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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Sorthrus.

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Author:  Sorthrus
Date    Wed Dec 12 09:42:37 2001

Subject  The Legions of Chipmunks

The silence of the forest surrounding the outskirts of Yarus hung heavy as
birds paused in their conversations.. rabbits dug deeper into their homes..
and the chattering of a single chipmunk ended in a faint rustle beneath the

Moments passed and yet the silence continued, a single presence of Dark
Knights offered the only sound as armor brushed against branch and bush alike
in an effort to be free of the forest's grasp. Abruptly the noise of the
forest return, rising in a ferocious roar as suddenly the ground begain to

Eyebrows raised the Dark Knights paused in their thrashing the the forest to
listen to this new noise, shuddering as the vibrations became more forceful to
cause the branchs of the trees about to quiver with anticipation. Still
glancing about the knights sighed as the roar receded into the silence of the
forest, followed closely with the pause in the quivering of the ground. With
awe inspiring clarity several trumpets blared their faint call, muddled within
the ranks of the knights as their calls sounded again and again. Staring
blankly the knights drew their weapons and formed ranks as the trumpet calls
faded into the background, the roar of the forest returning once more in a
deafening tidal wave of agonizing sound.

From beneath the underbrush several hundred squeaks rose to mingle with the
trumpet calls, answering their own call as hundreds of chipmunks and squirrels
poured forth.. their faces a mask of gentleness as they washed across the
earth and poured into the ranks of the knights. Squeaking their ferocious
battle cries the chipmunks and squirrels quickly crawled on to the unlucky
knights at the edge of the ranks, tails swirling in a mad dance as squirrels
and chipmunks alike crawled into every available space in the armor of the
knights, drawing blood with their tiny teeth and claws as the unlucky fellows
flailed about on the ground trying to brush of the flood of rodents. Upon
seeing their comrades fall to a hoard of angry rodents many screamed in fear
as the tide swarmed over those on the ground and pinched them into small
pockets. Those left standing clung into their pockets of defense and glumly
fended off the tide of rodents as best as possible.

Once more trumpets blared, sounding the retreat. Squirrels peeked their
furry heads from beneath the armor of fallen knights squeaking their own
orders as both chipmunk and squirrel alike poured out of armor and rushed from
the field of battle, straggling chipmunks taking the time to squeak a few
choice curses at the knights before disappearing into the under brush from
wence they came.. Silence rained again over the forest as faint moans rose
from the fallen.

The battle, a strange one at that, had turned for the better.. or so one
might think.. (to be continued..)

Author:  Sorthrus
Date    Wed Dec 12 09:47:55 2001

Subject  The Legions of Bumble-Bees

Moaning from the wounded carried faintly on the soft breeze rustling across
the leaves of the forest. Staring in amazement at their fallen comrades the
standing Dark Knights moved to the task of tending to their fallen. Attention
directed towards their fallen none could notice the faint buzzing that slowly
grew in volume.

Glancing upward a knight paused in his task of binding wounds to listen to the
growing buzzing, risking a brief order to draw the attention of his comrades
he urged them to listen. Abruptly the buzzing died off, glares from his
fellows sent the knight back to his task as he muttered to himself about
having heard something.

Moments passed in silence as wounds were tended and bruised egos nursed, the
buzzing returning as a shadow cloaked the knights. Blinking at the sudden
darkness the knights glanced upwards, a massive cloud having floated across
the sun left none to speculate the reason for the darkness. Staring upwards at
the massive cloud as the buzzing grew louder, tiny winged creatures flying
back and forth from the cloud.

Dawning awareness of the creatures spread through the ranks of the knights
moments too late as the large swarm of thousands of bumble-bees charged
downwards from the sky, tiny trumpets blaring amongst their ranks as soft
buzzing cackling battle cries surged from the hoard of bumble-bees.

Brief seconds passed before the thousands of bumble-bees swarmed across the

Screaming in agony several fell at the start of the attack, thrashing upon the
ground as hundreds of bumble-bees swarmed over them.. jabbing their stingers
into every available space. The cackling buzz of the bees died off as another
trumpet call stirred their retreat, several hundred of their brethren
forgotten as they soon died from losing their stingers. The retreating hoard
of bumble-bees became shadowed as nearly forty-two gryphon sized bumble-bees
swarmed across the field of battle. Their loud buzzing drowning out the orders
of the knights below as they dove into the ranks of the knights. Wings beating
ferociously as giant stingers grazed and skewered knights, the mad dancing of
several giant bees drove further into the lines as several of the large brutes
fell to well aimed blows. As swiftly as they had joined the fray the behemoths
buzz off, leaving their dead among that of the knights. Writhing bodies
thrashed upon the ground as knights moaned against the agony even as sounds of
battle to the north reached those recently attacked by strange hoards of
forest life. Screaming they once more fled, attackers in the north driving the
knights further into the forest as the battle continued to be lost..

