The Great Library of Palanthas

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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Segranth.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a massive tome bound in dragonskin on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Segranth' scribed in grey ink.

Author:    Segranth       
Date:      Sat Sep  2 13:42:47 2006
Subject  A Blury Past

Little is Known about Segranth's past. The fact of the metter is that even
when you ask him he can tell you very little about his young life. It is
true that he is a sea elf, but his beginings are lost. Vague memories of
life in the vast ocean float in his mind, but nothing of family and life
within the warm depths of the ocean remain.

A faint memory of a battel is all the remains. Pirates had found his clans
little community and death was something that touched everyone segranth
once knew. The pirates had taken him, by force, and something during that
battle had erased his mind. When he awoke ten days later in a small cabin
abord the Stier, The ships Captain Rorin Oakenshire was sitting on at chair
at his bedside. The Minotaur mage more then likely had something to do with
his memory loss, but that was something that he never admitted to Segranth.
Rorin was a good pirate, his crew was well fed and wore cloths more fitting
of nobelmen then pirates. They ruthless fighters and were not afraid to
strat problems if the ends justified them. Rorin had given Segranth a
choice that first day, "You may Join us or be put to death Sea Elf. Your
abilities in the water are something that we can use. Deep sea travel for
sunken treasure is something I have pondered for ages now, but havent had
the ability until I came across your clan. Now with you here we can move
forth. It wasent common knowledge to any but the crew, Rorin and Segranth
that much of the Stiers monitary sucess during the following years came
from these deep sea endevors lead by Segranth. It would amaze even the
richest merchant if he ever got to see the treasures that lay beneath the

Given the options Segranth Joined the Crew and quickly became one of Rorins
right hand men. Anyone who could make the Captian money was useful and none
made him more then Segranth, with as little fighting and effort as it took
it really was amazing. As most know Rorin was taken to the depths of the
sea and to his death and most of the Stiers Crew disbanded under the lack
of leadership and Segranth too left, taking to the land to explor and truly
find his place. It was during this time that his magical abilities came to
the front. Though he was vastly different then most who walked the land
Segranth found a small monestary to train, where most, not all but most,
excepted his difference in looks. As luck would have it Rorin never really
talked about his treasure finder so most did not connect him to the doings
of the Stier. After Much training Segranth left his Monestary home to once
again travel and perhaps seek out the Holy Order of the Stars, as he was
told by the monks, he would be hunted and killed if he did not at least
speak with their leaders. So Segranth now steps for into the World of Krynn
in search of a new home, perhaps a new ship and the guidance of the Clerics
of the Holy Order.

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