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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Snefru.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Snefru' scribed in brilliant purple ink.

Author:  Snefru
Date    Wed Aug 28 06:42:59 2002

Subject  Interesting, i hope.

Excerpts from Snefru's Book: "Reflections of Reality"

"...constant travels at such a young age helped me mature faster, I am sure,
than if I had continued living the sheltered life i did with my family. I can
only imagine what it would be like to possess all knowledge, Gilean forgive

" fascinating. I never expected that i would be accepted as a brother
among any group of people as fast or as closely as I have been amont the

i must admit - the complexity of Wildrunner life and society is beyond the
imagination of most, if not all, outsiders..."

"...having been taught the ways of the Wildrunners, my ways now, and passing
through the womb, I am now a fully accepted member. I have decided my life
here as a guardian of Wildrunner history and knowledge. Such an honor I would
not have expected in all my life."

" I have learnt the price that mages who use wild magic pay because of their
art. We are branded as renegades by the Conclave of mages and hunted down

And although this is true of most of the mages of the Conclave, especially the
black robes, not all the mages have treated us badly. "

" The events that have occured of late concerning the Lord of the Undead
Chemosh and his Lich-Cleric Ryven brought sorrow to the hearts of my brothers
and sisters.

Tenlon and Tilganthus are dead, their souls captured by the vile Lich Ryven.
Even now they gather again to discuss these events..."

" It seems that the outside world percieves us as a weak force, to be toyed
with at will. Dark Clerics, among them the one known as Decten, have tried to
enter our forests for their own, undoubtedly sinister, purposes.

Thankfully, we were able to stop them before any apparent action on their part
had been taken. "

And thus the Chronicles continue...

Author:  Snefru
Date    Sat Oct 12 16:48:46 2002

Subject  Piece...

A page from Snefru's book "Reflections on Reality". It appears that the
outside world will never leave us alone. It is strange how they all come
together against us Mages of the conclave, members of the Knights of Takhisis
and others who just join in the fray. It is almost unbearable. It is saddening
that we have taken no obvious position on these attacks. The Elders let them
slide by - they appear to have more important things taking up their time. I
do not understand why this is happening - we harbor no hate against anyone.

It has come to me of late that our position in Krynn's politics has always
been rather shady. We ally ourselves with the Solamnics or choose not to fight
at all defense, even when we attack. It the Elders' choice of isolation from
Krynn that has led to this, in my belief. I find myself advocating a more
interactive policy. One that will help us to live in peace. This peace might
have to be forced upon our enemies with force, but it is a price we have to
pay in order to gain the respect that will discourage any further attacks on
our people.

It is sad that even I could come to think of the present situation in this
context... everyone knows I am an advocate of peace. I am a scholar and
historian - war does not further my cause. Yet I find myself at a fork on the
road to the future, I can choose to not react or I can choose to take action.

Although it may seem that taking action will only lead to death and
destruction for the runners, the long-term benefits for us exceed the
disadvantages - and greatly. I have decided to come out and speak of this to
my fellow runners, they already feel that I am disturbed. Some of them,
especially the Mindrunnners can feel the turmoil and the conflicting emotions
inside of me. I will make my ideas clear though, I fear it might be too late
if I wait any longer. Blessings be to Gilean, Chislev and Zivilyn for the
gifts they have bestowed upon me.

Lorerunner Snefru Maleekee.

Author:  Snefru
Date    Sat Oct 19 04:01:13 2002

Subject  Excerpt from "Reflections of Reality".

The gap between Conclave and Wild Mages is widening. What is strange in this
scenario is that the Red Robes were the ones who took a form of action against

Much as I abhor violence, I was forced to react by attacking one of their
order. It was a matter of strategy and tactics - Nothing else. The root of
this aging problem with the conclave is our magic. They call us renegades -
rebels against their "organized, controlled" magic. Their words are always
very amusing and show an immaturity I would not have thought possile in an
institution as old as theirs. Still, I shared my vision with some of them and
they scoff at me. My message has been sent and it is not my duty to enforce

*A mark is placed at the end of these pages indicating that the writer plans
to continue at some other time*

(OOC) Im "continuing" this later on, in more excerpts... etc.

