pockets and pouches. Pulling out various spell components, he gets a
bewildered look about him "Now why would I be carrying these I wonder" After
being somewhat amazed at the items he finds "Wonder what these are all for"
noticing a inn along the path he shruggingly puts them all back and heads
for it. Upon entering he notices the inn keeper tending to some patrons and
elf in white robes studying some book. Unnoticed to Seclor the white robe
take a interest in him, eyeing him as he goes to sit down. Getting up from
his table he heads over to Seclor. "Excuse me?" he says in a low mild voice.
However Seclor had already talking in his sleep "now if only I can age this
young apple tree so I can pick some apples." The white robe's brows come
together looking abit annoyed as he repeats himself in a more forceful tone.
Waking looking a bit confused "Who? What? o... hello". "Where did you get
those robes of a red mage? the white robe asks. Seclor reply's "What robes?"
the white robe gestures to what Seclor is wearing "O these well I woke up in
them." "But where did you get them?" the white robe asks. "Alls I remember
is waking up underneath and old apple tree and these are what I were
wearing." The white robe frowning asks again "But Where Did You Get The
Robes Of A Red Mage?!" "I Told You Alread I woke up Wearing THEM!...." with
a bit of a confused look "How is a mage red? did he fall into a vat of red
dye?.... maybe got red wine dumped on him.... or maybe...." A little but
frustrated and confused him self the white mage composes him self "The red
robe mages are a order of the Conclave, and that robe your wearing can only
have come from the conclave." A bit astonished Seclor smiles "I'm a member
of the Conclave..." then looks a little confused again "...What is the
Conclave?" Taken back but the question the white robe responds explaining
the Conclave and what its for. "So where did you get those robes did you
kill someone for them?" With an enlightened look "Well its obvious isn't it?
I got them from the Conclave? I wouldn't kill someone over some robes that
don't fit... I don't think I would. Besides if I were I think I'd find
someone more my size." Seclor pulls on his robes to show that its a little
to big for him. "See?" With a confused look on the white robe he speaks
words of magic, and get a even more confused look. "Well you don't have a
befuddlement spell on you." Seclor looking a bit bewildered "Why would I?"
The white robe says in a i'm giving up sort of way "Never mind." as he
shakes his head. Shruggingly pulls out a apple and starts eating it, and
offers one to the white robe mage who declines. "They should know about
this." The white robe says more to him self. "Who should?" The white robe
looked as though he was about to say something but doesn't realizing the
pointlessness of answering and proceeds to leave the inn. 

As the mage leaves a kender comes in. Scanning around the inn he sees Seclor
eating an apple. "It can't be." he says in an astonished tone. The kender
goes to get a closer look "It is you... and your Young?!! well it'll be and
you did it too. I never would have believed it if I didn't see it for my
self?" "Who's me? and what did I do?" looks at the kender with a confused
look. The kender laughs. "Well somethings haven't changed" "Your Seclor, and
you did it you made that little apple tree sapping grow into a big old tree.
You said you were but I didn't believe it till I saw it, when I went out
there this afternoon there it was. Wonder what made you look so young though
you look like 20" 

Author:    Seclor         
Date:      Thu Aug 13 04:11:13 2009
Subject     An old apple tree and a young Seclor pt 2

The kender began to relay all the stories of him and Seclor. How they
met, there adventures, how they ended up here. At least when Seclor wasn't
nodding off again. After being up into the late hours of the night they head
off to bed after all the stories were done. 

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