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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Takhisis.

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Author:    Takhisis       
Date:      Thu Dec 11 02:45:27 2008
Subject     The Knife of Dracart pt 1

The cave walls were slick with moisture, and screams reverberated off of
the slate walls. The narrow passages pulsed, seeming almost to breathe.

In the corner of the large central cavern, hidden by an outcropping of rock,
a man crouched, watching the center of the caverns intently. His clothing
was dark, but a pendant of Solinari hung from his neck, barely visible in
the folds of his clothing. He stared intently as a small group of
black-robed figures moved in the center of the cavern, carrying what
appeared to be a large rock to an alter that had been placed in the center
of the cavern. Suddenly, the light fell fully onto the rock, and the man
gasped as he saw that it was made out of gold! 

He leaned forward intently, as he watched the figures separate, and form a
circle around the large gold rock. Two figures stepped forward to grasp
hands over it, and the rest stood silently, watching. Squinting, the man
could see that one of the figures wore the medallion of Takhisis emblazoned
on his robes, and the other seemed to be wearing the black robes of a
magic-user. Slowly, they began to chant in unison, their hands now closed
around what appeared to be a dark knife, smeared with some kind of liquid.

Their chanting grew and grew, as the two figures raised the knife high over
the lump of gold. Suddenly, as the very air seemed to hum with their power,
they thrust the knife into the top of the rock. It shattered, to reveal some
kind of golden creature, which was writing in pain. Slowly, the creature's
gold skin began to darken, and it's small cries of pain grew more shrill. It
writhed and began to tear down the middle, forming two lumps of golden flesh
which continued to writhe and change, until two small lizard-like creatures
were formed. The man gasped again, for he knew now what the lump of gold
must be: a gold dragon egg. 

The two creatures were handed to some of the robed figures, and a new gold
egg was brought forward. Before he rightly knew what he was doing, the
hiding man had begun to run towards the circle in the middle, crying out
words of magic. As he ran, he raised his hands, and pointed at the two
closest members of the circle. Darts of light flew from his fingers, flying
into the dark clerics, and leaving a hole in the circle, through which he
ran. Towards the center he ran, towards the two with the knife. He knew he
could not kill them all, but he could feel the evil of the knife. It must be

He leaped up to the alter, ignoring the smoke that began to rise from his
feet, and pressed his hand to the cleric's chest, crying out more words of
magic. Frost began to form on the cleric's robes, and he fell to the ground,
his hand blue and frozen, as the knife fell to the ground. Quickly turning,
he shoved the black-robed mage out of the way, and grabbed the fallen
dagger. It burned his hand, and his flesh sizzled, but the man had no time
to worry about that. He could feel the evil of the thing, and knew that his
magic would be unable to destroy it. As the circle of dark clerics closed
in, murder in their eyes, the man knew what he had to do. Closing his eyes,
he once more muttered words of power. The knife grew hotter and hotter in
his hands, and a wind whipped up, though there was no source, as a small
hole opened in space. The man quickly threw the knife through it, and sighed
as the portal winked shut behind it. Even he did not know where it had

He had time for one sad smile before the dark clerics were upon him.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Estwilde, the portal opened, and the knife fell out.
A passing thief noticed the shining black blade, and picked it up, thinking
to sell it. But the knife felt warm, and he liked the way the handle curved,
so he tucked it into his belt, and headed on towards the Kalaman port. He
had a ship to catch. 

Author:    Takhisis       
Date:      Thu Dec 11 02:46:21 2008
Subject     The Knife of Dracart pt 2

Later that day, the Emperor of the Dragonarmy walked through the cavern, examining the corpses.  
"One man did this?  How did he get through our guards?" He asked the man standing beside him.

"The human paid a guard to let him through the door.  I've already had the man killed."

The Emperor looked at the alter. 

"And the knife?"  His voice was quiet.

"Gone.  I do not know where it is, but Dracart assures me that the knife's powers
 would force it to remain on Krynn."  

"Find it.  Without the knife, we cannot make more draconians.  That is unacceptable.  
That is our priority now.  Find that knife, Harkiel."

"Do not presume to lecture me, human.  If your plans had not forced me to preform my 
part of the ritual weeks ago, this would never have happened."
For a moment, it seemed, the man beside the Emperor was gone and an enormous red
dragon stood in his stead.  Then the man stood there again.

The Emperor spoke again:

"Spread the word to your dragons.  We must have that knife."
And so the order went out to all of the Dragonarmies: to find the Knife of Dracart.

Author:    Takhisis       
Date:      Wed Jan  7 23:07:35 2009
Subject     Knife of Dracart

The wind and rain whistled down the sides of the Khalkist mountains,
and beat against the wings of Harkiel, the Ancient Red Dragon.
On he flew amidst the lightning that flashed and cracked past
his enormous head, ignoring the bolts, even when they struck
his body.  He could sense it. 