Master LoreRunner Snefru Maleekee.

Author:  Snefru
Date    Wed Nov 13 10:33:05 2002

SubjectExcerpt from Reflections of Reality

*Report written by Snefru to the Council of Elders*

It all happened very unexpectedly. I was in my study, checking recent scout
report when the youngling Paladan comes in and informs me that Justiv and
others on the watch detected someone on the other side of the portal.

Paladan then informed me that the intruder was a Black Robe. My interest was
piqued; what business did a black robe have so close to the portal? How did he
find it in the first place?

My encounter with a Black Robe earlier in the week led me to believe that it
might be him. Somehow he has found a way to track me and was here for revenge.

The thought remained on my mind until me and paladan arrived at the portal.

Together with Justiv and Theloth we crossed to the other side.

The Black Robe was waiting for us, his face not visible due to the time of day
and his lowered hood. At once I realized he was not the mage I had battled
before; his physical attributes were different.

This one seemed old, but held himself almost regally. I cannot remember
exactly what happened next, for the shock I recieved was greater than any I
had experienced in my lifetime. The Black Robe pulled back the hood covering
his face - it was Llewyn! I could not contain my emotions, and tears streamed
freely down my cheeks. The sadness I felt at that moment might have killed me
- it was too great for my soul to bear.

The first question that came to my lips, as soon as I could speak, was: WHY?!

It is true I have not spokn to, nor seen, Llewyn since that night when he
spoke of his dream to me. He had seemed distraught, yet never did I imagine or
think that anything might drive him to leave the WIldrunners.

Llewyn told me that was beaten by Sorthrus - the High Archmage of the Red
Robes. When given a choice, during his trial, he chose to return to the Black

The conversation did not last for long - I was so over-whelmed with emotion
that no extended conversation was possible. Llewyn did ask one thing though:
He asked to be allowed to walk through Zhan as he once did. He understood that
he will probably be refused this request, still he has to ask.

Thus I bring this report to the Elders with a heavy heart. I also wish to
inform you that I hope that your wisdom allows you to reach a decision quickly
in this matter. These events have tore through the essence of my being and as
such I do not believe I can give an opinion based on what's best for the clan.

Master LoreRunner Snefru Maleekee.

Author:  Snefru
Date    Thu Nov 14 10:25:24 2002

SubjectExcerpt from "Reflections of Reality".

Fullfiling a dream is almost definitely one of the most satisfactory feelings
a being can achieve. Through years of study, research and hard work I have
achieved the rank of Master LoreRunner. Certainly, my responsibilities have
increased, yet I find myself welcoming them.

I do not diffrentiate between my work and my everyday life. They intertwined
in such a way that they are indiffrentiable. My thirst for knowledge is
unquenchable and only increases as time passes.

Even though I am content with the way my life has been heading, some things
still trouble me. Too many for my own liking.

I feel no direct goal or purpose towards which my life is heading.

And, even though I love my work, I feel that my lack of true friends outside
of my family will have an adverse effect on me as time progresses.

I wish to serve the Wildrunners through exceling at my work.

Through serving Gilean, who gives me the power and strength to Yet, for the
life of me, I do not know if what I do honors my diety.

I study and learn, acquiring more and more knowledge and information daily,
still... I feel that this is not enough. There must be some other way,
something more obvious and prestigious... I feel at a loss for words,
something I never experienced before.

What to do? The answer eludes me.

*The writing continues in darker colored ink* I have decided. I will travel to
the temple of Gilean in Palanthas.

I will try to communicate with the priests there... maybe they can help in
discovering the path I have to walk to serve Gilean.

*A line runs from the end of the words to the bottom of the page*

Author:  Snefru
Date    Wed Dec 18 18:29:15 2002

Subject  A New Day.

