The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Slithik.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places an elegant book bound in elf-skin on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Slithik' scribed in light yellow ink.

Author:    Slithik        
Date:      Tue Jun  9 18:40:00 2015
Subject     A Magus for the Black Wing's Cells

Slithik looked through the bars of Dartanos' cell as the mage's eyes began to flutter open. Sivaan had ordered Dartanos drugged until he was placed in his cell in Xak Tsaroth. Fortunately, the sea voyage from Port 'o Call to the swampy banks east of Xak Tsaroth had been swift and smooth. The corpses from their mission to Solamnia, both reanimated and not, had been loaded onto low-draft canoes and brought to the ancient ruins and the captive wizard had been carried below to his cell. Dartanos made one attempt to move but found his hands and feet still bound and looked up into the draconic eyes of captors. Beside Slithik stood Sivaan, who had now assumed his draconian form, and an aurak, tasked with picking the mage's mind for any useful information. They spoke to each other quietly in draconian, their gazes turned to the mage. "Word has been sent to Highlord Khariif, as he requested if we ever got our hands on a member of the Order of High Sorcery, " hissed Sivaan. "Yes, but he is only an apprentice, " stated the aurak arrogantly, "I doubt he knows much." The aurak shifted his weight and reached into one of his pouches of spell components, pulling out a smaller bag of dust. Rubbing it between his clawed fingers, the aurak began speaking words of magic. As he did so, Dartanos' pupils dilated and he turned his gaze toward the aurak. "Leave me. This will take some time, as I am sure his mind is stronger than most." Sivaan and Slithik turned on their clawed feet and began making their way down the corridor. "A successful mission, Slithik. Highlord Khariif will be pleased with our talon's performance, especially with yours, " stated Sivaan slowly. Slithik's lip turned up in a sneer of pride. Regardless of whether the apprentice magus yielded any useful information, Highlord Khariif would know who had captured him, and so too would the Dark Queen.

Author: Slithik Date: Fri Jul 24 00:23:09 2015 Subject A Spy in Enravel Keep

Slithik's claws clacked on the stones of Enravel Keep as he made his way from Highlord Aya'sana's offices. Highlord Khariif had wanted the messages to be delivered directly to the Blue Lady, and Slithik's recent exploits had made him ideal for the job. While Slithik was honored to be chosen, the long journey had made him keenly aware how naked he felt without the rest of his Talon. Slithik returned the salute from the human guards standing watch at the keep as he made his way into the night air and out towards the walls of the keep. Slithik took a deep breath of mountain air as he began down the trail leading back towards Neraka. Even in occupied territory, Slithik remained alert, his eyes surveiling the area diligently. As he made his way, Slithik stopped suddenly and crouched. Darting from tree to tree in the sparsely wooded region to the south of the road was a humanoid looking figure. The kapak watched the figure closely, his reptillian eyes narrowing. This deep in Dragonarmy territory nothing should be moving with such subtlety. Hissing, Slithik began running after the figure, his wings unfolding to increase his speed. Slithik felt a sharp pain in his leg and looked down to find an arrow with elven fletching buried a few inches into his thigh. Wincing, Slithik looked up to see the figure, an elf he could now tell, fleeing once more. Hissing a sibilant curse, Slithik pulled his bow off his back and unquivered an arrow. He brought the arrow's head to his mouth and began licking it, coating it in deadly venom. The figure was far away, but still within bowshot, and Slithik took aim carefully. Slithik released his bowstring and peered at his target. An evil grin spread across his draconic maw as he saw the figure fall to the ground as the arrow hit him. The figure got back up and began running. Slithik cursed once more, shrugged his shoulders and re-slung his bow. The poison would run its course, and when one of Highlord Aya'sana's patrols found the body, they would know it had been a Black Wing arrow that had felled the spy. Whatever information the spy had obtained, it would not be leaving the Khalkists.

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Astinus sighs as he recants 'We saved 825 books from Ansalon from before the great Cataclysm through today.'