Onward it drew him, the taint of the Dark Queen heavy in the air as he flew.
He could almost taste the knife.  Forged by Dracart, imbued by Wyrllish, and 
finally quenched by Harkiel himself, it was crucial to the coming war.  

Up ahead, nestled in a small box canyon, he spotted the flare of human
magic.  Folding his wings, he dived swiftly, flaring his wings at the last
moment to land.  His impact with the earth caused the entire mountain to
tremble, which pleased Harkiel.  Rocks and grit flew into the air, as he
looked towards the glimmer of magic.  It was a small cave, hidden behind 
several boulders.  Harkiel shattered the rocks with a  word and stomped
towards the cave. 

The canyon was narrow, and Harkiel was forced to shape shift into human form
to avoid bringing down the mountains around him.  He hated human form.
The barrier shimmered and flared as the rain struck it.  Harkiel paused 
for a moment, staring at the pitiful magic, analyzing it.  Sneering slightly,
he made a fist, and slammed into the barrier.  Just once.  

The he struck the barrier, which shattered.  Smiling grimly,
Harkiel strode forward into the cave.  The knife was there, all right. sitting
in the dust like a forgotten children's toy.  Harkiel scooped up the knife,
and strode quickly back towards the entrance to the cave, already
shifting back to his original form, shattering the cave with his magic as he 
walked out into the night.  

Airborne once more, knife clenched in his claw, Harkiel paused for a moment.  
He could feel the taint of the knife, feel its love of destruction seeping
into him, mixing with his own evil.  He wanted to destroy.  Turning once 
more, he headed towards Palanthas.  They would know fear this day.  

Author:    Takhisis       
Date:      Fri Jan  9 04:24:25 2009
Subject     Knife of Dracart:  the search is over

The air above Palanthas was cold as Harkiel limped through the air.
For the first time in centuries, mortals had fought him, and indeed, 
caused serious damage.  His right wing flapped, almost useless from 
the holes caused by arrows and spells.  He felt pain, and it enraged

More painful than the hurt wing was the feel of defeat.  The mortals
had not only hurt him, but they had driven him off before he could 
destroy signifigant parts of the city.  

The Knife of Dracart pulsed in the grip of his taloned claw, as he 
slowly turned, and flew towards Sanction.  The mage would be happy to
have his little knife back.

And so, the Knife of Dracart was returned to the gathering forces
of the Dragonarmies, where it was once more put to use, corrupting
the eggs of the Good Dragons.  And the Armies of Takhisis continued
to grow... 

Author:    Takhisis       
Date:      Tue Jun  2 18:26:19 2009
Subject     Dragon's Eggs

The captain of the ship "Dragon's Fire" nerviously wiped his face with a
dirty rag. As he looked over the side of his vessel to this strange shore
his orders had brought him to, his eyes were drawn to the crates that were
being loaded onto his vessal. Along the shore, he could see other ships
being loaded with similar cargo. 

None of the other captains knew what was in the locked and sealed boxes.
Only a handful of officers aboard the small fleet knew. The men who had
loaded the boxes had all been killed, as his orders had instructed. He
watched nervously the heights above the shore. The Emperor himself had
assured him that the dragons of Good would not interfere with his mission,
that they were in a magical sleep from which they would not awaken, but
still, he worried. A dragon was nothing to disturb. He watched, as the
crates were loaded. He knew each one was patched, sealed, and padded, but
still, he worried. Who knew how fragile a dragon's egg was?

Finnaly, the eggs were loaded, each in their individual containers. As the
captain lead the small fleet away from the islands, he felt his spirits
begin to lighten. Perhaps they would make it after all. Three days past on
their journey. The sea grew rougher, and the clouds more ominous, but the
fleet continued on. Then, on the morning of the 4th day, a sail was sighted
by the lookout. The captain looked through his telescope and swore. A
solamnic fleet! What could they have been doing out this far?! 

"Men! Oars! Move! Our lives depend on it!" He set about raising the flags to
alert the other ships of the fleet, but he knew it was hopeless. The ships
of the dragonarmy fleet were merchant vessals: built for shipping, not
speed. The Solamnic fleet was war vessals. They would run down the pitiful
merchant ships and capture the cargo. Survivors would be hanged. The captain
was just raising the last signal flag when he noticed, up ahead, the largest
storm he had ever seen. 

"All ahead! We'll lead them into the storm."

With oars and sail, they charged forward, straight into the heart of the
massed clouds.

