The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Seria.

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Astinus gently places a leather bound tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Seria' scribed in dark maroon ink.

Author:  Seria
Date    Sat Jun  4 00:40:28 2005
Stamp   1117863628
Subject  Bozak

Ahhh the beauty of being a Bozak. the feel of the warm sun on my scales. The
thrill of battle. Leading others in battle. Seeing the fear in the eyes of the
defeated as we decide what to do with them.

I have personally used those I have defeated in my Arcane research. Trying to
find a way to return my wrongfully taken husband from me.

I live every day in anger at what has been done to me. What I often wouldn't
give to make those responsible suffer for what they have done to me.
and yes I will live to see them pay, pay with their blood.

I often go into the fields to practice my Magic but find my self enjoying the
feel in the sun on my wings and scales again.

I am a Bozak I am a Draconian and I am a Mage able to spin the energies within
me to get what I want.

I am Free. My Queen guide my actions. Show me what to do to get my Love Back

Seria Eagle

Author:  Seria
Date    Sun Jun 12 23:33:46 2005
Stamp   1118637226
Subject  my life in Teyr

Wow, it all seems so long ago lets see if I can remember... Unlike most of the
female Dracoians I am not of the many eggs that Kang discovered. I have both a
mother and a father.

My mother was a powerful Bozak. and she taught me many spells. But unlike my
father my mother never lost her faith in Our Queen. and she raised me to do
the same. My life at Teyr was fine training focused on both Fighting and Magic
there I learned to harness the inner Draconic Magic and cast the powerful
spells that it takes human mages years to learn.

There I also swore I would never Join The Conclave of Wizards. but I would
find sources of magic where they do not go.

But as all things must do my time there came to an end. And I struck out on my
own. Laving home with nothing but a dagger and a shirt I decided to fashion
some new clothes for my self I decided to use flesh as my fabric.

So I set out and killed elves and other creatures for their skin. Selecting
only the finest of them as the material I would use I fashioned armor out of
the bones and skin of an Elven Princess (at least that is what she said she
was trying to save her hide) but why would an Elven Princess be traveling with
a couple of human thieves?

still more to come as the days go by want to know more about my life befor i
met my Husband? Just ask me to tell you ro i will Submitt another story of our
time together.

Seria Eagle

Author:  Seria
Date    Tue Jun 14 01:15:33 2005
Stamp   1118729733
Subject  Meeting Lady Maire

I was told by a beggar that Lady Maire could be fount in the Sanction Inn. so
I left Palanthas and headed there. When I got to the Inn I was a little
hesitant to walk in.

What if she said I would never be able to get in the Knights of the Thorn?
Then I thought why would she say that? I am a true follower of The Dragon

So I stood straight up and walked in. Wow the Inn was only half-full. I
recognized Lady Maire right from the second I walked in. and she was as the
description I heard.....

A female, with Jet, black hair framing a pale, slender face.  Her green eyes,
shaped like a cat.

Her robes were blood red, embroidered with thorns. She had a simple black belt
hangs about her waist, adorned with many pouches.

A black staff rested on her shoulder, and she wore a sash across her shoulder,
symbolizing she was the leader of the Thorn Knights.

Cracking my neck I went up to her. How to start a conversation with her??
"Have you ever been to the Draconian City, My Lady?"

Turning around Lady Maire asked "And you are?" "I am Seria Eagle, Servant of
the Dragon Queen. And I wish to join the Knight of The Thorn." I ordered a

Lady Maire motioned for me to join her at the bar. I took a seat facing the
crowd. I downed my drink in one gulp and ordered a stronger one.

"I expect nothing but perfection." Lady Maire said. "Build a shrine to Our
Queen and I will come to you in a few days to see how you are doing. Now

I walked to the door stopping to turn and said "For Our Queen" downed my drink
handed it to a serving girl and left the Inn.

Walking the streets of Sanction I wondered where I would build my shrine...

Author:  Seria
Date    Tue Jun 14 23:44:25 2005
Stamp   1118810665
Subject  Shrine

I had to build a shrine. One to the Dragon Queen. I searched for the pest
place and after a short while I fount it. A farmstead outside of Palanthas.

I went to the owner and fount he was more than willing to give his home to me
for my shrine, why he also agreed to give me the first part of the shrine. His
blood. Next I would need a piece of Marble. This I knew where to get my father
had a nice big piece of Black Marble in the back room of the house I grew up

I managed to get there and back with the help of my dragon friend. Along the
way back we stopped in Solace for the next and final piece, I did not have nor
could I make.

I fount one blacksmith in Solace that was willing to make the item needed. A
sword made in the fires of a Vallenwood Tree and bathed in the blood of a
farmer, who owned the site of the home of the sword.

We returned to the shrine late the next day. And I began work on the last part
of the shrine. A statue of the Dragon Queen in her Dragon form.

Two Days Later...

I have done it I built my shrine.

It stands a full five feet tall and four feet wide.

A statue of Takhisis standing three foot tall. On top of a two foot Black
Marble slab. Onyx for the Black head, A Ruby for the Red, An emerald for the
Green, An Opal for the White, and A Sapphire for the Blue.

