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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Terrsa.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places an elegant book bound in elf-skin on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Terrsa' scribed in dull purple ink.

Author:    Terrsa         
Date:      Fri May 18 15:53:03 2007
Subject     [FWD] My past

[FWD Note] - [ 15] Terrsa: My past
[FWD Date] - Fri May 18 15:50:23 2007
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On the isle of Mithas, on the Northeastern shores of the blood sea of
Istar, a death is celebrated and a new life begins for a fortunate Minotuar.
The year is 364 Post Cataclysm, I was born in the early morning, the red
light of Lunitari spilling across the isle washing it in bloodstain, a good
omen for a Noble warrior's birth.  My father would not have been as pleased
to have parented a female, the males regarding more respect and influence in
our race.  Fortunately, I was never allowed the chance to feel unwanted or
unloved by him since he was murdered as I was brought from my Mother's womb
into this life.  Murder is a way of life to the Minotaur, and is sometimes
the only answer to certain situations.  We show weaknesses to our enemies,
then they will infiltrate those weaknesses and conquer us in body and

Being raised as a warrior, I was taught discipline.  I was percieved as
having my father's courage and ambition, both well liked traits which made
me a favorite of many of the elder Champions, those who had fought and won
in the Great Circus.  

The only way to have leadership in my culture was to show yourself a
honorable and fierce warrior by defeating your opponents in the Great
Circus, an arena style battle where one competes thereby showing his or her
skill, or lack of skill in some cases.  Finally, my time had come to prove
myself to my peers, I would be fighting before all to boast my skills and
discipline.  I was envied by some, and also liked by many, but on his day, I
would earn the respect of even my enemies.  

As the event progressed I felt quite confident that I would defeat most of
my opponents.  I did not expect to gain leadership, only admiration. 
Fighting tooth and nail, I earned my place in the top five warriors. 
Returning from a short break to allow for sand to be poured over the blood
covered arena, I found I was up against a young, stubborn warrior, one whom
I had refused in intimate advances, there he stood before me with a mocking
grin which showed .  His many broken teeth.  Being hit hard with blows from
his mighty hammer, I was keeping a steady pace returning the blows, chopping
with my axe at his exposed areas.  Suddenly, he spoke words I had never
heard, not in our native language, but words of magic.  My strength was
failing me and I lay confused on the sandy floor with his silver hammer
inches from my skull.  Enraged, I struggled to rise but could not.  Moments
passed and soon the entire audience joined in his mocking laughter, causing
me to feel utter hate for them all.  Soon, the feeling passed and I stood
weakly with words of revenge escaping my lips before I left the arena in
shameful embarrassment.  Returning to my dwelling, I gathered my belongings
and made my way to a merchant ship departing for Solace.  With the excuse
that I was to buy wares in the city, I made my way to Solace, unknowing of
where I would go once I arrived.  

Sitting in a crowded inn, I overheard a conversation of this band of money
hungry characters that were somewhat questionable in morals and welcomed
those of the outside races.  Immediately I decided to search for their
leader, to seek acceptance amongst them while I planned my revenge.  

Author:    Terrsa         
Date:      Thu Nov  6 13:57:41 2008
Subject     An unexpected meeting

Terrsa walks underneath the walkway, as she listens she hears voices
above and smells sweets being baked close by. Stopping to take a pull from
her skin, she hopes she'll have no troubles here in Solace.

Dante walks out onto the torch lit pathway, his mouth and chin covered in
blood. He looks around and wipes his mouth with his sleeve and smirks as his
eyes fall on a Minotaur. He tilts his head and walks toward the towering

Terrsa sees a stranger approach and quickly puts her drinking skin away.
Straightening, she waits for him to near her before she makes a move.

Dante stops in front of the Cow-beast and looks it up and down. "Strange to
see a Minotaur in solace." He says in a harsh voice.

Terrsa pauses, gauging this human before her. "I am only one, I would not
bring the unwanted attention of the whole of Solace upon my horns. I had
hoped to find a merchant who would trade with one of my kind."

Dante grins wickedly. "Now that..would be fun. Taking on the whole of
Solace. Why didn"t i Think of that?" His eyes glint with madness and he
laughs wickedly.

