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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Teldor.

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Astinus gently places a leather bound tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Teldor' scribed in dark blue ink.

Author:  Teldor
Date    Sat Feb 23 02:03:41 2002

Subject  origin of Teldor Rosenguard

Teldor Rosenguard, Third son of Cale Rosenguard, spent his early childhood on
his families ancestral land near Pontigoth, In southern Ergoth. Like his
father before him, he and his older bothers were being raised to live a life
of nobility.

It was to be a life in which they would work to ensure the prosperity of their
land and the people who lived and worked upon it. For Generations, the
Rosenguard family had maintained a reputation of honor and fairness.

Then, during the turbulent times proceeding the War of The Lance, Everything

Determined to live in peace, and not put the lives in his care at risk, Cale
Rosenguard began to appease a growing number of local mercenaries that had
banded together in an attempt to profit from the growing unrest and
instability on Ansalon.

At first, these appeasements took the form of food, livestock and steel. It
wasn't long before the effects of these payments were felt at Castle
Rosenguard. Food became scarce, steel even scarcer, and the fields went
unplowed for lack of horses a and mules. Cale had decided to make these
payments because he believed that the steel and horses could be replaced, but
the lives that they were purchasing could not.

. Soon, the substance of the requested payments was to change. The mercenaries
now began to request men and weapons.

. Cale had heard rumors that the mercenaries were now beginning to be openly
hostile, and some suggested that they were supported by, or at least in part
be, growing armies on the eastern half of Ansalon.

These armies had not yet made there way to  Southern Ergoth, but Cale had
heard rumors of them on more then one occasion.

Cale had sacrificed steel and his families' wealth to protect the lives of
those on his land, but he could not trade their lives for the lives that would
be lost elsewhere at the hands of the mercenaries wielding weapons from

Cale, Having told the mercenaries of his land's ruin, starvation, and his
inability to supply them with weapons, wanted to believe that his prior
cooperation would allow his land to be sparred from their growing aggression.

The Mercenaries came in the night. They burned the village where his people
lived and took the lives of more then half the people who had for years worked
and lived on his families' ancestral land.

Cale knew that it was a warning. He had pleaded with the other local nobles
for help, but they were either already ruined or still appeasing the
mercenaries the way Cale himself once did.

Together with his two eldest sons, Danar and Feldrin, Cale gathered half his
garrison, about twenty men, and the men who had survived the mercenaries
slaughter be seeking shelter within the walls of Castle Rosenguard.

They set out to confront the mercenaries, who they estimated to be about 30 in

Teldor remained home with twenty men to protect his sister and the families of
the men who had set out to confront the mercenaries.

It was late one rainy night when Teldor was informed that the men had returned
to Castle Rosenguard.

As Teldor would soon learn, the lookout should have informed him that his
brother had returned, for he was the only survivor.

Danar had told Teldor of their slaughter at the hands of the mercenaries.
Outmatched by less then two to one, they were no match for the well trained,
and battle hardened mercenaries.

Danar believed that not more then ten of the mercenaries had fallen before he
saw his father and brother slain, and his men routed.

Knowing that they could not defend themselves when the mercenaries returned,
Danar and Teldor took whoever was left and whatever supplies they could carry,
then they fled into the wilderness.

Hoping to find shelter on a neighboring land, they had traveled for only 6
hours before they saw the glowing amber and smoke in the predawn darkness
behind them.

Their hearts sank, as they knew what they were looking at. When the sun came
up the next day, in the place where Castle Rosenguard had stood for
generations, there would be only smoke and ash.

Author:  Teldor
Date    Sat Feb 23 02:15:04 2002

Subject  origin of Teldor Rosenguard II

After three days of hard travel, Danar, Teldor, and the others, now refugees,
found shelter in the small town of Condor. The town had been half destroyed it
self not long ago.

Now it was filling with other displaced people. Commoners, all of them, they
fled in the wake of similar destruction at their homes.

Now, angry and armed, they were coming together here.

Danar, consumed with a passion and fire Teldor had never seen, quickly
organized and almost forcefully took charge of the mob.

Teldor had observed that when they first arrived in Condor, they got less then
a warm reception.

He heard the quite mumbling and whispers amongst the mob assigning blame for
their current situation with the nobles. Teldor knew that in a way, the mob
was right.

