The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Slimetoe.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a worn book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Slimetoe' scribed in faded grey ink.

Author:    Slimetoe       
Date:      Thu May 29 19:52:12 2008
Subject     SQ- Slimetoe tried

Slimetoe grumbled as he walked down the side-trails, known only to the
goblins, that bind the Miden'Ir and Goblin Stronghold" Slimetoe not
messenger goblin.. he grumbles. "Why Slimetoe have to go tell Grumm about
merchant? Merchant cant cant be smart merchant if merchant go by MidenIr."
He stops rambling as he comes upon the first goblin guards. Nodding as he
walked passed the goblin guards, he made his way into the throne room.

Slimetoe bring great treasure he said, passing a note to a guard near Grumm,
who proceeded to he made his way into the throne room. give the note to
Grumm. "Used note not worth anything!!!!!! How goblins make this into
treasure!?" Grumm screamed, flinging the note back at Slimetoe " Slimetoe
eat too much gully dwarf" he said accusingly. "No, Slimetoe not crazy.
Goblin Leader at MidenIr ambush merchants last night, he dragg one back,
merchant told secret so we wouldnt kill him, merchant dead though. That
secret merchant say what on note. Treasure map of words" Treasure map of
words? Grumm not like words so much. But Goblin Chieftain has seen much of
world, maybe he seen the secret." Waving Slimetoe off, Grumm went back to
watching the beautiful Treasure map of words? Grumm not like words so much.
But Goblin Chieftain has seen much of world, maybe he seen the secret."
Waving Slimetoe off, Grumm went back to watching the beautiful dancing
goblin. Nodding, Slimetoe fetched the Chieftain and they went off to find
the secret. Sighing, Slimetoe whined " Slimetoe not want to walk! Slimetoe
want warg!, or horse, or giant beetle, not feet." Shut up Slimetoe, we buy
giant dragons to ride once we find treasure! Nodding, Slimetoe continued
walking down the trail, fantasizing about horses to ride, and of course,
eat. "Slimetoe hungry, walking for many days, no secret treasure he mumbled
under his breath. But the gods seem to like Slimetoe, for a horse came
thundering by the trail, with a powerful looking human on top of it. "Horse!
Yes, Slimetoe will have his horse now." Looking at Slimetoe as if he was
stupider then a gully dwarf the chieftain said "That looked like Dragon
Leader Sai.. No, Sagy, Yes, that looked like Dragon leader Sagy, he could
kill you without moving." Then Slimetoe will wait until he sleeps. Walking
into the tree line, Slimetoe moved forward as the man jumped from his horse
and continued forward into the forest. Slimetoe, wondering what he could be
doing, followed him. Slimetoe followed the man for a ways until he came upon
another man. Seeing the man attack the new comer, Slimetoe and the chieftain
ran into the fray hollering wildly, until they saw the barbarian ish person
fall down, crushed, so they continued running past the other man deeper into
the woods, hiding. "Maybe Slimetoe not steal horse" he said with a shutter.
"Hey, shiny blue thing" Slimetoe walked over and picked up a strange looking
note, grinning, he brought it back to the Chieftain "Look what Slimetoe
found" he said with a grin. 

Author:    Slimetoe       
Date:      Wed Jun  4 00:10:52 2008
Subject     SQ_Slimetoe story for blue note

Slimetoe walked down the Neraka Forest, well, probably, well A forest..
Sighing Slimetoe thought to himself  Stupid merchant, had to blather about
treasure before Slimetoe kill him. Now Slimetoe have to go look for
treasure. Stupid treasure. Sighing, Slimetoe continued walking down the
path, cursing his feet for not being able to fly. However, he started
hearing a man walk down the street, onto the path, looking around, he
decided to climb a tree. Climbing the tree, Slimetoe promptly fell down back
onto the ground, thankfully, he fell behind the tree. Watching the man walk
by, Slimetoe continued following him back at a distance, often losing sight
of the man when he tripped or was distracted by something in the dirt. 

He followed the man for about half an hour before the path cleared into a
clearing with several other men and a wagon. Slimetoe watched from behind a
tree as the strange man he had been following slaughtered the other two,
staring at something on the ground for a bit, and then left on a horse that
he thought belonged to the dead men.  "That look like dragon leader Cagey,
no Sagey Yes, Dragon leader Sagey.. Slimetoe remember seeing him somewhere.
Nodding, Slimetoe remembered seeing him in the big town with all the scary
lizard men. Scanning around the clearing, making sure no one was left
around, Slimetoe creeped up to the corpses and started rummaging around,
seeing nothing of particularly interesting, he went to see what had
apparently interested Dragon leader Sagey so much. Slimetoe grinned as he
saw the words in the dirt "That look like words that merchant said, only
different.. Wonder what it say? Scanning around, Slimetoe noticed another
goblin nearby. While he walked up to the goblin, he hoped it could read. He
was certain that was the clue the stupid merchant had been looking for, if
only someone could read it to him. Then the treasure would be his! 

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