A stone goblet filled with a dark red liquid sits between the feet of the
statue. In front of the Goblet is a Black Sword the handle of the sword is
that of a dragon claw with a Clear Diamond in the tip, with winged gaurds,
along the blade is a deep red color. Regardless of wither or not Lady Maire
likes it or not I am proud I build a shire to my Queen outside the City of her
Enemies, Palanthas.
Seria Eagle

Author:  Seria
Date    Fri Jul  1 17:56:33 2005
Stamp   1120258593
Subject  My Experiment

After returning to my tent after my conversation with Lady Maire. I decided to
go to a small farmstead I saw along to road a few minutes flight south of the
camp. When I arrived at the farmstead it was larger than I had remembered, I
guess this building was the workers Quarters. I peered into the windows of the
building, seeing about 50 or so people inside I decided this was a great place
to try the spell. Reaching into my spell bag, I pulled the necessary
components for this spell out of my bag. I pray to Takhisis to help guide my
hand in this arcane experiment. Mixing the Leaves of the poison ivy plant with
the rest of the components I utter the words of the spell reaching around to
draw on the magic in the air. feeling the spell come to a climax I release it
into the room before me, I smile as I see that is forms into a green mist. I
stay in view long enough to see that the mist covers all in the room than I
leave the way I came uttering the words of the travel spells I used to get
here. "I will be back tomorrow to see the results of the spell." 

Seria Eagle
Knight of the Thorn, Servant of Takhisis

Author:  Seria
Date    Wed Jul  6 22:16:03 2005
Stamp   1120706163
Subject  Poison Mist

Although my duties have kept me a way for a few days I still feel confident
that I will still get an accurate reading on the power of my spell. It is mid
day when I get back to the farm. I remain invisible this time, as to get
closer to the victims of my spell. Upon arriving at the site I noticed that
they where having a mass funeral. Wondering if this is from my spell I decide
to disguise my self and mingle with the group asking questions about the
reason for the deaths and who died. Was told be a few of the farmers that  Two
of their Elder, a Young Child, as well as 's of their smaller animals. "What
was the cause I?" asked older man. He told me "Well stranger one of the young
ones said that they could not sleep a few days ago and thought they saw a
figure outside of one of the windows. Than a Green Mist filled the room and
after the mist had cleared the figure was gone." I though to my self I better
leave befor they figure out that I was that figure, now cloaked in but a Brown
Cloak, Before I made my leave I asked the old man one last question. "Was
their any thing else that came from that green mist?" His response was showing
me the rash on his left arm. "This is all that is left of the rash that had
keep 90% of us in bed for the three days." after getting this news I took my
leave of the group, finding a place where I could use my spells and return to
my tent I quickly left to go report to the my suppiers of the spell I have
titled Posion Mist turned out.
Seria Eagle, Thorn Sorceress Knight of Takhisis, Order of the Thorns

Author:  Seria
Date    Wed Jul 20 20:14:41 2005
Stamp   1121908481
Subject  Draconian Council

I arrived back at my camp from my meeting with Lady Maire in The Inn of The
Last Home. The day was late so I decided to wait for morning to talk to the
Council. The night passed without any interruptions. When morning came I
noticed that there was Bazz Draconian sitting just outside of my wards and

"Who are you and what do you want?" The Bazz asked. I simply replied 'I am a
messenger of the Knights of Takhisis. And I have come to speak to the Council
about an argent matter." "What is your name so I may tell the Council." "My
Name is  Thorn Wizardress Seria Eagle." "Very well wait here in till word is

And there I waited in till mid day, when I was approached by a different Bazz,
This one I knew from child hood. Her name was Raint. "You will come with me

I followed Raint to the old Thanes Hall where the Council of Draconians' now
meet.  Before me stood 5 Draconians one for each of the types of our kind.

"My Lords and Lady, I have come with a message for the Leaders of The Knights
of Takhisis."

"And what is this message they send a Bozak Dressed as a Thorn Knight?" The
only female of the council the Aurak spoke with distaste in her voice.

"I have come with orders to tell you that your participation is requested in a
matter of urgency. I am not to tell you what the matter is but that you answer
is to be given to me at Storm Keep. There I will present you response to my
Superiors "We are to answer to a call for aid from a mere Thorn Knight? And
Why Should we involve ourselves with their affairs?"  This Time it was The
Bazz that spoke.

"Who are you to deny the Request from the Knight of Takhisis? Last I checked
you where once an Officer As where most of you in the Dragon Armies. You
should be jumping at the joy to return to service of The Queen."

"Raint, I call for you to fulfill the Oath you gave when we where young, As I
Call on all of you to Similar Oaths you Once took. Raint, I Request for you to
Come with me as my Squire."

"Seria, I Will honor my oath to protect you with my life you are like a sister
to me." With my message said and an oath called in I left the Room of Wyrms
(As it has been renamed) with Raint following Close Behind.

We left the town, after stopping so Raint could gather her things, and headed
back out to my camp to retrieve my stuff. The night had fallen and knowing
that I must report pact to Lady Maire and the rest of the nights I pulled a
black rock from my pouch and opened a mystic portal.