Although he couldn't speak for the families that had once owned the lands that
many of these people once lived on, he knew his father's heart.

He wondered if explaining his father's intentions would dissolve any of their
anger, but decided it wasn't the proper time to try.

Despite their anger, They readily followed and trusted Danar. Teldor knew that
this was a mix of people.

Some, like the group with Teldor and Danar, and been burned out of their homes
and had loved ones slaughtered.

Others had probably deserted their land long before that point. And yet, they
were all ready to fight at Danar's side.

After seeing the repoir that Danar took with the commoners in the mob, Teldor
might have mistaken him for one of them had he not known him his entire life.

His brother spoke with an anger and vengeance that made Teldor uncomfortable.
Was Danar just trying to inspire them? Perhaps play to their emotions? Teldor
wasn't sure. All that he could think about was how two weeks prior to this
point, Danar had sold a ring given to him on their mother's deathbed in order
to make payment to the mercenaries.

Now, two weeks later, he was eagerly preparing for the event that very
sacrifice was meant to prevent.

Teldor was right. Danar had changed. Over the next three weeks, they pursued
the mercenaries. Danar showed no mercy. He slaughtered mercenaries, as well as
people he suspected of aiding them.

He burned villages and estates, like Rosenguard once was, in his pursuit. No
trial, no defense, Danar was judge and executioner.

Now consumed with anger and rage, Danar had blood on his hands that he would
never be able to clean off. As a child, Teldor had once visited the ruins at
Skullcap in Daltigoth.

He knew all of the stories about what had happened there, and the turmoil that
consumed his world in that time. He remembered wondering what it was that
motivated such hurt and destruction.

At the time, he thought it was the quest for wealth and power. However seeing
his brother Danar he now realized that was too simplistic, too childlike of an

He found himself thinking, that had someone fought for them, or had they stood
up and faced the mercenaries from the beginning, no matter the cost, would the
cost to his brother have been as great? Would the innocent people now dead at
his brother's hands be alive today? Teldor had heard over the last few weeks
of the growing turmoil and fear in the east.

He wondered how many more good people like Danar were about to be lost, or
cause the loss of someone else. Where would it end, he wondered? It was then
that Teldor said his good-byes and headed east. He was young, still a child by
human standards. He had grown up watching his father provide for the people in
his care.

This had in many ways, defined his father's life. Teldor believed his father
led a good life, but he now realized that people need more then someone to
care for them and provide for them.

They need someone to protect them, when no one else will. It was this cause
that Teldor was going to devote his life to. Yet, as he headed east, he had no
idea where to start or how to live such a life.

That night, he sat tired from a long day's travel. A warm fire took the chill
out of the autumn air. By the fire's dim light, Teldor ordered his pack.

Author:  Teldor
Date    Sat Feb 23 02:17:25 2002

Subject  origin of Teldor Rosenguard III

He had with him only the clothes on his back, a few steel, some dried bread
and meat, a worn out water skin and a small book.

It was this book that kept his attention until slumber took him. It was an old
book, ragged and missing pages.

Teldor had found it in his families' ancient library as a child. He had not
really ever understood it, the book having been written in a much older form
of common.

However for some reason he couldn't explain, Teldor couldn't leave it alone.
It was the only possession he took when he fled Castle Rosenguard.

The book had only a faded illustration on the cover, that of a large bird and
a rose. Its remaining pages were faded and contained only two illustrations.
It was these illustrations that Teldor studied until falling asleep.

They were not really illustrations, but maps. Maps of a land in the East
called Solamnia, and a great city called Palanthas.

Author:  Teldor
Date    Mon May  6 12:53:28 2002

Subject  A prayer answered

It had been two days since Teldor slept last, His nights having been spent in
meditation, his days in silent prayer within the chapel.

It had been only a week since he was chosen to lead, chosen to carry a burden
he niether wanted nor deserved.

Now, he stood in front of the window, his hands clenched behind his back,
staring into the courtyard below. His thoughts focusing on the past weeks
events, he began to recall the critiscm he had come to hear wispered quietly
in the streets.

Critiscm of Himself, his fellow knights, and more importantly the knighthood
in general.

