The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Torlith.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a beautiful hard bound book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Torlith' scribed in glowing green ink.

Author:  Torlith
Date    Fri Jun 10 22:11:03 2005
Stamp   1118459463
Subject  Unholiness

A nice breezy day in Solace. I wandered through the forest gazing at the
trees. Even though I am a Dark Cleric, I do not discriminate between who and
what i destroy. Uttering a word, i began to levitate.

I glided higher and higher until i reached the Green rooftops... Knowing this
area was filled with bees, A single word formed on my tongue and i was
surrounded by a white aura.

I was right.

Bees Swarmed in from all directions. Not hesistating one moment, A string of
words spouted from my mouth.

An Invisible Barrier barrier encased me in a shell of power.

The First wave of bees smash into the shield with a ferocity that made me add
more power to the shield.

The Bees started slacking their attack, and i started floating downward with
the bees continuously smashing themselves into a bloody mess.

Once on the floor of the forest i started walking again...only to Fall in to a
pit of Endless Darkness.

Not fearing danger from falling due to my earlier spell, i casted another
spell. an Orb of white formed and drifted downward.

it smashed on the bottom of a pit with a drop of 25 feet.

Discovering a tunnel, i walked through it. A surpirse was awaiting for me.

A drow popped out of the Shadow and attacked me.

Casting A battle spell, Flaming Missles darted towards my enemy as i raised my
fist. Seared by flame and blinded, i saw my chance. Smashing my Mace against
his face, there was a Flash  as power helded inside the mace was let loose.

Sighing as i moved the body, i was ashamed of the Drow. If he had not attacked
me, his death could have been prevented. shaking my head as i thought of the

...Darkness will turn upon itself...

I hold no grudges from killing him. I killed him in self defense.

"I don't want to harm you...i just want to leave in peace."

They just spat near me and ignored everything i said. That Angered me. I
dispise unreasonable people and beings.

Reaching deep inside me, i summoned A Blazing Demon That engulfed the Drows.
Every last one of them.

Sick of what i had done, i gated myself back to my dwelling and started

Torlith The man of confused alignment.

Author:  Torlith
Date    Sat Jul  9 23:43:08 2005
Stamp   1120970588
Subject  a long walk.

Moving silently with the shadows, I quietly left palanthas. Frosty wing
nipping my face, I head towards the south east. The night air was cooler than
usual, so i casted a few spells. With just a though of my mind, a bright Blue
Orb forms floating above the palm of my hand. I hurled the Orb upwards, and it
casted its soft blue glow around the area. Sighing as I looked around, i
spotted a few goblins. Startled by the light, the grotesque green forms
waddled towards me with their weapons drawn. Not wanting to kill the
creatures, and not wanting to become mince meat, I raised my hand, and closed
my fist.

The Orb above completely Exploded and showered the area.

By the time the dazed goblins realized what happened, i was long gone. Resting
at a babbling Brook, i rested myself preparing for the trip to Klaman...

Author:          Torlith
Date    Sun Jun 18 00:37:52 2006
Subject  History of Torlith The Dark

Torlith...The Dark wanderer. Many have heard of this name.

I started out in a small village to the east of thelgaard. It is gone now...

I once lived with my parents, but they are gone now. My parents soon heard of
the invasion by dark mercenary forces. They were rumored to arrive within one

We left without haste. I was only 12 then. So i grabbed my meager possesions.
a few coins, a quarterstaff, and my carved ebony dragon.

We quickly headed to the northwest. To a town known as solanthus. 'It will be
safe there...There we will start new lives., she said.

We lived in solanthus for 3 years. Every single day, The Solanthus Guard would
ransack our shanty for whatever coppers they can find.

My hatred for them grew. They greedy Guards armed with swords. My first Diety
Mishakal wouldnt help. I prayed. Noone would help.

except Her...

She filled me with knowledge beyond my age. So i waited. Two months went by
before the guards decided we had something more than coppers.

My parents gave me the whole top floor to myself. Of course, a room 8 by 5
feet isnt exactly freedom. My parents didn't know, that the night they let me
have the attic, we would be attacked.

They came at night. When the red moon of Lunitari was waxing, 6 armed thugs
kicked down our door.

Each wore a cloak of the solanthus guard and carried a monstrous longsword
with gold plate.

I quickly grabbed my hand carved bone mace from under the matress i call bed.
and tried to get downstairs (through a hole *my door*) My latch is stuck... i
hear screams from below. beads of sweat drip down my face.

Shouts of anger and suprise. My father's voice is one shouting. Using my mace,
i smashed the trapdoor open and tumble down.

my mother was on the ground...still...

My father just bashes one down and grabs his sword. He impales another.

'Father! Look out !' he turned to me at my call. jast as our eyes made
contact, a dagger flew from the man on the ground.

It hit its mark dead in the center...

Crying out in rage, I summon energy from deep within. I sprinted forward in a
burst of speed, and smash my mace into the first thugs face.

The other 5 grinned and drew daggers or swords.

My Mace suddenly Blazes alive with fire and i hurl it towards them. It
explodes near them, sending shrapnel into four of them, and injuring the last.

The last quivered in fear in the corner.

A vision appears to me. A dark dragon appears and teaches me how to cause pain
and suffering.

I throw a torch into the roof and depart.

-***-***-***-***-***-***-***-***-***- I joined the Holy Oder in a hope to
bring back the Dark side to Balance Light.

I do this to serve my queen. A faction devoted to her alignment shouldn't be

I have been in Holy order ever since, trying to bring others to my Queen.

But my queen wishes me to do something more producive. To be in the Front
Lines representing her in the war on Kalaman.

-Torlith, The Dark Wandered

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