Days later, all along the coastlines of Kyrnn, thrown there by currents,
wind, and perhaps by the hand of a God, crates began to wash ashore. They
were sealed, both physically and magically, and resisted all tampering. Some
were carried off by thieves, some by treasure seekers. None were able to
open the boxes, but one thing was sure: the search had begun. 

Author:    Takhisis       
Date:      Fri Jun  5 18:27:43 2009
Subject     Eggquest:  the ending

The Emperor of the Dragonarmies looked out from his window high
in a tower in Sanction.  A noise from behind him signaled the 
entrence of his aide, but he did not turn.  

"How many did we recover?  Will there be enough for our plans?"

The Aide, even though he knew the Emperor could not see him, nodded

"Yes, master.  The Clerics think that we will have plenty.  Also,
there are plans to aquire more of the eggs as well."

The Emperor nodded to himself.  This was excellent news. When the
fleet had crashed, he had been so enraged that he had killed his 
laste aide.  

"Excellent.  Alert the clerics. I want them working around the
clock on this.  Nothing may interfere with our plans."

The aide left, closing the door behind him.  The Emperor allowed
himself a smile.  Yes.  Things were comming together nicely.

And far away, locked behind celestial walls, A dark goddess echoed
his malicious smile.  

Author:    Takhisis       
Date:      Fri Aug 28 17:39:32 2009
Subject     The Champ

Tollas OOCs 'anyone want a shot at the champ?'

--> Tollas got toasted by a solamnic guard at Steel Street

Author:    Takhisis       
Date:      Wed Mar  3 21:17:17 2010
Subject     The Death of the Emperor

As his failing heart slowed, pumping weakly in a futile effort to sustain life, the Prophet of the Queen Luerk Trell struggled to speak. He gurgled incoherently, choking on the lifeblood bubbling up through his throat. The red fluids overflowed at the corners of his mouth like some grotesque goblet filled too full. Despite the horrific damage to his body, he felt the pain slowly subsiding, like a warm sheet being draped over him. He snickered to himself, more dark blood dribbling down his chin. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the red robed magi rummaging through his precious cargo. But he no longer cared, there was nothing he could do to stop the wizard. With a blackened hands, he grasped the front of his clerical robes, wiping his slick hands on the finery. His delicate fingers, burnt almost to the bone came across a deep hole in his chest. He pressed softly, feeling his beating heart for the last time. With lifeless eyes, the Conqueror of Palanthas, Emperor of the Dragonarmies, Chosen of the Queen, (and numerous other titles) past into the beyond. In the following moments of silence, he was truly and utterly still. Then, creeping through the cobbled stone of Palanthas, a deathly chill permeated the still air. Hardly noticeable at first, it spread from the center of the dead prophet's body. But defying the laws of nature, the deep pools of blood began to bubble and boil. As if the very nature of gravity had reversed, great globs of blood, flesh and ichor dripped into the air, dissipating into nothing. But as the physical remains of the Prophet disintegrated upward, the soul of the fallen remained chained to the Abyss. Dragging the soul through the crust of Krynn itself, the goddess Takhisis reigned in her prize, licking her lips in anticipation. And as her faithful awoke in the afterlife, he looked around and asked, "But my Queen, where are the virgins?" Author: Takhisis Date: Tue Mar 8 17:44:54 2016 Subject The Dark Storm.

The knight had never felt so much evil in one room, it was almost overwhelming and indeed he felt weak at that very moment as even more of the Dark Queens servants, Highlords of the plague known as the Dragonarmy, filled the room. There were hundreds in attendance from all branches of the massive network of the Queens evil militant forces. The knight had to keep focused as he stood in the back, he wore the emblem of the wretched filth and had snuck in with the Red wing forces after a long march straight from a fresh battle. The armor was beat up from the most recent battle, he had slain the original owner himself. This particular helm afforded the knight with a face shield which helped to conceal his identity. As he gazed through the crowd making a mental note, he suddenly felt warmth within him. He felt stronger and then heard a booming voice not his own, within his head. He had never heard, but at once knew it was his god, Paladine communing with him. The god was with him, he knew it and he knew the god was watching this swarm of evil as intently as he himself was. Just as the last few important lords entered the chamber and the doors were barred shut he felt his connection with Paladine disappear. He was left, cold and weary, alone with his fears. At the same instant that Paladine had left him the knight felt a great darkness enter the chamber and indeed saw a beautiful woman manifest herself at the altar in the center of the great hall. She was not quite whole, more of a shadow or mist, but even in this faded form she commanded authority and emanated great evil to every corner of the room. It was impossible for most of the followers to look away from her for a moment and the knight wondered if she saw him for what he truly was. The Dark Queens voice boomed through the great hall with anger and malice towards her followers. She was clearly not pleased with their efforts and it was plain to see. Many in the crowd were cowering like dogs, groveling in some cases, begging for forgiveness. The knight could not understand what was happening to them or see any physical harm happening to anyone. Many of the higher ranking officers were in better shape, but many had blank, almost dazed looks on their faces. They seemed to be in a trance of some sort but the knight could not tell from his vantage point. His gaze meet with the misty form of Takhisis and she gave him a wicked smile before continuing with her demands of the highlords and other forces. The knight felt drained and stumbled back a step immediately upon meeting with her gaze. The guard next to him caught his arm and scowled an order for him to clean himself up. With a curt nod the knight ducked out and left the great hall at once. He had to get a message to his harbor contact and send word to the knighthood.

