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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Tanthalis.

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Author:  Tanthalis
Date    Sun Jul 28 08:31:54 2002

Subject  The story of Tanthalis

The gentle breeze rustled Tanthalis' white robes and blew his hair about his
face. The woods were alive with activity that day, the birds were singing a
beautiful seranade and the leaves were rustling pleasantly.

He could not help but smile as he strode along the path of short grass. As he
rounded a bend in the path, he could see a small white house up ahead.

He stopped for a moment, breathing deeply and summoning his courage. He nodded
slightly to himself and then continued down the path.

As Tanthalis approached the steps to the house, an old elf materialized in
front of him. The old mages hair was silver with age and fell about his
shoulders, his eyes were wells of knowledge and understanding.

Tanthalis came to a stop and bowed deeply, "Greetings Master Malthus," he
said, "I am Tan.."

The old mage held up his hand and spoke, " I know who you are Tanthalis
Silverwind, and I know your parents too." He returned Tanthalis' bow, then
moved closer. "And I know whyyou are here," he said.

He stared into Tanthalis' eyes a moment then moved in beside him, motioning to
the house. "What I do not know, however, is what possessed you to believe that
I would teach you the ways of magic?"

He questioned, his thin lips split into a small smile.

Tanthalis was caught off guard by this, and he stuttered as he began to speak,
" father..that is...Garhalis said,"

The old mage held up his hand again, "My dear boy," he chuckled, "You are much
to nervous."He pushed Tanthalis up the stairs gently, and followed him up. The
door swung open quietly and a small warm glow escaped from the entrance.

The sweet smell of various spices and flowers met them as they stepped into
the house. The interior of the house was nothing like Tanthalis had expected.

It was simple and rather plain. A fireplace was at one end of the room, to the
right, with a small pot boiling above the gently licking flames. In front of
the fireplace were two comfortable looking chairs, beside one of them was a
small table with a stack of books on top. The wall across from the door was
completely dominated by a two bookcases, which were separated by a doorway,
leading into a bedroom. The wall to the left had a large table pushed up
against it, and was littered with various scrolls and spell components. There
was also another doorway on this wall leading off to the kitchen.

Tanthalis stepped towards the bookcase and looked over the titles. His eyes
fell upon a beautifully crafted book. It had a silver cover and was bound with
gold. Across the front of the book, in beautiful silvanesti writing, was "The
Spellbook of Master Malthus". Tanthalis let his fingers delicately touch the

When he came to, Malthus was crouched over him grinning. "Ahh...hello young
one," He chuckled and stood. Shaking his head he moved over to the table where
two steaming bowls of stew sat waiting.

Malthus dropped himself into a chair and began to eat, after several spoon
fulls he looked to Tanthalis, still sitting on the floor, his eyes clouded and
dazed. "Well?" he said, motioning to the other chair by the table, "Are you
going to eat or not?"

Tanthalis pushed himself onto his feet and stumbled over to the table rubbing
his eyes as he went. "What was that?" he asked, placing himself on the empty

Malthus chuckled, "Even if it turns out that you are untalented, at least
you'll keep me entertained."

Tanthalis looked up quickly, "Does that mean that you mean to take me on as an
apprentice?" he asked.

The old mage shook his head, "an apprentice? no."

A look of confusion spread across his face. "What then?" he asked.

Malthus finished his stew before answering. "I will teach you a few simple
spells, and help to get you into the conclave," he answered.

"I have no wish for another apprentice, nor would I wish to train an
apprentice when I am no longer at the conclave. I will merely give you the
readings you will require."

Tanthalis grinned at his small victory and quickly finished his stew.

Author:  Tanthalis
Date    Sun Jul 28 09:05:10 2002

Subject  The story of Tanthalis (contin)

The next morning he woke wrapped in an old cloak on one of the chairs in front
of the fire. Tanthalis stood shakily, wiping the sleep from his eyes.

He stumbled to the table yawning as he went. Malthus had left a loaf of bread
and a slab of cheese on the table for him, and beside the food was a book of
old leather.

Its cover was cracked and faded with age and a thin silk band of silver was
wrapped around the book. Tanthalis reached for the book emediatly, then
hesitated, remembering the incident the night before. As his hand hovered
above the cover of the book, he breathed deeply summoning up some courage.

Gently with his delicate fingers he brushed the cover with his finger tips,
feeling the cracks and splits and roughness of the leather.

He sat himself at the table and untied the ribbon, as he opened the book it
crack slightly and the dry paper rustled as he slowly turned through the

He looked around to thank Malthus for the book, but failed to spot the old
elf, so he turned back to the pages. When Malthus returned to his house near
dusk, he stepped through the open door and was nearly struck by a flying mug.
He  managed to duck, and quickly looked around the room. Books were floating
around the room, colliding and some came dangerously close to the licking
flames in the fireplace. The chairs and table and dishes were gently hovering
above the ground, and the dishes were flying in an intricate pattern around
the room. In the middle of it all stood Tanthalis, in one hand he held the
spell book, and his other was stretched out above his head. His eyes glowed
silver and he shouted words of magic. Malthus' eyebrow raised in curiousity at
how fast the young mage picked up the spells. He smiled to himself and rested
against the wall, watching the young elf. Suddenly the floor boards began to
quiver then shake violently.