We step out of the portal just outside the Courtyard of Storm Keep. I told the
guards at the gate that Raint Was to be my Squire and that I requested that
she be granted admittance to the Keep as to present her before The Leaders of
the clan for We left the town, after stopping so Raint could gather her
things, and headed back out to my camp to retrieve my stuff.

The night had fallen and knowing that I must report back to Lady Maire and the
rest of the nights I pulled a black rock from my Belt of Kender Pouches and
began to chant the word to take me and Raint home.

We step out of the portal just outside the Courtyard of Storm Keep.

I told the guards at the gate that Raint Was to be my Squire and that I
requested that she be granted admittance to the Keep as to present her before
The Leaders of the clan for acceptance.

Seria Eagle, Thorn Wizardress

Author:            Seria
Date    Sat Oct  1 16:26:11 2005
Subject  Draconian council 

As of yet I have not received a message from the Draconian council.

This dose not bode well for their supporting us in our fight nor dose
it favor the fact that they have been asked to do something and they
have not only ignored the summons but have disregarded it as well.

I have meet with Raint, my squire and sent her on a mission to find
out what the delay is in receiving the word from the council.

Raint also informed me of some disturbing news, Maire former Lady of
the Thorns maybe dead. If this is not the case then for her sake she
had better be for the price for betraying the Knighthood is great and
she will be hunted for it.

Author:            Seria
Date    Wed Nov 16 16:10:18 2005
Subject  WAR: Fog over Kalaman

 "Now it is time to begin our work" A hooded figure said while standing 
over looking the City of Kalaman.  "Yes, Mistress" another said.  The 
gathering of five Thorn knights had arrision the attention of none in the 
town.  And none would even expect an enemy to do such a thing as these 
Knights were about to do.  Standing now in a circle around a small model of 
the city.  The hooded figures began to chant the words of their magic.  
Calling apon the Dark Queen to bless their work and to guide thier words, as 
a mistake in the spell could change their whole plan.  There they stood for 
5 hours chanting and casting every now and than the words "Kalaman, Fog, 
Battle" could be heard than one of them broke the chant saying "It is done, 
Kalaman will be covered in a fog intill the end of the battle.  " "We the 
four of you will take turns keeping the spell storng, so it will not fade 
before the Battle of Kalaman is over" "Yes, Mistress we shall do as you 
command.  " Was the last words uttered befor the smallest of them took up 
the chant again.  Walking away from the model of Kalaman and back towards 
the KoT Camp, Seria removed her hood and said, "I must now go and report 
this to the Lady of the Night"  
Mistress Seria Eagle, Knight of the Thorn  

Author:            Seria
Date    Fri Feb  3 22:30:14 2006
Subject  My Mission,

Where to start......

Well I guess I should start by telling you who I am, I am Roselin
Goldeye I come to this land to bring about a dream that I had of uniting
my people under one banner, one that we all would belive in.  Next I
should tell you of where I have been, first let me tell you that I was
asked to come to this place by one that said that he would help me in my
Quest.  He said that He knew of a Woman that would allow me passage
through her lands if I asked the right Questions.

More to come tomorrow, (I am Having IRL trouble with the computer ad
need t reright the rest to the story)

Author:            Seria
Date    Sat Feb  4 10:08:46 2006
Subject  My Mission (Part 2)

Standing alone in the courtyard of Manor uth Matar, a lone Planeswoman
stands looking for the person she was told be a kender to meet she was
to meet with a woman he only called Barroness looking around Roselin
sees that the kender is nowhere to be found.  " Who are you and what are
you doing in my manor?  " the words startled Roselin, for she had not
expected to see anyone out this late at night.  Turning around she see
the woman that Samual has said for her to talk to.  "I was told to meet
with the Lady of this house and ask for permission to travel in her
lands, I was also told I would be meeting with a Kender as well as The
Barroness.  "

After seeing the womans face and the Sword that hung from her hip
Roselin than knew who the woman that had spoke to her was it was the
Barroness Ayasana uth Matar.

Author:            Seria
Date    Fri Feb 24 00:02:01 2006
Subject  My Mission

Well I had to cancel my guise on Roselin the Planeswoman some luck mage
got a counterspell off on me while my attention was focused on the
attackers from the front.  So much for going to Tyer unknown, well the
cats out of the bag I will go to Planthas and seek out Samual I wil need
his help for the next part of this quest.  I should have never gone and
seen my husbands brother in Solace, it turns out that he was not like
his brother, he was not a Banished Elf at all he was working for them
all this time.  Well at least I sent my Husbands Killer to the next
Plane.  That Damn Elf will never try to capture me again to turn over to
the Ememies of my Queen.  He will not bedoing much of anything anymore.

Well back to the task at hand I will wait for Samual at the Alter to the
Southwest to Palanthas I hope he shows for I only can spare a few days
to see him their els i will have to continue without him.  And that will
make this Mission a ot Harder on me, a lone Draconian, a Lone mage out
on her way to Bully the rest of her Kind into comming out of their world
of noone will bother us if we dont dother them.

Mistress Seria Eagle, Knight of the Thorn, Duchess of House Dracart.

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