Author:  Sorthrus
Date    Sun Sep  8 12:21:19 2002

Subject  Magic.. Panties?! (Part I)

The lights within the Red Silk House had been extinguished for the evening
as the patrons were given the boot until tomorrow's dawning. Doors were locked
into place as each girl was sent to her room and rest for the coming of a new
business day. No more rattling of chains. No more thumping of the bed upon the
floorboards over heard. Only utter silence greeted the tiny chipmunk guardians
of each doorway. None were to leave their post or face the wrath of their
master for even the smallest matter of concern.

Further into the depths of the Red Silk House silence at last greeted the
watchful sentries as six girls fled through the darkened hallways beneath,
seeking to escape their master for the briefest amount of time as he slumbered
and allowed them their dignity. Brief moments later the girls were safely in
the confines of their rooms, sleeping soundly even as a faint knocking echoed
from the upper floors.

"Rufus!! Answer the door!" Sorthrus called out in anger at his
faithful chipmunk guard as he stirred beneath the sheets of his bed. Once more
the knocking echoed, faintly registering as a scratching noise upon the door
of the chambers to the master. "I shall take away your nightly
companion of you do not answer the door!"

Peeking from beneath the covers at the master Lalyn sighed and began to

"Quiet woman.. say nothing. This will only take a moment."
Seeing her master in anger young Lalyn simply shrugged her bare shoulders
and returned to sleep. Growling to himself the master crawled from beneath the
mountain of blankets, a sharp word murmured as several small red globes burst
to life with a faint pinkish glow. Anger rising ever faster the master brushed
aside the lengthy strands of beaded hair, growling to himself as he strode to
the doorway oblivious to the cool air caressing his bare muscular form.

"Rufus.. your woman will be handed over to the Solamnics during the next
payment to keep them away from this household!! Do not think that the title of
squire suits just their males. I'm sure she will made quite a "squire" for
them over the years!!" Clawing at the door the master abruptly yanked
the door open and screamed further still.

"I will hand her over myself for you lack of action in this.."
The master trailed off as he glanced into the darkened hall, a step taken
into the darkness ending abruptly as the master crashed upon the floor ranting
and raving. "Can this night become any worse?!" Cursing to
himself he slowly sat up and eyed the item that caused his fall. Brows knitted
upwards at the strange sight before him. A pair of glowing panties had been
his downfall.

"Lalyn.. you must clean up after yourself. By the gods girl.. I could've
killed myself!" Grumbling to himself the master slowly stood and
marched back into his room, the oaken door closing with a soft click as the
lock shifted into place.

Vaguely the master noticed his steps as he sought his bed, eyes alight with
wonder as he stared at the panties. "These are not yours.. let alone
any of the other girls. But who..?" Shrugging slightly the master
glanced up from the panties almost fainting at the sight before him. Not more
than five feet from him stood a harem the size he had never seen before.

Author:  Sorthrus
Date    Sun Sep  8 12:27:42 2002

Subject  Magic.. Panties?! (Part II)

All thoughts of his bedchambers vanished from mind as he stood and stared at
the hundreds upon thousands of nude and extremely heavenly beautiful women.
"The promised lands of my dreams.." Cackling softly to himself
Sorthrus slowly crept towards the harem of moaning women, eyes bulging wide as
they called him closer and closer still. "There is absolutely no
reason I should pass this chance up.." Still cackling to himself
Sorthrus began to run towards the throng of perfection displayed as far as the
eye could see. Roaring with laughter he leapt on to the nearest woman, mind
swirling with ideas beyond words as the mass of ladies pressed in on him.

"Yes!! The promised land indeed!!" Snickering as he tried to
grab every possible woman nearby, mind racing ever faster as his lips were
pressed on each new girl.

Vaguely in the back of his mind his conscience tried to beat its way through
the lustful thoughts, grumbling to itself as it squeaked a few words into the
mass of lustful feelings. Too late, a sharp pang sounded as Sorthrus grunted
and flopped forward on to the ground. The harem of women forgotten as the
conscience of his mind cried out in victory and set the final blow into its
master's mind, abruptly darkness swiftly overtook Sorthrus as he cried out a
straggling sob.

"No!! I will not be denied my right!!" Screaming at the top of
his lungs Sorthrus swiftly sat up in bed, his left arm outstretched as though
trying to grasp at the final imagings of his mind. "Where am
I..?" Blinking away the last bits of sleep he gazed about and sobbed
at that realization of his own bedchambers. "It seemed so real.. it
should have been!" Sobbing louder still he brought his hands to cover
his eyes and endure the saddening fact that his dream was merely just that.
"The gods are unfair.." Quiet sobs escaped from behind his hands
as he wiped his eyes, briefly noting the softness of the material in his hands
as he wept. A slight pang registered in his mind as again his conscience beat
upon his brain and forced his eyes open. 

"What is this..?" Brows were raised as he stared at the silk
panties resting in his hands, faintly glowing with recognition. "I'll
be damned.. was that a dream or not?!" Deciding to simply enjoy the
moment he cackled and proceeded to kiss the panties, thanking the gods between
each joyful kiss.

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