The news hit Snefru like a lightning bolt. Chislev had decreed that his
usefulness to the Wildrunners had ended, his labor no longer required. His
whole body went numb; his senses dulled and his mind empty of all thought.
Minutes later, he came to. Having fell to the floor upon hearing the news,
Snefru stood and walked, slowly, to his quarters to gather his few belongings.
Writing utensils, backpack, a few clothes and his book: "Reflections on
Reality", were the only things on his person as he moved towards the portal of

All along the way, his "brothers" and "sisters" watched him, their faces
passive and eyes devoid of emotions. The change was complete, he was
considered an "outsider" now. It tore his heart that he would never again walk
through the paths of beautiful Zahn, inhaling its refreshing woodland aroma,
eating and drinking from its plentiful flora and fauna. He did not understand.
All he wanted to do was record their history, for the generations to come. All
he cared about was studying the people of Krynn in order for his "family" to
interact with them with more ease. His study of the magicks came a close

Walking through the portal was one of the most emotion-filled moments of his
life, but as his mind cleared and his concentration became more focused, he
understood that the time for change had arrived. He would carry on with his
work; writing was his life, without it... he was nothing. Knowledge was his
stock trade, in its absence he felt empty, souless.

It was then that he remembered his friend Zanglero. He remembered the White
Robe's meetings with him in Solace. Memories of the time they spent talking,
as Snefru learned the intricate art of what he called "Moon Magick"; that
magick which the Mages of the Conclave apparently used - their words, their
arcane symbols and their precise gestures. He also remembered how Zanglero
spoke of being a Librarian, a job somewhat like his as a LoreRunner. He's also
get the chance to meet his former Fosterer and friend - Llewyn. Snefru smiled
slightly, joining the Conclave of Mages might actually turn out to be a good

Mulling over his thoughts and memories, Snefru decided to visit the Mages of
the Conclave, to try and bring an end to the natural animosity that existed
between them, since he was considered a "Renegade" mage by them - dangerous in
his practice of his "Wild" and "Uncontrollable" magick.

He had decided. Within a few days, he had travelled to the edge of the Forest
of Wayreth, where the last remaining Tower of High Sorcery stood. Unused to
eerie feeling that the forest gave him and weary of it, from the tales he
heard about it from various travellers, Snefru camped at the edge of the
forest. He waited there. If these Mages were as powerful and ancient as he had
heard, then they would feel his presence, and they might visit him soon, if
only to enquire of his continuous presence there. He hoped it would be soon.

Master Scholar Snefru, formerly Master LoreRunner Snefru of the

Author:  Snefru
Date    Thu Dec 19 15:04:09 2002

Subject  A bit later on...

After having waited at the edge of Wayreth forest for a couple of days, Snefru
realized that it was useless - the Mages of the Conclave had not tried to
contact him yet.

Making up his mind, Snefru packed his belongings again and headed for nearby

Upon reaching Solace, Snefru headed directly for the Inn of the Last Home,
which he used to frequent whenever his travels brought him near Solace.
Stepping through the front door of the inn, Snefru paused momentarily in his
stride; memories flooded his mind of Llewyn, Palagnos, Khayman, Khin, Kip,
Codex, Ghared and Paladan. He remembered the times where he'd meet the members
of his former "family" here to discuss different issues, sitting by the warm
fire and sipping on warm, exquisite elven wine.

Heading straight for the bar-keep, he ordered half a glass of a special
vintage of his glass and then placing it on the table, he picked up his quill
and started writing on a small scroll of fine paper.

When Snefru left the Inn, a note was hanging from one of the walls... in a
strange, indecipherable script. "Lawe awzenee ya kossomahatkom, ana mawgood
fee el gam3a. Mosoolee"

It was an ancient script that he had taught to only a few of the Wildrunners.

Magically transporting himself to Palanthas, Snefru roamed the streets until
he reached his destination - the Fabled University of Gilean. He breathed in
deeply and stepped under the giant archway inside the main structure.

Snefru had decided to wait for the Conclave of Mages to contact him here. He
left word with various shop owners and magic-ware sellers about his present

Wasting his time awaiting their decision would simply not do! Snefru had
decided to study and research in order to fully utilize his time.

His life had always been composed of two things: his books and his magick. No
one was going to take these things from him.