What disturbed him the most though, what tore at his soul, was not that he had
heard rumors that he was regarded as a puppet. No, The idea that kept him
awake at night was the idea that the Knights has forsaken Paladine.

Over and over again he thought, is it possible? Could we have turned our back
on him, on any of the patrons we so honor.

Now However, the insults were slowly turning to acts of violence against the
knights. Teldor found himself clenching his fist so hard, that his knuckles
now appeared pale and lifeless.

He needed to act, but would his actions be in keeping with the oath and
measure he had sworn to live by? He recalled a time when he never doubted
himself, and secretly prayed for that time to return.

It was then that the room became bathed in a brillant blue light. At first the
light was so Bright he was forced to look away. slowly the light dimmed and
Teldor's vision returned.

Finally, when Teldor was able to focus once again, he found himeslf in the
presence of an enormous Blue Pheonix. Overcome with Reverance, Teldor remained

Teldor Had entered the Knighthood as Knight of the Crown, and Like all crown
knights, had devoted himself to the virtues of obedience and loyalty. These
were the virtues of the Crown Knights, and Teldor knew then well.

As he knew the virtues, He also knew the Patron of the Crown Knights. That
patron being the Blue Pheonix, or Habbukuk, and it was that phoenix he found
himself before now.

Teldor braced himself, for at first he expected to be disciplined or

instead of anger, the Pheonix exuded confidence, instead of reprimands, it
gave him strength.

and finally, it gave to him an advisor and friend. The Pheonix had summoned
Aurumnus, the Leader of the Gold Dragons fron the Dragon Isles.

Aurumnus, like he had been for past Grand Masters, was asked to assist Teldor
as friend and council. Then as quickly as he had come, the Blue pheonix was
gone, Consumed in a flash of blue light.

And so Teldor and Aurumnus began to discuss the last weeks events, and that
night, at last, Teldor slept.

Author:  Teldor
Date    Wed May 22 12:17:17 2002

Subject  A knight Overdue

Teldor stood at the window looking out into the courtyard of the Solemner
keep. As he watched the rain fall, he maneuvered his fingers around a small
figurine that was grasped behind his back within his hands. It had rained on
five out of the last fourteen days.

Normally, Teldor would not have taken so much notice of the weather. However,
everything about the last two weeks has remained in his thoughts. As he turned
from the window, to walk across the room, his sight was draw to a bloodstained
corner of the common room. He glanced at it only a moment, then as he had done
everyday since it was left there, he tried to put it out of his head. "I
really should have those floor boards replaced," he said to himself quietly.
Stepping over the corner as if it was no different from any other area of the
floor, Teldor approached a large table with numerous maps and wooden figurines
laid out upon it. Remembering the figurine he still carried in his hands, he
bent over the table and placed it back in what seemed to be a specific place.
He then stood motionless, studying the map, and occasionally stoking his
mustache. He had been so deep in thought, that he had not noticed the arrival
of Lady Melody, nor the two squires Rek and Bevier.

It wasn't long before Lady Melody and the squires had joined him at the map,
apparently all equally concerned. "It has now been two weeks, and Lord Kadith
is overdue," he said in a quiet voice, not turning his attention form the map
at all. "I believe we have waited long enough for his return. The time has
come to go find him." Lady Melody agreed, and Teldor turned his attention to
the squires. They were both young, energetic, and eager to prove themselves.
In many ways, they reminded Teldor of himself, when he was a young squire to
Lord Kadith. Teldor began to speak to the squires, but his glance was once
again on the blood stained floor boards in the corner. "Two weeks ago, a
Knight of the crown returned to the Solamnic keep here in the Lord City. He
entered the keep, badly beaten and bloodied. Before he died, he reported on a
dark cleric who had held him captive and tortured him. Who this cleric served,
the knight could not say." Teldor continued to speak, only now he was focused
on the squires. "The Knight spoke of other disturbing things he overheard
while being held captive. Lord Kadith, took five men, and with Darvan looking
over them, they departed for the area of Galen Draco's keep to investigate the
dying knight's report." Teldor's face now solemn, continued, "not long after
that, the Crown knight died from his injuries, and we have not heard from Lord
Kadith or his men." Pointing at a road drawn on the map, Teldor motioned for
the squires to come closer to the table. "That is the route we believe he
took," Teldor said confidently. "His task, was to investigate, and that too
will be your task," Teldor stated as he turned to look at the squires. "Each
of you will travel separately, and without a group of men traveling with you,
you should attract less attention I would think. Follow the same route, Rek,
you travel east of it, Bevier you to the west of it." The squires nodded in
understanding. "You will look for any sign of Lord Kadith, Darvan, or the men
that departed with them," Teldor instructed the squires. The squires again
nodded in understanding, bravely prepared for what ever might lie ahead of
them. " very well,"

