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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Seuloth.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Seuloth' scribed in vibrant brown ink.

Author:  Seuloth
Date    Sun Sep  8 11:43:41 2002

Subject  The Turning

It was actually a nice summer day. Although being stuck in this human infested
city of Palanthas, Seuloth still felt himself as rather happy. It felt like
the energy of the sun almost rejuvinated him. He began wandering around in the
city, looking for the places which were good to know. As walking due west on
the street known as platinum street, he saw a tower loom up in the horizon.
Strangely enough, he felt drawn to it, to its magic. He didn't think twice
about it, as it was probably just something that he had made up in his
subconscience. However, not noticable though, the streets got more and more
covered from the soothing sun light. It almost felt like it was night, a cold
and eerie feeling overcame the elf as he walked past the tower.

He heard a voice beckoning him from within the shadows, it had him mentally
locked, he had to go and see what who the person was. He felt completely
powerless, not being able to neither move nor speak. A figure appeared before
him, looking down upon him as Seuloth usually looked down upon other people,
but the difference this time was that he indeed felt insuperior. He bowed his
head before the man. Who or what he was, Seuloth had no idea, but the man had
a strong influence on him.

"So...young seek to wield the powers of you not?.."
The voice seemed unnaturally friendly, almost like an old tutor."

"Yes....I seek magic....."

Seuloth was afraid, but had no force of will to hide it.

"Those who seek the power of magic....often take..wrong choices.....I am
here to make sure that you do not..."

Seuloth felt like he swallowed a pear, he knew that this was wrong, that his
family had taught him to withstand these temptations when he was to be send
out into the world.

But all that he had learned came to show now...nothing. In a way....the man
made sense...he do wanted to wield the power of magic, better than anyone in
the whole world of Krynn.

"Yes...I do not want to take the wrong choices...i do not want to become
weak...teach me how to wield the you.."

The man stepped into vision, indeed he was a mage, one that served the black
moon Nuitari. As before where he seemed dark and eerie, a person you wouldn't
want to meet at night, he now seemed like a superior, one in whom one could

"Tomorrow, this will seem as just a dream, but you will be drawn again and
then, i, Taurenthalas Aspenleaf...will teach you..."

As the man suddenly disappeared, a strong head ache pounded in Seuloth's
head...was it but a dream?

Author:  Seuloth
Date    Mon Sep  9 12:50:43 2002

Subject  Corrupted Mind

(Continued....) I awoke, seeing that he had been sleeping on the street like
some common beggar. It disgusted me and made me feel like a half-breed. My
once before clean robes were now infested with dirt all over. Slowly, as i
stood up, a man threw a gold coin at my feet. Who did he think he was? I am
not a beggar, i'm a highly respected silvanesti elf. The rage filled my veins,
cursing my entire being. Where i yesterday might just have slapped him, i know
drew my dagger at him. The man looked terrified and the terrified look froze
upon him as i thrusted my dagger in his torso, twisting it to my surprising
joy. Word tried to escape his mouth but they failed. He looked at me with a
mix or surprise and mercy, knowing that nothing could save him now. There
surprisingly no people on the street.

The man feel to the ground, exsposing my dagger which i used to fight evil,
the same dagger which now had been tainted with the blood of an innocent man
who just tried to help. The fight raged in my head as i dropped the dagger in
disbelief looking at my hands. I walked backwards stumbling on my own two
feet. My hand landed in the pool of blood that the wound had caused to flow
onto the street. One second i felt joy, another i felt what i had done, i
should be executed for. Was this to be my life, split between 2 beliefs and
not completely being master of myself.

I saw that a horn was blown and the footsteps of a solamnic knight patrol
closed in. I was thinking whether to stay and take my punishment, or run and
escape it. I then decided to slip into one of the less lit up alley ways. All
that i ever thought of was what situation i got myself in. The rage i showed
just a few minutes ago wasn't had never been. Several flash of past
memories flew around inside my head, they all disappeared though and back
stood only one. A man, in a black robe, speaking to the latent rage within me.
I felt in touch with him, more in touch with him than i've felt with anyone
else in my life. But then my reason got to me. This was wrong, i was not
raised to feel this kind of anger it was not known to me. A wound had been
struck in my soul, something that would never go away.

Slowly, as the days went by, the anger manifested in my soul, corrupting it as
time went by. The man known as Taurenthalas visited my mind more and more
frequently and i felt more and more out of touch

with the white moon. It got me wondering, why he hadn't helped me, it made me
really mad, only contributing to my rage. I decided to visit the mage who had
visited me...

Author:  Seuloth
Date    Tue Oct 22 06:38:08 2002

Subject  A Study Break

Pondering, Seuloth sat in his chair at the conclave library, going over and
over what the book said. Sure enough it was a book that was meant to teach him
the basics of transportation spells. It seems he had a learners block, the
words just kept flowing together, forming new forms each time. A golden dragon
with green eyes, most peculiar. In fact it was just page 48 written in
Qualinesti. Annoyed by his own ignorance, Seuloth stood up and walked out of
the library to take a breath of fresh air. The fresh air gave him the same
feeling as he had when he just understood a new was intoxicating. He
had a hard time to see how a mage could devout his life to be a librarian,
sure enough they were needed, but he was far to restless for that sort of
occupation. The clouds formed different shapes in the night air, each time
they became less and less and in the end, the night was clear and the stars
were sparkling like moonshine in still water. He had yet to feel the closeness
of Solinari as he had seen other mages feel. The mere presence of him with
them, gave them the clear head they needed and they studied like with
intensive progression. Master Zanglero had to learn annoyed him. But the fresh
air calmed his annoyance and he soon felt ready to study again. By the time he
went back up the stairs to the library, it was almost empty, only a few
students sat spread out in the extremely large room. Seuloth sat down at a
table, studying his book fresh over again. The words just flowed in, he
understood everything. Strange to think that only 15 minutes ago he had
imagined these words to be a golden dragon with green eyes. He didn't put the
book down until he fully understood it and could repeat it in his sleep. He
continued to study through out the night, reading and interpreting one book
after the other. He didn't feel hunger or thirst at all, maybe it was because
he didn't think about it. When the head librarian finally asked him to go to
his quarters for the night, he muttered but complied. When morning dawned,
Seuloth yet again was seen in the library, using his new found inspiration to
its fullest. It seemed that yesterday was eons away, so much he had learned in
so short period of time seemed to be impossible, like the tales you would tell
your grandson before the fire place, totally out of the bluebut it indeed
happened, he was the witness of it. For 48 hours, this went on, this intesive
and zealous studying and it indeed paid off. He had overcome any of his before
set goals (ooc: just a small story, cause leveled 20 levels in 2 or so days =)

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