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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Thearn.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Thearn' scribed in deep maroon ink.

Author:  Thearn
Date    Sat Jan 12 14:42:58 2002

Subject  A new day begins...

The "Order" is useless. It was made painfully clear to me during my time

I spent my time recovering within the halls of the Odrder, listening to each
argument and quarrel. the "High Priests and Priestess'" were discussing my
fate. What right did those imputent mortals have to decide my fate? I could
hear Habbakuks head witch demanding for my imprisonment. I could hear the High
Priestess of Lunitari attempting to mediate, and i heard my brethren Anatole
threatening Kilandara. I was filled with frustration.

As i lay in my bed, bandaged and still bleeding partially, I could only snarl
at the image i must give. Weak and Helpless. Battered and Bruised. I refused
to allow any healing, I would recover on my own, or not at all.Such is
Morgions will.

I was near death for days. Malen covered my wounds with boils and sores, to
harden my skin and body. I began to recover, slowly. I was on my feet days
later, and my body had absorbed the disease, and it was growing within me.

I not only regained my strength and power, but it began to increase. My powers
began to increase as well. Morgion was growing within me as the disease grew
within me. Except this plague was not going to be my end, but my begining.

I decided to end the life of the one i spared. Malen was beginning to see what
I saw within the Order, and in secret, we abandoned the order and made our way
on our own. Morgions way.

In time other began to follow. Morgion's path was tread by many. We walked in
darkness and we walked with purpose. One by one, small towns and villages
began to fill with disease. The clerics ensorcling swords and daggers with the

We stormed over the lands like teh Dark Cloud itself...a shadow of pain and
disease. Few died, as was intended. We would let the whores of Mishakal try to
heal them all...if they could.

Our weapon was fear and choas, disease and pain. The people parted from us as
if we were death itself. The time would come when all would remember the Dark
Cloud and tremble inside.


(More to Come...)

Thearn Bloodforge, Servant of Morgion ... [  Shadow  ]

Author:  Thearn
Date    Fri Jan 18 06:28:32 2002

Subject  the shadow grows...

The shadow walks. It moves with purpose. Everything it passes by erupts with
disease and decay. The only fear is the fear we create. Death is a blessing
for those who stand before the shadow.

With each new story of terror the people of Krynn tell of the shadow, the
shadow grows. There is no disease more powerful, nor plague that moves as
swiftly, as the fear we infect throughout the world.

In every village and city that the shadow covers a temple to the blue witch
Mishakal can be found. Only those villages that swear to burn the temples are
spared the wrath of the Dark Cloud. Those who refuse...regret so later, I
assure you.

Let the weakling priests and priestesses try and heal the plague. Let them try
and heal the disease and pain we bring. Let them stand before the shadow in
defiance. And let them cower.

With every light there is shadow. With every cure there is a cause. Once the
shadow was a result of you, and soon it will be your end. You may heal the
disease and decay...but you can NEVER heal the fear!

The day comes when every man, woman, and child will pay homage to the Dark
Cloud. All will fear the wrath, and all will come to love and adore The Dark
Cloud. The day comes when the people of Krynn will become one with the shadow.

None but the faithful will escape. None but the faithful will survive. Faith
in the Dark Cloud alone. When your weakling goddess of healing has failed you,
you will come to the shadow.

When she has done all she can, and the shadow still stands, you will truely
know fear.

Beware the shadows little ones...they are comming for you.

Thearn Bloodforge, Voice of the Shadow, and Servant of the Dark Cloud.

Author:  Thearn
Date    Sat Jan 19 22:56:29 2002

Subject  The 1st to fall...

It happened. It was inevitable. The great blue whore sent her weakling to
stand against the shadow. I wonder if she knew she was sending him to his
death. Perhaps she underestimated the shadow. She wont do so again.

It was near midnight. The deepest shadows were fully grown across the lands.
We walked freely through each city and village. The people know better than to
walk at night these days. The Shadow loves the night. The shadow has no limits
at night.

I walked slowly toward the gates of the small village, but Malen was nowhere
in sight. He was to meet me here as we had heard of a temple to the blue witch
was built within. A temple that would not stand long.

I walked slowly into the village, and began to grin as i heard the cries of
pain from the small houses. Apparently Malen had begun to bring the message of
Morgion without me. I cannot fault his zeal. Each scream would bring more fear
and respect.

As i neared the center of the village, where i assumed the pathetic temple to
the blue witch would be, I saw an odd light. Light that should not be here.
Light comming from the temple itself. It seems we are not alone.

I rounded the corner to find Malen in full combat with a one of the blue
witch's chosen. A paladin of Mishakal. His sword was ringing soundly off
Malens venomed mace, steel clashing against steel as Malen fought back

I drew my mace as fast as possible, and uttered my most powerful and valued
maladiction. As i came close the prayer finished and the paladin screamed in
agony as Morgion blessed my words and boils burst from his skin. It was time
for an example.

He noticed my approach and turned to defend, but Malen was quicker, knocking
his sword aside and landing a solid strike to his shield shoulder, lowering
his defenses. My mace landed with a sickening crack against the paladins head.