added Teldor, "Rest tonight, and leave tomorrow." The squires saluted and left
the room to make preparations for their journey. Teldor and melody briefly
looked at each other, then once again turned their attention to the map, and
the figurines arranged upon it.

Author:  Teldor
Date    Mon Jun  3 23:21:06 2002

Subject  A Matter of Conscience

It had been two days since Lord Kadith and The Squire Rek returned, and yet
the Squire Bevier has still not been heard from. Teldor paced around the room,
angry at himself for allowing the squire to accept such a mission.

he thought about the squire, and although Teldor knew that Bevier was doing
his duty as called for by the measure, he was also conscious of the fact that
Bevier ws not yet a knight. "Is it possible, he was not yet ready,"

Teldor asked himself. It was not untill he remembered once being told about
his paceing wearing out the floor boards, that he stopped and collected his
thoughts. This was his responsibility. He had spoken with he other knights,
and they had agreed that the best course of action was to give bevier more
time before a search party was sent looking for him. Teldor knew that given
the circumtances, this was the best oourse of action, and yet, he could not
sleep at night.

It was early in the morning. the sun had not yet risen, and the cobblestones
of the street were still slick with the morning dew. Teldor had left quietly.
takeing only some provisions, and a horse from the Solamnic Keep's stables. He
knew the route that Bevier was to take on his search for Lord Kadith, and it
was that route That Teldor travelled this morning. He rode hard, his cloak
pulled around him tightly to shield him from the chill morning air. Stopping
only to rest his horse, he rode on through the night loking for any sign of
the Squire's passing. It was early the next morning, when he spotted tracks on
the forest floor. Stopping to study them, Teldor quickly recognized the
imprints, they were the very same as those left be his horse. That is, they
were left by a horse shoe with the same unique design. A design, that is
commonly used by the Solamnic knights.

encouraged by the find, Teldor rode on, and it was not long before he came
upon a clearing. At first delighted by the site of the clearing and the stream
that ran next to it, Teldor's thoughts of rest quickly subsided as he entered
the clearing and found all the signs of a small skirmish. He noted the small
stains of blood, the disturbed soil, and even some crude pieces of debris that
were probably knocked lose from some less then sound armor. What he didn't
find, what he most wanted to find, was something to indicate the squire had
been this way.

Teldor dismounted his horse and walked around the clearing, studying every
detail as best he could.

It wasn't long before Teldor picked up the trail leaving the clearing the to
west. turning, he quickly mounted his horse and rode west, a little slower now
then before, a little more cautious now. it wasn't far from the clearing that
he came upon what appearred to be a camp site. there were two crude canvas
tents, both ripped from end to end. The fire looked to have been trampled by a
stampede and all about the site was scattered debris. Teldor rummaged through
the site, looking for some clue as too what had happened. He could find no
bodies and yet clearly there was blood present. He thought to himself about
the possibilty that anyone could break camp in such a foolish mannor, leaving
behind a clear sign of their presence. It made no sense to him, and yet there
were no one here, dead or alive. The blood stains, although not fresh, did not
seem to be too old either.

They appeared to be focused on the west side of the ruined camp, and so,
Teldor grapsing the Holy symbol that held his cloak closed at the shoulder,
said A quick prayer to the Triumverte and headed west once again.

It was while heading west that he came upon a Single man in Plate Armor. The
man had been travelling west as as well, and at the sound of Teldor's approach
from behind, turned to face him. It was then the Teldor realized That the man
was the squire bevier. he had been badly wounded and was covered in blood, not
just his own either.

