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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Thoras.

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Astinus gently places an elegant book bound in elf-skin on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Thoras' scribed in deep orange ink.

Author:    Thoras         
Date:      Thu Sep  7 21:56:38 2006
Subject  The Journey of Thoras Ul Derkan (Part 1 of 2)

This journey started many years ago, and has not yet been completed.
The horse was tired, so was he. These plains were beatiful, but all he
could concentrate on was the ache of the saddle. He decided that at the
top he would walk, for both of their sakes.

As he rose the hill, like so many before it on this sea of green, he
caught sight of a pyre, like a lance stuck into the ground, handle down.
But, it was so far away.

The man had never laid his eyes on anything like it.  His hands on the
reigns dropped, slowing the horse.  The display before him seemed nothing
to these people that were now passing him, but he did not notice. His
gaze was on this amazing tower before him..

The Tower of the High Clerist

The caravan's lead driver, an overfed and worrisome oaf, turned to the 
man on the horse, "Are you coming with us then Thor?"

The man known as Thoras awoke from his short breathlessness,"It's big."

The oaf laughed and turned back around.  The road had been long, but
thankfully uneventful. The journey here had not all been so.

Beyond the Tower was his destination. The great Palanthas. He had set
out many years ago, and had been delayed, sidetracked, and rerouted to
get to this point.


Author:    Thoras         
Date:      Thu Sep  7 22:06:27 2006
Subject  The Journey of Thoras Ul Derkan (Part 2 of 2)

(cont. from 1)

Thoras leapt from the horse.  He removed his belt and sheathed sword
from the saddle horn, and took the reigns around the horse's neck to lead 
the trusty steed.

He patted his horse. A good horse, that had taken him all the way from
the shores of NewSea to the gates of Kalaman, and had been along with
Thoras on more caravans than this one.

More caravans whose journeys had not been so..uneventful.

He would make a small amount of steel this trip.  The entire reason for
him taking this job was for him to make it here. Finally.

He had not planned on how to tell his men. Although none was sworn to
him, they had all followed him, and together grown close over the last
years.  Brothers in arms so to speak.

In staying together, they had become well known in the east as some of
the best sellswords around. They had been busy for many months, back
and forth trade city to trade city.

Thoras had even seen Neraka, althought he had not liked the company.
He was happy that he had never gone into the city.  It even felt evil
within sight of the cursed place.

His journey had begun in a forgotten town, with a sleepy farm, on a 
long dusty plain.  But many miles, many scars, and many moons later,
here he stood.

At these gates, crossing a threshold. That time was over for him.  His
life would now have purpose...

Author:    Thoras         
Date:      Sun Dec 10 22:04:52 2006
Subject  A Squire's Purpose (Part I)

 The young man sat at the desk, his head propped on one hand, his other
hand scribbling furiously at the scroll before him.  He shifted his weight
uncomfortably, his chainmail digging into his sides and groin.  Armor is not
meant to be sat down in, the man reflected, just as a soldier is not meant
to be a scholar.  Almost done, Thoras thought thankfully, taking a deep
breath and finding calm.  Orders to a knight from a knight.  But not my
orders, perhaps one day, he again thought to himself as he completed the
scroll and stood.  This not being one of his favorite tasks, he was happy to
be done with it, but also knew that this would not be the last time he pored
over a table on such a beautiful day.  His patron would be happy that he
completed his task so quickly.  He was not expected back to the keep until
tomorrow.  He hoped that she would be proud of him, maybe he would even
receive the rest of the day to his leisure.  With this, he pushed away from
the table, seized his sword and belt from where it hung on the chair, and
blew out the candle.  He left the barrack, and entered the intense sunlight.
He unconsciously narrowed his eyes, the near darkness of the barracks
following him.  When he opened them again, a beautiful sight lay before him.
He was forced to smile at the stunning portrait that the white buildings of
Palanthas made when the sun shone on them.  He tucked the scroll into a
small leather pouch that hung from his shoulder on his right side.  He
reached over to his left side and grasped his sword, making sure his belt
was tight and fixed into place.  He then began the short trek to the keep to
deliver the scroll to a paige, that it may receive the seal of his Patron
Knight and be sent to the Knight to whom the orders that he just wrote
pertain.  Passing through the central market, Thoras was forced to grab hold
of his hilt and hold his sword close to his leg, so crowded was the square. 
Although he towered over most in the square, the young man still had trouble
moving.  He sidestepped and dodged his way to the other side of the square,
and was soon striding up the steps of the keep.  

"You are here already?  " the paige looked sceptical.  "Are you sure that
all is in order and as milady wished?  "

Thoras could merely smile," I'm sure...  Is she in?  Or has she left further
instructions?  "

"She is in, " the paige replied shortly, "but she has asked not to be
bothered, she is in prayer.  She instructed though that if you were to
return today, that you are to report for formation tomorrow on the dawn.  " 

"Very well," the young squire could barely contain his glee as he
rounded on his heel and marched out the door.

(To be continued)

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