Author:  Snefru
Date    Sun Feb 22 03:04:33 2004

Subject  The Tarmak.

Snefru had been having troubled days as of late. Having decided to wander the
continent again, and not dedicate himself to the service of the Library at the
Tower of Wayreth, he realized that he had been out of touch with the
happeninings of the world around him and was glad he made that choice. His
first order of business, upon his return to Palanthas was, after occupying his
former rooms at the university, was to meet the Solamnic Knight, Sir
Greaghoir, to relate all the information he had dug up from hisresearch of the
race of beings named The Tarmak.

Find the Knight was not difficult. As usual, Snefru found him diligently
moving through the streets of the city... searching out possible
trouble-makers so as to better keep the peace.

Upon meeting the Knight, Snefru bad him welcome and informed him that he had
extra information. The Knight nodded solemnly and suggested they move to
somewhere where they could speak more at ease; a quieter place where they
would not be overheard.

After settling down at the Royal Advisor's office, the latter having allowed
them its use while going about his business, Snefru began the conversation.
Lord Greaghoir was informed that the creatures grew to heights anywhere from 7
to 10 feet and that there were rumours that their ears were pointed, as elves'
ears (and as Snefru's).

This was a bit of surprise to Lord Greaghoir, since he did not suppose they
were human though they _were_ a humanoid race. Here Snefru pointed out that
the information was not confirmed.

Sir Greaghoir then moved on to inquire about the size and number of the
Brutes, to which Snefru had no definite answer... though he knew they were not
large in numbers.

Sir Greaghoir was informed that the Tarmak, or Brutes as they were called
because of their size and ferocity, were a formidable fighting race... and
that even in small numbers they were not to be under-estimated. Snefru
informed the Knight that it was almost unanimous in accounts he'd read that
they were highly intelligent with a keen sense for strategy and tactics; never
allowing themselves to be flanked in battle for instance.

Snefru moved on to explain that they were not an evil race by nature, though
this was relative, but they had a love of warfare. It was known that the
Tarmak would fight amongst themselves, should there be no enemy, merely to
keep in top fighting shape.

Even among themselves, their battles were to the death.

Snefru went on to explain that the Tarmak used a variety of weapons; including
bows long and great swords as well as axes and daggers (mostly for throwing).
When the Solamnic inquired if they used horses, Snefru replied that he had no
knowledge that they did... but it seemed to him illogical, because of their
size and weight.

After a small discussion of what the current situation is; mostly about the
scouts sent out to discover the nature of the Tarmak landing as well as any
apparent intentions, Snefru mentioned the Blue Warpaint that all Tarmak use.

The Warpaint was said to be magical in nature, but again reports conflicted
about its benefits. All reports agreed that the Warpaint acts as a tough
natural armor, aiding the brutes by defending them during combat. Some reports
mentioned that the Warpaint went as far as healing the brutes during battle.
All the reports also agreed that the Warpaint was considered sacred to the
Tarmak, and that they ever divulged the method of making it.

This was all the information that Snefru passed on to Sir Greaghoir before the
latter had to leave. Thus, Master Snefru and I returned to the University...
and continued searching for information pertinent to the Tarmak.

So it was written, so it was recorded by Telthan Elthanos, Apprentice Scribe
of Snefru Maleekee, on the Day of Gileadai, the 13th of the Month ofArgon.