Teldor Sat upon his horse stareing at the battered squire, realizing that
despite his wounds he was still

Author:  Teldor
Date    Mon Jun  3 23:30:17 2002

Subject  A Matter of Conscience conclusion

Heading west, still trying to complete the quest assigned to him. Teldor
smiled with pride at the squire.

after resting for some time, so that Bevier could eat and Teldor could care
for his wounds. the two of them departed together they road back to the
solamnic keep in the Lord City, and while the rode Teldor listened to Bevier's
tale of capture and escape, and his narrowly meeting up with The squire Rek.
The ride Back was more enjoyable and Teldor, knowing that the squire was safe,
allowed himself to enjoy the beautifull fall foliage as they rode home.

Author:  Teldor
Date    Tue Jun  4 18:20:11 2002

Subject  A Day of celebration

It has been a quite day, A day in which the squires Rek and Bevier had spent
in silent Mediation and reflection.

This day of meditation was as much tradition as it was a chance for them to
search their hearts and pray for Guidance on the Vows and commitment they were
about to take. It was now just after sunset, and the knights had already begun
gathering at the solamnic keep. Teldor had spent the last hour polishing his
armor and makeing the final preparations for a meal, a meal he always insisted
on prepareing himself. This was a special day, for on this day the squires Rek
and Bevier would be takeing their final oath and entering the Order of the
Crown as Knights of Solamnia.

Teldor entered the chapel silently, Lady meldoy walking at his side. He noded
at the assembled knights and made slowly up the asile of the chapel. the
squires were now visible, still kneeling before the alter at the front of the
chapel. Teldor and Meldoy moved forward, progressing up the asile before
finally coming to stand before the squires. Teldor smiled at them briefly and
then spoke, raising his voice slightly so that all of the gathered knights
could hear him. "Having spent this Day in reflection, is it still your wish to
take these vows, to enter into this life of service to your fellow knights and
the triumverte?" The squires each responded confidently, "It is." Teldor
smiled, and then reached up and removed a ceremonial sword from the alter. He
briefly held it aloft, then lowered it to the level of his chest, the Blade
pointed toward the Drak vaulted roof of the chapel. The squires stared into
the blade, their reflections visible upon the polished steel of the ancient
blade. Once gain speaking so that all could here, Teldor addressed the
squires. "Do you pledge yourselves to uphold all that is Good, present
yourselves honorably and defend the weak and defenseless?" The squires
replied, "I do." Teldor continued, "Do you pledge yourselves to live your life
according to the Oath and Measure, allowing them to guide your actions, and
swear to defend them if they come under attack?" Once again they replied, "I
do." Teldor proceded, "Do you pledge yourselves to the Order of the Crown,
swear to follow its virtue's of Loyalty and Obedience as stated in the
Measure?" "I do," the squires replied with resolve. "Do you pledge do defend
your fellow knights, Paladine and his son Habbakuk, patron god of the Order of
the Crown," Teldor asked.

Once again the squires replied with confidence, "I do." Teldor smiled and
lowered the blade, placeing it on each one of the squire's shoulder's. "Arise
Sir Bevier WillowBlade. and Sir Rek LoreBlade. Welcome to the Order of the
Crown," Teldor said as he smiled with pride at the two Knights. He then
embraced each of the knights in a hug as the gathered knights cheered in
support of their new brothers. "come, let us celebrate with a meal,"

said Teldor. With that, he made his way down the asile of the chapel.
Following behind him were Lady Melody and the two Knights, who had entered the
chapel the night before as squires.

Author:  Teldor
Date    Tue Sep  3 19:19:02 2002

Subject  An Unexpected Battle

Teldor sat in his office working, startled by the sudden banging noise from
down the hall, he stood up and walked over to the door. Opening it, he stepped
outside into the hall and listened. After amoment he heard it again.

Teldor began to walk down the hall towards the noise, but increased his pace
to a run upon hearing not just banging, but gutteral groans as well. he ran
down the hall, following the sounds to the dungeon. When he arrived, he saw
Lord dartain standing before an occupied cell. He stood screaming into it, as
the door began to shake on its hinges and and bulge. uncertain of what was
going on, Teldor looked to dartain for an explanation. "What is going on in

