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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Slaanesh.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Slaanesh' scribed in yellow ink.

Author:  Slaanesh
Date    Wed May 15 16:24:08 2002

Subject  The Birth of the Damned

The boy raises his head.  All around him he sees scorched earth and dead
bodies.  In the distance the "good" clerics can be seen leaving the town, a
swath of destruction in their wake.  The bodies of his neigbors lie all
around. Apparently the clerics decided that evil was roosting in his hometown
and needed purging.  So there was some extortion, violence, usury, rape, etc.
going on; does that mean that all must die?

Grabbing a dagger and sword the boy races off upon the blatant trail the
clerics left.  For many days he tracks them, eager, yet patient, to avenge his
home.  Then one day he has his chance.

The lead cleric and his two assisstants leave the group to go meet someone,
leaving the other 3 to travel alone.  The young man sees his chance and slips
into the vicinity of the camp after they have left.

When night falls, he sneaks up behind the cleric keeping watch.  Realizing
that there is probably a magical shield around him, the boy makes sure to
sneak up quietly so as not to arouse alarm. The watchman is not very
disciplined and is lightly d When night falls, he sneaks up behind the cleric
keeping watch.  Realizing that there is probably a magical shield around him,
the boy makes sure to sneak up quietly so as not to arouse alarm.

The watchman is not very disciplined and is lightly dozing.  When snores come
from all parts of the camp, the vengeful adolescent puts his dagger up to the
back of the man's head and.... STAB!

The blade buries itself deep with the back of the brain, preventing a response
from the guard.  The boy smiles as his first human kill is accomplished, with
nary a sound nor movement.

The other two clerics are still fast asleep.  Drawing his sword, the boy
slinks over beside their beds.  Raising his sword above his head, he lets it
drop upon the neck of one.  Instant death.

Unfortunately, the head rolls over and hits the other cleric.  Awakened, the
cleric spells a shield from pure instinct.  Seeing his attacker, he swings his
staff at the assailant.

The staff connects, and the boy is slammed in the chest and knocked back into
a tree.  There was obviously some magical power behind the hit.

The boy's weapon lays upon the ground, knocked loose by the surprisingly
strong hit.  Quick to recover, he fades back into the darkness away from the
cleric. Spitting out some blood, he realizes how lucky he is that he did not
try attacking when the leader was around.

(To Be Continued)

Author:  Slaanesh
Date    Wed May 15 16:30:27 2002

Subject  The Birth of the Damned Part 2

Hearing incantations to some god being spoken, he quickly draws his dagger. 
Deciding that surprise is always the best course of action, he leaps forth
from the trees and stabs at the cleric.


Deflected by chainmail beneath the robes!  The cleric thwacks him in the legs
with the stick, and the boy goes down.

This, however, opens up a chance for him and he pushes himself up and his
dagger goes straight into the groin of the cleric, and down goes he.  With a
swift slice the cleric loses a chunk of his jugular vein and the cleric is

Having not eaten or drunk anything for a couple of days, the boy reaches down
and tastes the lifeblood of the man.  Finding it good, he quenches his thirst.

Still hungry, and enjoying the taste of the blood, the boy cuts a hole in the
chest of his victim and grabs the faintly pulsating heart.  MMMM, tasty!

Suddenly the realization hits him - He has just killed a bunch of clerics of
some "good" god.  But what affects him most is: He enjoyed it.  A lot.

Drawing back into the brush, he realizes that he must seek protection.  But
where, and who will defend him against clerics?  Out of nowhere a voice comes,
a female voice, full of sensuality, but more than that, power.

It is Takhisis, offering her protection as long as the young killer works in
her service.  Knowing that he has nowhere else to go, he gladly accepts and is
transported to her temple.

Upon the boy's arrival, the cleric of Takhisis asks for his name, to be
recorded as a follower of the Takhisis.

Reflecting upon his current state, and how much he enjoyed the killing of and
blood feasting upon the clerics, the young man wants a name of power, worthy
of him.

Recalling tales that he had heard as a young boy of a god of death and
pleasure, the young man takes this name upon himself, being reborn through it
into a new persona: Slaanesh, Prince of Chaos

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