The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Snargle.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a gorgious hardback on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Snargle' scribed in orange ink.

Author:    Snargle        
Date:      Mon Oct 30 14:54:49 2017
Subject     The Quest for Ears

Snargle stared longingly after at the ship as it drifts away into the moonlight. Snargle didn't think he'd like being at sea, the water so endless and deep. He had spent many days in awe staring at his surroundings, no land to be seen in any direction, the blue of the sky and the blue of the sea blending together, if this wasn't the closest thing the Dark Queens abyss, Snargle would be shocked. Life in Solace had become increasingly more dangerous as the it seemed the Sheriff had caught on to his petty theft and attempted murder (/partially eaten) minotaur. It wasn't long before the barks of the hounds were at the mouth of his cave. He had a secret exit of course but it was too close for comfort. Snargle had hit the road, looking for a new place to live, having to travel in the deep forest and by moonlight, it took a long while before him and his trusty lizards, had finally reached the port city of North Keep. The inhabitants of this town were much friendlier (No one tried to attack him on site) as this large pack called 'The Dragon Armies' had apparently taken it for themselves. It was several times he was cornered down and forced into line to join the army and several times he had snuck away. This place was friendlier for sure but definitely spelled danger for Snargle who didn't want to be part of this large scary clan. Snargle on evening while sneaking along the docks looking for food noticed a ship was about to sail, it wasn't hard for him to smuggle himself aboard. It also wasn't hard for him to be caught. It wasn't half a night's journey before Snargle and his lizard pack were discovered snacking away below deck. It wouldn't be a journey if it wasn't fraught with peril. His pets were slew almost immediately, the crew cackling about "fresh" meat. Casey and Lee attempted to put up a good fight but were corned and skewered, Snargle was very sad about this. He grovelled and begged for his life, he moaned he'd do anything to live. This seemed to work as they spared Snargle's life and put him to work, those following days he felt like death would have been preferable. They worked him nearly to death, whipping him if he fell behind in his duties of swabbing the deck, or stitching the sails They even once made him scrape barnacles off the hull of the boat, mid-sea, Snargle was half-drowned when the dragged him back onboard. The days grew easier and the sun rose and fell across the horizon of the sea. The crew had started taking a fancy to Snargle, he was a hard worker and gracious for any scrap thrown his way (In fact, he probably ate better aboard the ship than he ever had elsewhere). It wasn't long before the reached the shores before the grand city of Palanthas. The crew had decided Snargle was too green to be part of the crew and had dumped him a few miles west of Palanthas with the instructions of proving his worth. He would need to get the ears of three victims, won in combat before they would induct him as part of their crew. Snargle sighed again thinking back on his voyage and hoped he was worthy of the ship cutting threw the tide, its name barely visible 'The Orlouge'.

Author: Snargle Date: Tue Oct 31 14:37:02 2017 Subject HSQ2017

You decide to run as fast as you possibly can and think to yourself 'Well done Carter! you did it agai...' You run straight into a large cave troll who proceeds to rip you limb from limb! You scream, 'HOW UNFAIR!!!'

Author: Snargle Date: Fri Nov 3 14:41:28 2017 Subject The Quest for Ears (Part II)

Snargle's first few days in Palanthas were equal parts awe-inspiring, terrifying and confusing. Snargle had never seen such a large gathering of people (mostly human), in-fact there were several occasions where he had been spotted by the Palanthian guard several times and so far, evaded capture. Large stone structures towered and houses stretched almost as far as Snargle could see, this was the polar opposite of the comfort afforded to him by the sea. Having waited in the wagon for what felt like days, Snargle was relieved to finally depart his temporary quarters finding himself near the inner ring of the cities core. This merchant had been making fairly hush-hush deliveries to a Tavern called 'The Goose and Gander Tavern'. It was only after several minutes of eavesdropping Snargle discovered this was just a front for what appeared to be an underground black market, Snargle made mental note this might be just the place he'd be welcome if in need. But alas more pressing matters were needing attending, he still had two ears to obtain. As quietly as a Goblin could, Snargle slid from the back of the wagon and jogged into the streets. Instantly lost, Snargle felt like he wandered aimlessly, his cowl pulled low over his face hiding his goblinoid features and for the most part he kept to the shadows. It felt like an eternity before night befell the city allowing Snargle a small degree of comfort and protection from the ever-alert eyes of the city guard. Most of the citizens he passed seemed like common folk and not worthy of the gory cord strung around his neck (The ear from the manic in the wagon had just really started to smell bad). There was one street he ventured down that was for all intensive purposes abandoned, the street unkept, the grass and gardens long overgrown, windows smashed and doors hammered shut. It was very odd to Snargle, who although didn't know much about real-estate, knew enough to think the Central hub of the city would be kept the nicest, it was in this area Snargle assumed he'd find someone worthy of a death. It wasn't much longer after that that Snargle concluded he was wrong as this street was completely abandoned, not even animal life seemed to call this peculiar street home. Snargle had come up to a larger than life grove and before it silver gates leading to the darkness within. Snargle had approached these gates but a overwhelming feeling of dread and sadness kept him at bay, somethings were not worth his curiosity and this was one of them. Whimpering to himself Snargle shuffled away from the gates gates and further down the street. This part of the street though still abandoned was more maintained, as if the city-officials eventually had plans to reinvigorate this forlorn street. It was here that Snargle had broken into one of the houses to make camp as he decided it would be safer to sleep during the day and venture out during the dusk / night. Snargle had troubles sleeping, he was unfamiliar with the area and scared of being discovered. Who knows what the townsfolk would do to a lonesome goblin without a tribe for protection. A coward by nature Snargle had no intentions of staying in this part of the city. Tomorrow he would locate the Palanthas pier where no doubt a more diverse crowd of sails, vagrants and sell-swords would be found. It was there he would no doubt find his next targets and somehow find way to get word to the Orlouge so he could leave this cursed city. Snargles stomach growled loudly reminding him once again he had not eaten in some-time, making mental note to himself that this would be first priority once leaving the boarded building. Sighing to himself, Snargle set to gnawing to the leather cord about his neck in a feeble attempt to keep his hunger staved. Crawling into a ball he closed his eyes and fell into a troublesome sleep.

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