'My gut tells me I'm not wanted in this quiet little town." Terrsa says with
disdain. "Do you travel alone?"

Dante quickly states, "I'm never alone, my Queen is always with me."

Dante pulls a flask out from under his cloak and winks. "I have me own..."
He opens it and holds it up. "To Takhisis!" He says before taking a long
swig from his flask.

Terrsa suddenly thinks back to the dreams of the fierce knight in shining
armor, and the image of the five headed dragon that often comes to mind.
Deciding to learn more of his Queen, she walks closer still to him.

Terrsa desperately wants to learn more of this Dark Lady haunting her dreams
so she continues, "What would your Queen think of me?", she bluntly asks.

Dante winks at the Minotaur and reaches inside a pouch. He pulls out a Five
headed Dragon Medallion and looks at her. "There's only one way to satisfy
your curiousity." He tosses the medallion to her and winks. 'Let Her come to
you. She will show you want you want to know. But now, i must leave. Don't
worry I'm sure we'll meet again.' 

To be continued...

Author:    Terrsa         
Date:      Wed Nov 12 14:33:18 2008
Subject     A calling

Unable to sleep for the fourth night in a row, Terrsa growls in
frustration and sits up in her dark room. Lighting a candle she begins
packing her belongings and decides that she has no choice, she must go.
Picking up the medallion of the five-headed dragon resting on her night
stand, she says quietly, "I will come." 

Leaving a note that she must travel alone on personal matters for a brief
time, she emerges into the darkness of Solace. 

"I must go now, I cannot wait til dawn!", she roars at the man ferrying the
little boat to Palanthas. Handing him several shiny gold coins, she boards
the ferry and makes her way to the docks in Palanthas. 

Looking at the nearest ship she asks with a snort, "The Bedazzle?" Adjusting
her pack on her back to even it's weight she walks toward the ship to seek

Author:    Terrsa         
Date:      Sat Dec 18 15:29:07 2010
Subject     The Revenge of a Nation

"Tell us one more Aunt Terrsa, pleeease!" With his horns just coming in,
the male son of her sister was starting to show great potential in his daily
training, Terrsa felt pride seeing the camp fire reflected in his large
brown eyes. At a nod from the nearest Elder, she begins to relate her
favorite bed time story as told to her by her sire. 

"In the beginning of time, there were only the ogres on Krynn. They were not
the same as we know them to be today, they were creatures of immense beauty
who were powerful enough to build nations and had magical abilities. Even
the Elves of today would have envied their beauty. But not unlike the Elves
upon Krynn today, they were vain, and became jealous of others. They wasted
their achievements and became corrupt in their greatness. Some few of these
Ogres saw they were headed towards doom, and did try to speak to their
brethren and show them the destruction that was coming if changes were not
made." " Taking the advice as a jealous attempt to diminish them, the
corrupt ones did not listen. They fell from the grace of our Great Honred
One, Sargas, and he cast out the Ogres, in his anger he made them into the
vile, disgusting creatures we know them to be today. The Ogres cannot even
recall the greatness of their own ancestors. Taking a breath, Terrsa pauses
for dramatic effect on the youths gathered by. 

"It is said, however, that Sargas did take pity on those few who did try to
refrain from the corruption of the Ogre race. Sargas, or Sargannon as we
sometimes know him grasped those who did remain worthy, and removed them far
from the others. Sargas marked them as his true children and made them to
resemble himself. Those were our ancestors, the first Minotaurs, the chosen
of Sargas. We are the greatness that the Ogres could have been, they tossed
away their grace and in doing so we became the greatest of races on Krynn.
We have been enslaved over time but always fought for freedom. We've been
driven back and always we come back stronger than before. All other races
are ants in the eyes of Sargas. We are the true future of Krynn! Krynn's
fated masters and the true children of destiny! We will rise up and take
back what is rightfully ours one day! This shall come to pass it is said in

Looking around Terrsa saw the seeds of revenge planted in every youth, as
well as adult face, around the fire. With a grunt of satisfaction she rose
and left for her tent. Removing her weapons she thought to herself, " This
shall come to pass...Maybe sooner than later!" 

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