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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Tharion.

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Author:          Tharion
Date    Fri Feb 17 19:15:51 2006
Subject  Meeting of the Young.

The Furyons, a high prestige family in Kothian society, have for long
maintained an important role in the island's economy.

Aside from being amongst the most renowned of warriors, their merchant
vein had gained them connections across Krynn.

Such a connection was with the uth Matar family.

From dealing in weapons to lending ships when a pirate fleet endangered
the shores near the uth Matar domains, relations between the two houses
were very good , and meetings were often held between the heads of both
the houses, to discuss business and, as they became more cordial and
closer, casual diners and invitations for hunts and the such.

On one such occasion Lord uth Matar had come to Kothas with his family
on an invitation from Lord Furyon.

With Lord and Lady uth Mata came their two daughters. The oldest didn't
look to be older than ten years old, and she was crippled.

Since the grownups conversation didn't interest them in the slightest,
the youngest girl, Shea'ana, convinced her sister to go exploring the
Furyon Manor.

The two sisters wandered around for a bit, until they got to the
courtyard and to the Great Gate of the Manor. "Aya... I don't think we
should go out there..."

"Come on Shea, you got me to come all the way out here and now you don't
even want to take a look at what's outside there?" As her younger sister
shook her head no, Aya limped out to the street to have a small look

As she stepped a little away from the gate, three goblin slaves came up
to her. Nothing like the warrior types found in the mainland, these
slaves were broken by years of servitude.

Which didn't stop them from taking advantage of the opportunity to tease
and torment a crippled human child. To her credit, no matter how close
to tears she was, Aya shed none.

Suddenly there was a grunt and the sound of someone running, and all Aya
had time to see was someone "charging" in and head butting one of the
goblins, rendering him unconscious.

Before the other two managed to turn on the newcomer, Aya managed to see
her saviour. A minotaur, no older than herself, bearing a stick stood
over the fallen goblin, his eyes set on the other two.

His fur was of a bluish black and his eyes were grey, young as he was
his horns were barely visible.

The goblins were no fighters, and the minotaur, while no accomplished
warrior, had the bearing of one that relished the fight. The minotaur
easily dodged the two goblins' blows, and without much effort brought
them down, just as the third regained his senses and fled.

Not wanting to be found anywhere near a fight witha  minotaur,
regardless of age, the other two struggled to their feet and made a run
for it too.

As the goblins fled, voices were heard from within the gates: "She can't
have gone far" "Regardless, Galadin, it is not safe for a human so young
to be wandering around in Kothas by herself." As the voices neared, the
young minotaur approached Aya and held out his hand to help her up.

Are you allright? Did they harm you?"

"No... i'm not hurt."

"I'm Tharion." He said still holding out his hand.

Taking his hand to help herself stand she answered, "I'm Ayasana....
thank you.

When she stood the two younglings looked at each other, measuring,

After a few moments the minotaur said, "You were brave. Many with more
age would have cried out.

Lifting her head defiantly the crippled girl answered, "I wouldn't give
anyone the satisfaction

The young minotaur nodded and dashed back up the stree, leaving Ayasana
alone as her parents and Lord Furyon came out the gates.

After a scolding and an explanation of what happened, Ayasana mentioned
her saviour.

"He said his name was Tharion.

Lord uth Matar turned to Lord Furyon, "You know this boy?"

"Better than many.... Tharion Furyon is my youngest.

Author:    Tharion        
Date:      Wed Nov  1 18:40:53 2006
Subject  Closure and beggining.

It fell. Once again it fell. The curse of the minotaur nation, that it could not unite for long enough to take it's rightfull place on Krynn, as it's rulers.

He stood at the center of the arena, looking around at the, once again, unkept building.The emperor had disappeared, rumours abounding as to the why, and the Head Clerist was mowhere to be found.

The empire, what little of it they had rebuilt, was dividing once more into factions, and Tharion lacked the strenght to pull it together alone. He was tired and mourning for what could have been.

Driving a dagger to the floor, Tharion stood and walked out of the Arena and, again, towards the docks.

There was noone there to stop him this time, noone to call out for him to come and help rebuild his nation.

There was noone else who cared.

He had to wait for days untill the only ship sailing out of Mithas to be ready.

Soon after departing Mithas was little more than a spot on the horizon. Leaning against the railing, Tharion dwelled on the few months of their dreamt empire, on his hand a pice of cloth with a Condor on it.

He would leave, but someday he would return, stronger and wiser, and able to see the dream of the Blood Empire through.



Eventually he came to port in Nordmaar, although he didn't dwell there for long, moving inland and beggining to explore the continent of Ansalon. After all... one day the minotaur kind would control all of this.

But for now he had more pressing matters to attend to... surviving.

Perhaps he would go to Neraka, where he would most likely find uth Matar.


He was still surprised at the healthy-looking warrior he had found after his bout with Emperor Indigo. Far from the feeble cripple he had met years ago, uth Matar held a mystery for Tharion, a mystery he intended to solve.

And after meeting with her perhaps he would go into mercenary work. There was always work available to an able warrior. But for now he would visit a childhood friend.

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