Malthus decided to put an end to this before he house suffered any damage. He
called Tanthalis' name loudly, seeing no response in the young elfs face he
uttered the words of a spell.

Tanthalis stood in the middle of the room, his left hand extended above his
head. The magic flowed through his body filling  his every sense and thought.
The words that he had committed to memory seemed to pour from his mouth on
their own. A warmth and power filled his body that frightened him at first,
but he soon became accustomed to it, and even began to enjoy it.

He began to yell the words of magic louder and louder, not even focusing on a
target for his magic. He felt the ground beneath his feet begin to quake. As
it started he heard someone call to him, but he had lost himself to the magic.

Then two words came to Tanthalis, and they were louder then a any yell he had
ever heard, but there tone was a whisper. He snapped out of his trance and
looked as everything plummeted to the ground. He looked around to see Malthus
by the door, his face looking somewhat annoyed, then exhaustion took him and
he slumped to the floor.

When he woke up it was nearing noon, he looked about the room and quickly
realized he was in Malthus' bedroom. He rolled out of the bed and walked into
the main room of the house.

Malthus was seated in his chair by the fire, reading a thick book. He looked
up as Tanthalis entered, then looked back to his book. A moment later he
closed the book and set it on the table.

"Well Tanthalis," he said standing, "Are you rested?"

Tanthalis nodded and began to apologize about the mess he made the other day.

The old elf held up his hand, "Do not apologize, you will make it up to
me...believe me you will," he chuckled to himself and went out the front door.

Tanthalis stood for a moment puzzeled by this, until the old elfs voice called
for him.

That day Tanthalis worked harder then he ever had in his life, both mentaly
and physicly. Malthus had brought in a young elven noble, who was training to
be a soldier. This was Tanthalis' combat partner, and for three hours every
day Tanthalis was forced to fight him, no matter how much he was dominated.

Author:  Tanthalis
Date    Sun Jul 28 09:27:19 2002

Subject  The story of Tanthalis (contin)

After the weapons training, he had to study. Malthus made him read a variety
of things, from atlases to books on the history of Krynn, to fictional
stories. Tanthalis read them all, studying. After his readings, Tanthalis then
practiced his spells under the eye and instruction of Malthus. And at night,
when he could barely hold his eyes open any longer, he had to talk with
Malthus, about anything from family to philosiphy.

Then when Malthus had finished with him, he dismissed him and let Tanthalis go
to bed.

This continued on for a year, and as spring came the following year Tanthalis
was more then prepared to face the world outside the safe borders of

As spring approached Tanthalis was easily defeating any warrior that Malthus
brought for him to train with. His mastery of  the simple spells was complete
and there was not a test that Malthus put before him that he could not pass
with ease.

One morning, Tanthalis stepped outside onto the porch, expecting to see a new
young warrior for him to test his skills against. There was no one out there
however, not even Malthus was to be found. Confused, Tanthalis went back
inside and started on his studies, after turning through several books which
he had read several times over. He quickly became bored and went in search of
the old elf. He came across him as he walked up the path from the house,
carrying a large backpack stuffed with items. Tanthalis took the pack from him
and carried it back to the house.

Dropping the pack onto the floor Tanthalis asked the old elf where he had
been. The old elf smiled and pointed to the pack, "Gathering supplies," he

Tanthalis looked to the pack then back to Malthus, "Supplies for what? are you
going some where?"

"Not I," the old man responded, "You,"

"Me?" Tanthalis asked, "Why would I be going?"

Malthus smiled and shook his head, "Me dear boy, it is time you traveled to
the conclave to continue your studies,".

Tanthalis smiled and looked at the pack, then turned back to the old elf.
"That is a lot of equipment for the journey to the Waywreth, Malthus."

Malthus nodded again, "To get to Waywreth yes, to gain entrance to the
conclave, no. Now gather your things."

Tanthalis gathered his things and stuffed them into the pack. He was about to
pack the old cracked spell book, but decided against it. He handed it back to
Malthus, and told him to give it to the next young elf who came to his door.

As Tanthalis walked out on to the porch, his pack strapped to his back. He
turned back to the old elf and embraced him tightly. "Thank you," he said,
"You have been so kind to me."

Malthus chuckled, "I did it for the conversations, I have been alone for too
long." He smiled and grabbed Tanthalis by the shoulders. "I do not care for
long good byes, and besides, I will check in on you from time to time."

Tanthalis smiled, "Well then I will not bore you with a long good bye, I will
write, and visit when I can." He walked down the steps and turned back. To his
surprise the old elf had already left the steps and had gone back inside.

Smiling Tanthalis turned back to the path and strode off in search of the

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