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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Toma.

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Astinus gently places a beautiful hard bound book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Toma' scribed in green ink.

Author:    Toma           
Date:      Sun Jan 17 02:30:33 2010
Subject     Winds of War (pt:1)

As the first rays of light filtered through the small slit between the
dark, heavy fabric curtains covering the sole window of the small room, it
heralded an eerie and oppressive feeling that awoke the occupant from his
deep sleep. His wild charcoal hair lay matted flat against his head,
drenched in a cool sweat and accompanied by an unrational sense of dread of
some unknown threat. A strong sense of compulsion takes over him and he
quickly climbs from his simple straw bed. Crossing the room to the simple
chest and hooks placed by the door that contain his belongings he proceeds
to don his simple clothing and retrieves a small short sword from the bottom
of the chest and attaches it to his side. 

The sudden sounds of a growing commotion outside the small window spurred
him through the door, across the circular center room, past his younger
sister and out the main door onto the dirt path that connected him to his
neighbors. Coming to a stop in the middle of the path he scanned around
looking for the cause of the commotion and spied a few of the other
townsfolk standing in a huddle by the stockades. 

"Toma! You should be at home protecting your sister. Not out here, it is too
dangerous out here go back inside now!", an elderly man with strong
shoulders and a gentle face bellowed at the young man as he approached the

"What is going on out here? Why is it so dangerous out here...", Toma's
voice caught in his throat as he looked inside the group lying on the
ground. "Father!" 

The body of an older man lays upon the ground in an ever growing pool of
blood as the multiple wounds covering his body slowly seep away his
ever-fading life. Slowly the boy steps towards his dying father, tears
beginning to swell in the corner of his eyes. As he comes to the side of the
bloody man he drops to his knees his hands laying on the gushing wounds upon
the man's chest. 

"Please... help my father to end his suffering...", Toma's eyes close as he
opens his heart to the gods and prays for mercy for his honorable father.
Unexpectedly a faint glow begins to pulse from beneath the hands of the
young man and his father begins to twitch and convulse in pain as some of
the bleeding slows, but is not stopped. A sudden shock travels throughout
those in attendance at the miraculous expression shown by the rebellious

With more light shining in his eyes the dying man turns to his son and
whispers in a raspy, blood choked voice "Protect your sister. Flee from here
at once... They come on black wings of death and carry the winds of war!"
With the sputtering of those last few words his life is cut short as a black
shafted arrow pierces his father's throat and ends the warning... 
(To be Continued...)

Author:    Toma           
Date:      Thu Jan 21 20:55:26 2010
Subject     Winds of War (pt.2)

Staring down at the black arrow shaft protuding from his father's throat
Toma begin to notice the dark rivulets of blood beginning to seep up from
around the puncture. The shock of the sudden and unheralded attack sent a
shiver of fear and loathing through his body like he had never felt before.
The sounds of those around him echoing throughout his mind as they scurry
off in an attempt to repel the unseen attackers.

He knelt there watching the growing pool of blood forming below himself and
his father's body as he held him, ignoring all that was proceeding around
him. The soft touch of a small hand awoke him from his reverie and his faced
turned out over the darkened village. What was seen was pure horror. Things
of nightmares were flitting from building to building and cutting through
anything that tried to stand in their way. Surprisingly the villagers were
holding their own against these abominations of nature. The dark scales that
covered their body was glistening with the blood of those that were not as

"Toma...", the small scared voice of his sister pulled him from looking
about the brutal scene playing out before him and brought him back to what
was closest to him. 

Standing behind my sister the other children of the village had gathered the
stood there shivering in fright as they watched their families and neighbors
being slaughtered. A sense of purpose over took him that he couldn't
explain, he had to get these children to safety. "Follow me Lysa. You have
to help me get all the children to safety. Can you be brave and do that for

(To be Continued...)

Author:    Toma           
Date:      Thu Jan 21 22:30:49 2010
Subject     Winds of War (pt.3)

Drawing the worn shortsword from it's sheath hanging from my side I
twirled around to face the person approaching my back only to stop from
landing the wildly swung attack before the blade bit into the elder of the

"Careful there young man. The look in your eyes says you plan on protecting
these children. I am glad that your father's bravery flows through your
veins., the graying man said as he wiped the blood a grim from his hands on
his tattered shirt. Reaching into a pocket in his dusty pants the elder
takes a letter out and hands it to Toma. "Make your way to Paladine's Gates
to the north. The Solamnics have been ferrying citizens of Palanthas and the
surrounding towns and villages from there to safety. Deliver this to a
Knight there named Dalyar Uth Suveric. You will find him somewhere upon the

Taking the sealed envelope from the elder I nod in understanding and tuck it
safely inside my tunic. As the village elder turns to head back into the
battle I begin to usher the children northward away from the fighting and
hopefully towards safety. The last memories of Dart are being those of death
and destruction, ones that will follow him and no doubt the children, for
the rest of their lives. 
(To be Continued in Call of War...)

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