The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Seiryo.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a manilla folder on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Seiryo' scribed in unearthly red ink.

Author:    Seiryo         
Date:      Sat Dec  2 02:38:40 2006
Subject  A Note of Despair

Amid the decadence that flowed through Sanction at the crux of the last
Dragon war, a brothel known as the Siren's Landing managed to carve a name
for itself.  Headed by a horrible human woman named Sara Mourglae, the
Siren's Landing owed it's success to their star attraction, an elven woman. 
True, elf slaves were common, but this was no wild-elf, her name was Anadae
Selthinissla and she was of pure Silvanesti stock.  Given the rarity of this
"find" Anadae's popularity sky rocketed, thus it was no great suprise when
she became pregnant.  Thinking to scam some of Anadae's regulars, Sara
allowed her to keep the baby.  A decade passed as Anadae worked and cared
for her half-human child, everything slipping into an almost regular
pattern, she taught him of her culture and language, as well instructing him
in the art of music and song.  That is until her little boy made the mistake
of displaying his rudimentary talent to Mistress Mourglae...  As he played a
simple reed flute and danced in the thin candlelight of the brothels bar, a
slow and flowing tune of sadness, more and more patrons became swept up in
the music, their drinks practicly falling from their fists as they openly
wept, greasy hands brought to cover greasy faces in the depression that
pervaded them.  Seeing limitless potential for a private dervish, the nine
year old Seiryo was immediately enrolled in a sleazy magic school which
encouraged his sound based power and a loss of all morales.  After
graduation Seiryo began to get his feet wet in basic crime, working mostly
robberies and collections to earn his keep at the brothel, he would play in
the bar and lull the patrons to sleep, or accompany enforcer groups to
inspire their rage with his voice.  It was partly to do with these new
endeavors when a local street gang firebombed his home, killing both the
Mistress Mourglae as well as his mother.  Homeless and penniless Seiryo
turned to his meager crime connections for survival, finding plenty of work
for a dervish with already bloody hands.  Years passed as he grew and
worked, doing countless jobs for all manner of employers and never missing a
beat, he almost grew to enjoy the din of battle and the spray of blood... 
No matter where that could be found.  He committed unspeakable acts to and
from his contracted jobs, inspiring the group that traveled with him into a
blood-thirsty rage, and twisting their perceptions, before turning them on
families or entire villages.  
( Continued in Part 2 )

Author:    Seiryo         
Date:      Sat Dec  2 02:40:58 2006
Subject  A Note of Despair ( Part 2 )

It was during one these outings, as Seiryo stood at the center of a
burning village, his voice echoing out above the sound of crackling flame
and cracking bone, he saw a woman run before his vision...  Her long
platinum hair and extremely pointed ears ending his song immediately.  It
was his mother...  But it couldn't be...  As Seiryo stared openly he
witnessed her face, and the crying bundle she held in her arms...  It was
him?!...  Confused, he began to chase after her, his voice screaming out and
cutting down each of his bandits that reached to stop her.  He pressed on,
trying his hardest simply to keep her in vision before she stopped suddenly,
and a large figure slipped in front of her.  Screaming with all of his
might, Seiryo tried to stop him...  But he was too far, and too weak, the
bandit cut her down, his large falcata dipping in and out as he reveled in
the frenzy Seiryo himself had created.  Racing forward, the dervish screamed
again, his voice beginning to go hoarse and vanish...  But it was enough,
the bandit fell to the ground, clutching his ears before lying still. 
Coming to a reeling stop, Seiryo slumped down next to the elf womans corpse,
his hands franticly checking for a pulse in her as well as the infant... 
But to no avail.  His voice howling out in sadness the half-elf sat back,
regarding the womans face...  It was not his mother...  But, he had done
this...  He had done just as the ones who did it to him.  His world
beginning to spin and darken, Seiryo fell back, the smoke filled night sky
blurring out of exsistance.  He awoke days later, the village all but burned
to the ground, and his former companions long gone.  Picking himself up with
a curse and wiping away his still streaming tears, Seiryo began to move
forward, slinking into the thick forest ahead of him before raising his
voice in a gentle crescendo that echoed about the trees, a song of loss and
mistakes, the song of his past.  

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