The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Selvenra.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a paper booklet on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Selvenra' scribed in light purple ink.

Author:  Selvenra
Date    Sun Mar 23 13:52:34 2003

Subject  An apothecary's promise.

Our story begins in the lands of Silvanos, city of Balinost.

My house......I still remember a warm fire, the smell of the birchwood and the
rose petals thrown in.  The Soft chairs, distinguished carvings, and the glyph
my father brought from the last great war.

The one with our family insignia, The Re'asill mark, mark of the Apothecaries
guild.  I was warned by my father of its strange powers, Given to him by a
strange magician he said.

I cant feel its power now, where I am......So far from my family, and friends,
forced into a self-imposed exile, to avoid my own destruction at the hands of
these men.

I know why i would be hunted, I know the powers that allow them to call an
innocent man a renegade.  Ive seen the horrifying power of accidental magicks,
wild magicks.....that were never meant to be cast.

The Re'asill name is built upon our skill as brewers, though all most know is
our wine.  The Re'asill wine is the smoothest of elven wine, greatest tasting,
and most awarded wine in most elven histories.

Though what most dont understand is that an adult has never brewed a bottle of
wine.  The adults brewed the potions and cures for all the town, which cost
more than it made for our family.  In order to offset this cost, we began the
brewery All the children were versed in the methods of brewing a fine wine. 
The adults trusted us the children with this task which funded our family and
endeavors well.  We were able to get rare reagents, and potion recipes to save
more people.

At the age of 80 I was to begin my apprenticeship with my father and say
goodbye to the wine trade, to stop brewing the wine i never tasted.  I learned
many things in my apprenticeship such as how to process most reagents for

Bitterroot, Wormwood, Nightshade, and many other deadly potent poisons were
made safe to imbibe in small doses and their curative properties were released
through my work.

Though I enjoyed my work immensely, I was quickly becoming more intersted in
the brewing of the potions, And after asking my father to verse me in these
ways many times, I was then allowed to watch him brew a potion of light

Many do not realize the fine line between a healing potion and a cancelling
potion.  For a healing potion to work the first step is to numb the
pain.....Bitterroots anelgesics, quickly did this while the processed wormwood
began to mend the wound till it was healed.  However a twinge of magic changes
this potion drastically....the reagents reacted quickly to my aura apparently
and began to spark and flare......I was lucky to be standing behind my father
when the potion began to bubble.

The resultant blast took his life......and my innocence.  I felt my power
sucked into the potion in that moment.....that final moment of his
existance.....I bless you my father even in death.....till I see you.

The blast shook the house.......cracking the glyph my father recieved.  The
magic spread forth from the glyph souring the vineyard and our income as a

After the grieving period I was allowed to speak of my fathers last
moments.....After telling my family of my feelings the moment before they
quickly asked me to get the glyph repaired.  They said to do this I must find
the conclave of mages.

I can still see my mothers eyes and the tears with which she told me of
this....Her motives not clear to me I seeked Wayreth for 10 years....hearing
all I could and feeling my aura grow ever stronger.

Now I feel that my trip may be nearing an end and the power is more than i can
control myself.  The weight of the glyph reminds me of my purpose as I stride
past the Vallenwoods on my way to the Tower.

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