The man lay motionless on the ground, blood streaming from his head. I much
prefer to leave those who oppose the Shadow in agony and pain, but the wolrd
must know what a threat we truely are. This would be the 1st to recieve my
blessing of death.

He was by far better off in death. Let him tell his goddess of our might face
to face. Let her explain to him why she could not save him. And when she
cannot give her fallen hope, let them wither in despair. Let them feel the
fear grow within.

Perhaps one day they will call me Thearn the Mericful for what I have done
this day...

Perhaps not...

Thearn Bloodforge, Voice of the Shadow, Servant of the Dark Cloud.

Author:  Thearn
Date    Thu Jan 24 01:42:38 2002

Subject  The Shadow can hunt as well little ones...

I stood outside the small ogre village. Zlik had made his way inside and
Grumash had joined us before his return to his people. He stood near me
grunting in his gutteral tongue and practicing with his bone spear.

I grew bored and sat down for the moment to meditate in prayer, content to
link mentally with the disease followers we had amassed in the villages we had
come from. After some time I began to get reports of 3 mysterious figures
stalking nearby.

I utilized a quick enchantment to see thru the eyes of the diseased, and sure
enough I could make out 3 figures, a minotaur, a thief, and a half elf. It
seems these ones had not learned thier lessons yet.

I ended the connection and stood. With a motion to Grumash and a few words we
took to the shadows easily and crept toward our assailants. Within minutes
they were in sight. Grumash started out toward them, but i held him back.

I removed a parchment from my robes and began to recite a few words. The
scroll evaporated in flame and the smoke drifted off towrad the 3. The half
elf quick fell to the ground...asleep.

I nodded to my large companion and he charged through the shadow as the
remaining 2 assailant were still confused. The thief had his back to Grumash,
a normally fatal mistake.

Grumash slammed the hilt of his sword down on Tarmins shoulder, crumpling him
in a heap of flesh on the ground. As Kroog turned to the large creature I
stepped from the Shadow.

"Do you still wish to "hunt" me without the aid of your friends Minotaur?"

"You are a coward cleric..."

"And you are a fool. Perhaps I should call Zlik...I think he would quite
enjoy gutting another Minotaur..."

Kroog snarled at the mention of Zlik and his dead brethren...

"Fight me Thearn...You and I...For Honor..."

I laughed quite hard and nodded to Grumash before removing a small pouch of
black ashes from my belt.

"I am no Knight you fool, honor is a word for men without a cause of thier
own...I have my cause..."

With that i threw the pouch out toward the minotaur and whispered a few words.
The pouch disolved and the ashed sprayed out at Kroog, covering his body and
clinging to exposed flesh, burning it and covering it in boils.

I nodded toward Grumash and as the first shreak left Kroogs lips Grumashs fist
crashed squarely into the side of his head, knocking him backwards to the

Grumash then turned and walked back to the ogre village. I stood over the
writhing minotaur and grinned.

"Death would be a blessing for I would not honor you with. So you
will live in pain, and humiliation, knowing you are powerless against the
Shadow. Your despare and fear will consume you like no disease can."

With that I turned and walked toward the village, smiling as i heard the
gutteral cry of anguish from the beaten minotaur. I heard him stand slowly, in
agony, and trod off in the other direction to heal, and soon i could hear him
begin to run.

As I approached the village Zlik emerged. He asked where I had been and
Grumash and I exchanged a sly grin. I simply tld him I had to give a message
to someone...personally.

When one hunts a shadow, one often forgets that the Shadow can hunt as well...

Thearn Bloodforge, Voice of Morgion

Author:  Thearn
Date    Tue Feb  5 22:14:49 2002

Subject  Acts of agression

He sat in the shadow of the room. His creatures and fellow dark dwarves were
fine for now...occupying themselves elsewhere. He had time to think...time to
plan. The time was nearing, too quickly he thought.

In the days to come there would be no denial of the Dark Cloud. No confusion
as to his power. No confusion as to his plan. And there would be no hope to
stop him.

He grew restless. It had been long since he had himself tested his skills and
powers. His god favored him, yet he did not know the limits of his
ability...yet. It was a pity for the arrogant mage who found him deep in this

With a nod to his companion, who also lingered in the shadow, gutteral words
were spoken. The mage turned quickly enough to catch the words comming from
the shadowed thief, and then the mage fell quickly to the floor.

He stepped from the shadow and peer down to the limp form on the floor.It was
time for him to test his limits. He kneeled down before the body and closed
his eyes. He called to his god, offering the healed body to his god.

After a few moment of whispered words, his hands began to burn painfully. It
was working. His hands began to explode with boils and rash.

He lowered his hands to the limp form on the floor and placed one on the mages
head, and one on his chest. The effect was awe inspiring. Boils exploded
violently from the mages skin, while the sleeping mage screamed will all his

The exposed flesh that was not covered in boils became a deep red rash, while
the smallest digits of the mages body became blackened and lifeless. Even in
his sleep the mage clawed furiously at his skin.

He stood then, pleased with his gift, and walked over to his companion.
"Leave him...if he survives he will be yet another sign of our Gods
power...Pathetic really..."

He left with his companion. He was prepared for the comming tests...

Thearn Bloodforge.

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