Lord Dartain replied that someone had put some sort of a beast in the cell
with Lord Decred. Teldor looked at the door to the cell, noticing for the
first time the large gashes in the wood, as if an axe had been used in an
attempt to break down the door, Within moments, the door bulged again as a
huge horn came through the door sending splinters flying. Dartain and Teldor
leaned against the door to hold it in place. wondering if the prisoner was
still alive inside and trying to decide what to do. Dartain looked over to the
wall and ran from the door a moment, retrieving a crossbow from the wall, he
turned to the door and began to fire through the now splintering door, the
bolts struck the creature in the shoulder, and it cried out in pain. The
creature reached up and ripped the bolt from its shoulder, then charged at the
door again. this time the door gave, breaking free from its hinges and
knocking Teldor back against the wall as it flew across the hallway. Teldor
stood dazed a moment, trying to shake off the blow as dartain fired once again
into the now open cell at the creature. the bolts sailed past the creature as
it raised its head and stepped out of the cell into the hallway. For the first
time, dartain and Teldor looked upon the creature clearly. It was a scale
covered creature more then six feet tall, and a face that seemed to be almost
out of focus. Dartain called out to Teldor to get out and seal the dungeon
door as he jumped onto the creature's back, grabbing it by its massive horns.
Teldor turned to the door yelling for the guards to close the door and bolt
it. after watching as the door slammed shut, sealing them in the hall with the
creature, teldor turned to dartain.

He stood confused as the hall was now empty, occupied only be fragments of the
cell door and splinters. within seconds he heard the creature and Dartain, now
inside the cell, struggling. Teldor lunged forward and turned to look inside
the cell, where he saw Lord dartain wrestling with the creature, the two of
them apparently having rolled into the cell from the hall. The creature had
lifted Lord dartain up and slammed him into onto the ground before it.

Dartain's throw to the floor provided and opening, and Teldor pulled out his
sword and charged at the creature.

The creature had lifted its foot into the air above dartain, leaving its side
exposed as Teldor swung his blade at the creature's flank. Too late, Teldor's
blade sliced through the creature's flesh along its ribs, and it cried out in
agony as it slammed its foot down. Dartain quickly rolled to the side, but did
not fully clear the massive foot as it came crashing down upon Dartain's Leg.
The creature turned to Teldor and swung, but was caught unaware of his still
outstretched blade. The creature yelled as its hand slid across the blade and
quickly pulled back.

Dartain rolled and kicked the creature in the chest, breaking ribs, and
knocking it back against the cell wall.

Teldor leaned in with his sword and thrust as the creature, catching it in arm
and pinning it to the wall behind it.

The creature. with one arm pinned in the wall, swung its other hand at the
middle of teldor's blade, still clasped in his hand. The massive blow knocked
the sword from Teldor's hands and threw him back against the wall, leaving

Author:  Teldor
Date    Tue Sep  3 19:37:29 2002

Subject  An Unexpected Battle II

the sword still pinning the creature to the wall. Lord Dartain struggling to
stand on his damaged leg, drew his sword and swung at the creatures free hand.
The creature screamed out as its hand was mangled and nearly removed by the
blow. Teldor, now unarmed, charged at the creature's chest with his shoulder.
The collison drove the creature against the wall behind it as its ribs broke,
and it cried out. The Creature quickly lowered it head and swung the horns at
Teldor's chest. Teldor still too close from his charge, couldn't move in time
and screamed as the horns pushed their way through his armor, and knocked him
to the floor. The creature leaned its head back, pulling the horns from
Teldor's chest and looked to dartain. Teldor screamed as the horns pulled
back, and looked down, thankfull for the thickness of the armor that prevented
them from going any deeper. Teldor looked up at the creature, now moving
towards dartain, and swung his leg at its knees. The creature easily stepped
over Teldor's kick as it moved to dartain. dartain quickly jumped onto the
creature, and wrapped his hands around it neck, squeezing tightly. The
creature struggled, trying to throw Dartain off, and after a moment began to
slow, and collapsed to the ground unconscious. Teldor, clutching his probably
broken ribs and wound where the horns entered his flesh, stood up and pulled
his sword form the wall, as Lord Dartain cried out to look.  Teldor turned,
and was amazed to see Lord Decred laying in the puddle of blood where the
creature has been a moment before. The Dark Kight was unconscious, and there
was no sign of the creature. Teldor and Dartain looked at each other, unsure
how the clerical bindings on the cell could have failed. They stuggled to
catch their breath, as they stared at the unconscious Dark Knight, trying to
decide what to do next.

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