Author: Takhisis Date: Tue Mar 8 17:46:32 2016 Subject The Dark Storm. Part II

The knight handed the shipwright a sealed message with strict orders to set sail right away for Palanthas. He had little time to discuss matters further and quickly left for fear of being noticed on the docks. He travelled the most direct route from the docks to the city gates, intent on heading back to his fangs camp outside the city. His head was spinning and his mind could not shake the Queens gaze. The knight turned down a dark side alley unaware that he was being followed. He did not exit the side street. The Highlords within the black wing received images of a mighty swarm of goblins landing on the island of Schallsea in droves. The beaches were overrun with landing parties and the hoots and war cries of excited, blood thirsty goblins and hobgoblins turned loose could be heard all across the southern parts of the island. The scene faded away to show a mass grave of villagers and a horizon full of burning buildings and smoke. Burn the island, slaughter the innocent and raise an army. The island is a choke point for our naval forces. Takhisis hisses with venom in her voice. The Highlords within the red wing saw a massive horde move low into the valley carrying the banners of the red wing. It is an orderly march and the throng of infantry splits in to two groups allowing siege to be brought to the front lines. Looking down across the valley stands the gates of Thorbardin. Crush them. a female voice booms across the entire valley. On command the entire force shouts Glory to the Queen and begins rushing across the valley floor towards their intended target. The Highlords of the smallest wing, the white wing witnessed a group travelling on a path through the ice and snow, it was a blizzard and bone chillingly cold. The small band bearing the sigil of the white wing was determined to do the Queens bidding and reach the great ice caves. It was a dangerous journey through the Ice Reach to be sure but that was hardly the part that unnerved the troop. Their mission was to wake the great beasts and call them to aid the Queen. White dragons that have been asleep for centuries would be difficult to work with and nearly impossible to control. Fortunately the troop had brought along some slaves as an offering to the massive beasts.

Author: Takhisis Date: Tue Mar 8 17:54:18 2016 Subject The Dark Storm. Part III

At once the green dragonarmies heard their gods demands: A dark champion will rise to slaughter the children of Eli! I call forth a dark champion of the green wing to do my bidding and rid me of these vermin. Who will answer the call? Who will claim blood in my name? the Queens voice bellowed loudly. The scout surveyed the immediate area near where the children of Eli were reported to be. He had trained his entire life for this and he was not about to fail his majesty in this important mission. He ordered his small band forward searching for a sign. He would find them for the commander of the green wing as he was instructed. He and his scouts were determined to prove he was the dark champion his Queen sought. The blue wing Highlords witnessed a vision depicting their forces descending upon the northern regions near Lemish. There was more finesse with their movements, unlike the red wings wild rush upon Thorbardin. The forces of the blue wing were calculating in their approach and systematically moved north securing each village and road as they went. It was clear their target was closer to the knights where a disciplined force would be most needed. In the minds of all the dark armies, these images burned brightly before slowly fading away. Some were left with dull aches, other stunned and motionless. The touch of the goddess was strong, but slowly fading as the great immaterial form of the Queen dissolved into a southern moving wind. There was a great silence, an eerie emptiness that was entirely uncommon amongst such a congregation. Even the rumbling of the Lords of Doom seemed subdued. The entire armies waited for a true scion of darkness to speak first. (OOC) HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to Paladine for collaborating so much on this story. I apologize for the long wait, I hope it was worthwhile for those of you waiting. If this is the first you're hearing of this, feel free to reach out to your local DA merchant of death :) All are welcome to participate.

Author: Takhisis Date: Tue Oct 31 14:04:58 2017 Subject HSQ2017 Intro Prompt

This is the deepest, darkest cavern youve ever been unfortunate enough to be exploring. If it werent for the light youre carrying, youd see nothing but pitch black darkness. It is almost suffocating. But instead, you see that the walls of this cavern are slick with some oozing green ichor, and the occasional mottled fungus that struggles to survive. Whoever brought you here did you no favors. Suddenly, your light goes out for the longest second of your life. And when it flickers back to life, the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Someone or something is RIGHT behind you. So you have two choices: you can run and hide, or you can turn and die. Which is it going to be?

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