The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Tarones.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a massive tome lined with fake jewels on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Tarones' scribed in dark grey ink.

Author:    Tarones        
Date:      Wed Jul  9 23:34:16 2008
Subject     stop... collaborate and listen

I have always kept to myself. As long as others left me alone, I wouldn't
bother them. This kept me out of a lot of problems throughout my life. Funny
to find myself in this situation! "Give us your coin-purse and we'll think
about sparing you," chuckled the head of the group of bandits surrounding
me. he other joined in, brandishing iron shortswords. The group were a
normal lot of road scum. Most of them needed a bath 5 years ago and new
clothing 5 years earlier than that. The leader, on the other hand, was
wearing newer chainmail armor and a glinting longsword. The longsword was
most likely not his. It seemed to be of Solamnic origin and definitely made
of steel (something rare these days).

I just shook my head. "You can definitely try, but I would think it wise to
mind your own," I said quietly. The others looked over to their leader and
back to their prey. The leader just nodded and flung forward. With whisper
and a quick movement of my hand, a barrage of sparks flew from my finger
tips into his gut . Frozen in a horrible expression of shock and disbelieve,
the lead bandit fell forward. The others stopped dead in their tracks. They
turned heel quickly and try to run. Snickering, I continued to blast them
down, one by one. "Killing school children would be easier!" I yelled out to
them. Yes, leave others alone and I will be left alone, but that didn't hold
true for long. The reality of the situation is people won't leave you alone
if they think they can control, manipulate, or squash you. "I will have
power, and soon these simple fools will bow to me" I said as i continued
hastily on to my destination.

I've lived a normal life. Well, as normal as one could have if they didn't
know who they are or where they have came from. I could have been a noble's
son or a peasant's. It matters not. I've wandered from town to village for
the last 5 years searching for the answers to my past. What I do remember is
waking up on the night of the eye, staring up at the sky in the middle of a
clearing in the forrest outside of Solace. The only things that I believe
has to do with my past are the branding on my right arm and the magic and
Art that flows in my veins. I find spells flaring in my mind like words of
fire. Spells I can't remember learning or practicing. All I know is I wish
to know more of this intoxicating magic. To grow in the Art. Who knows,
along the way, I may find out who I was and am. So, I continue to travel to
find the Tower at Wayreth and learn more of the Art. 

Author:    Tarones        
Date:      Tue Jul 29 22:21:11 2008
Subject     Enduring Frost and Ice

This beast...this damned beast. It's been four weeks out here in the
cold. Blistering, numbing cold, encrusting my entire being. Even with my
minor protections from the environments, it's still horrible. I've been
watching this lumbering beast walk back and forth from this cavern the
entire time. Finding the irrating loathsome creature was easy, getting these
salts are another thing. Every time I got close enough to gather them, it
would either see me and chase me off or the salts would rot into the ice too
damn quick.

I've tried almost everything, from shooting magical missiles, to lightning
bolts. I even threw conjured salted meats at him, but to no avail. Even
going invisible, the irritating creature finds me by my smell, I assume. "I
cannot fail when I have came so close!" I muttered as I slammed my fist into
the snow. Today will be different.

I have stalked this beast for weeks. I found out that the creature goes to
the glaciers edge every other day, drinking from the run off and coming back
to hunt. This time, he would find it to be a very different time indeed. I
watched as it shuffled towards the edge to get drink, as it so often does.
It was then that I set my plan in motion. I whispered a few words and a
fireball struck the top of the glacier. The ground started to shake and
shift as the avalanche came rushing down. I had casted a simple fly spell on
myself as a precaution. The creature tried to keep his balance as he started
slowly falling down the side of the glacier.

Laughing with glee, I flew down the side after the frost atronach. It
screamed in frustration as it flailed around. The more it flailed, the more
of the salts flew off it's body. I swooped in close to it to start gathering
it, but it swiped at my face. Grazing me, I growled and struck back with a
spell. It seemed to only infuriate the creature, and he continued to swipe
back with much ferocity. I then pulled a pinch sand out of one of the many
pouches hanging within my robe. I then threw it at the beast, blinding him.

I gathered my composure and got back to collecting the salts. With the vial
I had prepared for this, I flew around multiple times and collected them. As
we approached the ocean near the edge of the glacier, I pulled up from
plunging into the cold fridged ice water. The creature hollowed its rage as
it fell to it's death.

Yet another victim has fallen for my art. Hopefully the next task will not
require me to go to such extreme temperatures. 

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