Author:           Snefru
Date    Wed Oct 19 10:25:39 2005
Subject  An Emissary

 It was a cold, rainy day in the Qualinesti forests.  A slight breeze 
rustled through the leaves as the Air Marshal moved relatively silently 
through the jungle paths; paths seen only by the trained soldiers of the 
Wildrunner Army.  He walked slowly and without aim or purpose; much troubled 
his mind.  Suddenly, he started to mumble as he walked,  
'Action, action, action.  We need to strike at them now.  Now.  Now.  Now!  
Snefru paused by a large Oak tree and leaned on its tough bark.  He took in 
the beauty of the forest around him with the eyes of the elf in him.  He had 
come to a decision.  Taking out the small parchment he got used to carrying 
as a Master Scribe at the University of Gilean Snefru quickly writes down 
the words to a communique.   
Calling an aide to his side, the Air Marshal orders,  
'Take this dispatch, by Gryphon, to Palanthas.  Do it now.  I want you to 
take it personally to the University of Gilean to the scribe that goes by 
the name of Gamid.  Tell him thus: LoreRunner Snefru wishes that you take 
this to the Ranking Solamnic Knight.  Inform him that I want it done quickly 
and quietly.  He is to take the message himself.  Await the response.  Go 
now.  ' 
And so it was done.  As the Gryphon Rider moved away, Snefru relaxed and 
prepared the report he was to give at the Officers' meeting later that day.  
Matters would have to be dealt with.  And quickly.   

Author:    Snefru         
Date:      Mon Sep 29 16:00:17 2014
Subject     First Communication

Lord Marshal of the Guard of the Sun Raina'thalisa Nalis, Member of the Speaker's Council, Senator of the most revered Thalas-Enthia, daughter of the Nalis Tribe. From Guardian Snefru Maleekee, Guardian of the People, Representative of the Five Stones Clan, Crescent Moon Tribe in the most revered Thalas-Enthia, Advisor to the Speaker on matters martial and magical, Lord of Dunya Sowda Castle I hope my missive finds you well and in good health. Chislev's blessings upon you, your household and your clan, Lord Marshal. Please forgive the brusqueness of my letter and the abruptness of my tone. In such dangerous times and with the dire tidings we've received I fear I've had to set aside politeness and tradition in order not to waste the Lord Marshal's time. I fear the pro-isolationist Senators have embarked on a fierce campaign to garner more support for their closing of the borders policy. The Speaker seems torn between what he knows in his heart is the wise course forward and the fear-mongering spread by the patrons and matrons of the old Silvanesti House. The Lord Marshal surely knows which Senators I speak of. The Senators are slowly building up support for a vote to further raise taxes on all goods sold by non-Qualinesti merchants, notwithstanding our inability to produce them. I have journeyed across Qualinesti speaking to the tribes and clans outside of Qualinost as I believe they are our people's greatest asset in the war-to-come. The chieftains and representatives of the various tribes, including my own mother's Crescent Moon Tribe, have also expressed willingness to join in the upcoming war effort, even though they favor it not. I believe they have come to accept that we shall be flung into this war, whether we wish it or not. Far better to be ready for it than be caught unawares as we are wont do to because of our complacence in the face of imminent danger. I have also discussed using the existing trade network used by the various merchants, rangers and huntsmen to the advantage of the Wildrunners if, mayhap I should say when, our people are forced to muster. I have promised favorable rates, upon your agreement and a vote by the most esteemed Senators of the Thalas-Enthia, to our would-be suppliers and have given them my inviolable word that they shall be compensated whichever way the wind blows. I have also used my meetings and discussions of the last moon to lay forward a motion before the most revered Senators which would enable war-time funding for the 1st Volunteer Militia Regiment. I had initiated the call-up and training of the regiment a fortnight ago but the war-time funding will ensure the regiment has the arms, equipment and supplies needed for mobilization. On this note, I wish to place a formal request for Veteran Sergeants and mid-level Officers to aid with the training of the regiment. I cannot stress the urgency and importance of this request. You know as well as anyone the crucial role and importance of training in preparing our soldiers. I would not wish the Qualinesti to march to their deaths, ill-prepared and betrayed by their leaders. Finally, I have been engaged in casual and informal conversation with Wizards of the High Wing and the War Wizard Company. They have begun to prepare their apprentices and students for the days to come. Some of their pupils will be ready to march with us, others will continue to see to the affairs of the kingdom and the will of The Speaker at home. We have also agreed, on an informal basis, to send out the call across the continent urging any and all of our brethren to gather and be with us in this time of great need. My dear Lord Marshal, I am looking forward to meeting with you. It has been too long since we've had time to sit down and converse. I send you this missive with my sincerest wishes for a long and fulfilling life.

The Storytellers of Ansalon, The DragonLance MUD

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